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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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House of Commons Page Program 2018-2019
Hello, there are many threads about this program from the past years so I decided to create one for this year. 
So interviews are happening right now, how’s it going for everybody so far? 
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House of Commons Page Program 2018
There are threads from the past years so I decided to create one for this year! 
So far, it’s time for the interviews, how’s it going so far for everyone?? ^.^
McGill Life Sci vs UOttawa Biomed Difficulty
As a grade 12 student striving for medical school, undergraduate grades are crucial. Is McGill's life science program as difficult as it is said to be? If so, is it worth going to this school for the prestige, or would attending UOttawa for easier grades be more beneficial in achieving my final medical school goal?
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105D Applicants Update For Engineering
Hey guys, I'm a 105D applicant and I just wanted to create a thread for us so people can know when universities are giving offers.

If you have received and offer please state the details and your marks. If you have questions feel free to ask.

I have applied to waterloo, uoft, ottawa, mcmaster, and queen's for mechanical engineering. So far I have received offers from 
Ottawa- feb 13: Must maintain 80%ovr
McMaster- march 15: Must maintain 85%ovr
Waterloo- march 15(accepted): Must maintain 85%ovr and min 70% each subject

My 11th grade avg was 89%
My predicted results for 12th grade is 96%(But I know I probably dropped a few % in my finals)

I didn't have any great or outstanding EC's so I really don't know how I got Waterloo this early, that too as a 105D applicant. Anyways, I accepted the offer with out even thinking about it.

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uottawa residence
i applied for my residence at uottawa about a month ago and still haven't heard anything back yet. does anyone know when they send out their acceptances for residence?
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Which University- Ottawa or Toronto? HELP
Hey everyone! I need help, I've gotten accepted to all my universities (except for McGill, I am still waiting) and I've applied for political science and I've narrowed down my choices to UofOttawa and UofT, please help me choose the best option!! give me reasons below. Reply
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U of Calgary nursing vs. U of Ottawa nursing?
Hey everyone which nursing school is better - U of Calgary or U of Ottawa? Thanks!
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easiest university in Canada for engineering !!!!!

i really need help im a international student my English isn't that good and i applied to 6 university 

1: Dalhouise 
3: ryerson 
6: lakehead 

i want a university thats really easy in engineering
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Health Science/ Life Science 2018!
It’s now our time to apply and be admitted! This thread is geared towards the science programs for Ontario. If you get accepted to the following programs, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. 

(Ontario Universities / 2018 APPLICANTS) 

Please TRY Including the following:  
Date of Application:  
Date of Offer:   
Grade 11 Average:  
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:
101 or 105 Student:

Yes I'm aware it's early! But the last year thread was made in October and some students end up getting early acceptance so this should be helpful! :)
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uottawa: this might be a dumb question
but i'm a 105d student that applied for u of ottawa and i was wondering if there was a self reporting form? because my application says that it's incomplete and the last part i have is where my school will send the transcript to ouac, but that would be in may and don't offers end in around may? how will they assess my admission? 

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uOttawa 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering- AMA!
Hey everyone! I did one of these last year and it seemed to help a bunch of people so I thought it would be good to do one of these again. I'm currently in 2nd year Mechanical Engineering with co-op at uOttawa! Feel free to ask me anything about residence, campus life, living in Ottawa, academics (even outside of engineering), admission, etc etc! Whatever comes to mind! Some background info:

-I play on the quidditch team (it's a real thing and we're fantastic)
-I was in Civil Engineering first year, then switched into Mechanical this past summer
-I originally applied and got in for Electrical and Civil
-I lived in residence first year (go Stanton!) as I'm from the GTA

Ask away! :)
Chem Help!
hey guys does anyone know if vanadium is more malleable than calcium? the question does not state whether it is v 4+ or 5+. all help is appreciated!!
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Engineering Application
Hey Guys, I already applied to University, but many of my applications are still pending. I applied to 7 unis for Mechanical Engineering, or General Engineering for the ones that only have it. They are:
1-University of Toronto - Mechanical Eng
2-Queen's University - General Eng
3-University of Ottawa (Double Degree: Mechanical Eng, Computing Technology minor)
4-University of Waterloo - Mechanical Eng
5-McMaster University - General Eng
6-Western University - General Eng
7-York University - Mechanical Eng

I'm in grade 12, and in IB, my average is an 87.8 overall.
Chemistry - 90
Calculus and Vectors - 83
Advanced Functions - 83
English - 91
Business - 92
Physics - Currently Enrolled

I just made uOttawa, but I am still confused to which university I will make or go to...
So far uOttawa Trumps York, Western and McMaster. Is this a good decision? I am currently living near Toronto, and heard good things about uOttawa's co-op. It's also good, as it's a double degree. Ottawa also offered me 2,000$ for admission scholarship, and is going to pay me a minimum of 1,000$ per term, which is decent.

I just wanted to share opinions on the unis I applied to, so that I can make a good decision. 
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I've already applied to university but am now considering another school as well, is it too late for me to apply? OUAC says "Note: The OUAC still processes applications received after this date and distributes them to the universities; however, specific university deadlines will apply." Is this accurate? is there still a possibility of me getting in or should I just wait to see if I want to transfer the first year? Thanks!
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Acceptance Thread!
Congrats for you all guys hope you got to your first choice...Lets share some thoughts to anyone got accepted to any uni in any program hope you participate include:
Grade 11/12 averages:
the Uni and the program:
Date of acceptance: 
Programs you still waiting to hear from if you are:

 I will start me in the first comment.

Okay guys lets goo

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International students 2018
I can't seem to find many international students on here, if you are an international student please introduce yourself:

Programs applying for:
Where you're applying from:
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pls help math
idk which one is right i feel retarded lol

Which of the following is correct (set equation equal to 0) 0.0002x^2 + 0.0642x -40.933 = 900. 
if we bring 900 to the other side is the answer  
a) 0.0002x^2 + 0.0642x + 859.067=0  
b) 0.0002x^2 + 0.0642x -940.993=0  
c) 0.0002x^2 + 0.0642x + 940.993=0  
d) 0.0002x^2 + 0.0642x -859.067=0

is it a
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About universities acceptance
Hello everyone..
 I applied for UBC, SFU, university of waterloo, university of Toronto, McGill university, York university.(all i applied for faculty of arts - economics) 
My grade 12 grades (81%) My class English 12 grade is 81% but I got 43% on the English provincial exam. So the final grade is gonna be 66% 
Physic 83% 
Biology 93% 
Pre calculus 82% Those are my top 4 courses. I know my marks are really low. Nevertheless I studied really hard. I am really worried about my English mark for universities requirements. Most of universities require minimum 70% in English. But for York university, it doesn't say about English requirement grade. 
 1. Am I possible to get into York university? (Have you guys heard of someone who got accepted with this kind of marks?) 
2. Or can I get into any universities with this average? 3. I have to take ielts test or Toefl. ( But is there any way to get into York university without ielts or toefl? Thank you guys.
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Uottawa boys
How hot are the boys at uottawa? asking for a friend
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