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finding a good graphic design program (visual communication design)
I'm currently considering OCAD and Emily Carr for their graphic design program, however I've read TONS of bad comments on the two schools on http://Ratemyprofessor.com... are they really that bad??? I recently found out that the University of Alberta also has a communication design program (basically the same as graphic design), does anyone know anything about it??? 

SFU has an interactive arts and technology program, but I don't know how relevant it is to design? I'm also looking for other universities (besides art school) that offer graphic design or anything related to it, thanks!!! (I'm not considering any visual art major, and Ryerson's program is more on the printing business side)
Print Portfolio building for Fine arts and design
Anyone have good tips on building portfolios?

I'm a high school student applying to a university of art and design and I'm curious what works and what doesn't for presenting and assembling print portfolios. 

The best best tip I've received so far, is the SCP format: balancing the Skills, Creativity and Professionalism of a portfolio is a good way to start. I'm wondering what else I should consider while building my final portfolio.

Any tips, experiences or questions are welcome. :)

Vancouver vs Toronto?
I'm curently in gr11 and I wanna go into graphic design program. I'm thinking of emily carr or Ocad. It's really expensive for me to go to Ocad but would i be worth it? Does emily carr have a good design programs? If theres any good schools for graphic design please tell me!
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University Decisions | Freshmen Class of 2016
Helloooo Yconic!

So we're getting pretty deep into the admission processes and people are starting to accept some offers! I think this thread will help a lot of people see where everyone is going and why. So I've got a question:

Have you decided?

University I have Chosen:
Universities I turned down: