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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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life sci
did anyone get into utsg, waterloo or mac life sci with anything lower than a 90?!
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TrentU, AlgomaU, UTSG, UWindsor, Laurier, or LaurentianU?
i have an 81% average and have been accepted to all these schools but I do not know what one is better? I will be majoring in Criminology
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1st Year Ryerson Engineering AMA Thread!
Well, the title says it all
To all the grade 12s, I was in the same boat as you last year, wondering about admissions, career and so on. But I am finally onto my next stage of life, studying engineering. Woohoo (have midterms soon, so mixed emotions! :/ )
Anyways, If you guys have any questions related to admissions, student life, commuting, programs, and so on, feel free to post them below. I'll try to answer as fast as I can.
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University of Toronto Engineering Admissions
I have gotten a letter of acceptace for my 2nd choice in UofT Engineering for the March round.

Is it possible for me to get accepted to my 1st choice in May?
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2018 - Who is Applying to Architecture?
As I was finishing up my Carleton supplementary Application, I realized there aren't any threads for architecture applicants this year yet. If you're applying too, tell me where you've applied and where you've heard back from! That way, we can all network with our future classmates and/or scout out the competition.

I've applied to UofT, Carleton, Ryerson and Waterloo, finished my supplementary applications (excluding the Waterloo interview) and been accepted to UofT.
Ryerson or UTM if I want to transfer to another school for 2nd yr
I'm honestly not looking for any criticism or life advice at this point. I just want to hear a few opinions at which school would be better. Let's assume my GPA would be lower in UTM.
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University of Toronto Computer Science Applicants 2018
Grade 11 avg: 98

Grade 12 avg: 96-97 
Grade 12 Marks:
100 Computer Science 
100 Computer Engineering
95 Advanced Functions
98 Calculus
90 English
97-98 Chemistry (predicted) (97 grade 11)
96-97 Physics (predicted) (98 grade 11)

Applying to UTSC and UTSG

1) Post your estimated entrance average
2) Post which campus you are applying to
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2018 Rotman Commerce Application + Acceptances Thread
Hey everyone! If you are applying to Rotman this year and have completed your supplemental application, it'd be awesome to hear your experiences! 

1) when did you complete your supplemental application (Date) 
2) what essay question + interview question you got and what you talked about (share only if you feel comfortable. But it will be greatly appreciated! )
3) what was your average?
4) when did you get your acceptance email (if you have gotten it)

Thanks for joining the discussion and good luck everyone! =)
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AMA: UofT First Year Engineering Student (Track One). Ask about university, engineering, other subjects, admissions…whatever!
EDIT: Just to give another update, I'm half-way through 3rd year right now. Just went through the PEY process and wrapped that up, so if you have any questions on any of that, I'd be more than happy to share some firsthand experiences! 

I was also accepted to Waterloo, Ottawa, and Mac way back when, so you can ask q's about those as well.

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this site helped me a lot when I was applying to school so any questions about rotman or uoft id be happy to answer !
Transferring into ECE after Studying Civil Engineering for Year 1 at University of Toronto
I recently received an offer of admission from University of Toronto for my 2nd choice, civil engineering. My top choices were electrical and computer engineering

Because the first year is quite general, I was thinking of accepting my offer anyway and going for a transfer after the year is over. Would it be advisable to do so?
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Ryerson or UTM
Hey guys!

I got accepted to Ryerson Business Management (Ted Rogers), and UTM Commerce. I'm having a hard time deciding between these two. Ryerson offers 1 year co-op as well as a possibility to study abroad for a semester (which would look good on a resume), however, the Ryerson program would be 5 years. UTM has the big name that everyone respects. Also I've heard that UTM is more heavy on math which I'm really not a fan of, plus commerce is super competitive at UTM. 

If anyone of you are in any of these programs, please let me know what you do and do not like... and just your overall input will be appreciated. 
thank you!! 

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First Year Student- Ask me Anything about University Admissions in Canada
Places I applied: 

Got accepted to all of them. Shoot me your questions regarding the application process to the following universities and I'll do my best to answer them for you. If you're a troll, dont even bother wasting your time on here. I didn't have very much guidance when I was applying last year, so I hope that I can provide some guidance to the students applying this year. I know it is quite an overwhelming process, not knowing which universities you will be able to gain admission into, but I can provide you with some general idea of what grades/extracurriculars you would need for the following universities from my own experience. 
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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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Trinity College / University of Toronto / Rotman Commerce Thread !!!
Any questions about life at the university of Toronto, trinity college, rotman commerce I'm  here to answer! currently a first year rotman student :) been through all the pain you're going through ( I didn't get my rotman acceptance until May ) so I know how you're feeling!
UTSC alternative offer Social Science & Humanities?
So I applied for the Management Co-op program at UTSC. However, I got an alternative offer for Social Science and Humanities. Also on my joinID profile, the management program isn't there anymore. Does that mean I have no chance at all for the Management and pre-management program? Considering that they still havent gotten my midterm marks yet.
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western residences?
hello! i'm going to med sci this fall and need some advice on residences. just a few questions tbh.

1) how are the residences usually split up in terms of learning communities / types of kids (like i think that i heard somewhere that most of the football team is in essex bc facilities are closer or something)?

2) which res buildings hold more parties and which hold less parties (i'm not really a party kid lmao)

3) i know that if your avg is above 95, you get first pick. but, if you and a friend both request each other as roomies, will you 100% get to room with each other?

thank you so much :)