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Will I be able to get into University of Toronto?
I am a high school student, currently in grade 11. I was just wondering if I am able to apply for University of Toronto as i am looking for a career in Medical Radiation Sciences. My current grades aren't the best, but they are as following:
English (Grade 11) : 82
Fitness (Grade 11): 87
Biology (Grade 11): 79
Chemistry (Grade 11): 80
Functions (Grade 11): next sem
Physics (Grade 11): next sem
Co-Operative Education (Grade 11): next sem
I know I am in grade 11, but i wanted to know that if I have the same grades in grade 12, will this be enough to get into University of Toronto?
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Will I get in anywhere?????? (help pls)
I'm in grade 12 and my average isn't the best, it isn't 90+ like some of you )):
My average last year was about 84% and I'm hoping this year my average is at least a 86-87%

I applied to computer science at:
Waterloo (I know I probably won't get in here so don't yell at me)
U of T (and here too probably)

someone tell me what schools I could probably get accepted to! thanks!! 

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USTG Computer Science
Because I'm too lazy to check, do you need to write a supplementary application for UTSG computer science? Btw what are my chances for Waterloo UTSG/UTM 2018 CS admission? 
Advanced functions: 91 (Damn Trig) 
English: 87
Data management: 98 
Challenge for change (online): ~97 
Calculus: ~95-96 
Sports management: ~94 
Predicated average: 93.5
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UofT or York for my undergrad?
I want to do an undergrad in social science (econ, philosophy, religion...) and then either do law school, or get a MBA or MPA or anything along those lines. I know that most of you are going to be like "oh useless liberal arts degree!" I hear you, but I have thought this through and this is what I want to do. 

Anyways, my question is... in regards to doing your undergrad, would it be best to go to UofT/UTM and maybe struggle a bit more with your studies, or have an easier time at York? Should I ignore reputation and go to York? Or should I toughen up and try to brave the UofT life? I have a high enough average to get into both programs (I already got into York). What are your thoughts guys? 
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Ouac 105 or 101?
I have graduated high school in June 2017, but I am currently upgrading my marks. I have already applied to the 105 Ouac but now I think I should have applied to the 101 application. Which one should I have applied to? 

Also for the 105 application I have already requested a transcript a few days ago but it is still not showing up in my Ouac. Why is that?
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Will I get in?
As an international student, I am not familiar with the various EC's talked about in here. The country I live in doesn't offer too many internship options either. But I had an aggregate of 95.6% in grade 11 and a predicted of around the same in grade 12. My ECs are basically the president of the environment council, school prefect and member of mock united nations and face to faith club, public speaking and literary competitions here and there, leadership positions in various school committees.  variety of academic awards though. I don't really have much but I was advised to apply for Waterloo AFM, Queens, Rotman, Laurier BBA and Carleton. Do I have a chance of getting in? Please be kind. x
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Incoming Commerce/Business 2021 Student
Hey guys! I've been seeing a couple of these incoming student posts, so I thought I'd do one for Business/Commerce in general.

I applied to York Schulich, UofT Rotman, UTM Commerce, Queen's Commerce, WLU BBA, and Western BMOS + Ivey AEO and got into all of them. I ended up choosing Queen's Commerce.

So feel free to reply to this post if you have any questions about any of the above universities or programs. I used this website a ton when I was applying so I thought I'd try to help some 2022 kids :) I also researched a lot for the above schools.
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University of Toronto or University of Alberta (Accounting)??
Hey guys, so I’ve been accepted into University of Alberta and University of Toronto but I don’t know which one to choose. I live in Alberta so UofA is clearly closer to home but UofT is also higher ranked than UofA. Tuition is more expensive at UofT though and I know there’s more competition in Ontario for jobs. I just wanted people who have gone to each of these universities or even both to share their experiences and help me choose which one to pick. If you guys have any advice regarding each university that would really help. I’m looking for employment rate, competition, tuition difference, and the difficulty too but anything helps again. Also, I will be living in residence in both situations so that’s not really a deciding factor. Thanks!
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Dropping Science in Grade 12
So Im in a dilemma, Im thinking of dropping science in grade 12. 
Honestly I don't really enjoy it and out of all 3 my favourite is Chemistry mostly for the labs. We have to choose our courses for next year and i am nervous as my only options would be College or Humanities at University. (I don't want to go into Business lol)

Wonderful intellectuals of Yconic please tell me if i am screwing myself over...thank you.

Oh here are the courses Ive chosen so far so tell me swell if you have taken any of them!

Eng 12 (U)- fast track Grade 11
Law 12 (U)
Girls Fitness 12 (O)
Recreational Leadership 12 (M)
Yearbook 12- (M)
French 12- (U)
Advanced Functions 12- (U)
World Issues 12- (U)

Other options:

Leadership Course- IDC4U1
Health Science- heard its easy 
Last Resort: Bio and Chem 
Now That I have your attention, What average do you need to get into UofT Mississauga for psychology?
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offers of amission
what does university of Toronto Mississauga look at for acceptance..do they only look at your 6 U courses of grade 12 ? what if you have more then 6 U courses do they consider all of them ( I have 7 U courses in grade 12).
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Can I get into Computer Science at UTM
I just want to know that if the current marks that I have would get me into UTM Comp Sci. 

