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Opinions on UofG Bachelor of Commerce
Hey everyone, I'm looking to apply for the Bachelor of Commerce program at Guelph and was wondering how the program is (likes or dislikes)? I would prefer to hear from those who are in accounting or finance but I'll take all the opinions I can get! Thanks :)
What is mark inflation?
This word gets thrown around so much these days!
What is mark inflation, how does it affect students, and does it really exist (to a significant extent)?
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Hey I was wondering what the academic admission requirements are for universities such as Waterloo, Mcmaster, UofT, Ryerson, Western, and Guelph. Mainly for engineering courses. And also what the best engineering courses at each of these universities is.

PS. I know this is a very big question, and I'm sorry. I am just trying to do some research before I apply. 
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University of Guelph Admissions
Does anybody know if Guelph counts your pre requisites in the top 6 average? Or do they just take your overall top 6 U or M courses? I am applying to biomed and HK
First year Biomedical Sciences at Guelph! Ask me anything!!!
Hey guys, 

My name is John, and I am a first year bio-medical sciences student at university of Guelph. If anyone has any questions about the program, university, my past averages or courses, environment, classes or ANYTHING at all, please feel free to comment on this thread :)! 

I will respond within 24 hours, and would love to help anyone out whom is thinking about coming to Guelph! 

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Guelph biomedical science
Is it hard to get into Guelph's biomedical science program? I had a 91% grade 11 average, so would I have a good change of getting in this year?
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OSAP Question
I got accepted to all the schools I applied to, but was not able to afford it. Thankfully, the school I wanted allowed me to defer my admissions offer to next year so that I could take a year off to save money. My parents are in a bad place financially (they're in a lot of debt) and they can't help me with any of my finances, meaning I am responsible for all of my tuition, taxes, living expenses ect. Unfortunately, OSAP didn't care about my financial situation and the fact that my parents weren't helping with my tuition, they just cared about how much my parents make and the savings I had. My parents make a fair amount (middle class), so I didn't get enough from OSAP. I am currently working full-time (40 hours a week) and I plan on continuing to do so until I start school in September and then i'll go down to part time during the school year. .However, I am scared that since I have been working all year and saving up all my money, OSAP will take away all my grants. I am trying to apply for every scholarships but I don't meet the requirements for the majority of them. If OSAP takes away my grants, then I will not be able to afford school at all. Staying home for school isn't an option, because they don't offer the program I want at my local university. I save every penny I can and I never spent money on anything that isn't 100% necessary (not even coffee). I didn't get that much to begin with, but considering how much I'll have saved up during the school year, OSAP will probably take it out of the money they give me, starting with the grants. Is there any way I can make OSAP understand my situation and have them consider the fact that my parents are not helping me whatsoever?
Note: I originally didn't plan on taking a gap year, so I applied to OSAP and the final amount given was $7000 less than what I needed. Depending on how hard the school is and the work load, i'm not sure what kind of hours i'll be able to work during the school year and since I have to move away I won't be able to keep my job, so I'm not sure how long it will take me to find another one, meaning I could be out of work for a long time (it took me 10 months to find the job I have now). I'm also not sure whether or not my current job will allow me to come back during the summers (they typically don't do transfers so that's not an option either). I'm not just the first year i'm worried about but the three subsequent years as well (maybe more depending on whether or not I decide to get my masters). I know I should have started looking for a job earlier on but it's too late to do anything about that. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on what I can do about OSAP please let me know. Thank you!
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Health / Life Science Programs 2017
I saw an earlier post similar to this and I wanted one geared towards the science programs for Ontario. Hopefully this helps with the application process this year as it can be confusing. If you got accepted to the following programs last year, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. (Ontario Universities / 2017 APPLICANTS

Please Include the following: 
Date of Application: 
Date of Offer:  
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:

This post is made to help the 2018 applicants this year! As this will give an idea of when everyone got accepted last year.
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Undergrad Admissions
Hey guys,
I'm interested in going to university and studying something along the lines of political science.
My top 4 university programs are Poli Sci at Queens, Poli Sci with a legal specialization at Laurier, Criminal Justice and Public Policy at Guelph, or Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law (note-under the humanities) at Mcmaster.
If anyone has any advice, experience or insight to share about these programs and/or the schools I would greatly appreciate it.

