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Do I have a chance of getting accepted into any of these universities?
Last year in grade 11 I had a 79% average. This year I am starting to volunteer at my local hospital, babysitting, and working at an elementary school (help cleaning after school). Last year I did One Acts at school. It was for my drama class. Would those be good extracurricularsd for applying to university? The universities I’m applying to are: SFU, UofA, UofC, MacEwan University, and UBC(Okanagan campus). Do you think I will get accepted into any of those universities? I’m applying for a bachelor of science in either chemitry or biology. My second choice is something to do with the environment.
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Alberta Universities
So I’ve applied to two universities thus far but I’m scared my grade won’t cut it as I’m in Alberta and they tell you what courses they want. Anyhow my chem bio math and social grade are all between 80 and 85 this is grade 11 btw but my English is at 67. Will that bring me down? I’m planning nursing/chemistry
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University of Alberta competitive averages
I'm wondering what are the UofA's competitive average for science specifically specialization?
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Biochemistry Program at University of Alberta
I am currently in high school, and I have been looking into some programs for university. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who have, or are currently attending a biochemistry program at the University of Alberta. I was wondering if the program is substantially more difficult, since it is a honours program. What do you learn in the program? What kind of jobs can you pursue with the degree, and is it difficult to find a job with the degree? I truly appreciate everyone's input. 
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Do I have a chance of getting accepted into any of these unersities?n
I’m currently in grade 12 and am applying to universities. The ones I am going to be applying to are: UBCO, SFU, UofA, UofC, and UofT. For my grade 11 year, I had an average of 78%. I’m hoping to get it up this year though. I don’t have any extra-curricular activitie, A’s for where I live is really small and am in a small school that doesn’t offer much. I hoping to start volunteering at my local hospital soon though. I’m just afraid I’m not going to get accepted anywhere. My dreams schools are either UBCO or SFU. When applying my first choice is chemistry or biology and my second choice would be to study environmental sciences.
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Tips for first year of university (bachelor of science)
Hello, I am looking to go into the university of Alberta next year, and I was wondering if there was anything that people currently attending university would believe is useful to know for first year of undergraduate studies, for example one piece of advice, lifestyle, food, lunch, learning habits, important things to note, etc. I truly appreciate everyone's input.
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Can I Get In!?
Here's some information and I'd love some opinions on whether I could get into the following schools for BA (either PoliSci or International Studies depending on the school).

Schools I'm applying to:
UofAlberta, UBC, McGill, UofT, Queen's, Waterloo, UVic, Dalhousie

Grade 11 Average - 92.6%
Grade 12 courses taken:
Law - 96%
Earth & Space - 90%

My current very preliminary sem. 1 looks like:
English - 92%
Chem - 85%
Business Leadership - 95 %
(91%ish average so far)

I'm in my second year as Student Senator of the school and second year as one of two student trustees in my school board, I volunteer with heart & stroke and cancer society, I've done six years of work with Me to We, I lead the Gender/Sexuality Alliance within my school... etc.

What do you think my chances of getting to those schools are? Scholarship possibilities? Thanks! 

PS no "trolls" please
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Smartness level has gone down?
Hey, guys. So I just finished grade 11 and super pumped for grade 12. But report cards came out and it was the worst report card I have ever gotten in my life! I feel like my intelligence level has gone down. For instance, I had chem 20. I studied so, so hard for that final. When I did the final it was soo easy and I felt like I did really well. Turns out I did not and it brought my final mark down by 6 percent I was just wondering why, after all of the hard studying I did, my mark didn't reflect it. Now it has got me worried. Like if I am not doing well in my 20 classes, how the hell will I get a 90% average in the courses I am applying with. It has also gotten me stressed about uni too. Like, will I even get in and how will I cope for 4 years and the next two because I want to do my masters. So if you guys have nay tips to study better or anything that will help in my later years, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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How much score is good enough for Alberta and McGill?
Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.ASc.)
GPA: 3.7
GRE: 168Q, 164V
Research: One paper in progress, but won't get completed before the application deadline.

As an International student, what kind of a chance do I have in getting in Alberta or McGill?
Should I be looking at much lower ranked universities instead?
Nursing Programs in Canada
Hi! I have a few questions about nursing programs in Canada.

What are the best nursing programs in Canada?

What makes these programs the best?

And what average would be recommended to get into these schools? Would a 93% be good enough for most of them?

