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uoft college change
I just got an offer from uoft life science yesterday, but i want to change my college decision from New to University.  What department should I email to? How long is it going to take to change my college?
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campus entrance scholarships uoft
I have recently received the entrance scholarship from New College ($3000), but I want to change to University College. When will University College send their scholarships? How much is it? At what academic level does it send scholarship?
U of T Life Science Courses Prerequisites
I'm going to be attending U of T (St.George) in the fall for a BA in Cognitive Science, and would like to know if I need to have done Calculus in high school to do a couple life science courses. I was so set on going to law school before and decided to screw myself over and not take Calculus, but until recently have taken a bigger interest in med school and specifically psychiatry. So, I need to take some life science courses which I don't have a problem with because science is my favourite subject, but yeah, wish I could've come to this career pathway realization sooner.
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What Toronto uni has the best social life?
Between U of T, UTSC, Ryerson, and York, which has the best social life?
I have already considered the academic aspect, however York has already given me early acceptance and I'd like to know how they all compare.
Safety U of T New College
I got accepted to U of T New College for Arts and Sciences today and I have heard bad things about walking at night and safety issues at New College. I want to major in political science so will my classes be near?  Any help is appreciated.
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I need advise/help !!
I finished my first year in Rotman Commerce and with a cumulative GPA of 1.6 (pretty bad I know). What are my options of changing programs from Rotman Commerce and getting into another program in U of T St. George for a fresh start?
Please Help Me
Hello. I finished the 2016-2017 Fall and Winter semesters at University of Toronto, St. George Campus. I am in 1st year Rotman Commerce student. Currently I am in summer school, but I want to change programs. How should I do this? Where do I start? My GPA is very low, less than 1. How can I change programs?
UofT life sci? Stupid decision?
So here's my little predicament..

I can go to Western for med sci or UofT for life sci. I'm not one of those delirious and pompous  high school students that believes that getting into med school is easy. I know it's hard, REALLY hard and I have thought about my backup plans. 

I currently live in Toronto, 10mins away from UTSG. By staying in Toronto, with scholarships, I would be paying about $16k in total for my undergrad; money that I already have saved up. In addition, with the money left over, I could travel etc etc 

If I go to Western, 2 hrs away from Toronto, with scholarships, I would be paying about $45k for my undergrad; I would be taking out a *few* loans to cover that. 

UofT has mixed reviews, Western is a good school but an atmosphere that I wouldn't enjoy. What do I do? Is UofT REALLY that bad? 
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UTM- Life Sciences
Hey, everyone, I applied to life sciences at UTM and they gave an alternate offer for social sciences because i didn't have the prerequisite MHF4U, which I will be completing this summer in summer school. so i was thinking if i accept the offer for social sciences at UTM , will i still be considered for life sciences at UTM after I complete MHF4U, or should not accept and wait until the end of July? or should i go into UTM with social sciences and change my major after first year?

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Rotman Commerce 2017
So I know acceptances for Rotman will be coming out soon, but I am way to eager/worried, so if anyone can tell me what my chances are at getting accepted it would be much appreciated. 

Average: 88.67%
ENG4U (English) Mark: 88%
MCV4U (Calculus) Mark: 85%

Supplementary Application went well. 
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UofT Round 2?
Just wondering when round 2 is (specifically UTSG), anyone know from last year? Yconic's search feature is not working for me to go find some facts. Anyone else?

btw I heard it was March break ish?
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Chances at Rotman Commerce

So I was wondering what chances I have, given that I did well on my supplementary. And have the folllowing marks:

Calculus: 85
English: 88 
Econ: 90
World issues: 92 
Data management (AP): 90
Accounting: 87

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First Year Schulich Student, Ask Me Anything About Rotman and Schulich!
Hey guys,
I was in your shoes last year and remember the struggles. I would have many sleepless nights thinking whether or not I would make it into any of these programs, after getting accepted to them I decided that I would help this forum in return. So I decided to help out and answer any questions you guys have regarding acceptances to these programs such as marks and EC's, and the programs in general. I have a lot of friends in the programs mentioned below and have experience with them as well, so ask away.

Business Programs I was accepted to:

Schulich BBA
Rotman Commerce @ University College (First choice was Trinity, then University College, then Woodsworth, then Victoria, then Innis, then New College, then St. Michael's)
Western Ivey: AEO was Computer Science
Ryerson Ted Rogers

Average: 91.5
Reason I was accepted to these programs was not only my average but also my EC's set me apart from everyone else.

And I also applied to some Computer Science Programs as well.

Before you guys ask questions I just want to clear some common misconceptions regarding UofT Rotman Commerce, Schulich, and Western Ivey.

