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Learning Languages

I am a high school student right now (grade 11) and am really interested in learning languages. Currently, I know 4 fluently (because of my diverse background) including english and I am hoping to add French and Arabic to the list. I have been learning french in school since grade 4 and can say that now I am decent at reading and writing it but terrible at oral skills. I get completely lost when people are speaking it because they sound nothing like to what I am used to hearing. As for Arabic, I know very basic things and can read it all from a very early age. I just wanted to hear all your experiences with language learning and see what tips you all have for becoming fluent in these two languages

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Admission Course Equivalence Universities
Grade 11 Alberta student here.
I was wondering if I wanted to apply to a french university back in Quebec, what is the equivalence to get into a program there? As I will be doing my English and French Language Arts 30-1, Math 30-1, Biology 30-1, Physics 30-1, Social-Studies 30-1 and I know that in Quebec, students have to do approx 2 years of Cégep and that's how they can get into universities there. But I can't seem to find how these french universities approach students from other provinces who want to apply there and what requirements of admission they need. Can someone help me, I would really appreciate it. 
Thank you. 
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Best Undergrad for Dental School
Im interested in pursuing dentistry as a career but need to chose an undergrad to get there. I am currently in grade 12 doing the International Baccalaureate program with a 93.3 average. I applied to Biomedical sciences and Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I have been accepted in both programs already. I also applied to McGill's faculty of Kinesiology. I have been debating what program to go into in order to get into Dental School (at McGill or Université de Montréal). All in all, I need to choose between Biomedical Sciences and Kinesiology. What are your thoughts on Kinesiology as a Major? Would it be a good program to get into Dental School?
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Starting a Key Club
Hi everyone. I am a high school student and I want to start a Key Club at my school for the upcoming school year. We do have some service clubs at my school but they do not do much. I have been doing research for starting the club but could not find out all the information I needed. So, if anyone has been previously involved in one or knows about Key Club, I would appreciate it if you could answer a couple questions for me :)
1. What does it mean to charter a club and how is it done?
2. Would it cost student members anything to be a part of the club?
3. How do I make it a part of Key Club International?
4. How do I get the club to be sponsored to be sponsored by the local Kiwanis club?
5. Is it possible for a student to start the club?

I might have more questions later but just these for now. I would love some help to clear some of my confusion. ?
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McGill Admission For Bach of Arts
HI Guys,
I finished high school in June and am currently working. I am hoping to apply to McGill for the fall of 2017. I was just wondering if anyone who has gotten accepted in the past could tell me if my marks are good enough for the Arts Faculty. From my understanding, they only look at top five of your best grade 12 marks. 
Here are mine:
English: 85
Family studies:90
Religions: 97

P.S: I'm from Manitoba if that makes any difference. 
Thanks for all your help in advance :)
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PAPM at Carleton or Urban Planning?
So I graduated in June and could not make mind, since I always had taken science courses which I hated. Anyways.
I'm hesitating between the Public Affairs and Policy Management program at Carleton or Urban Planning at Ryerson or UdeM (or possibly Dalhousie).
My pros for Urban Planning are how employable and in demand this degree is. Also, since UdeM is in Quebec, I can pretty much do a prep year anywhere in the country in the program of my choice which would be super cool (since most of the schools I mentioned have very dull campuses).
On the other hand PAPM is very cool and could take me to my dream career in international law. I found Ottawa to be a boring soul-less city and Carleton to be an ugly campus with little diversity but Ottawa would give me numerous opportunities in politics. 
U de M Language Requirement
I'm planning to apply to the University of Montreal, which is a francophone school. Because I'm an Anglophone, I will have to take two tests, which are the TFI (Test de Francais Internationale), and a two page written composition. Unfortunately, the university gives no details about the composition. Has anyone written it? What sort of topics are given?
What are the best universities? THREAD
I'm a student athlete (football) and looking to attend a great university academically, athletically, and socially, with a nice atmosphere (average is 85+). From what I've seen, Queen's, Western, UBC, and Mcmaster seem awesome.

