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New York University - Psychology?
I want to go to this university for its psychology program. Is it too late to study for the SATs? how would i study for them? where would i do it? how does this process work? im so confused?
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How hard is Commerce at New York University?
Hello, everyone!

I'm a mature student planning to go to New York University for my second bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Commerce) next year in September (Fall 2017).

I've recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, but my GPA is very low (60s). I'd like to switch my fields and fresh start in Business.

I'd like to know how hard is New York University? I mean, how hard are the assignments, exams, etc. at New York University. Do they also have HARD markers at New York University who mark essays/papers extremely hard? What's the format of questions of most exams (i.e. multiple choice, short answers, etc.)

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Transfer to American University
What are the requirements for a student that has finished his undergraduate in Canada and would like to do his graduate in the US? Does he need to do a SAT? Other?
McGill Acceptances Thread - Class of 2016!
*This forum is now open to everyone who got an acceptance from McGill, regardless of their field of choice. All students admitted to arts, literature, kinesiology, etc... are also welcome to post their acceptance. Good luck to those waiting for an acceptance! Post away!

Hello everybody from McGill!

I've seen a lot of forums related to acceptances from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. So this forum is to give students that got an offer from McGill University for engineering and computer science to post their offer.  This to get an understanding of the students that are applying to McGill for the class of 2020 for an engineering, computer science or any science discipline.

Please include in your post:
   1. Grade 12 first semester average
   2. Field of engineering that you've been accepted to
   3. Other universities that you have applied to, and whether you got an offer from them.
   4. Province of residence
   5. Any scholarships offered
   6. Month of acceptance

This will give us all a general idea of the competition base for the applicants of 2016. Please feel free to add anything else you would like to (in addition to the specified things above).

Also, as the title gives away, if anyone has any questions regarding McGill Engineering or Computer Science, this is a good place to get them answered.

Also, all non-engineering and non computer science applicants who are applying to a science major in McGill are welcome to post their offers or ask any questions regarding their program of interest!

Post away everyone! And good luck to those who are still waiting for an offer from McGill ;-)
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Software Engineering - University Rankings
I've seen a lot of rankings of universities in general, so just wanted to know rankings of the top universities for software engineering. By the way,  already heard a lot about waterloo, so please add some other universities besides uwaterloo. Rankings can be based on teaching and admin quality, student life, how easy it is to get accepted into grad school (I know grades count too), and coop opportunities.All input is welcome. Thanks!
Just to throw in my ranking:
McGill = u of t = waterloo = UBC
Lakehead = uoit

This ranking need working on! Any suggestions?

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Week before decisions
Hey guys, I hope you're doing well.
I recently have been rejected to my top choice program, which is Rotman Commerce at University of Toronto. My midterm average was a 90.0 and I achieved a 92 in calculus and an 80 in English. The programs I have been accepted for are:

Western BMOS (No AEO / Ivey)
McMaster Commerce
University of Toronto Mississauga (BBA) (Management)

I want to study at an international graduate school (such as ivy leagues).. I'll probably be bashed for this but any input is appreciated!
I have received lots of opinions from other people, but I cannot officially decide. I have one week left to choose my university, and I want to make the right choice. (Keep in mind, I want to pursue graduate school).

My choices are:
Western BMOS and hope to get into Ivey. (If I do not get in, my degree is basically useless.) 

McMaster Commerce and apply to Ivey during second year (I still get a Bcomm from McMaster at the end of the day).

University of Toronto Mississauga - Can still apply for Ivey during second year (still get a University of Toronto degree at the end of the day) --> which would help for graduate school considering that U of T is well known internationally 

Also, I was wondering. Do Western students have a higher chance of getting into Ivey just because they're from the same school? 
Also, does it matter what school you went to for your undergrad? Are chances of getting into graduate school higher if you went to a well known school (U of T instead of Western)? (Ivy league graduate schools)

Thank you guys for your responses. It really means a lot! I thank you for all replies and honest opinions. I wish you guys the best and I hope you have a great summer! 
Does McGill differentiate between Day school and Summer school?
Does McGill differentiate between online courses, summer courses, and day school when considering an applicant?

