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Laurier DD (finance), or Schulich
Hey guys I got accepted into both of these programs and am having difficulty deciding which to choose. I want to go into finance after school, but I want to go to graduate school first. The thing is I want to do graduate school in the States (preferably the ivy league) and yes I know that is very difficult but its my dream. So what school do you guys feel is better suited for a high GPA and atmosphere for business for someone looking to get an MBA degree after? 

Ps. I want to work in New York after I'm done school. 
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Do Grade 10 Marks Matter? What about in USA Universities?
I am currently a Grade 10 IBT student in Ontario, Canada. 

I heard from one strongly academic person that they definitely plan to take a top University in the U.S.
They said they look at all your marks from all grades of highschool, and your entire high school average, will be assessed or influence chances of getting accepted. 

I had previously thought I could slack off in Grade 10. To show the difference, I had a 92 in Math Grade 9, but in Grade 10 have a 71. 

Should I be really concerned about that for Canada/Us universities?

(I achieved Overall 87-91% average in Grade 9.)
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5 TOP University in the USA – What are you majoring in?
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 Stanford University
3 Harvard University
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5 University of Chicago
Bilingual Certification
My top choice of school does not offer a bilingual degree or any sort of certification, but it gives me french training and learning. Once I finish university at that school, how can i get my bilingual certification or any sort of bilingual degree without having to go back to school for another 4 years?
What are my chances of getting into the U of T Mineral Engineering Program
My grade 11 average is 93, 92 in math 92 in chem 91 in english 95 in physics 95 in social As for grade 12 I have 81 in pre calc 81 in english Physics, Calculus and Chem are yet to be determined because I dropped the courses in highschool considering that the admissions office only looks at first grade attempts for any course Now I am going to do these courses officially for the first time elsewhere in the fall, which is when I would expect to apply to the U of T through Ouac. Do I still have a shot at this program? I also would like to ask, is Laurentian University's Bachelor's of Mining Engineering a good program as well? I am asking this mainly because it would be my second choice to the U of T, but it could arguably contend to be my first depending on some of the answers I receive.

study in the UK

Anyone know people who financed their graduate studies in the UK? and how they were able to do so?
Law School Numbers
I'm planning to apply to US law schoolS next year. are Canadian GPAs equivalent in the states or do they get boosted up?  Thank you in advance!
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Studyin medicine as an international student
Hi everybody,
I wanted to know if it is possible for an international student to study medicine (undergraduate program) in Canada or the USA. The thing is that in both countries I would only have a student visa. Plus, any information related to this will be very useful.
Thank you all very much
Difference between Ph.D / D.eng
hi im a grade 12 student and i was curious about the difference between the two doctoral degrees geared towards in the field of engineering. Some sources cite the D.eng as a higher doctrate in engineering in U.K. 

Thank you in advance. 
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Grad school - life science
Hi I am a grade 11 student and i was wondering if i need physics to study biology  like biochemistry or molecular biology in college  and  if it puts me in a disadvantage in grad school (ph.d in bio).

Thank you in advance :) 
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