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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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TrentU, AlgomaU, UTSG, UWindsor, Laurier, or LaurentianU?
i have an 81% average and have been accepted to all these schools but I do not know what one is better? I will be majoring in Criminology
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Health Science/ Life Science 2018!
It’s now our time to apply and be admitted! This thread is geared towards the science programs for Ontario. If you get accepted to the following programs, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. 

(Ontario Universities / 2018 APPLICANTS) 

Please TRY Including the following:  
Date of Application:  
Date of Offer:   
Grade 11 Average:  
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:
101 or 105 Student:

Yes I'm aware it's early! But the last year thread was made in October and some students end up getting early acceptance so this should be helpful! :)
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Hey guys! This is just to see who's going to be in next year's con ed program at Queen's!

Which Con Ed. (Arts or Science):
Date Admitted:
How good were your supplementaries?:
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Deciding on Universities for Criminology!! (Social Science Program)
I am currently a grade 12 student and have been accepted to U of T, Trent, UOIT and Laurier's criminology undergraduate programs. I am having trouble deciding between U of T and Laurier! I am hoping to go to law school once I have completed my degree. 
I understand that law schools don't consider the school you obtained your undergrad at, but heard you may get a better chance of being accepted to U of T's law school if you went there for your undergrad? I also have a hard time believing law schools don't take your university into consideration a little bit. If anyone could give useful information that would help me choose schools, it would be greatly appreciated! (What you've heard about the programs at Laurier and U of T, their residence buildings, etc). I am more independent, so school spirit doesn't really matter to me. I am looking to get a job and eventually play on one of the sports teams. Thanks.
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Nursing casper test incomplete
Hello, I took the Casper test on Jan 24, and it says it takes 3-4 weeks for it to send to McMaster, but it still says the application is incomplete. When i finished the Casper test i got an email saying that i didn't need to do anything else to make sure my results get to the school. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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Trent Business vs StFX business?
Which has a better program? Looking to get into either accounting or finance but it could change after first year lol. I know they’re not queens commerce but just asking.
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moving away for school?
Hi Friends!

I'm really torn between going to school within Ontario (I live here) and attending school on the east coast. Either way I'll be living away from home but I'm looking for a sense of what I should expect from living a plane ride away versus a car ride away, and maybe some advice for how to choose? 

Here's some info about me...
- Applying for business with scholarships
- big fan of extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, etc)
- I'm really close with my friends (obviously) and I'd love for them to visit me/visit them at their universities
-I have a lot of younger friends who I'll also want to see back at my high school
- Seeing my family (extended) isn't a huge deal for me because we're not all that close (we only get together for holidays)
- I would be able to come home for reading weeks and Christmas break if I were to head to the East Coast, and all of that + Thanksgiving and some weekends if I wanted to if I stay in Ontario
- Money isn't really a huge deal, however I think cost of living would be better out east (?)
- I love a good adventure, but I don't really want to be too lonely and I won't know a single person out east

Thanks so much!!
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??????????? Acceptance
Hello everyone, 
I had applied to Trent for BScN and I recieved an offer today for Honors Science program, however I went on the portal and it says for nursing it is still under review? Do I still have a chance of getting in? I’m so confused I haven’t recieved the letter yet but I’m curious right now 
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For ALL Business Students... Don't Be Discouraged!
Hello everybody! 

This post is directed mainly for those kids who won't get into Ivey, QC, Schulich, etc. This website is really great for answers and support, but the people who don't get 90's often get rained on by other users, which sucks and can really hurt their confidence. But for those students, I have good news...  

I was speaking with a Financial Advisor today who is very successful and works in downtown Ottawa under a major bank (for privacy reasons I wont specify which one). I asked them point blank: does the school that you attend make a difference when looking for a job?  

Their answer was simple. No. They said that when they see a university degree with the required certifications for the position, they weigh a degree from Carleton the same as one from Queen's. And for those looking at Laurier worried about getting co-op or not, they also said that co-op looks good, but isn't a dealbreaker either because internship positions are ALWAYS available for those who want them bad enough. It does add to your resume which is always helpful, and it never hurts to get your foot in the door... 

Now, maybe this is just one employer's opinion. But as so many people say: your school won't make or break your career.  

Another "famous" quote from Mr. Wonderful himself - Kevin O'Leary - is as follows (from his book Cold Hard Truth): "Though I like to say an MBA beside your name, I'll hire a moneymaker over a scholar any day". While O'Leary is far from the golden boy of businessmen, it's another perspective from a successful employer.

To summarize: At the end of the day, schools with the top reputations may indeed open up some doors for you, and if their program is known to be a great for your area of choice (Brock Accounting, etc), absolutely consider going there. But, attend the school where you will learn the material the best depending on how YOU learn.  

