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University of Ottawa: Health Sciences vs. Biochemistry vs. Biopharmaceutical Science
Hey guys!

I'm a grade 12 student and when I grow up, I want to be either a dentist or a forensic scientist. I was wondering which of the three programs in the title would be most beneficial to me and I want to know the difference between each program (workload, difficulty in content content, etc). I don't mind doing a lot of work but I'd also like time for extracurricular activities and volunteering. Please help me pick which program I should take. 
Should I take CGW4U instead of SPH4U??
I'm planning on applying to nursing soon and I have physics next semester. I took it in grade 11 and I really didn't like it. If I continue with it next semester, I'd have the same teacher as the previous year. But my only concern is that do I really need it for nursing? 
That's where cgw4u comes in. I've read about the course and it seems interesting to me, and I already have a friend who is taking that same course next semester. If this is any help, here's my schedule layout for both semesters:
Semester 1:
P1-advanced functions 
(I'm taking English online)
Semester 2:
P1-calculus & vectors 
I've had so many people tell me that if I'm going into a science-based program, then I should take all three. I've checked all the university requirements and none of them have said that I need physics. It just says English, bio, grade 11 university math (or any grade 12 equivalent), chemistry, and two other U/M courses. Should I take physics next semester, or just take world issues? I understand that they're both two completely different topics, but I really don't know what else I can do. I've already searched up on whether I need physics or not, and I've seen mixed answers.
Any input would be appreciated! 
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Why does everyone wanna become a doctor?
Legit 95% of you fools won’t even become doctors. If you’re into money, just do business, don’t waste 10+ years of school and ruin the chance for a student who deserves to be in med school. I’m sick and tired of people trying to become doctors, just do something else ffs.
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Course Balance
Hey, so far this semester I have the most critical subjects that are necessary for the university I'm planning to go to (applying to UofT, Waterloo, Carleton, and uOttawa) as I'm a grade 12 student currently. I just need a few tips for the current year I'm in as my target for the marks I want is 95% + in each course, as well as, I'm looking forward to increasing my extracurricular involvement around the school/community and get a part-time job.

The courses I have this semester are: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (taking a spare too)

Next semester are: Biology, Calculus and Vectors, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science

Any tips or thoughts?

Software Engineering - University of Ottawa or Carleton University
I have been accepted to both universities for software engineering for my undergrad. Which university do you think has a better program for software engineering?

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Best university for getting into med school/a high GPA?
Hi, I'm a grade 12 student and I'm trying to decide on a good university program and school for getting into med school. I heard that universities like U of T and McGill make it difficult to get a high GPA as it is really competitive. I am interested in McGill, McMaster, U Of Waterloo & U of Ottawa. Where do you think is the best university for keeping up a high GPA and getting into med school? And are there any programs similar to McMaster's health science?
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When Should I apply to OttawaU??
I know the Deadline is Jan 18, 2018. But Im applying for either Chemistry or Biomedical Science, so is there anything that I need to do besides from applying?? Or no
Grade 12 looking to apply to ontario/possibly out of province universities, thoughts on carleton criminology and other criminology programs??
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what are some careers that are on the rise that no one talks about?
honestly, on these forums the only careers i hear are CPAs, nurses, engineers doctors and lawyers which i'm not necessarily saying is a bad thing. Lots of dedication and passion is seen from you guys. But is there any jobs that people are doing on the rise that not alot of people know about?
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Page Program, House of Commons 2017-2018
I saw previous year forum posts about it and wanted to start one for this year, even though it is quite early lol. Is there any individuals who got into the page program and how was it?
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Good schools for Biomedical Engineering?
I'm in grade 12 and will soon be applying for programs. I knows what program I want to go in but I'm having difficulty choosing schools.  Though I know I want to go to McMaster Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Helath Sciences program, but I need 2 more choices. Any suggestions?
uOttawa 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Eng Student

I'm a first year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Ottawa. Feel free to ask me about anything ( residence, admissions, campus life, academic resources, admissions to other Universities, why u of O, etc.) and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Fall last year was really stressful for me when applying for uni, so I hope this thread will help you guys out. 

A little about me : 

- I live in Marchand
- I'm from Western Canada (Saskatchewan)
- I'm bilingual (taking my classes in french)
- I've joined a few clubs (the nerdy ones)

Ask anything that comes to mind! 

What if I don't get into med school?
I want to do a bachelor of med/biomed sciences, but the question of what if I don't get into medical school keeps in the back of my head. I'm a good student (grade 12, 93%ish average) but I'm trying to plan for the future. Medicine/being a paediatrician or surgeon has always seemed like the only thing I want to do, but I need a backup plan. Would doing a bachelor of health sciences keep more doors open for me? What are other career options from that path? Thanks in advance
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Will I have to change schools?
Hello,, I'm in Grade 12 and I go to this really good school in Ottawa called Lisgar. I'm moving in a couple of months and I'll be moving to Orleans which is like 20-30 minutes away drive. I have bunch of friends who live there who come to lisgar and im worried that i will be transferred to another school? Will they be easy on me since I'm in Grade 12? My future lies on here and i dont want to swtich, i know my way out, i know the easy/hard teachers and im ready and im doing well in my courses. I literally can't imagine myself switiching ughh...will they even care in all honesty?
Applications for fall 2018
Some universities have opened their applications for fall 2018. Which is the best month to applying. Some students in my school will apply in late October. Isn't it too early? I am a 105 D student
When will u guys start working on your application?
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Nursing Schools
I'm applying for the nursing program and want to narrow my choices down to 3 universities. I want a university that's known for a good academic system and a good social environment (campus and city)
I'm considering these universities:

Which universites do you guys advise i should apply to?
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French Immersion Program at University of Ottawa
Do you apply for this the same time you apply for your program? Some people said it is only for second years so i am unsure. Thanks.
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Business (Accounting)
I am currently in grade 12, I am thinking about going into business (accounting). I know some universities that offer accounting programs are Waterloo, York, Brock, UofOttawa, Guelph, Windsor. I would greatly appreciate if those who have gone into a business program (preferably accounting) talk about their experiences at these schools and with averages and extra curriculars you got in with (if you remember). Thank you.
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Life Science, Health Science, or Medical Science
Hi, I'm interested in these sciences but am unsure of job prospects and which school is best for each.
1) What are some job prospects?
2) Which school is best for each?
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uOttawa Review
Hi, I'm looking to go to the university of ottawa for biomedical sciences. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or opinion on the program/university on general? I have a low-mid 90's average. How's the campus, nightlife, people? Does the bilingual side of the university ever get annoying? How about athletics? Thanks
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Life Sci vs.Biomedical/Medical Sciences vs. Health Sciences for Med school/overall enjoyment?
Hi I'm just confused about the difference between the three programs, will you take the same courses in both, which will one do better in, enjoy better overall, get you into medical school? Also, overall difference between bachelor of life vs. health vs medical science?

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