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CEGEP extracurriculars for University applications
Hey, everyone. I had a quick question regarding CEGEP ECs. I'm currently in high school still but I'm moving on to CEGEP in about a year so I had a couple questions.

In my current high school not many ECs are offered and so I've only accomplished a few things so far (student council member, school competition, volunteer work with school and 90%+ average award given at the end of the year). If I start doing many more ECs in CEGEP, will the Universities see this as a red flag?

Also, when I send in my application to Universities outside of Quebec, will my CEGEPs inform the schools I'm applying to of my ECs or do I just write them in my essays?

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Richard Ivey AEO from Quebec
How's it going everyone, I just had a couple questions about Richard Ivey AEO acceptance. So I'm currently in Grade 10, have around 92% average with sub-par ECs (math competition for our school, student council member, part of annual 2 week humanitarian trip) Since in Quebec we have these 2 years of CEGEP in between Grade 11 and University which offer a much bigger variety of ECs so I'm going to get way more ECs in my last 2 years before applying.

Would me doing the majority of my ECs in my final 2 years make me a worse candidate?

How do they calculate your average? I got a 92% overall but I heard some people say they only look at your top 6 courses.

Do they look at your math specifically since that's currently my worst mark (B- first semester). Other grades are 3 A+, 2 A, 2 B+ and expected to raise my second semester.

 How do they see your ECs? Do your schools send them a transcript of your semesters or do you just mention them in your essays?

Finally, since we only have Grade 10/11+2 years of pre-university. Which year do they look at mostly? Universities in Quebec don't even glance at your HS marks so I was wondering if it was the same case for schools elsewhere?

Sorry if these questions specific or ignorant, I just wanna get a feel for how hard getting AEO is. Also, I don't expect one person to know have an answer to all of these questions.
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Richard Ivey from Quebec CEGEP?
So I saw that Ivey recommends a 90% average in grade 12 to be considered competitive. 

But in Quebec, we lack Grade 12 and we go from Grade 11 into a CEGEP program for 2 years before University. In CEGEP you're able to choose an area of focus (business, law medicine, etc). And Universities here in Quebec will mainly look at your CEGEP grades.

So since I'm hoping to be applying to Ivey AEO after my 2 years of CEGEP, will they look at my grade 10/11 grades, my CEGEP grades or both?

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Richard Ivey Questions
So I'm currently in Grade 10 in a Quebec school and I had some questions about how applying to a university outside of my province works. I'm planning on going to CEGEP for two years with a focus in Commerce. I had some questions regarding Ivey and AEO.

-Just how difficult is it to get into AEO and how difficult would getting into HBA be as a non-AEO.

-I've seen many threads talking about how your average must be in the really high 90s to be considered, how true is this? 

-Which grades do they look at since here in Quebec we have 3 "terms" for each high school year with 2 being worth 20% and one being worth 60%. Does Ivey look at all my terms or just my overall average. Also, do they look at Grade 10 and 11 since we are missing Grade 12 here.

-How much do they look at high school compared to CEGEP because Quebec Universities look almost exclusively at CEGEP?

-In CEGEP we use an "R-Score" instead of a GPA and there's no real way to really convert them so if anyone has CEGEP experience would they be able to tell me what it should be around?

-What is considered strong ECs for Ivey?

-If someone has, for example, an 87-90% average at a fairly prestigious CEGEP in an Honours Business program and a few ECs related to business such as business club, school paper, etc how much of a chance would they have to get into AEO?

An answer to even a single one of these questions would be most appreciated.
Thanks very much
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My DeSautels chances?
Hey, I'm really interested in going into management at mcgill with a focus on finance however, I may not meet one of the requirements for the McGill Management (or at least yet). I was in studying Sciences at Marianopolis and my overall rscore is 30.55 however my rscore for math course is like 28.7 and DeSautels needs an rscore of 29 for the math courses. My overall sciences rscore is something like 30.03 (I really excel at English courses and stuff of that nature). I was thinking of putting in my application in the comments that I will redo one/two of my math courses during the summer in hopes of getting a good rscore so that my overall math rscore will boost up to over 29. What are my chances and mcgill management? What if I could obtain some reference letters? Thank you! If it makes a diffrence, my grade 11 marks in QC were really good. 98% in sec 4 math and 87 in sec 5.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you! 

Essentially my question is, if I'm slightly below the suggested cutoff, what are my chances generally? Thank you! 
Going to an Ontario university from CEGEP?
Hello, I'm a second year CEGEP student and I applied to social science and BMOS at Western and also to Rotman Commerce at U of T and I was wondering if anybody else is doing the same and if so what grades you have. If you are already at one of those schools and you graduated from CEGEP how did you fare? Thanks alot
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