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HELP questions
I am currently in grade 11 and am thinking about going into a university commerce program, I don’t have the greatest marks so I am wondering if I have a possibility of getting accepted to UVic or Ryerson with marks such as these or would I have to improve my marks.

**ps. if you guys know any good commerce programs, any suggestions on how to prepare or things that look good on applications please comment!
Regarding admission for computer science
I am an IB high school student with predicted grades of 33-34. I have applied for Computer Science in U of T, Alberta, Calgary, Waterloo and SFU. As there aren't any additional portfolio requirements for comp science, what do you think are my chances of getting in these universities with 33-34 predicted grades? I know for a fact that Waterloo's AIF form plays a major role in the admission process. I also submitted my application for comp science just recently. Does this decrease my chance of getting admitted because there are rolling admissions?
I was thinking of applying to the University of Guelph as well. How is the university and the program? Should I apply to Guelph as a backup option?
Also, any tips?

Thanks in advance! x
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SFU Entrance Scholarship Deadline
Does anyone know if the deadline is Jan. 15 at 12:00am or 11:59pm??
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Self Reporting SFU question
the self reporting portal opened yesterday and I tried to log in to see it but everytime i try to self report it keeps saying "You may only self report your grades if you are currently attending a BC secondary school. For current Ontario secondary school applicants, we will receive your grades from OUAC. If you are attending a secondary school outside BC or ON, you must submit" i am a current bc student so i am just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?
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finding a good graphic design program (visual communication design)
I'm currently considering OCAD and Emily Carr for their graphic design program, however I've read TONS of bad comments on the two schools on http://Ratemyprofessor.com... are they really that bad??? I recently found out that the University of Alberta also has a communication design program (basically the same as graphic design), does anyone know anything about it??? 

SFU has an interactive arts and technology program, but I don't know how relevant it is to design? I'm also looking for other universities (besides art school) that offer graphic design or anything related to it, thanks!!! (I'm not considering any visual art major, and Ryerson's program is more on the printing business side)
What are my chances? (UBC, Queens, UofA)
Hey everyone! I applied to:
- Queens Con Ed Science
- University of Alberta Con Ed Science
- McMaster Life Sci
- Western Health Sci with Biology
- UofTSG Life Sci
- SFU Computing Science
- UBC Science
My grade 11 average was 86.2% (I know it's pretty low) but my grade 12 average this semester is at a 92.25%. What are my chances of getting in as I am extremely worried about UBC, Queens and Alberta. My extracurriculars include:
- swim team (8years)
- community youth council
- swim instructor + lifeguard
- piano
- teaching children with special needs how to swim

Any advice/comments are appreciated!!
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What Canadian Universities accept a B average?
Hello! I am currently a grade 11 student in BC. After I graduate highschool, I plan on going to University to study Criminology or Criminal Justice. The schools I'm hoping to get into are SFU, or York as they both and programs in that field of study. My current grades are:

Math - 76%
Social Studies - 81%
English - 79%
Physics and Chemistry - 70%

My overall average is about 80%. Do I have a good shot at getting into these schools? If not which schools should be able to accept me with these types of grades?
SFU Joint Business and Communications, will I get in?
Economics 12 - 95%  
French 12 - 93%  
English 12 - 92%  
Pre Calc 12 Online - 89%  

1. Volunteered and working at a Kumon center for about a year now  
2. Started working at a Staples about a month ago  
3.Volunteered for various on and off things, non leadership ~4-5 hrs each  
4. On the badminton team for 2 years, made regionals with and without partner  
5. Captain of outside of school Tennis Club youth (under 18) team and won regionals.

Really aiming for that Beedie joint program of communications and business. If I don't get in, what marks do I need in other faculties to transfer into beedie?  

Responses much appreciated.
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**HELP** What are my chances?
I think i kinda screwed myself over by not trying hard enough.. anyway, below are my marks and the schools I applied. ANY advice/info would be HIGHLY appreciated.   

English 12; 94
Pre Calc 12; 89
Chem 12; 92
Physics; 86
Social Justice; 96 
...I'm debating whether or not to take another science course and/or calculus.... 
I applied to:
UBC (Van)
... and a few safeties... 

Please just give it to me STRAIGHT UP. Merci Beaucoup
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Hi all,  

So im a gr11 student currently taking pre calc 11 this semester and not doing too well. I was planning on taking pre calc 12 next semester that way if i do poorly i could redo in the summer but my councellor pulled a 360 on me and was like "ummm,,,,,no" so now im shitting bricks and i dont know what to do because math is screwing me over. 

PS. I want to go to UBC for science so math is like hella important.

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2018/2019 University Admissions
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to start this new thread for current grade 12, senior students applying to universities this fall. I myself will be applying, and I think this is a great way to help each other out.  