The First: You will find many people who will say that Schulich and Western Ivey are better business programs than Rotmans, however, I disagree. Rotman is on the same level of prestige as Schulich and Western, if not better. It is true that Rotmans has a lower acceptance mark to get in, however, it is just merely by 1 or 2 percent. If I regret one mistake I made, it was accepting Schulich. Before I had accepted Schulich my mind was set on going to Rotman's and had even accepted their offer, however, after asking a lot of family and friends they all suggested going to Schulich. So I then rejected Rotmans and accepted Schulich. Probably the worst mistake I made. There was one friend along the way who was telling me that I was making a terrible decision (he's a year older than me). He told me, don't listen to your parents this should be your decision and also that Rotmans is forsure a better program than Schulich. However, I had grown up with the mentality that parents know best because they are experienced, but they were wrong in this case. Consider this: How many Schulich grads have you seen compared to Rotman Commerce grads. In Schulich once you're accepted, you basically won't fail unless you don't do anything, which is why you will see more Schulich grads. But for Rotman Commerce you don't start the Rotman commerce program until second year, and until then they filter out all the students who couldn't make it to second year. By the fourth year the 650 original first year Rotman Commerce students turn into around 200 compared to Schulich's 400 accepted and around 350+ graduating. So I ask you this, would you want someone with a more "rare" degree working for you or someone with a more "common" degree (in no way am I saying that Schulich is worse, they are both equal). But honestly, you are the one who is going to be spending those 4 years not your parents. Obviously take advice from them, but accept the program you want to go to.

The Second: People say Rotman Commerce is way too hard, people have no life and the social life sucks. Yes, Rotmans is a harder program compared to Schulich, but not by that much. The reason I said Schulich and not Western Ivey is because Western Ivey is actually a harder program than Rotman Commerce (you will find out why in the third misconception). If you're accepted to Rotman's you are a hard worker because you were able to get that 90+ average, people who drop out of the program are usually the ones who don't do anything and loft around (please don't loft in University it will be extremely difficult to catch up, especically at UofT, it's not like highschool where you don't do anything until a night before the test and manage to ace it). I known a couple of people at Rotman Commerce and they have one of the best social lives. They party, they go out, and are not working 24/7. Your social life is what you make of it. Rotman is in the core of downtown, there is so much sh*t to do there, in no way can anyone say that social life sucks there. Rotman has the best social life out of all three schools. Also one other thing is the colleges. One thing I highly suggest is if you get into Trinity College for Rotman Commerce, forget any other program you were accepted to like Schulich and Western Ivey. Accept Trinity College. Trust me. The prestige of this college at UofT is so high it's not even funny. Saying you graduated from Trinity is a one upper on your resume and job application and your employers look at you with wonder. Also Victoria and Innis are good too but you will only be accepted to these three if they are your number one pick. But Trinity is the best College at UofT and then comes University College. Not even Victoria and Innis can beat University College. University College is the founding college of UofT itself which is why is is considered really good as well. Trinity only beats University College by just a bit. So one advice I would give is to rank Trinity as your first choice (yes you will have to do a writing part for them but it's worth it if you get in) then University College as your second.

The Third: One thing many people disagree with, including me, is when people say western Ivey is the best program. This one just "cheeses me". No Western Ivey is not the best program. Schulich and Rotmans are all equal to it. This myth was brought up by kids. The reason they say this is because Western Ivey is known for its parties, and yes it is true you can literally find a party every weekend, that's how crazy it is over there. No doubt Western has one of the best social lives (if you consider your social life consisting of getting "turnt" every weekend) but this does not mean that Western is the best program. People say it is the best program because it has the "best social life" and has high prestige like other programs. Students going into University only care about partying, which is understandable, and you deserve to because you have worked hard, but don't let partying influence your decision because all schools have parties. Also be warned, a lot of people drop out of Western because those first two years all people do is party and forget about working hard, and when it comes down to moving onto the Ivey program third year, they don't have the GPA required to do so. And third year is where the hard stuff begins. Western is like Rotmans, once you are accepted to these programs you need a certain GPA to continue and the Ivey program does not start until the third year. So basically when you are accepted to the Ivey program, depending on what your AEO program was, the last two years at Ivey will either be really difficult or easy. If your AEO program was a non-business course then you will basically be learning 4 years worth of business material in 2 years, but if your program was for example BMOS, then you will already be prepared for the last two years because you have practice. Yes even in other AEO programs you will have to take business prerequisites, but that can only prepare you so much. One thing that I really like about Western is that when you move onto third year at Ivey, you have the option of continuing the AEO program that you were accepted to (if you really like it), and do a double degree, however, you can't do a double degree with BMOS, but you can with every other AEO program. Double degree programs are one of the best things you can do.

