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Conditional Offers of Admisssion UBC/SFU
I was just wondering what grades I need to maintain to keep offers of admission from these two universities (biological sciences-sfu and sciences-ubc).I have already been accepted to sfu and waiting on a response from ubc.  I have completed all the specific course requirements for these programs already. My school is semestered so I am not sure if i need to do well in random courses i have taken to fill semester 2. I have taken physics 12, calculus and geo. Physics and calculus are real average killers so i was wondering if they would effect my admissions offer. They aren't  required courses. If they do affect my average (which is right now 91.5%) i'll just drop the courses. Thank you for the help and knowledge in advance <3
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Is there hope in getting a direct entry into a nursing program?
In grade 11 I was taking IB Diploma but decided to drop because near the end of the year I realized that I wanted to take nursing. To be honest, I didn't do so well in IB Chem but then I took Chem 11 at summer school and got 97%. My grade 11 average is a 83%. For my grade 12 first semester marks I'm in the low 80s. I've applied to U of A and UBCO for nursing, along with KPU and SFU health sciences. Is there hope for me to get accepted into U of A or UBCO for nursing? I've already been accepted to U of A for arts and KPU for health sciences
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Nursing Acceptances !!
Pretty much the only programs I see people getting accepted to is engineering, science... 
so if anyone has gotten into a nursing program please tell me which school and what your average for grade 12 is, thanks :)
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does this mean UBC will not consider me.
hello, i just received my English 12 provincial exam mark and i got a 54% on it. My class mark before the exam was 85%. My final grade for English 12 came out to be 73% which is the lowest B. I have applied for UBC and since i have 31% discrepancy, UBC will take 54% as my final English mark. some courses that i have currently completed are: 
pre cal 12:96%
mandarin 12 :98%
economics 12:87
english 12:73%
my average for those 4 courses is 88.5% but since UBC will not use 73% as my English 12 marks. Am i screwed? 
I aslo applied for SFU, U OF T, Waterloo, and UWO. Will those schools care about my provincial exam? plz let me know. thanks 
About universities acceptance
Hello everyone..
 I applied for UBC, SFU, university of waterloo, university of Toronto, McGill university, York university.(all i applied for faculty of arts - economics) 
My grade 12 grades (81%) My class English 12 grade is 81% but I got 43% on the English provincial exam. So the final grade is gonna be 66% 
Physic 83% 
Biology 93% 
Pre calculus 82% Those are my top 4 courses. I know my marks are really low. Nevertheless I studied really hard. I am really worried about my English mark for universities requirements. Most of universities require minimum 70% in English. But for York university, it doesn't say about English requirement grade. 
 1. Am I possible to get into York university? (Have you guys heard of someone who got accepted with this kind of marks?) 
2. Or can I get into any universities with this average? 3. I have to take ielts test or Toefl. ( But is there any way to get into York university without ielts or toefl? Thank you guys.
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SFU Waitlist
Hi, I recently got waitlisted at SFU Science Program,  my admission average is 87 if I take my 4 highest courses so I was wondering If I have a chance to get in and what is the admission average for fall 2018.
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Jan BC English 12 Provinical Exam. How did you do?
So the January provincial exam score is released today and I did really bad on it. I got 54% on the exam and my class mark before the exam was 85%. I now have and blended marks of 73% and a discrepancy of 31% between my course and exam grade. I know that UBC only allows 20% difference or less which means I will have to redo my exam and get at least a 65%. Apparently, the Jan exam was one of the hardest exams ever. I just can't believe that I screwed up this bad. I am wondering does SFU or universities in Ontario care about your provincial exam grades or they just look at your blended marks? plz let me know and also tell me how you guys did on your exam. Thanks!
SFU Arts 2018 Acceptances
A lot of people are starting to get acceptances to SFU Arts Faculty. If you've been accepted, post what program you've applied for, your admission average, and the marks of the four approved classes you reported including English.
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I was just wondering what sort of average I would need for the Behavioural Neuroscience Program. Also, does anyone know how many spots this program has? :) 


Does it sound like my offer to SFU Health Science could be revoked?
Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows around how much you can drop your average once conditionally accepted to SFU? I know on their website it says if you’re a BC student, you should meet the competitive average, but they also do provide a leeway for dropping grades as the representative I spoke to on the phone from SFU said. She couldn’t tell me how much because it varies for each faculty. But basically, I got into the BSc Health Sciences program at SFU with an 89.25 average, and the average it states on the website for that faculty is 88. Does this mean I need to keep an 88 for term 2? Or would I probably be safe within 3-4%, say if I get an 86% or 87? I had an unexpected drop in English this term, so I’m preparing for a slight drop. If anyone who’s been accepted to SFU already despite dropping their average, or even better in the same faculty as me and dropped their average and didn’t get their offer revoked, your answer would be even better! Since you have personal experience with the situation. I will gladly take any replies though! Thanks, and happy studying!
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How does SFU calculate your top 4? And is it only the top 4 they look at at the end of the year?
Hello everyone, so I know SFU calculates your admission average based on your highest 4 classes that they also need for the faculty, I think.
So I had:
Pre-cal 12 - 83
English - 88
Biology 12 - 91 
Law 12  - 94
Literature 12 - 87

I got accepted into health science, so it makes sense they would've taken into account my grades for just math, english, bio and law right? And not literature, because that was a lower grade compared to law/bio? And they need your math/english so I know they took those into account. 

