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Will I get into McGill (Arts) and/or UofT St. George (Social Sciences)?

I'm an Ontario student that applied to Social Sciences at UofT and Arts at McGill.
I already got into the other two Universities I applied to, but these are the only two I haven't, my top 2 choices...
I do know these two are way more competitive and harder to get into than the other ones I got into, but I was wondering my chances of getting accepted, especially McGill.
I also know I have relatively lower grades than most of the students on this site (everyone posting on the forms seem to have only averages over 90) but I've been wanting some imput.
My 1st semester average is 84.25% (My English is 88%) 
Any thoughts? 
And if you had gotten any acceptances to any of these, writing down what your average is would be great. 
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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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Where to study computer science?
Hi kids,
I'm currently trying to figure out where I want to apply next year. What are some of the better comp sci programs in Canada (other than Waterloo)? My average is currently sitting at a 95% and I'm from Alberta (although I'm not sure if I want to go to University of Calgary).
Thank you for the help!
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Am i f****d?
The more i think about university the more i get worry about my future. Here is my dilemma. In grade 10 my math teacher forced me to take math applied because he didn't think academic was the right class for me. At the time, i didn't know or care about the difference or the impact it can have on your life. Now i find that i can't apply to any programs that require math (adv func, calculus etc). This really closed a lot of doors because now i can only apply to arts programs which are useless most of the time. I applied to mostly poli science as that's the only path i see myself taking without math. The problem is that i know i will dislike poli science as i am more interested in business and i know i'm not the the poli sci type of guy. What do you guys think i should do.
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why hasn't mcgill accepted me!? A RANT
I have a 94 average and I applied for arts that is way over what they wanted and I feel like everyone is getting accepted BUT ME I applied back in the beginning of December and I am getting annoyed because I am getting scholarships and bursaries to go to other schools like UOttawa and even work at the house of commons, Like am I not good enough for McGill? Is 94 not enough for arts, I am just mad because it's my dream school and I am feeling played.   :(
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Which University- Ottawa or Toronto? HELP
Hey everyone! I need help, I've gotten accepted to all my universities (except for McGill, I am still waiting) and I've applied for political science and I've narrowed down my choices to UofOttawa and UofT, please help me choose the best option!! give me reasons below. Reply
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McGill Biomedical and Life Sciences Material Difficulty
I'm an Ontario student who has no AP/IB program offered at my school. I would go into McGill having completed only my 4U courses. Will the material covered in first year be all new, or will it be review? As well, if anyone is from an AP or IB background, did you find the material to be new or review? I'm wondering because I'm curious as to how I would fare in a class amongst students who were exposed to the material, if I would have never seen it.
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Is there any notable benefit or advantage of taking Carleton's Bachelor of Public Administration and Policy Management over a BA in something like polisci at a university with a better rep like U of T or McGill?
Can't choose between U of T or McGill...
I want to know what the pros and cons are for each university, but the program of my choice is also a deciding factor. I plan to go to med school and right now, I'm thinking of either getting a B.Sc in Biology or Psychology at McGill, or Cognitive Science (Arts and Science) at U of T.
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McGill Residence Options

I've recently accepted my offer from McGill to study Biomedical and Life Sciences and am looking for some advice on which rez to choose. My current top 3 are C4, Citadelle, and New Rez (in that order) because the private bathrooms and large beds really sell it for me haha. 

My ideal room would be the large double rooms at C4 but I don't see this as an option when I try to rank my residences. Has anyone applied for this in the past? Would you guys recommend a single room or double room?

I also heard that the hotel residences are not as tight-knit, does this make it difficult to make friends and party?
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First Year McGill Student (AMA)
I'm just about to finish my first year at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management. I got into all the major ontario business programs except QC. If you have any questions about Desautels or McGill in general (regardless of the program you applied for) , I'd be happy to help out!
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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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Ask a McGill Science Student!
Hey prospective students! 
I'm a first year student at McGill University studying BBL Science on renewable scholarship and currently staying in rez. If you have any questions that I can answer based on the information above I'll try my best to help you out :)
(Let me just say right away that I got my acceptance in May because of scholarship dilemmas, so if you're afraid about hearing back soon, just know I've been there!)

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McGill Biomedical Sciences
Is this course truly dream-crushingly difficult? Or has it been blown out of proportion
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First Year Student- Ask me Anything about University Admissions in Canada
Places I applied: 

Got accepted to all of them. Shoot me your questions regarding the application process to the following universities and I'll do my best to answer them for you. If you're a troll, dont even bother wasting your time on here. I didn't have very much guidance when I was applying last year, so I hope that I can provide some guidance to the students applying this year. I know it is quite an overwhelming process, not knowing which universities you will be able to gain admission into, but I can provide you with some general idea of what grades/extracurriculars you would need for the following universities from my own experience. 
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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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McGill Life Sci vs UOttawa Biomed Difficulty
As a grade 12 student striving for medical school, undergraduate grades are crucial. Is McGill's life science program as difficult as it is said to be? If so, is it worth going to this school for the prestige, or would attending UOttawa for easier grades be more beneficial in achieving my final medical school goal?
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Will I Get Into McGill?
I have an 89.8% average for my top 5 calculations and an 85.6% average for all my grade 12 courses. Will I get into McGill?
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Social in Summer School

I'm an Alberta high school student and was thinking about taking social 30 in summer school. I did social 20 last summer. I don't know if the experiences will be similar though. Do any of you have any suggestions?????
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A Level Students
If you are applying with A levels let's share info.
 I'm applying for Commerce at Queen's, Western AEO, Rotman and McGill. 
 Predicted 3 As in Maths, Economics and Physics.  GCSEs all As and A* with 2 Bs
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I recently got accepted into McGill, so now I need to look into residence. What is your opinion on each residence at McGill? I would like to know about room size, distance from the main campus, if it's a party rez, and any information that you think is important. Also please tell me if you are a McGill student or not. Thanks!! I greatly appreciate it!
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