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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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English 81% 
Advanced functions 90% 
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Chemistry 70% 
 Tech Design 83%
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What do Canadian students do to get into Ivy League schools?
I'm a junior and my dream is to go to Harvard, but the international acceptance rate is ridiculously low, like 1%. I want to be a doctor eventually but I don't know how to make myself look unique. Has anyone on this site actually gotten in as a Canadian resident, to an Ivy League school or similar eg. Stanford, MIT, duke?
Doctorate or Second Masters Degree?
I am a teacher and I have a Master's in Psychology. I am considering going back to school (online) and I am considering a Master's in Museum Studies from Harvard through their extension program. I am also considering a Doctorate in Education at a Canadian school. The masters programs and doctorates I am looking at will cost about the same. I hope to advance my career in education. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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Does where you study as an undergrad affect your chances of getting into a different school for graduate studies?
I've been told by a proffesor that I should try and get into the highest ranked university I can for undergraduate studies in order to increase my chances of getting into a prestigious university for graduate studies (Oxford, Ivy league schools, etc). However my friend who is a freshman at university said that doesn't matter and there's even a course offered in her university that talks about why it doesn't matter.
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Laurier BBA chances
My marks
English 89
Functions 71 (hopefully it will be 75)
Will night school data as replacement for calc (hopefully above 90) 
General science 96 will be 98 hopefully
Accounting 94-96
Computer engineering 90-94
And just in case calc 70-85
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2018/2019 University Admissions
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to start this new thread for current grade 12, senior students applying to universities this fall. I myself will be applying, and I think this is a great way to help each other out.  

Feel free to post:
Any Questions
Universities applied to
If you've been given offers yet
Grade 12 current average right now
Favorite Universities

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As an Ontario high schooler, can I still drop out of a course?
Midterms are supposed to be submitted by early next week and I'm currently getting a 46 in 3U Physics. I've never even had a grade below an 80 on a report card. There is another physics teacher and he is much easier than this one (his class average is an 82 and ours is a 58) and I want to transfer to his class. Can I switch to his class? I'd rather not drop the course and our school doesn't allow grade 11's to have spares.If I do end up switching, will my current grades carry over to his class? If not, will I get a no mark for the midterm? Thanks!
How does one achieve success?

Over the past year, I have been blindsided with the reality that I have accomplished so little compared to other individuals in my situation and age-level. I have looked at the Loran scholarship, TD scholarship, and Schulich scholarship winners/nominees, and have been astounded at the amount of accomplishments they have achieved over their 4 years of high school. As well, I watch a lot of sports and I have also seen the success that these teenagers in many different sports have had. As well, there are also all of those other successful people around the world who reach prestigious universities (Oxford, Harvard, etc.), or accomplish something else amazing in the world. I have been naïve about my accomplishments because throughout most of high school and elementary school I have been called "smart", and have had the highest average compared to my fellow students. I have been mostly surrounded by those who did not care about school, and did not accomplish much (except 3-4 athletes and maybe 1 student), and I think this had a part in my believe that I am a hard-working individual, and someone who had accomplished something in his life so far. I always considered myself as being equal to these previous achievers mentioned, and that I would be someone who would win one of these scholarships (or accomplish my dream of becoming a pro soccer player). I am an immigrant, live in a very low-income situation, and do not have a lot of social confidence, and I think this has played a part in reducing my accomplishments so far (like not being able to actually play on an actual competitive soccer team). However, I know that others go through much more during their lives, and they have found those slim opportunities to accomplish much more than me despite the enormous obstacles in their paths. Anyways, I thought I should ask the question of how I can go about pushing myself to accomplish my goals and to achieve a lot more on a daily basis ? How do successful individuals push themselves on a daily basis, not get side-tracked, focus on their goals, don't procrastinate, time-manage, have confidence in themselves, go and grab the opportunities at hand, overcome any obstacle that blocks their path, and live everyday knowing they have succeeded? How do they direct their lives so that days and weeks and months do not pass by, but that they control time? Should I live by a mantra, look at a quote everyday, plan what happens in every single minute of my life? How do I become a success? How do I accomplish the big goals I have planned in my head? I have always wanted to be part of the solution of all of these seismic problems in the world, but have never had the self-believe, ambition, or determination to accomplish them. How can I change myself so that I can go and accomplish these tasks, and eventually leave this world knowing that I did everything I could to have the most impact I could in the time that I had living in this world?

I am going into first-year of university this September, and therefore want to make sure I reach my accomplishments in this important time in my life.

  - Any advice form those who go and achieve their goals would be helpful?

P.S. I know this is probably not the best place to ask this question, but maybe that successful athlete, loran scholar, or difference-maker is able to read this and help me.