+ any tips/advice from nursing students would be very appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance!
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Do universities care how many courses you take?
Will universities reject me because I only took five courses durning my grade 11 year?  I had a brain injury that took 16 months to recover from, and during that time I only managed to take English 11, French 11, Biology 11, Chemistry 11, and Chemistry 12. I finished with a 96% average, and am taking the rest of my prerequisite courses (and those needed to graduate) this year. I don't know whether it makes a difference, or not, but I am at a British Columbia high school, and want to study Biochemistry or Microbiology. My top three choices that I am applying to are UofA, UBC, and UofC. I also have lots of volunteer hours, and extracurriculars.
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Will I be accepted into university?
I'm currently 17 and am in my senior year of high school. I plan on applying to universities, but what ones will I likely be accepted to out of the ones I'm applying to? I'm applying to UBC, SFU, UofA, UofT, MacEwan university, and university of Calgary. I plan to major in biology, as well. I don't do any extra curricular activities or take any honours course, as my school doesn't offer them (it's a very small school). My grade 11 grades are: 
Math: 73%
Biology: 71%
Physics: 72% (not taking this year)
Chemistry: 81%
English: 67%
Social: 60% (taking -2 this year)
Drama 20: 90%
French: 89%
I hope to increase my marks this year.
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Political Science Undergrad V.S. English Undergrad
What major is better later on for employment opportunities? What is each major actually like for coursework and expectations? Other Info: End game is law school (oh god my wallet's crying), I love creative writing and reading.
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American student looking at schools
I'm an American student looking at Canadian schools and am wondering if some people could give me an idea of the feel and reputation of schools since I'm coming into this with no idea. I know I should probably take all of this with a grain of salt, so I'm going to visit schools later this fall to see how I like them. I'm planning on majoring in political science, but I'd like to incorporate environmental studies or something like that if possible. I'm planning on going to grad school so I'd like to go somewhere that will set me up for success in that. So far I've looked at Dalhousie, Acadia, Mount Allison, St. FX, UVic, Alberta, and UBC. I'd like to go somewhere where I can get outside and go hiking, camping, exploring, that sort of thing as often as possible and somewhere where I'll be able to find other people who want to do that with me. My grades are okay but not great and I had health problems that prevented me from attending school for a while so my transcript isn't "normal", but I took hard classes and did well in those. I have high ACT & SAT scores & tons of extracurriculars (though from what I understand that matters less in Canada). What do you think about these schools? Is there any other schools I should be looking at?
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High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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what do universities think about taking online courses?
hi guys, I'm from Vancouver,BC and recently i got my timetable and i wasn't pleased with 2 of my teachers. Where i wanted chemistry, i had french, and where i wanted french, i had chemistry and 2 different teachers!! I know I might be overreacting and complaining but trust me.... I've heard nothing but bad things about these teachers. Someone was sniffling in the french class and the teacher made the student stick two tissues up his nose to "quiet him down". So my question is, will universities frown upon taking french 11 ONLINE let alone any type of online courses? Thank you for your replies in advance!!
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$250 - Back-to-School Must-Haves Community Contest
****Thank you for participating! Contest is now closed.****
With the new school year approaching we want to know what's on your must-have list for back to school. 

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with "My 3 must-haves are:" followed by the top three (3) items that you're coveting. We want to hear from you!

1. My trusty Herschel backpack                                
2. Red TOMS shoes                                
3. My lucky pen                               

~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics  

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $250 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.  

Deadline to apply is August 31, 2017 @ 9:00 AM EDT.    

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.   What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* http://bit.ly/BacktoSchoolContestRules

Best Computer Science Schools after UW, U of T?
I'm an international student looking to study CS in Canada in fall 2018. I am doing A levels and have good grades, and definitely applying to UW and U of T. While I do feel like I have a chance of getting in, I cannot afford these universities (UW doesn't have any major scholarship for international students and U of T has one full tuition but my ECs are not tooooo amazing) and was wondering other schools that might be equally/nearly as good which may be more affordable too.
I am considering the following factors (in that order):
-co-op, employer reputation
-social life
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Transfer AFTER second year
I am entering my second year this fall in Biology. I currently go to a smaller university far from home and this summer has been very tough on my family financially. It would be better for me if I went to uni in Toronto/Durham region to save money. I was wondering if anyone has their own experiences or heard from friends about how it is like to transfer after second year. Also, I know most schools accept transfers only for the fall term, but I want to transfer as soon as possible so are there any schools which offer admission for the winter or spring/summer semesters? I will need further school after my bio  BSc, so for my undergrad years I want to save money. Also, am I making the wrong choice to transfer after second year? or should I just stay and finish up the degree there? Anyone with opinions on how its like transferring from a smaller uni to a larger one?
*I will be transferring into third year
*my grade are pretty decent so far-I only know the first year grades
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