My other question is, I have conditional acceptance based on my final grades.. do they still only look at your highest 4 grades at the end of the year? Because my literature mark will drop, but my other classes are looking like they'll stay the same. So would they revoke me if I drop in literature, but my top 4 average is still fine?

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For ALL Business Students... Don't Be Discouraged!
Hello everybody! 

This post is directed mainly for those kids who won't get into Ivey, QC, Schulich, etc. This website is really great for answers and support, but the people who don't get 90's often get rained on by other users, which sucks and can really hurt their confidence. But for those students, I have good news...  

I was speaking with a Financial Advisor today who is very successful and works in downtown Ottawa under a major bank (for privacy reasons I wont specify which one). I asked them point blank: does the school that you attend make a difference when looking for a job?  

Their answer was simple. No. They said that when they see a university degree with the required certifications for the position, they weigh a degree from Carleton the same as one from Queen's. And for those looking at Laurier worried about getting co-op or not, they also said that co-op looks good, but isn't a dealbreaker either because internship positions are ALWAYS available for those who want them bad enough. It does add to your resume which is always helpful, and it never hurts to get your foot in the door... 

Now, maybe this is just one employer's opinion. But as so many people say: your school won't make or break your career.  

Another "famous" quote from Mr. Wonderful himself - Kevin O'Leary - is as follows (from his book Cold Hard Truth): "Though I like to say an MBA beside your name, I'll hire a moneymaker over a scholar any day". While O'Leary is far from the golden boy of businessmen, it's another perspective from a successful employer.

To summarize: At the end of the day, schools with the top reputations may indeed open up some doors for you, and if their program is known to be a great for your area of choice (Brock Accounting, etc), absolutely consider going there. But, attend the school where you will learn the material the best depending on how YOU learn.  

*Disclaimer: I agree that the highly regarded programs are fantastic, and those who attend those schools should be very proud of getting into them and learning from them! If they're what you're looking for, awesome for you! Just here to prove that employers hire who you are, not your degree.*
SFU's Visual Arts program
Does anyone know if SFU has a good visual arts program? I cant seem to find it much on their website. What have you heard about it?
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What are my chances? (UBC, Queen's, UofA)
Hey everyone! 
I applied to: 
- Queens Con Ed Science 
- University of Alberta Con Ed Science 
- McMaster Life Sci
- Western Health Sci with Biology 
- UofTSG Life Sci 
- SFU Life Science 
- UBC Science 

My grade 11 average was 86.2% (I know it's pretty low) but my grade 12 average this semester is at a 91%. However, I'm pretty sure that my overall top 6 average will be around a 90%. What are my chances of getting in as I am extremely worried about UBC, Queens and Alberta
My extracurriculars include: 
- swim team (8years) 
- community youth council 
- swim instructor + lifeguard 
- piano 
- teaching children with special needs how to swim 

 Any advice/comments are appreciated!!
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Should I apply to SFU?
I’m currently wondering if I should apply to SFU for Criminology. I’m from Alberta and have an 84% average. It’d be applying for the 2018/2019 year, as the deadline to apply is February 28. I’m applying to UBCO and was accepted at the UofA.
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Data Management for BA
Hello yconic community!

I've heard some people say that having Data is something universities look at positively when going for a BA (let's say PoliSci or something).
Aside from the "it's good to have it anyway for year 1 stats" argument, do you think admissions officers really care whether you have it when it's not a prereq? 
Sorry if this is a silly question!
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UBC Personal Profile
Hi, I know that there is no magic formula for the 5 activities on the personal profile but I would like to know what kind of volunteering experience UBC or other universities will prefer. Do they like leadership experience a lot better than community volunteering (ex. Helping in a senior home or tutoring younger students)? Also, do the people marking personal profiles keep in mind what faculty the applicant is applying to? So, for example, if I am applying to engineering, is it better to find opportunities that are somewhat related to engineering?
Thanks for your help!
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University Admissions Ruined
Hi everyone, 
I’ve always heard friends joke that they will write letters to universities in their gr 12 year, talking about what their enemies or people they dislike have done that was bad to convince the universities not to accept them. If someone actually does this, does anyone know if the universities will even read these letters or even worse, deny admission to the applicants that were talked about in the letter?
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Dropping a Course
Hello I was wondering if dropping Calculus would affect my transcript and chances of getting into Uni because I am close to failing. Also, the unis I applied to do not require Calculus.

Taking right now:
Bio 12: 86
Chem 12:90
Eng 12:100
Pre calc 12: 86

French 12: 98


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HELP questions
I am currently in grade 11 and am thinking about going into a university commerce program, I don’t have the greatest marks so I am wondering if I have a possibility of getting accepted to UVic or Ryerson with marks such as these or would I have to improve my marks.

**ps. if you guys know any good commerce programs, any suggestions on how to prepare or things that look good on applications please comment!
Should I apply to SFU?
I applied to UBCO and haven’t heard anything back yet. I also applied to UofA for Bachelor of Arts and got accepted. I’m looking to apply to SFU for Criminology with an 80% average. I applied to UBCO for Bachelor of Science. Should I apply to SFU as well? I’m just not quite sure yet because of the application fee.
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