The Fourth: People say Schulich is not good because it is a part of York, their social life is really bad, it's not safe, and people at Schulich are not friendly. We all heard the term, "If you can hold a fork, you can go to York". Don't listen to these people, I get this all the time from friends and it can get annoying, but just ignore them. Schulich is one of the best business programs. Yes, York has some programs where the average needed to get in is low, but York also has some prestigious programs such as Schulich and Osgoode. Schulich is known worldwide because their MBA program has been ranked number one in the world in the past years. Also with the subway being built this will increase the prestige of Schulich because now, instead of Toronto residents going to Ryerson and UofT (due to commuting), they will be able to go to York because the commute time will be drastically low. The social life at Schulich is not that bad honestly. There's parties all the time and can get crazy. The location of the school is pretty bad and can make you depressed but be assured that the community is safe. When people say students at Schulich are unfriendly I can see why, but I think they confuse this term. Yes, Schulich is very competitive. If you ask some people to give you last years tests and assignments they will make an excuse to not give them. Some people here also want themselves to succeed and watch them outshine others, but this isn't right, you need to help everyone. I would describe most Schulich students as so called "snakes" and "wastemans". But not everyone there is like that, there are many people who are nice and get a long nicely with others and for the most part, Schulich is a tight nit community.

Some pieces of advice I would like to give is not to stress. Improve your time management skills (one thing I didn't do in highschool lol) and I guarantee that you will be successful and able to achieve that 90% average everyone is dying for. Also enjoy your time in highschool, this is your last year and trust me once university starts you will laugh at how easy highschool was. So don't always study, have some fun as well.

Now ask any questions you guys have and feel free to pm me.
Advice for the future anyone? :c

AF= 80 (tough teacher, our whole class avg was low)
int bus= 95
data= 93
english= 90
calc= 75 :'(
writers craft= 92
accounting= 92
finance/IDC= 92

First semester I did pretty okay overall. I took courses in summer school also.  I have alright ECs as well (pres of TED club and we run an event, DECA- placed 3rd at regionals, newspaper, VP of a culture talent show, attended multiple conferences, piano lessons RCM level 9, marketing exec for eco club, etc)

We're getting my midterms back and my calc mark is a 75 :'( I hate it so much.

Guys how do you explain that mark to your parents? Esp when there's pressure to do well? I'm really scared to admit i got a 75 in calculus (I still have to hear from UW afm, cfm, schulich, and UTSG compsci, but can i honestly even get any more offers?) The only legit good offer I've gotten so far is Laurier BBA (I don't know what I want yet, but i want to keep my options open so there's more to choose from). This year and this situation has just been stressing me out like crazy :( 

thanks <3
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Switching Residence
Hello! I am glad to say that I will be attending U of T this September studying Life Sciences!

I had no idea that UT had a college system until I applied, so I ranked my colleges in a somewhat random order and got accepted into UC. So I ranked UC as my number one choice for residence because the MyRes site only gave me two options (UC and Chestnut). I don't really need a meal plan and I personally would like to live in one of the apartment style residences like Woodsworth and Innis.

Is there any way I could possibly switch residences? And which college is best for Life Sciences? I know all the colleges are different and everyone has a variety of opinions for each one so I would love to hear what other people think of each College as well.

Thank you so much!
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residence for st.micheal's at u of t
hi i am going to be a first yr rotamn student next september staying in St.Michael's college at university of toronto, i was wondering which residence at St.mikes is the best? ive heard that Elmsley hall has most first years and is the best?? anyone here who have stayed in st,mikes? i would like to know which residence has fun activities, more decemt and bigger rooms, etc. Thanks so much!
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Elmsley hall single or Sorbara hall at U of T SMC
hi guys I was offered a residence guarentee in St.Michael's College for coming school year 2017-18. I have decided to choose a single room in Elmsley hall as my first preference, but I am not sure whether i should put Sorbara hall single room or Elmsley single with en-suite bathrooms as my second preference. I will be freshmen in coming sept, and I know elmsley has more freshmens, but is Sorbara good too? How is the atmosphere in sorbara? And are the en suite bathrooms in Elmsley ok? I am leaning more towards having a single room because I am kinda nervous who they will pair me up with if i get a double, no one i know goes to uoft. What are you guys' opinions? Thanks in advance!! :)
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U of T vs. Western
So I have been accepted to both U of T St. George and Western for business. I am a high achiever, however I want to have a true university experience. I have anxiety and do not want to be as stressed as I am right now in my senior year. I have heard that U of T will suck you dry, which should I pick??
Chances with Rotman Commerce
So I created this thread for people who haven't got into rotman yet, and you're wondering what your chances are. Feel free to ask below.
My situation:
So I have an 87 average
Decent supplementry application
What are my chances?
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