*Disclaimer: I agree that the highly regarded programs are fantastic, and those who attend those schools should be very proud of getting into them and learning from them! If they're what you're looking for, awesome for you! Just here to prove that employers hire who you are, not your degree.*
So I am in grade 11 and currently trying to survive second semester and its that time of the year where we have to choose our courses for grade 12. So far I have chosen university English, Biology, Chemistry, accounting, advanced functions and a spare. I am considering taking physics since I did pretty good int hat class last semester (i got an 85) but I am still debating whether or not to take calculus. I don't know whether I should take it or need it for nursing or take data management or take something else. I also don't know what other classes I need to as well.

Hello yconic community! It's that time of the year again; the time for acceptances to come rolling in. I've heard of this phenomenon from countless seniors in the past, but never thought it would hit me as hard as it has...

I received early acceptance to my top 3 schools and my backups are coming in now. My average after first semester is an 88% which is MUCH higher than the 75% I'll need to maintain my offer, and my semester now is full of classes I find very easy and I know I'll do well in. But it's school hockey and volleyball season for me and I've been missing quite a few days and honestly don't have the will to get caught up anymore - something I've never struggled with before!

I need some tips to help overcome this before it's too late! I want my average to at least stay the same, hopefully higher, but this is KILLING me! Any advice is appreciated!
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Arts degrees, are they worthless?
Hi! I have heard so many different sides to this topic that I decided to make a forum on it. When posting on this forum please consider that arts degrees can refer to a Bachelors of Arts in English while also can refer to something along the lines of a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science, there is much variation within the BA degree. Thanks and debate away!
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What are my chances? (UBC, Queen's, UofA)
Hey everyone! 
I applied to: 
- Queens Con Ed Science 
- University of Alberta Con Ed Science 
- McMaster Life Sci
- Western Health Sci with Biology 
- UofTSG Life Sci 
- SFU Life Science 
- UBC Science 

My grade 11 average was 86.2% (I know it's pretty low) but my grade 12 average this semester is at a 91%. However, I'm pretty sure that my overall top 6 average will be around a 90%. What are my chances of getting in as I am extremely worried about UBC, Queens and Alberta
My extracurriculars include: 
- swim team (8years) 
- community youth council 
- swim instructor + lifeguard 
- piano 
- teaching children with special needs how to swim 

 Any advice/comments are appreciated!!
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School Life at Waterloo, Guelph, McMaster and Trent
Hey..! So what is the school life like, at the main campus of -
University of Waterloo
University of Guelph
McMaster University
Trent University

And in your opinion, if you had to choose, which university would you pick?
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Trent Conservation Biology
I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Trent conservation biology program? It is new this year and I heard that acceptances will have to go out later due to finalization of the course. Does anyone know any more information on this? Thanks!
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How much will one bad mark affect your acceptances?
So I know that this is obviously much different depending on the school but I was wondering how much one poor mark will affect your chances? My last semester was:

Religion: 95
Chemistry: 94
Biology: 90
Advanced Functions: 75

Math has never been my strong suit. My program requires advanced functions however it does not focus on it much in the actual course. Will that 75 be a big deal? I will have 7 credits this year but since advanced functions is required for the course I was not too sure how heavily they will weigh it. My program is Conservation Biology at Trent. I know Trent is not the most competitive school but this is a new program so there will be a lot of transfers applying as well. Thanks.
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Good school or high GPA?
Hi, I want to study physics (I know, hard to get a job). and ideal i would like to go down the academia thing and maybe one day be a prof or a researcher. What would be a better school UofT or Trent? Basically a hard school vs an easy school. I know UofT will have more research opportunity but its also a way harder school, so ill have a lower GPA. Where else with Trent i wont have as many research opportunity, but ill have a higher GPA. Im just lost and don't know what to think, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advanced
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Undergrad Acceptances 2018
Saw this done previous years but could not find a thread like this for 2018. Please post:

Date of Acceptance:

I'll start 
U. Ottawa
Biopharm + BSc Psych
85 (ish)
Early/Mid Jan

Late jan/ Early feb

Courses and Programs for Next Year
I’m in grade 11 right now trying to compile a list of what programs I hope to apply for next year. I want to eventually become a Naturopathic Doctor, so I need to done a undergrad that includes biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, & psychology. I plan on taking chemistry, biology, data management, English, two spares, and then two out of these four classes: kinesiology, philosophy, families in Canada, and Medical Technology. This is roughly my list of programs I hope to apply to next year (in order)  

Western Health Science  
Brescia Health Science  
Western Food & Nutrition  
Brescia Food & Nutrition  
Brock Medical Sciences  
Trent Biology (health sciences specialization)
Guelph Applied Human Nutrition  
UOIT Health Science  

So, I suppose I have two questions. Are the courses I plan on taking next year okay? I know that they meet all of the prerequisites required for these programs, but like are the other courses I’m considering taking (besides the prerequisites) going to make it fairly easy to get a good average. And, what general info/opinion do you have on these programs? Thanks.
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