Cause I was planning on taking my grade 12 English course online during the summer.

I'm an Ontario student by the way, and am considering McGill for engineering.
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Can I get accepted with scholarships?
So I'm an IB student from Canada who wants to study history in university, then go to law school. I want to go to UofT, but it would be too expensive if I didn't get scholarships. I also kind of want to go to an Ivy League school (specifically Columbia) but that would be even more expensive. So here are my predicted grades:

HL English: 6
HL Film: 6
HL Chemistry: 5
SL History: 6
SL French: 5
SL Math Studies: 7
EE and TOK: 3
Total: 38

Can i get scholarships?
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ACT vs SAT + Prep courses?
Hey, I am currently in grade 11 and am interested in applying to American schools for business or engineering programs. I had a few questions regarding the tests and application times.

Advantages/disadvantages of the ACT and SAT (I am leaning towards the ACT)

Would self-studying be sufficient or will doing a prep course help a lot? 

When would I have to write the exams by to apply in fall 2016?

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Macbook for life sciences/biological sciences?
Ok so I got a macbook air recently for my birthday and I'm going off to university next year for life sciences, and I just wanted to know whether macbook air is a good choice? My main concern is the softwares needed in the life sciences/bio. sciences courses and whether anyone had any issues with a mac in any sciences studies ??? Does a macbook work well for y'all who r in sciences and have one?? 

Thanks !  
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Accepted to Cornell, UPenn, Harvard, UCB. Here are some of my EC's and standardized test scores
Hi! I'm an American (in BC). I noticed many students are interested in attending Ivy League schools on this forum. I want to share some of my experiences, and I hope it helps to the students who are preparing to attend the elite schools in America! 

SAT 1 : 2360 
SAT 2: ( MATH 2 C : 800, Physics : 800, Chemistry : 800) 
AP : (Microeconomics : 5 , Physics C Mechanics : 5, Physics C E&M : 5, Physics B : 5, Calculus BC : 5, Chem : 5, Stat : 5, Psych : 5, Macroecon : 5)
AMC two times and AIME two times. 
- First place in Science Leadership Program held by the International Vaccine Institute. ( Visited India's slum areas in the process to observe the health care/ vaccination there)
- Went to Germany as a member of a select group of Canadians  as part of the joint program held by Germany and Canada for renewable energy research. We toured many international NGO's and private companies and interviewed them. 
- UNEP Tunza International Conference Canada's representative.
- School varsity team ( soccer) 2 gold metals.
- School Model UN - 4 years 
- assistant coach for swimming - children with cancer  3 years 
- taught, and played with children with cancer at a hospital for 4 years. ( board games etc.) 
- renewable energy program with Hyundai Heavy Industries
- 1st place in my city's filming competition for teenagers 
-  Modelling with Vogue 
- Hospital volunteering for a few years 

Essay topic 
- Social responsibility 

Reference Letters 
- Counselor, International Vaccine Inst. associate, Eng teacher - Very good 
- Math teacher - good 

Language I can speak 
- basic - French, and Korean, fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English. (trying my best to learn German) 

Music business person, many lawyers, university profs, citi bank associate

UPenn 45,000 USD scholarship, Duke, Columbia, NYU, UIUC, UCB, UCLA, UMich, Cornell, Harvard, Dartmouth, U of T, York U. 

Waitlisted : 
Brown, UChicago

Rejected : Stanford, MIT, Yale, Swarthmore 

EDIT: I forgot to tell you my GPA 
grade 9 : 97%
grade 10 : 96% 
grade 11 : 92% ( dropped because of the many activities I did this year. I explained this in one of my essays.)  
grade 12 : 98%

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