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Vic One Results Release Date
Does anyone know when does the U of Toronto Vic One results come out? 
Thanks! :)
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U of T Entrance Scholarships
So I'm slowly starting to lose hope in going to U of T. I got accepted 2 days ago and was excited until I realized that I didn't get any scholarships and not even eligible to get any because of my grades (their website mentions that they notify you of a scholarship upon receiving your admission email/letter). They definitely used my grade 11 marks in which I only had a 90-91% average, so it's not exactly high. My first semester of grade 12 just finished around 2 weeks ago and my grades are higher and I have an overall average of 95%. The transcript including those grades should be on their way to U of T and I'm freaking out (when I ordered the transcript there was an option to have one automatically sent after semester 1 marks are in). Is there anything I can do, or tough luck? And does the university ever take into consideration those grade 12 sem 1 marks and re-evaluate? I emailed them, but want to know if anybody has experienced the same situation before.
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UTSG life sci Calc mark
On the school website, it says that for psychology, Calc is a prerequisite and the recommended calc average us low 80s.

The problem is.. my calc mark is 65 rn. 
All my other 5 courses I have 90s ad high 90s
I can manage to bump up my mark to possibly in to the 70s ... but will i be accepted ? 

From this current mark, my overall top 6 average including Calc is 86%.
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University of Toronto - Victoria College Residence
I just got accepted into University of Toronto, Victoria College and need help deciding on a residence building! I want to live in a co-ed residence, so Annesley Hall is out. And I've heard that Rowell Jackman is not the best option for first years since more upper years tend to live there (please correct me if I'm wrong though,, all my facts are from comments and reviews I read online), so that's out too. My top choices right now are Margret Addison and Lower Burwash. 

Can you guys list some pros and cons for these two halls regarding:
~The approximate price (for a double room) 
~Size and contents of room
~The social scene/reputation
~The bathrooms/kitchen/living room area/etc 
~The distance from main campus and cafeteria?
~The rules/RA
~The view/physical appearance of the building/old or new

I am a very social person and do not mind loud environments. In fact, I'd prefer being in a noisy res, rather than a quiet one because I like hanging out in big groups of people. I would prefer a semi-private/private bathroom, but it doesn't matter too much (do any of the res have bathtubs??). And how does the roommate choosing system work? Also, is there a gym at Victoria College? 

Sorry for asking too many questions, but I will be forever grateful if you have some answers for me!!!! Cheers :)
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U of T Life Science Courses Prerequisites
I'm going to be attending U of T (St.George) in the fall for a BA in Cognitive Science, and would like to know if I need to have done Calculus in high school to do a couple life science courses. I was so set on going to law school before and decided to screw myself over and not take Calculus, but until recently have taken a bigger interest in med school and specifically psychiatry. So, I need to take some life science courses which I don't have a problem with because science is my favourite subject, but yeah, wish I could've come to this career pathway realization sooner.
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U of T Social Life
How is U of T's social scene? I don't expect it to be crazy like Western University, but are there parties in rez and all of that? Academics is obviously my top priority, but I want to go to a school where it can be lively. I'm a high school senior and enjoy going to parties, but I still maintain an over 90% average because I always put in the effort and want a good balance of socializing and school. Don't want to be just be holed up for 4 years, you know? (and this is not exactly a deciding factor, but would like to know)
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Are IB grades required for fulfilling conditional acceptance?
I received an admission offer from U of T a few days ago for Rotman commerce and my conditional acceptance says I need 86% in my Alberta grades. However, it also mentioned that I "must arrange to have the International Baccalaureate Office release my IB grades to the U of T". This is just in the "additional information" section of my admission letter though and not in my "Terms and Conditions of my admission". So for those of you who also received an acceptance, did it say that in all of your letters, even if you did not take IB? I did not take full IB, only a few Ib courses. TBH I didn't put that much effort in my IAs cause I kind of gave up in the middle oops. Are the IB courses only to see if you qualify for transfer credits? I also recently applied to Queen's commerce. If anyone received admittance from there, could you let me know the terms and conditions of your acceptance? Thank you and good luck to everyone still waiting!
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How competitive are the 'One' courses
Hey, I know the One courses that each college offers (like WoodsworthOne VicOne etc) only have 25 students in each stream. I want to do one of the streams in UniversityCollegeOne, but i was wondering how competitive it'll be to get in?
thanks :)
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Still no decision
It's been 10 and a bit weeks now (excluding winter break) since I've applied to UofT. Im an international student, and tis meant to take 6-8 weeks to hear back. When i asked them about the time they said it can take, they said it can take until May at the very latest? when do you think i'll hear? people who applied after me have had decisions. Do you think this is a bad sign/does it just mean they havent got to my application yet. I applied to Vic for Arts and sciences if that helps.
Life science at U of T Saint George Campus
Hello guys!
I applied to the life science program at u of t. I ranked. victoria college as my first choice, and I submitted the victoria college profile in late december. My current average right now is 93.7 and I have completed 2 grade 12 courses in which I got 99 for both. However, my biology mark is in the low 90s and my English mark is in the low 80s... Am I a competitive applicant? When do you guys think I will hear back from u of t? Thank you very much!
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Will I get in?
As an international student, I am not familiar with the various EC's talked about in here. The country I live in doesn't offer too many internship options either. But I had an aggregate of 95.6% in grade 11 and a predicted of around the same in grade 12. My ECs are basically the president of the environment council, school prefect and member of mock united nations and face to faith club, public speaking and literary competitions here and there, leadership positions in various school committees.  variety of academic awards though. I don't really have much but I was advised to apply for Waterloo AFM, Queens, Rotman, Laurier BBA and Carleton. Do I have a chance of getting in? Please be kind. x
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With this average, am I able to get in University of Toronto - Social Science?
I have uploaded everything they need in about a month ago, but still there is nothing (no offer) happens to my application except for the status change from Received to Reviewed. I am nervous right now, because there were a lot of people received their offer around this time last year.

