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What universites do you guys think I'll get into with an 85 average: 
 - Ryerson University: Aerospace Engineering
 - York university: biomedical science
 - York university: Engineering 
 - Guelph university: Mechanical engineering
 - UofT: Mechanical engineering 
 - McMaster: Automation technology
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I was looking at the Mining Engineering program as I wanted to go to Mcgill and still wanted to be in an coop program (I know Waterloo is known for that but I dont like the city there) Please feel free to leave comments n stuff. IF YOU HAVE APPLIED OR BEEN ACCEPTED DO ME A FAVOR AND PUT THE COURSES YA TOOK AND THE MARKS ASWELL.
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Biomedical engineering then a masters in physiotherapy
Biomedical engineering or Bio engineering as bachelors and physiotherapy for a masters...The idea is to get all of my prerequisites for physiotherapy through elective courses ....Although engineering seems to be looked at as one the hardest degrees for a high gpa to get accepted in a program such as physiotherapy .....  What do you guys think about this kind of combination....is it possible?..is it worth it? ANY recommendations, better ideas or input is great.... thanks for your help (P.S. maybe this is a bad idea and i need a reality check...tell me if so :))  
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Do my extra curricular have to relate to the field I want to apply for?
I'm currently in grade 11 and I want to go into engineering (maybe electrical, but mostly undecided what kind of engineer specifically) at preferably Waterloo or UofT. I started a finance club with some friends and I'm apart of athletic council and few other smaller things (like deca, election committee, a sport team). I know ec's don't matter that much at Waterloo or UofT but would universities dislike how my ecs don't really line up with the field I'm applying for?
Should I drop 12U bio??
Hey everyone,

I'm in gr12 and I've applied for mechanical engineering programs. 
This semester I had English, chem, and advanced functions.
Next semester I will have physics, French, bio, and calculus.

I'm thinking about dropping bio though because I checked the prerequisites for all the programs I applied to and I don't need bio (just 2 of the 3 sciences in some cases).

Would it be worth it to take bio? I work part time and I also do music lessons and martial arts both of which I love and don't want to have to stop doing because I have no time. So I kind of want to drop bio and have a spare instead so I can focus on getting a good foundation in physics and calc (which I'm assuming is important for engineering lol)

I don't know if bio would also be good to take? Is it better to take all 3 sciences??

TLDR Should I drop bio for a spare to focus on physics and calc or should I keep it?? 
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Hey guys, i was looking through best buy the other day and was wondering... what's the best laptop for engineers? (affordable and but not cheap) Also, one preferably lightweight since i will be carrying it in my backpack everyday.
UofT vs Waterloo Engineering
For people (previous applicants, feel free to share your experiences/thoughts) that have applied to both Waterloo and U of T for Engineering, which will you go to if you get in to both? Why? 

How have you listed them on the OUAC choice list? 

Also, what discipline did you apply to and what is your average? 

Note: U of T only uses the 5 prereqs to calculate your engineering average. Not sure about Waterloo.  
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Software Engineering?? :(
Hello guys,
I don't want to give out my name so ill just say my name is DP
I really want to go into software engineering at Waterloo but i just don't know if I have the marks for it.
Here are my marks:
English - 96 (summer school mark)
Physics - 98
Chem - 93 (i can bring it up i failed the first test)
Advanced Functions - 97 (I did it in grade 11)
Calculus - 100
Computer Science - 99 

Apparently software engineering is REALLY hard. I'm worried that they will not accept me. Any other universities if i don't get into Waterloo? I'm considering MIT. 


Gr. 11 ECs
I have no ECs can O iust join clubs next year? Do they ask how long you have been involved?
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Degree for someone interested in making computer programs?
I heard that Computer Science is about math more than programming so would a computer programming degree at UofT be better if I wanted to work in a big tech firm? I doubt I would get into Waterloo for SE.
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