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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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Social in Summer School

I'm an Alberta high school student and was thinking about taking social 30 in summer school. I did social 20 last summer. I don't know if the experiences will be similar though. Do any of you have any suggestions?????
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University choice
Does any one know which university is the best mount royal university or university of calgary? 
I applied for both of them for science. I got an offer from mount royal and I have to accept offer before January 2018. Do I have to wait for uofc or accept the offer. 
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U of Calgary nursing vs. U of Ottawa nursing?
Hey everyone which nursing school is better - U of Calgary or U of Ottawa? Thanks!
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Uvic or Dal
Which has a better

1. Coop program for CS- Like google, facebook, microsoft, and other big companies come to recruit students.
2. Reputation for employment
3. Preparation for graduate studies
4. Which city has a better Tech hub
5. Which coop has a better pay
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Nursing Acceptances !!
Pretty much the only programs I see people getting accepted to is engineering, science... 
so if anyone has gotten into a nursing program please tell me which school and what your average for grade 12 is, thanks :)
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Chancellor Scholarship and Prestige Awards
Has anybody received info about the Chancellor Club's scholarship or prestige awards at University of Calgary? They said they'll let people know in March/April so post here if you have!
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Has anyone recived an award from university of calgary.
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University of Calgary vs University of Alberta Engineering Coop
Hey everyone, Im from Calgary but I'm stuck between choosing UofC and UofA for Engineering as I have been accepted into both. I am hoping to do Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Looking for any input or advice from anyone going to UofA or UofC that is doing coop engineering! Thank you!
Bioinformatics at university of calgary with my grades?
I recently considered  application to the university of calgary as first choice bioinformatics and second choice engineering. I am aware of the competitive averages but can anyone let me know of any recent ACTUAL entrance averages of these courses. Also am i required to have 80% in ELA 30-1 to get into any program as i could not achieve it in grade 11 but i am positive i am able to achieve it with a little bit of effort in grade 12. In the ELP requirments on the site there is a point that is confusing me if anyone can explain that would be great. 
- This is what is listed on their site for what satisfies their ELP requirement 

Successful completion of at least three years of formal, full-time study in English at a secondary school that meets one of the following requirements: a. Is in an exempt country; OR b. Is accredited to offer Canadian, American or British curricula; OR

A grade of 80% or better in ELA 30-1 

As i high school student in the 12th grade these are the only two ways i can satisfy it 

My average right now is at a 83.5% after first semester of grade 12 which is A- but i am positive i can get it to 85%+ after physics and math 30-1. What are my chance with this average. My grade 11 is terrible and not even worth mentioning 
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UVIC vs UCalgary Commerce
Stuck between the University of Victoria and University of Calgary for Commerce. Anyone know which school would be better overall? (res, student life, job prospects etc.).
Is it harder to get higher grades in social sciences than life sciences at U of T or any university?
I know the difficulty of a subject may depend on the individual's effort or interest, but in general when it comes to university, is it harder to get high grades in social sciences, where the answers may be more ambiguous, or life sciences where you're either right or you're wrong?
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University of Calgary and University of Alberta- HELP
I was wondering if any students studying at the University of Alberta or University of Calgary can do me a favor. 
I want to know the admission average for Indian students ( admission to the undergrad level). Can someone ask the admission office? They seem to take forever to respond.
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Has anyone accepted into cellular and molecular biology honours program at uofc. How many students do they accept? 
What are the negatives and positives of this programe.also what was your average.
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Data Management for BA
Hello yconic community!

I've heard some people say that having Data is something universities look at positively when going for a BA (let's say PoliSci or something).
Aside from the "it's good to have it anyway for year 1 stats" argument, do you think admissions officers really care whether you have it when it's not a prereq? 
Sorry if this is a silly question!
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Undergraduate Admission (International Student) - UofC
Hi! I applied in University of Calgary and SAIT as well. 
SAIT already assessed my grades from my country and it resulted to these:

MATH 30-1 @ 85%
PHYSICS 30 @ 82%
ELA 30-1 @ 77%

Will the assessment be the same with UofC? If yes, is there a chance for me to be accepted at UofC? Thank you!
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Spring Courses
I'm looking to the fellow 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. This will be my first time enrolling in spring courses, and I need to knock out 2 for sure, but I'm hoping to add another easy option in there that won't require an absurd amount of time outside of class. ANOTHER THING, is that it seems like there are no classes scheduled in the afternoon that I have looked at so far. All my mornings are taken currently.
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Pre- med discussion
Neuroscience at University of Calgary vs. Health Sciences at McMaster University
- Which is the better program if my final goal is medical school?
-pros and cons of each program?
-which would you choose?
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Computer Science Question
Hey, I just have a question for any undergrads out there doing a comp sci major. What type of computer are you using? Will I need something with lots of power or will a computer on the cheaper side be able to compile code just as well? Also, just as a side note, please feel free to comment how your experience has been so far :) I've only been coding in Java and C++ for the past two years, and am still a bit rusty at times. How have you guys coped in uni, especially those new to coding? 

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UCalgary Admission Offers
I heard that University of Calgary started giving out early admission offers. Did anyone get accepted yet? If so,
When did you receive your offer?
What was your average?
Which program did you apply to?
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U of C Kinesiology/Dance combined degree
I've gotten accepted into the kinesiology portion of the combined degree, but I still have to audition for the dance program at u of c. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this program or if you know anyone that has gone through it? How heavy is the course load of the double major? Thanks!
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