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Repeating Mathematics 11
Hi all,

I am a grade 11 student from Nova Scotia with a question regarding repetition in courses and how universities handle them. I did poorly in Math 11 this semester, my grade stayed in the mid-low 70's for majority of the semester. When I wrote my exam, I failed with a 46% and my mark in the course dropped to a 65%. I want to repeat the class to get a better mark. Will universities care? Does it look bad to repeat something as important as math? Do I still have a shot at early admission based off of my current grade 11 and 12 marks? Do universities really take grade 11 marks into consideration? 

Mathematics 11 - 65%
Chemistry 11 - 68%
Advanced English 11 - 88%
Canadian History 11 - 88%
Biology 11 - 86%
Global History 12 - 98%

Not to mention my upcoming courses for the 2nd semester are easy, and I'll likely be getting high 80's in them. 

UPEI vs. Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
Hey everyone. I got into Dal but still waiting to hear from UPEI. 
Just asking for a suggestion here, which one is better? 

I never got a chance to actually go and visit either of them, and I don't believe in online rankings, so it would be nice to hear some opinions and thoughts from other students. 
Any thoughts and suggestion on which school to choose would be appreciated :)
University Decisions | Freshmen Class of 2016
Helloooo Yconic!

So we're getting pretty deep into the admission processes and people are starting to accept some offers! I think this thread will help a lot of people see where everyone is going and why. So I've got a question:

Have you decided?

University I have Chosen:
Universities I turned down:
My ultimate study tip
My ultimate study tip is, start early and get lots of sleep. 
If you leave everything until the last minute, you will run out of time, cram, and stress. These are all events that can reduce the amount of sleep you get, which can hurt you during exam time.
There are lots of research/studies done on the amount of sleep you get at night (or during the day), and how it impacts learning, studying, and memory retention. 
More sleep has shown to be more beneficial, so start early and sleep!
What Canadian veterinarian school would you recommend?
I know this is a loaded question, but I need some advice on choosing where I should do my undergraduate degree. I'm a highschool student living in BC, so I am planning on moving to a province that has a veterinary school for my undergraduate degree because vet schools (except for UofSask) only accept residences of their own province. So as far as I know, the province I go to for my undergrad determines the veterinary school I can apply to. 

Choosing from Atlantic veterinary college, Ontario Veterinary College, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, and University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine, which college would you recommend in terms of university/city atmosphere, level of competitiveness when applying, and learning opportunities during the program? 

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 
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