MHF4U0 -- Advanced Functions (current mark estimation: 72) -- mid-term mark: 77
ICS4U0 - Computer Science (mid-term mark: 92)
TGJ4M0 - Communications Tech (mide-term ark: 92)

Computed Average: 87 (midterm) -- current average with a 70 in math:  85

I am wondering if I will have a shot at UTM for Comp Sci. I am worried that I won't get me into university because UTM requires low to mid 80s. 

If I get a 87 for Calculus, English and Law, will this ruin my chances of getting accepted?
Residence or Commute?
I live in Barrie and I want to go to U of T but my parents think it's close enough to commute instead of paying for residence. It's roughly an hour drive just to get to Toronto and then traveling to downtown is a whole different story. Is the commute manageable that I don't need residence or do I definitely need housing from where I live? I've argued that I'd probably be exhausted going back and forth almost every day then end up with classes that go late into the evening that it would be very inconvenient for me to commute but they still argue against res. I want your honest opinion of what I should do, if commuting is out of the question and res is better or the other way around and traveling is better for me.
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Chance me UOFT, McGill, UBC
International Student. Applying Social Sciences. 

Chance me UOFT; UTSG; UTM; UTSC, UBC and McGill

International Bac;

HL English Literature  6
HL Business Managment 6
HL History 6
SL Maths 6
SL Chemistry 5
SL Spanish 5
Core 2

Total:  36/45

Decent, mostly Bs, some As, some A*s but some Cs. 
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Rotman Commerce Supplementary Application
Hi guys I'm in grade 12 and I've just applied to Rotman commerce, UTM commerce, and Schulich bba. I'm a bit confused on Rotmans supplementary application. Apparently for the last few years Rotman required you to create and upload a creative video about yourself, but I've just got an email from rotman for the sup app and it only mentions a 120 second video response to a question. Is that the same thing as what I've been hearing about or is it something different? Also, what do you think my chances are of getting an offer in each program with the following averages so far (98.5 adv functions, 89 English, 95 business management, 95 religion mixed level) I've got calculus, international business, economics and communications technology next semester. I have part time work experience as a service clerk, part of a global issues team (top 20 grade 12s selected), tutoring..etc. thanks! Also, if anyone knows, what written and video questions should I expect for Schulich and Rotman? Also I'm pretty sure UTM commerce doesn't require a sub app right?
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University of Toronto Computer Science Admission Average
Hi I am Ontario High School Student applying for U of T Computer Science. Does any fellow students know the admission average from last year for all 3 campuses, more specifically Scarborough and Mississauga campuses? 

Thank you in advance
To University of Toronto Computer Science Applicants (2017/2018)
For anyone who is planning on applying to U of T for computer science, please answer the following questions. I am just trying to understand what average I should aim to achieve this school year to get enrolled. I am sure that this thread will give ambitious computer science enthusiasts a better idea as to what grades they need to get accepted as well! 

Predicted Admissions Average:
Campus (St. George, Mississauga, or Scarborough): 
Predicted English Grade:
Predicted Calculus & Vectors Grade:
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BSc for Pharmacy
Hey guys, I'm a grade 12 student who wants to go to the pharmacy program at Waterloo but decided to do the 2 years of a BSc program first before applying instead of the CAP program. What universities and programs would you guys recommend I should look into? My average is mid 80's right now but I'm working to bring it up and I have a couple of EC's from my time in high school.
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UofT Life Science
I was wondering if the life science program at University of Toronto (Scarborough campus) looks at you overall grade 12 average or the individual marks. And, do they take into account your semester 1 midterms?
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hi all, im hoping to get into uoft this year with an average of 86. im in grade 12 and im really hoping to get into utsg life science. though, my backup plan is if i do not get accepted into utsg, im planning to go to utsc or utm if im accepted. i was wondering in your guys opinion, which campus is better to go to and what the pros and cons are? im also planning on doing an internal transfer if i do go utsc or utm to switch into utsg. thnxxxxxx ;)
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70 mark of English. Acceptable to be part of a university student?
I am currently planning on applying for Computer Science at University of Toronto - Mississauga campus. I have one 94, and two 83s. But my english is at 70 and I take grade 11 math next semester and that is all have so far. I have heard somewhere that even if my total average is over 85, I wouldn't be accepted since I have a low mark on my English subject since that is the requirement. I just wanted to know if that is true.
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How is UTM BBA
do you guys know what its like...are the professors knowledgeable and do the explian good..for those who applied what was ur average
UTM admission for Physical science
What do you get in with? Do you think I could get in with an 85% avg? I'm interested in doing a major in physics 
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