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Im freaking out because I keep reading these forums and people keep saying psychology is a waste of time
first of all, i want to go into psychology (bsc), but the thing is im reading these forums and people are like psychology degree is a waste of time because you cant do anything with it plus they dont get paid well.

someone please assure me because i dont want to finish with a psychology degree then end up homeless. 

please tell me the advantages and pros and stuff so i dont go crazy. 

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Has anyone majored in the art and art history at utm? How was it and do you think a double major is too much with this major. Do you do a lot of graphic design as well?
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is UTM for bummies?
I just got accepted for Management at UTM, is this a good program for a BBA? Am I better off going to Ryerson for Business Management?
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Do you know anything about this program that might help me? I recently got accepted to it and the information online is so vague. If you have had or heard of experiences in this program please let me know. Thank you :)
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Accounting at UTM...?
Hey! So I applied to UTM and UofA and got accepted into both for commerce (I want to go into accounting). I’m leaning towards UTM even though it’s more expensive with tuition but I’m kind of scared... I’ve heard it’s super competitive in UTM Commerce and it’s hard to find jobs afterwards. Also, I do enjoy math and that’s basically all I’ve been exposed to at my school like I mean there wasn’t any stat courses I got to take so I’m hoping that I’ll excel in accounting and be able to earn my CPA degree and not feel like commerce isn’t for me, especially if UTM Commerce is supposed to be super challenging. If someone’s in their second year of commerce or has experience with stat courses, planning on commerce, or specifically going for UTM BCom can you tell me how it is at UTM or what you’ve heard? I would really appreciate any advice. Also, does anyone know if there is a Co-op program in UTM for commerce? Thanks a lot!
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Getting into UofT Computer Sciences (All campuses)
So Im interested in getting into computers science in University of Toronto. I applied to all 3 campuses. My first semester marks were horriLbe:
Physics: 66%
English: 79%
Biology: 83%

However this semester my marks are much better:
Pre-Calculus Math 98%
Computer Science 94%
Chemistry: 91%
LifeWork Transition:95%

I took Calculus last year and got a 95%

Will universities value your second semester or does your first semester determine admissions? Also, what average would secure me into each campus for computer science?
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UTM Commerce 2018 acceptances
If you applied to UTM commerce, did you get accepted? If so what was your average for first semester?
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UTM Social Science Chances
What are my chances of getting into UTM Social Science with an average of 85?
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U of T Application Questions
Anyone here got admitted into comp sci at UTSG? I recently got an email saying that they are reviewing my application, but my status on join uoft has been 'application received' for weeks (I applied late December if the timing matters). Also, for UTSG, I ranked trinity as my first choice - will I get rejected from the university outright if the college doesn't want me, or will I just be 'deferred' to my second choice college?

I've also applied to UTM and I've been accepted (that was initially my first choice on OUAC, but after talking to people and doing more research I'd rather go to UTSG since I'm wanting a walk-on shot at the varsity swim team). Will my application chances to UTSG be affected by this, or are the two campus admissions separate?

My grade 11 average was somewhere in the mid 90s (top 5 classes), a lil higher for first semester grade 12. I've taken 2 undergrad classes at a local uni (90 and 91, for CS140 and first year Calc) if those numbers even matter. 

thanks for the help everyone! hopefully y'all can help me make sense of this :)
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getting conditional offers
Is it possible to get condition offers if in English you are getting a 70% but the university page shows a minimum requirement of 75% and your grade12 average currently in low 80's but the program requires your average to be in mid 80's.
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UTM Life Sciences
I'm a grade 12 student and applied to the UTM life sciences program. I was wondering if I will get accepted to this program with the current marks. (I got acceptances to Ryerson and York for the Biology program so I was wondering if I have a chance for UTM).

Biology: 86 
Chemistry: 77 
Advanced Functions: 77 (Im currently retaking this course this semester)
Fashion: 90 
Business Leadership: 89

Thank you :)
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What are my chances of getting accepted?
I applied to utm life sciences, Guelph for biological sciences and western health sciences. I have a 85.6% grade 12 average in my semester 1 final marks, and around a 74% grade 11 mark (I know, I sacked off). What are my chances of getting accepted? I’m getting nervous because a lot of people are on their second or third offers now. 

Marks so far include:
Challenge and change-81%
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Forensic Science (Questions about 1st Year Studies) -University of Toronto Mississauga
I am in Grade 12 at the moment and I have been accepted to the Forensic Program at UofT. I just had a few questions for currently enrolled, regarding the first year courses. 

1) How difficult is Introductory Physics? Would it be overwhelming if grade 12 physics was not taken?
2)How difficult is Chemical Principles?
3)How difficult is Calculus for first year?
4)Is it generally hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA for first year?
UofT February round offers
Is their February round offers over yet? I'm a little bit worry because i know my marks are gonna drop for sure on the next report card (comes out on April) and i still have not received an offer. The acceptance rate is mid 80s according to their website, and i have a 89. And does anyone know if they send out more offers during march? compare to the amount of offers they send out in February
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University of Toronto Mississauga, Forensic Science
Hey, I applied to UTM for Forensic Science(major) and I am still waiting for the offer (I didn't get accepted in the first round....) Does anyone know have what average could probably get in? They said the average is around mid 70 to 80, but I think it should be higher?Also, how many people will be accepted to this program each year?I think they have a very limited space for this program... Here are the marks I got in Grade11 English: 68 (just accidentally dropped because of some reason) Math: 82 Chem:88 Bio:84 Grade 12 first semester final: Advanced function: 85 Bio:74 (I know I did so bad and I am retaking it in online school, aiming for 85- 90) I am taking Chem (aim for 85), Calculus(aim for 90) and English  this semester. Hope someone could answer me Thanks!!
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Incoming Commerce/Business 2021 Student
Hey guys! I've been seeing a couple of these incoming student posts, so I thought I'd do one for Business/Commerce in general.

I applied to York Schulich, UofT Rotman, UTM Commerce, Queen's Commerce, WLU BBA, and Western BMOS + Ivey AEO and got into all of them. I ended up choosing Queen's Commerce.

So feel free to reply to this post if you have any questions about any of the above universities or programs. I used this website a ton when I was applying so I thought I'd try to help some 2022 kids :) I also researched a lot for the above schools.
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Admission Scholarships
For the UTM admission scholarships, it says they are based on your admission average. Am I correct in assuming this means your average at the time they send the acceptance letter? Also, their first round of acceptance starts this month and as of right now my grade 11 and grade 12 semester 1 marks appear on my OUAC forms. Which of those marks are they going to use to calculate my average? Will it be all of them, or just the top six, or some other combination? One last question. If something counts for 2 credits, do you count it twice when calculating your average?
I've gotten early acceptance into Brock and Laurier, and they've both given me an entrance scholarship based on my grade 11 marks. Last year my average was about an 84%, but this year, my first semester marks have been around an 87%. (For entrance scholarships, the amount given for 80-84.9% and 85-89.9% are different!!) If my total grade 12 mark is about an 87%, will they raise my entrance scholarship amount???
UTM Social Sciences
I applied to UTM Social Sciences. I'm not expecting early acceptance as my grade 11 marks were not great. If anything, I expect an offer in the last round of admissions in May. 

Will I get into UTM Social Sciences with an average of 85 in my top 6 courses? 
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