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Health Science/ Life Science 2018!
It’s now our time to apply and be admitted! This thread is geared towards the science programs for Ontario. If you get accepted to the following programs, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. 

(Ontario Universities / 2018 APPLICANTS) 

Please TRY Including the following:  
Date of Application:  
Date of Offer:   
Grade 11 Average:  
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:

Yes I'm aware it's early! But the last year thread was made in October and some students end up getting early acceptance so this should be helpful! :)
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Future social science students (C/O 2018)
Thread for all us minorities on this site!

If you got early acceptance yet.
if not, where have you applied?
Where do you plan on going/ What is your top choice?
(later on in the year) Where have you gotten accepted? 
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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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Number of admissions??
Hi just wondering how many people the university is thinking of accepting for each program:

- University of Ottawa Health Sciences
- Carleton University Health Sciences
- Western Medical Science
- Brock Medical Science
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Help with Physics
What is the minimum average for physics when applying for engineering for:
toronto, waterloo, mcgill, queen's and western?. Got an A first quarter and bombed my test and currently have a C for second quarter. Hopefully my midterm grade will be a high B. Is this good enough? 
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Engineering or Architecture?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure whether I want to go into Engineering or Architecture... I'm creative and have a passion for art, but I also really like courses like math and science. If I put these attributes together, the perfect program seems to be architecture. The thing that I'm concerned about is that architecture programs are mainly studio and design based, and not including the technical courses I was expecting, like math, science, and tech. I prefer to have a balance so I'm able to gain as much well rounded knowledge as I can. Studying sciences, maths, and programming seems to have a wider variety of use and seems to lead to more stable jobs. With that being said,  I also think engineering would have better job prospects, considering that jobs with new technology and software are on the rise. I was looking into Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering, since it seemed to have a 'design' aspect to it as well as science and technology. So my question is, do you think I should stick to architecture or explore more design based engineering programs? If so, do you guys know of any like SYDE? 

*Also, my average right now is 94 so do I have a good chance to get into SYDE, Arch, or other similar programs?
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I am so anxious. I am applying as 105D applicant and really want to know when I'll find out if I'm accepted to schools. Does anyone know when 105D applicants start receiving acceptances for Waterloo, Toronto, McGill, Western, Alberta, and basically any school you can think of in ontario?? Thanks
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SHAD applications
I understand that SHAD applications already have been closed, but I will want to apply for next year. I am currently in grade 10 with a unsteady average ranging from 85-95. (depends on how the semester goes). However, my math mark is at a decrease to 68% from an 80 previously. Will that affect my chances since SHAD focuses on maths and sciences? 

Also, any tips and stories from SHAD alumni? It would be great for your advice! 
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Carleton PAPM or UOttawa PoliSci (w. French Immersion)
Overall I love Carleton's PAPM course b/c it allows you to choose an overarching specialization as well as a concentration within that specialization geared more towards what you love so it's more tailored to you as a student and your exact preferences that range within that area of study but UOttawa offers French Immersion which is invaluable. It ensures that you learn the second language which is a huge advantage in this area of work. Along with PoliSci i'm also interested in International development which is what I'd choose as my concentration in the PAPM program. Because UOttawa's program is less specialized i'm not sure whether that equates to less opportunities etc.

Overall which is the better choice?
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I’ll be applying using 105D application. Does anyone know the deadline to apply? My program says “deadline for requesting admission”. Does that mean the deadline to apply?
Portfolio for architecture?
I plan to apply to Carleton, Ryerson, Laurentian, possibly Waterloo for architecture, and maybe Carleton for industrial design. Does anyone any tips on what the school is looking for in a portfolio? They say they are looking for creativity, but I'm not sure what type medium(s) the pieces should be in a portfolio, like 2D vs 3D, digital vs traditional etc.
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Applying to Software or Aerospace at Carleton
So I'm currently interested in Aerospace or Software at Carleton, however my marks considerably dropped from grade 12 as i have tougher core courses (Advanced Functions, Physics, and Chemistry) - total mid term average is a 75 right now. 

My marks in grade 11 average was 89-90. 

Can i still get in (physics is what impacted my mark the most so far this semester, hopefully i can still bring it up), honest opinions please! 

Best university for getting into med school/a high GPA?
Hi, I'm a grade 12 student and I'm trying to decide on a good university program and school for getting into med school. I heard that universities like U of T and McGill make it difficult to get a high GPA as it is really competitive. I am interested in McGill, McMaster, U Of Waterloo & U of Ottawa. Where do you think is the best university for keeping up a high GPA and getting into med school? And are there any programs similar to McMaster's health science?
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Carleton University Communications Engineering?
I am considering going to Carleton University, and I am specifically looking at communications engineering. I was wondering, is the program any good? What is better; communications program or the computer systems program? Thanks.
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Will I get in? -- Waterloo AFM, Queen's Commerce & Schulich BBA
Hey guys -- I'm dead set on going into accounting for university. I'm applying to Waterloo AFM, Ottawa Telfer, Carleton Sprott, Laurier BBA, Queen's Commerce, and Schulich BBA. 

