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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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does mac provide alternative offers? Like if i apply to life sci and dont get it will they provide me with an alternative offer to smtg like radiation tech???

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life sci
did anyone get into utsg, waterloo or mac life sci with anything lower than a 90?!
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1st Year Ryerson Engineering AMA Thread!
Well, the title says it all
To all the grade 12s, I was in the same boat as you last year, wondering about admissions, career and so on. But I am finally onto my next stage of life, studying engineering. Woohoo (have midterms soon, so mixed emotions! :/ )
Anyways, If you guys have any questions related to admissions, student life, commuting, programs, and so on, feel free to post them below. I'll try to answer as fast as I can.
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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Health Science
Any health offers from Mac yet?? share with me when and whats your average?
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1st Year University student
Hey guys! I am a first year Medical Radiation Sciences student at McMaster University. If you have any questions about my program specifically ... or even about Uni life in general, ask away.
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First Year Student- Ask me Anything about University Admissions in Canada
Places I applied: 

Got accepted to all of them. Shoot me your questions regarding the application process to the following universities and I'll do my best to answer them for you. If you're a troll, dont even bother wasting your time on here. I didn't have very much guidance when I was applying last year, so I hope that I can provide some guidance to the students applying this year. I know it is quite an overwhelming process, not knowing which universities you will be able to gain admission into, but I can provide you with some general idea of what grades/extracurriculars you would need for the following universities from my own experience. 
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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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western residences?
hello! i'm going to med sci this fall and need some advice on residences. just a few questions tbh.

1) how are the residences usually split up in terms of learning communities / types of kids (like i think that i heard somewhere that most of the football team is in essex bc facilities are closer or something)?

2) which res buildings hold more parties and which hold less parties (i'm not really a party kid lmao)

3) i know that if your avg is above 95, you get first pick. but, if you and a friend both request each other as roomies, will you 100% get to room with each other?

thank you so much :)

McMaster Faculty of Engineering Admission Question
I was just wondering if I can be accepted to two faculty of engineering programs at McMaster? Or if you were to be accepted to both, would they only offer you admission to one program based on your OUAC ranking?
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105D Applicants Update For Engineering
Hey guys, I'm a 105D applicant and I just wanted to create a thread for us so people can know when universities are giving offers.

If you have received and offer please state the details and your marks. If you have questions feel free to ask.

I have applied to waterloo, uoft, ottawa, mcmaster, and queen's for mechanical engineering. So far I have received offers from 
Ottawa- feb 13: Must maintain 80%ovr
McMaster- march 15: Must maintain 85%ovr
Waterloo- march 15(accepted): Must maintain 85%ovr and min 70% each subject

My 11th grade avg was 89%
My predicted results for 12th grade is 96%(But I know I probably dropped a few % in my finals)

I didn't have any great or outstanding EC's so I really don't know how I got Waterloo this early, that too as a 105D applicant. Anyways, I accepted the offer with out even thinking about it.

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English 81% 
Advanced functions 90% 
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Chemistry 70% 
 Tech Design 83%
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AMA: UTSC Co-op Management 1st year + Schulich/Rotman/McMaster
Hello everyone,

This site helped me a lot when I was applying for universities last year, so I thought I'd give back to the community.


I am a French international student, but I have lived in Canada a few years ago, so I know the grade system and what kind of averages would get you in different schools (to an extent).

For any frenchies out there my grades were:

16/20 Overall average (8 classes)- equivalent to a 92-95%
Got my Bac Mention Bien (high school degree with honours) 

I got into all the schools I've applied to (they all offered my transfer credits, some more than other - York gave me a full year in credits, and UofT gave me a bit more than a semester):

- UTSC Coop
- Rotman commerce
- Schulich
- McMaster commerce

So here you go, Im currently a first year (second year technically speaking as of this semester) at UofT Scarborough campus, pursuing a BBA degree in Co-op. 

You can ask me anything (anything really!) about all these schools mentioned above.

I keep it real here, so everything I tell you is exactly what I experience, and you can trust me that I will be honest to you guys 100%. Im not a recruiter/campus ambassador, I won't sugar-coat anything.
UofT Offer of Admission
Hello everyone.
Today I just got admitted into 2/3 programs I applied to at UofT. 
I got accepted to UTM Commerce and I have a question in regards to UTSC co-op Management (BBA).
It says I got accepted into UTSC, but says "Social Sciences and Humanities" and my offer letter also states that.
I did not apply for Social Sciences and Humanities, however, is that just a counter offer since I did not meet the requirements for the co-op management program? And does this still mean I have a shot at getting admitted into the co-op management program later on? 

Thanks, everyone in advance!

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you guys are all losers, on an educational forum website... get laid...seriously. or if you're too beat for that (which most of you probably are) stop asking questions about universities where ANYBODY can answer them, spend that time studying so you can actually get in. 
Butthurt victims may respond below~~~
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McMaster Business 1 acceptance 2018
Haven't seen any Mac business threads so heres one! Post your average and date of acceptance.

Gr.12 marks

Adv Func. 93%
Data. 99%
Drama. 90%
Law. 94%
English. 95% 

Gr12. average was 94.2% and grade 11 was 93%

Goodluck to everyone!
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How do universities look at private school courses/courses taken outside day school?
My top choices or Mcmaster and Western for life sci/med sci. I finished 4 out of my top 6 in grade 11 but last semester (first semester grade 12) did not go well due to personal reasons. If I retake advanced functions or just do calculus online would that affect me in any way? Or will they take the mark from private school. I heard waterloo and uoft penalize your score. 

Any help/tips is appreciated. Thank you. 
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McMaster Or Guelph for Physics?
I've been reading and looking into it and I've narrowed it down to two options, I would like to go to either McMaster or Guelph to study physics/chemical physics. I'm interested in co-op and both schools seem to have pretty good co-op opportunities available for physics, plus research opportunities and such. Which school do you guys think is a better school to study physics at? Like which school has the better facilities for physics, better opportunities for learning and experience as well as opportunities for co-op and research, beter faculty, etc etc... Also which school has a nicer campus, nicer residences, and better general public facilities like libraries, eateries, and common buildings/areas? Even if you aren't studying physics (helps if you're still in a stream of science or engineering but it doesn't matter) what is your opinion on the two universities?
yall are so annoying lol like just study and go to university stop bashing schools and saying stuff like "xyz is so bad for business" like BRUH you're still in highschool who are you to judge a university bye lmao
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McMaster Business 1 acceptances
Has anyone been accepted yet? Do you know when they send out acceptances?
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AMA- Mac Life Sci!
Title says it all! I've seen lots and lots of posts with so many questions! Feel free to link them down below and ill answer as much as I can! (or ask fellow peers)

For those worried about offers, Mac does it very randomly in March! If you are over the estimated range  (91+, I think atm) you should get an offer soon! If you are around 89-90, or at whatever the cut off is, you might have to wait till midterms!! Don't stress out so much, it can affect those grades!!

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