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The BBA co-op programs in Ontario
I'm probably going to go for a BBA in university and if I do, I definitely want to do co-op. I'm really not into finances or accounting, and I haven't seen a lot of posts about co-op in OTHER fields since most of them are devoted to finances/accounting. So, if anyone knows anything about any of the various BBA co-op programs in Ontario, please share! Particularly:

1) How good are the placements? (Non accounting/finance)
2) How difficult is it to get/maintain your spot co-op?
3) It's reputation, and whether it will curry favour with future employers

The particular universities I had in mind are Laurier, Brock, Guelph, McMaster, and UTSC, but if you know others feel free to share.
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UTSC Management (COOP, NON COOP, OR PREMANAGEMENT) Class of 2022
Hey everyone! 
Let's build this forum by commenting:
Projected Average:
Level of Supplementary Application:
Accepted/Not Accepted:

Thank you guys!! Good luck to all of you! :)
should i take data?
So I have applied to York (Humanities), University of Toronto- Scarborough (Psychology, Co-Op) and lastly Ryerson (Psychology). I was wondering if Data Management (MDM4U) is worth taking in high school for these courses (although not a requirement). I think Data Management will lower my average, but how helpful is it in terms of what to expect in any of these schools for their programs? Overall, should I take it? Thank you!
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University of Toronto Offers
In your post, please include the following:  
- Program and Campus
- Date of application  
- Date of offe
r - Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)  
- Province you're applying from  
- Any other information you'd like to add

Don't lie 
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Options for grade 11
Hi I want to go into business mangement, economics or international business. My options are either child psychology or chemistry. I know I want to take in grade 12 politics and not continue chemistry for 2 years. Is it worth to take chemistry for 1 yr or not? Does it look better that I took chemistry vs child psychology?
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AMA: UTSC Co-op Management 1st year + Schulich/Rotman/McMaster
Hello everyone,

This site helped me a lot when I was applying for universities last year, so I thought I'd give back to the community.


I am a French international student, but I have lived in Canada a few years ago, so I know the grade system and what kind of averages would get you in different schools (to an extent).

For any frenchies out there my grades were:

16/20 Overall average (8 classes)- equivalent to a 92-95%
Got my Bac Mention Bien (high school degree with honours) 

I got into all the schools I've applied to (they all offered my transfer credits, some more than other - York gave me a full year in credits, and UofT gave me a bit more than a semester):

- UTSC Coop
- Rotman commerce
- Schulich
- McMaster commerce

So here you go, Im currently a first year (second year technically speaking as of this semester) at UofT Scarborough campus, pursuing a BBA degree in Co-op. 

You can ask me anything (anything really!) about all these schools mentioned above.

I keep it real here, so everything I tell you is exactly what I experience, and you can trust me that I will be honest to you guys 100%. Im not a recruiter/campus ambassador, I won't sugar-coat anything.
UTSC- Psychology Co-Op
Did anyone get accepted for psychology co-op at UTSC ?? Or even psychology without co-op? What average did you get in with?
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I have a question for those of youccepted into the University of Toronto- Scarborough. UTSC is my first choice when unit comes to applying to unis next winter; as it is a 20 min drive from my house.

When u were accepted, what was your ad ission average based off of? Was it based off your top 6 gr11 marks? Your first sem gr12 marks? Or somewhere in between? I’m just curious to see because I really am curious about universities now that the time is getting closer. Thank you,

Any opinions on a school for psych?!?!?
I’ve been accepted to my top three schools all for psych— UTSC Co-op psych, ryerson honours and york honours BA. I’m currently favouring ryerson but I’m really not sure which school is the best. Does anyone have an opinion  because I’m having a difficult time making a decision.
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UTSC Psychology
Did anyone get accepted for psychology co-op at UTSC? and what average did you get in with
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UTSC alternative offer Social Science & Humanities?
So I applied for the Management Co-op program at UTSC. However, I got an alternative offer for Social Science and Humanities. Also on my joinID profile, the management program isn't there anymore. Does that mean I have no chance at all for the Management and pre-management program? Considering that they still havent gotten my midterm marks yet.
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UTSC Computer Science-101 Applicant, acceptance??
I am eager to get into UTSC CS program.  I saw people on forum getting acceptance but seems to be 105 applicant.  

Just wondered if any 101 applicant got accepted yet? If yes, what is your avg?
Getting into UofT Computer Sciences (All campuses)
So Im interested in getting into computers science in University of Toronto. I applied to all 3 campuses. My first semester marks were horriLbe:
Physics: 66%
English: 79%
Biology: 83%

However this semester my marks are much better:
Pre-Calculus Math 98%
Computer Science 94%
Chemistry: 91%
LifeWork Transition:95%

I took Calculus last year and got a 95%

Will universities value your second semester or does your first semester determine admissions? Also, what average would secure me into each campus for computer science?
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BSc Computer Science Alberta vs UBCO vs UTSC

I have acceptance from Alberta, UBCO & UTSC for Computer Science. Need help with making a decision. How do the three compare.


I got into UBCO for Science (interested in the data science major) and UTSC for CMS. I don't care too much about the city, social life etc. so purely on an academics, teaching and reputation basis which one should I pick?

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University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science Admission Average 2018
Does anyone know the cutoff for cs UTSC last year? I personally have a 89% average with a 94% in advanced functions (still taking calculus), would this be good enough for UTSC CS COOP? If I don't have my calculus mark yet, would they look at my advanced function mark instead?

Thank You
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University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science Admissions Average
Does anyone know what the cutoff for last year's cs coop was? Personally I have a 89% average right with a 94 in advanced function. Without my calculus mark yet, would this be weighed the heaviest? Do I have a fair chance of getting in with a 89%?
getting conditional offers
Is it possible to get condition offers if in English you are getting a 70% but the university page shows a minimum requirement of 75% and your grade12 average currently in low 80's but the program requires your average to be in mid 80's.
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UTSC Paramedicine
Hi everyone,
just wondering if anyone in the class of 2018 has gotten accepted to this program. if so what was your average? If anyone is in this program, would love to know what you think of it.
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