What is the likelihood I'll be accepted into the programs? I've listed some of my marks & extracurricular stuff below... Please let me know what you think.

 Finally, any tips for doing any supplementary forms & video interviews for the applications?

- Grade 11 average = 90.75
- Data Management (Final) = 95
- Business Leadership = 96
- Economics = 97
- Advanced Functions = 95
- Financial Accounting = 90
- English = ?
- Philosophy = ? 
- Financial Securities = ?
- Calculus = ?

- 3 years, VP Finance of Junior Achievement Company
- 3 years, President of Business Council
- 3 years, Volunteer Leader at Parish Youth Ministry
- 2 years, Finance Training Officer of DECA
- 1.5 years, Silver Award Participant at Duke of Edinburgh Program 

Achievement & Distinctions
- Grade 9-10-11 Honour Roll
- Qualified for DECA Provincials, 2017 & 2018
- JA Central Ontario, Gary and Joanne Reamey ROI Award 2017
- JA Central Ontario, Company of the Year Finalist 2017
- JA Central Ontario, Most Innovative Company Finalist 2017
- SAGE Canada's THESTAGE 2017 Social Enterprise Business Finalists  
AMA: Brock BAcc Graduate, Carleton MAcc Graduate, Big 4 Employee
My name is Neal, and I graduated from Brock's Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program in 2016 and Carleton's Master of Accounting program in 2017. I was a yconic Student Ambassador for 2016-17. Although I work full-time at PwC now, I'm still around answering questions about accounting as a career and universities. 

My co-op work experience includes:
-Corporate Accounting, Henkel (Germany)
-Assurance and Tax, Collins Barrow
-Risk Assurance, Ernst and Young

I currently work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Assurance. . 

A snapshot of my time at Brock:  
-Served as an executive for several clubs  
-Participated in numerous internal/external case competitions and conferences  
-Served as a Tutorial Leader for Brock's first-year Macroeconomics course  
-Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (the top 10% of Goodman get invited)  
-Did co-ops and internships with 3 different companies in corporate accounting, assurance, tax and risk assurance located in Germany and Canada  
-Participated in a short-term exchange to France  
-Volunteered for the business school's Career Services office, where I critiqued students' resumes  
-Lived in residence (first-year) and off campus

A snapshot of my time at Carleton:  
-President of the Sprott MAcc Society  

Feel free to ask me questions below! Or you can add me on LinkedIn if you'd like to send a private message (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nsengupta).
Hi everybody,
For those that plan to apply to Architecture school, how are you managing your time between creating portfolios, and school work? Also, aside from portfolios, what competitive average would be considered high enough in order to guarantee acceptance (asides from the portfolio aspect)? 
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what is it that makes SHAD so great? I'm not doubting anyone who says it's an amazing opportunity but every time someone talks about their time at SHAD they always seem to only say "SHAD was amazing, it was the best experience of my life you should totally do it !!!!" so I was just wondering, what is it exactly that makes shad so great? what do you do at SHAD? is there some contract stopping alumni from speaking about it?? lol anyways if any alumni see this, I'd actually love to know what the program really is, what you do, and how it has benefited you. :) thanks in advance

*posting this separate to the shad 2018 thread because I don't think alumni are reading that anymore*
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Applying through OUAC?
Hi everyone. I am applying to university through OUAC. If you are from Ontario and have done so already, how long did it take universities to email you back? Specifically Queen's. They told me 3-5 business days so I am just making sure that is the same with everyone. Please share experiences with other universities as well!
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First Year Carleton Health Science

I remember last year around this time I had questions about programs at different schools to help make my decision and yconic helped a fair bit so I thought i'd try to give back. I'll try to respond to any questions you may have!  : )
Should I take Calculus and Vectors and Data Management
Hello fellow students,

I have applied to Queen's Commerce, AEO Ivey with a Global Studies program from Huron for my first two years so I can maintain an 80, Carleton Commerce, McMaster Business I,  and Brock's Dual International Degree. I am wondering if I should take Calculus and Vectors and Data Management as if I don't take one in high school I know programs will force me to do it in the first year, I got a 92% in Advanced Functions. However, my friends have been getting burnt in Calculus as the I heard the teacher is brutal. (I had her before for Physics and I only managed a 70) and I heard the Data teacher does not teach well. What would you suggest my plan of action should be? Do I choose one or do I do both? I have large flexibility in my second semester so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Second Semester as of now :

Period 1: Writer's Craft 4U 
Period 2: Calculus 4U
Period 3: Law (This is the time they would offer Data)
Period 4: Humanities 

Please, I need help! 
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