Feel free to post:
Any Questions
Universities applied to
If you've been given offers yet
Grade 12 current average right now
Favorite Universities

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Hi guys

Just for your personal opinion, I would like to know if it is possible if I could get into either UBC Bcom or Simon Fraser Bcom? Or even rotman or queens?
My top 6 averages is an 87
Adv functions 85
law 90
english 87
calculus 88
philosophy 92
accounting 82
my ECs include
- coach on school swim team( had swimmes qualify for provincials championships)
- competitive swimmer (swam total of 24 hours a week, winning the club attitude and most improved award multiple times)
- head pacer on my sister's 52 km swim across lake ontario
- HAP Member
- member of business council

Thanks so much for your responses, they will be greatfully appreciated :)
Sfu/Ubc Business and Arts - What are my chances?
Economics 12 - 95%
French 12 - 93%
English 12 - 92% 
Pre Calc 12 Online - 89%

1. Volunteered and working at a Kumon center  for about a year now 
2. Started working at a Staples about a month ago
3.Volunteered for various on and off things, non leadership ~4-5 hrs each 
4. On the badminton team for 2 years, made regionals with and without partner 
5. Captain of outside of school Tennis Club youth (under 18) team and won regionals. 

Really aiming for that Beedie joint program of communications and business. If I don't get in, what marks do I need in other faculties to transfer into beedie? 

Responses much appreciated. 
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Biology 11 Averages
I am in bio 11 online right now and I am finding it very difficult. No matter how many hours I spend studying, my average still remains in the 86-89 range. I find that my teacher's tests have questions that ask about things in great detail, have tricky wording, and he also puts things that are not in the textbook provided. I have borrowed another biology textbook from the library but my scores on the tests are still the same. I usually get above 90 for my other subjects so I don't know if I'm just bad at bio or if my teacher is making his tests more difficult than they should be. For those of you that have taken or are in bio right now, what was/is the level of difficulty of your tests/quizzes? And what was/is your average in bio?
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Help, can I get into these universities (Commerce)- UOFT Rotman, UOttawa, SFU
Hi guys,
I would really appreciate your opinion on my university chances
Grade 11 Average- 81
grade 12 marks
accounting-85 (expecting 85)
adv functions-83 (expecting an 86)
law- 88 (expecting a 90)
economics- 80 (expecting 82)
2 nd semester is english, calculus, data and philosophy

My extra curriculars include,
Competitive swimmer for 9 years (swimming 24 hours a week winning the attitude and most improved award many times)
Head coach school swim team
Head pacer on my sister's swim across Lake Ontario
member of business council

My schools that I am applying to are SFU COOP, Dalhousie commerce, UOFT Rotman, UTSC COOP, UOttawa commerce (finance), Western BMOSS,  ryerson management.

It would be very helpful for your comment on my chances for getting into these universities, 
Thank you so much in advance

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Simon Fraser Beedie school of business admission averages?
Hey guys im applying to SFU soon and i have a couple of questions!
First of all, my average across all my grades is 84% due to my ability in Math.

1. Can I get in with an 84% average?
2. If I apply to arts my average would be 92% because I wouldn't have to use math, is there an option to use different courses for applying to my second option -  Social Sciences.(Bio,Geo,Philo,English) we'll still having my first option as Beedie with (Math,English,Bio,Geo).
Student Opinion on Universities
I'm applying to UofT (Scarborough and St. George), UOttawa, Queens and Macmaster and SFU. I wanted to know more about the schools from a student standpoint. What are the residences like? The student life/support? The profs? Also, the opportunities and CO-OP's provided?
I hope to major in international development with a minor in French and was wondering what each school can provide in terms of this major or if there are any current students/alumni who have done similar programs. 
Ask me Anything!
Hi guys, this website has helped me a lot during my university processes. I would like to help future university applicants as well so I decided to make this discussion for any of you who have questions. I live in B.C and I applied to both SFU and UBC only (got into both universities). I am currently a health science student at SFU! I'm not sure about the application process for the eastern side, but if you have questions about the two universities, I would gladly help. I will try my best to answer all of the questions.
Should i take a transfer?
I am currently business at SFU and was planning to take a transfer to Wilfrid Laurier University. 
I know SFU is a good university and they are know for their business program but I am not satisfied overall and it is kinda depressing. 

Do you think that I should transfer or stay at SFU? 
If i plan to transfer, will it be difficult? 
Thank you 
Incoming first year business student - Ask me anything!
Hi everyone! I will be going into my first year at UBC Sauder School of Business. Throughout the past year in grade 12, I was constantly on yconic seeking answers to the questions I had, and looking at additional useful information on various yconic threads. Now, I want to give back to incoming grade 12's and answer any questions that you have related to the application process to business schools in Canada. I'll try my best to answer all of you :)
In addition to Sauder, I was also accepted to Queen's Commerce, Western Ivey, UofT Rotman and SFU Beedie. 
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can i get into ubc sauder or arts with this grade so far?
hi i am in grade 12 and i will be applying to UBC Sauder school of business and arts. here are my grades so far. some courses are still in progress and some are completed. i will be taking chemistry 12 and calculus  12 next year because i go to semester school. 

english 12: 86% (in progress)
pre-cal 12: 96% (completed) 
mandarin 12: 98% (completed
economics 12: 92% (in progress)
chemistry 12: will start in Jan. Pretty sure can pull off at least 90%, got 93% in chem 11 
calculus 12: will start in Dec 
Scholarships questions.
If I win a scholarship at one university, but decide to not go ther, can I still keep that scholarship and use it towards the university fees at the university of decide on going to?
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Help with applications!
I need someone’s help deciding whether or not using the pronoun “I” is appropriate in answering short essays questions on the university applications. If you could help answer this, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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