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Starting a Key Club
Hi everyone. I am a high school student and I want to start a Key Club at my school for the upcoming school year. We do have some service clubs at my school but they do not do much. I have been doing research for starting the club but could not find out all the information I needed. So, if anyone has been previously involved in one or knows about Key Club, I would appreciate it if you could answer a couple questions for me :)
 1. What does it mean to charter a club and how is it done? 
 2. Would it cost student members anything to be a part of the club? 
3. How do I make it a part of Key Club International? 
4. How do I get the club to be sponsored to be sponsored by the local Kiwanis club? 
5. Is it possible for a student to start the club? 

 I might have more questions later but just these for now. I would love some help to clear some of my confusion. 
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Youth Groups
Hello. I am a high school student and was wondering if there were any ways for youth to get involved with human rights NGOS such as UNESCO or UNICEF by means other than volunteering? Are there any youth council, conference, or ambassador opportunities?

Thanks in advance
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program crisis???
Hello everyone,
I have had anxiety all throughout the summer just thinking about this. I am entering my second year of uni in a BSc health studies program. All throughout high school I took science courses because I only had one career vision-to work in health care. Although I enjoy studying bio and health courses, I have never had a internship/placement to actually experience health care careers which is why I am worried it won't be the career for me. I have never had a business, computers, etc classes and I want to experience those courses so I can finally know what I am interested in. I just don't want to have regrets about not experiences certain areas and wondering if I would have been better off in that field.
What should I do? my university has a picked out course schedule and our electives are program related as well

*using sisters account*
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If you don't care, keep scrolling. 

What are people's favourite body switch movies. 

My favourite is "get out". 
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Will i get into a good university in America?
I am currently a Pre-AP student in grade 10.
These were  my final grades last year. This year i got 90's during the first semester.
SNC-1D9- 86
CGC-1D9- 78
TIJ-1O0- 75
FSF-1D9- 92
MPM-1D9- 100
ENG-1D9- 93
PPL-1OM- 94
AMU-103- 91
QUARMS Scholarship
Hi. I am currently a grade 10 student and want to work towards getting the scholarship. My average is ~99% and I am part of 3 clubs in my school (environmental, yearbook, and international crisis awareness). I am going to start volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation and at the University. I am also thinking about participating in Science competitions. But I also understand that in order to get the scholarship, you need to also be nominated for the chancellors scholarship. Just plain volunteering and good grades can only get me so far. I need to also take up some leadership roles. Applying for QUARMS is like applying for Medical School 4 years earlier so I just want some insight on what to do to prepare for the process. What are some things that I should think of? Also, I need some specific suggestions i.e. places to volunteer, activities to start??? I would really appreciate some advice :)
Hey guys! So I've gotten into 4 programs at Harvard, Stanford, UofT and Waterloo is still pending actually but I'll get in probably. 

So at Harvard, I've gotten into Mechanical Engineering.
At Stanford, I've gotten into Mechanical Engineering. 
At UofT (St. George)  I've gotten into Eng Sci.
At Waterloo, I'll  get into Tron.

I wanna be an aerospace engineer when I grow up. Do you guys think it's suitable to go to the States for an undergrad or should I just go to UofT and keep my letters from Harvard and Stanford as at least I can still say on my resume that I got into those schools. I live 30 minutes by bus from UofT. I'm really confused and depressed right now, someone please help, I have no clue where I should go )); 
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100% Average in Highschool? Is it even worth it?
I have been working really hard lately to go for the perfect score, however, I have managed a 98% average, do you think I should keep pushing for the hundred or focus on extracurriculars? I have about 150+ hours and participate in two clubs. I am planning on going into the Medical Field probably to Harvard Med School.
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hello guys i am currently in gr 11 and my term 1 average is 82% which includes all the courses i am taking. i am currently taking math, socials,physics , chem and bible. i am wondering does bible mark matter or effect the average when you apple for UBC or other universities cuz i got like 70 on bible. secondly, i wanna become an interior designer so what faculty should i enroll ? is it architecture? what average do i need at least to get in? what gr 12 courses matter to get into architecture? third. what extracurricular does UBC check. i am thinking of becoming a lifeguard, will that help me a bit ? and what other ec should i do? plz answer, any help would be appreciated . thanks
Are you allowed to take a 1st year course in upper years
Say that you want to apply to professional school, and they require a course that you did not take throughout your first three years, for instance. As a fourth year, could you take that first year course, such as first year physics or bio or whatever it may be? Thanks!
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High School Credits and Grades
I am getting a 90% average in my High school Grade 12. The problem is that the end of Grade 12 I would have only 24 credits- which is the minimum credits required in order to graduate high school in Saskatchewan. I wanted to ask that would top level universities, e.g. Harvard, U of T or MIT, give me a scholarship if I get a 90 % average or even more even if I have 24 credits? Would the 24 credits- which is the minimum requirement to graduate High school in Saskatchewan- be sufficient to get admissions in top universities like Harvard provided I get 90 % average in Grade 12, keeping in mind I would be taking astronomy related  or Computer programming related courses in University?