English- 85
Pre-calculus -87
Mandarin Chinese-100
AP-Human Geography- 92

If I could get in, when does uoft send out offer?
Thank You!
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nearly 8 weeks since application
Hey. I applied ages ago for Arts and Sciences at uoft and got my application sent back asking me to upload another document 7 weeks ago, so at the end of next week it will have been 8 weeks since my application has been entirely finished. Do you think this means I will not be accepted? I have heard other people hearing back before me and wondering if the delay means that I will be not accepted :(
how long do i have to wait to hear back from stgeorge uoft for lifesci????
the title says it all! my average is 86, chance me plz!!! my application still hasn't been reviewed and it's been 5 weeks.
thanks :)))))) 
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UofT Colleges
Hey All !!!! I have applied for Rotman Commerce Program. Could someone let me know which college of uni is most generous in terms of giving scholarships. My decision is solely binding on the maximum value of scholarship college offers to international students.

Thanks in advance!!!

I was wondering if the life science programs at uft (st george and scarborough campus), york, ryerson, or the medical or health science at western, or life science at mcmaster will look at my overall average, or seperate marks (ie looking at what i got in chemistry, biology, etc)

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will i be able to get in to u of t st george life science?
hi all, i applied to u of t last month with an 85.8% average. im just wondering how likely it is for me to get accepted because i haven't heard back from any universities yet and im kind of scared. thanks, i appreciate all the help! :) btw im a 105D applicant.

ps. i know on the u of t website it says for life science, average should be low to mid 80s but do they really accept people who are in that range? 
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Does Vic delay your application?
Hey guys, I applied to Victoria College at UofT on October 4th as an International student from the UK, i finished upploading my very final document around 24th November. my application status has said 'Application Reviewed' for a while now. I also submitted my Vic Profile around that date too. I was just wondering if anyone knows if applying to Vic will slow down the process at all, and if that's why my status says reviewed but no decision has been made? Getting worrieeed! thank you in advance xx
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How are U of T One Programs conducted throughout the year?
Hey guys, I applied to u of t social sciences and am thinking of applying to the Trinity One and Vic One programs. I searched all of their websites and videos, but couldn't find much info as to how the programs are conducted throughout the year. I called u of t and the admissions person said that you only take 2 courses for the entire year. I'm very confused why and if that is actually the case. Does anyone know? Have you taken the one programs and if so what was your experience? Also, if I get into the IR Trinity One program will that give me some sort of an advantage in the IR major competition?
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Rotman - What college?
I'm debating between Woodsworth, Vic, and Trin. Thoughts on which one is ideal for a Rotman student?
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Queens Com Vs Brock BACC Coop
Hi so I got into both of these programs and ended up going to Brock. Many of my friends told me I made a bad decision but I felt that Brock BACC Co-op would've been the better choice as I wanted to become a CPA. 
AFM and Queens are really expensive but the prestige/alumni is there.
Brock has co-op, a strong accounting program and a much cheaper decision.
I still feel some regret not choosing Queens as the program is filled with brilliant students and the best networking opportunities there is.

Those that were in similiar situations where did you choose to go? Why?
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UofT life sci? Stupid decision?
So here's my little predicament..

I can go to Western for med sci or UofT for life sci. I'm not one of those delirious and pompous  high school students that believes that getting into med school is easy. I know it's hard, REALLY hard and I have thought about my backup plans. 

I currently live in Toronto, 10mins away from UTSG. By staying in Toronto, with scholarships, I would be paying about $16k in total for my undergrad; money that I already have saved up. In addition, with the money left over, I could travel etc etc 

If I go to Western, 2 hrs away from Toronto, with scholarships, I would be paying about $45k for my undergrad; I would be taking out a *few* loans to cover that. 

UofT has mixed reviews, Western is a good school but an atmosphere that I wouldn't enjoy. What do I do? Is UofT REALLY that bad? 
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