So, in your experience and from what you've heard, what school do you think presents the best university experience and why? Try to consider most programs and sports and student life.
*Also, If you have or are applying, 1. program 2. average 3. EC's 4. Reason 5.Province 6. Sport?


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Should I even bother with criminology??
I'm a grade 12 student interested in going to law school after my degree. I don't know if I'm even going to like criminology (it seems interesting but I don't know...). I've seen so many people on here and elsewhere say that it's a useless degree so any advice? And any advice on a degree that an prepare me for law school?
Should we educate parents about how to educate their children?
i feel we are leaving off the education of parents about how to be a parent... When actually learning how to educate our children is one of the most fundamental thing that can ever be.... 
What do you think
McGill vs Concordia vs Carleton: engineering
Title says it all. Reputation aside, which of these universities have a good engineering program? I'm considering them based on:

   Maintaining a high GPA
   Professor availablity
   Party scene (I absolutely don't party and I don't even wanna do it)
   Job opportunities after graduation.
   Cities (Ottawa vs Montreal) 
   School life (which of these universities have a crazy workload, and which ones don't?)
   Coop opportunities
   Reputation( tho I honestly don't care about the rep)
   IT, computer, software, and library facilities

Given these factors, which one is the best for engineering?

If it helps, I'm considering software engineering.
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I was just wondering if anyone has been in the explore program and has any advice! I am going to Université de Montreal and is just wondering what to expect, what to pack etc.
I had to repeat biology 12
So here's the issue. I have had an unfortunate run in with an illness that has severely damaged my academic life. Simply put, I have tension headaches everyday, and I am constantly fatigued, on good days I feel myself, on bad days my mental faculties are totally gone and the pain in my head makes it difficult to even stand up.

As a result of this, my attendance has been atrocious. I had 50% attendance last semester. I managed to pass all my courses:
Social studies 11: 76%
Global studies 11: 70%
English 11: 96% 
Biology 12: 67%

I have seen a neurologist and a psychiatrist and have been prescribed medication, and it seems to be working, the number of good days is increasing, and my quality of life is rapidly improving :). 

I retook bio 12 through online school and finished with 97%, does anyone know of any medical/health science programs that will accept repeated courses? I've wanted to be an Immunologist and/or pathologist scince I was 5 years old.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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Explore French Summer Program 2016
Hey everyone!! Super excited for this year's Explore :)

Since the lottery is taking place really soon, I thought it'd be nice to make a little group here for people to post which university they chose and it might give us a chance to connect before we get there!
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hey guys what do u guys think my chances are getting into mcgill arts with an 89 top 6 average. I'm from ontario and minerva still says "ready for review". When do u guys believe i will receive a decision?? I'm stressin
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hey guys i was wondering what my chances are getting accepted to mcgill arts with an 88 average for top 6. My application still says "ready for review". when can i expect to hear back on a decision?
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Need some help
Good morning,
I have been accepted at the University of Montreal in the English Studies program for the term Autumn 2016. Can anyone suggest me places to get a scholarship for that program.
Thank you in advance.
uOttawa vs UdeM
I've been accepted to the University of Ottawa in Financial Economics and University of Montréal in a preparatory year and I'd most likely go onto a BSc in Economics (it's offered as a BSc there). Those were my top choices so I won't include the other ones. 

For uOttawa, the factors attracting me are the scholarships. Presently, I will recieving a 1000$ scholarship and a 1000$ bursary for doing the program in French. Also, I'd qualify for 30% off tuition. What I don't like, however is the city. I am from Ottawa (and either way, I can't live at home) and the city is pretty boring for me. I also really want a change of city. 

For UdeM, on the plus side, I love the city! It's always been my dream to live in Montréal. And there's more to do there. Also, I've heard good things about the reputation of the school. Another thing is that I'd get an extra year to think about what I really wanna do since the prep year is a general first year (with science, social science or arts and letters stream but that's still pretty broad), then I could choose something more specific. The downsides are no guaranteed scholarships and I wouldn't see any familiar faces when I get there.

Could I get insight to help me make my decision as to where I will go next year? 

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