University of Waterloo visited my school today and I'm in grade 11 trying to figure out what I want to be or atleast have an idea of what i am interested in. and i figured out since i really enjoyed math and not as much of science ill go into business and accounting. Anyone have any tips/opinions on all this, please and thank you your help means a lot to me because i am still unsure with this decision. Ps im planning to drop french for accounting. Also one other q how difficult is it to get accepted to waterloo? (I heard its very very difficult)
Grade 12 looking to apply to ontario/possibly out of province universities, thoughts on carleton criminology and other criminology programs??
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Guelph Bio-Medical Science
I am a now second-year Bio-Med student at Guelph, so if any incoming first years or other high school students have any questions at all about the program or Guelph in general, feel free to ask me!! 

Dropping Grade 11 Biology - bad idea?
Hi all, I'm currently in 11th Grade taking all 3 sciences (biology, physics, chemistry) but right now I'm really not enjoying biology at all. Too much memorization for topics I'm not interested in, and I'd much rather take physics and chemistry. Is it a good idea to drop biology? I'm afraid that it might pull my average down, and on top of that my teacher isn't really the greatest. I really only took biology to leave a few doors open, so what should I do?
Accounting and Finance? ANY advice !!!!! Want to become an accountant !!
Hi, I am currently in grade 12, I am thinking about becoming an accountant in the future. If you have ANY advice, please let me know. 
Some of the questions I have are: 
- Is an accountant a good profession? If not, what is a good profession in the business field? 
- What is the process of becoming an accountant (ex.CPA)?
-What university should I go to? (Ryerson???)
-How can I get co-op in university?
-What courses should I take in grade 12? 
-Is a good idea to take data management in grade 12?
-Do you have to be good in grade 12 advanced function to become an accountant, if so what mark?
Thank you so much.
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Engineering Dilemma
Ok so in grade 12, I applied to guelph, uoft, mcmaster, and ryerson for mechanical and aerospace, and I didn't look up any rankings or any of that since those schools were where all of my friends were applying for. I ended up with a 90.16667% top 6 average, which got me a late acceptance to mcmaster, late enough that I originally thought that I wouldn't get in mac, and instead opted for ryerson (with their scholarship money and osap, my first 2 years are basically free, minus textbooks and commute costs).

Then I start looking around forums to see what other people thought of unis, and at first I thought I made a mistake going to rye, but it seems that the general consensus is that it doesn't matter as long as it is accredited and you have experience.

But for some reason, that wasn't enough. During any sort of free time I get, I check forums to validate that opinion that ryerson is good, or good enough. It's not like I want to be remembered for being a world renowed engineer, it's just that I think I should've put more effort into picking which university I'd want to go to.

Does anyone else feel this way? That you're selling yourself short at times? I mean, I have other interests than engineering, like psychology discussions and political debates, but all I can think about is my one friend at mac engineering who's better off, even if I was more hardworking than he was.
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Applications for fall 2018
Some universities have opened their applications for fall 2018. Which is the best month to applying. Some students in my school will apply in late October. Isn't it too early? I am a 105 D student
When will u guys start working on your application?
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Business (Accounting)
I am currently in grade 12, I am thinking about going into business (accounting). I know some universities that offer accounting programs are Waterloo, York, Brock, UofOttawa, Guelph, Windsor. I would greatly appreciate if those who have gone into a business program (preferably accounting) talk about their experiences at these schools and with averages and extra curriculars you got in with (if you remember). Thank you.
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Software Engineer Student - 1ST YEAR
I am a first year software engineering student at the university of Guelph, if you guys have any question please feel free to ask. I can be any question and I will try my best to answer.
Accepting Offers
Hi let's say i got acceptance into york and the deadline for me to accept is in november, but laurier only opens applications in november. can i accept york first and go ahead with my application with laurier? (both will be in the winter i just applied for york early because they opened earlier)
How to get a high 80 - low 90 in 4U English?
I just started grade 12, and I am already worrying about getting a high 80 to low 90 in English. Does anyone have any tips on how to achieve that? 

I know it's early, but my teacher is stressing me out about it, and I'd much rather have these tips at the beginning rather than the end of the semester.
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