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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?
6) Any questions you have about nursing! We're all here to help.

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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UBC Waitlist 2018
Hi everyone, let's share what program you got waitlisted to, with what average, and the date you'll hear back by. Let's wait together! Don't give up hope everyone :) I got waitlisted to Science with 91% and will hear back by June 15th.
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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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Health Science/ Life Science 2018!
It’s now our time to apply and be admitted! This thread is geared towards the science programs for Ontario. If you get accepted to the following programs, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. 

(Ontario Universities / 2018 APPLICANTS) 

Please TRY Including the following:  
Date of Application:  
Date of Offer:   
Grade 11 Average:  
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:
101 or 105 Student:

Yes I'm aware it's early! But the last year thread was made in October and some students end up getting early acceptance so this should be helpful! :)
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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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Med school interview after finishing a bachelors of bio and nursing
Hey! So I have a med school interview soon at UofT and I’m a bit nervous. So I didn’t take the traditional route to med school. I took a 4 year undergra d in biological sciences at Uwindsor with thesis ( graduated with honours and all med school pre recs). I then went on to Toronto and did the 2 year accelerated RN program which I’m graduating from right now( also with honours). I got a 517 on my MCAT. I’m worried they’ll ask why I did all this school and took nursing and I’m not sure what to respond.
Any Ryerson BComm/BTM acceptances?
Anyone been accepted to Ryerson BComm? Specifically the BTM program? Also may sound dumb but Windsor business vs Ryerson?
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2018 Concurrent Education Acceptances
Has anyone been accepted for a con ed program? If you have been accepted, state the name of the program and the university. Congratulations!

I have been accepted by:
University of Windsor: Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Brock University: Education - Concurrent BA Child and Youth Studies (Honours)/BEd (Primary/Junior)
Nipissing University: Concurrent Bachelor of Science Honours/Bachelor of Education (BEd) - Primary/Junior

I have also applied to Queens but I have not been accepted yet, I also have not submitted my supplementary application yet.
TrentU, AlgomaU, UTSG, UWindsor, Laurier, or LaurentianU?
i have an 81% average and have been accepted to all these schools but I do not know what one is better? I will be majoring in Criminology
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Are 3 year engineering programs BS?
So I'm in grade 12 and am going to be taking all the prerequisites for a program at St Clair college for the program "chemical laboratory technology" however, I am wondering from anyone of expirence with this or a similar engineering program if it is hard to find a job after graduation. I'm a bit skeptical that it is a 3 year program for only an advanced college diploma rather than a Bachelors. Other colleges in Ontario have this program aswell 
Here is the link if you want more information 
Or google search St Clair college Chemical Labratory Technology
Any advice to whether this is a good and credible program would be appreciated ?
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What university should I go to??
Hey guys hope you are all doing good, anyways let's get back to the topic, I just have some few questions and I would like anyone to help me! I'm from Saudi Arabia wanting to study in Canada alright ? So I applied to like 6 university the programs that I want are electric engineering or industrial engineering, i don't know anything about the university's that I applied to so if you could help me in terms of 
1) area of living 
2)the collage it's slef is it a good place 
3)easy or hard ? Which means like the teachers over there 
4) party's 

Names of the university 
1)reyson university
2)lakehead universty 
3)University of Guelph
4) Ottawa 

Thanks hope someone makes everything clear 
easiest university in Canada for engineering !!!!!

i really need help im a international student my English isn't that good and i applied to 6 university 

1: Dalhouise 
3: ryerson 
6: lakehead 

i want a university thats really easy in engineering
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Is it worth it?
I'm in grade 11, and I'm interested in post-secondary programs at Ryerson (Business Tech Management & Business Management), and Business administration at University of Windsor. All of these programs only require one mathematics prerequisite (either Data Management, Advanced Functions or Calculus and Vectors). Here's the thing, in grade 9 I did horrible in academic and was forced to take applied grade 10, I did well enough, to be eligible for mixed 11 (which i'm currently in). With a mixed math course, I can easily take Grade 12 data management, but before I can take grade 12 AF, I need to take grade 11 functions (which i'll have to do first semester of grade 12). I'm just wondering with just taking Data Management put me at a disadvantage since it's not a rigorous course compared to AF or Calculus. Then taking functions then advanced functions a better choice since it's a safety bet or am I just fine with just DM and taking Functions then AF just a waste time and a risk. (it'll most likely lower my average). 
P.s. I have an extensive resume, which includes winning many business awards and competitions, if it matters.
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What do you guys think that the applicant average for math at Waterloo will be? I know it says high 80's but what I mean is what do you think the average mark of the kids that got accepted would be? I have a 94 average and I'm reading about kids with a 97 average who haven't gotten in?????? Is there any certain mark that will guarantee acceptance???? IM SOOOOOO STRESSED PLEASE HELP
I plan to go into Social Work.  I have gotten into McMasters Social Sciences program, University of Windsor’s Social Work program and Wilfred Laurier Social Work program.  I recently decided that I want to take a year off in order to make money for school as it would be difficult for my family. I have already emailed those three schools and they said that they grantdeferences very rarely for outstanding circumstances.I am aware that OSAP is an option but I feel that if I deferred I could avoid most student loans.  I had a 92% average for first semester so if I took a year off I should be able to get into any Social Science program as the average is typically 75-80%.  Would it be a good idea to take a year off? I’m not 100% sure about going into Social Work so the tear off could be a chance for me to pick a field I would be committed to as well as make money to pay for school.
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How does changing majors work? Please help!
I'm in grade 12, I applied to psychology and got accepted to University of Windsor. I really want to go into human kinetics/kinesiology but I'm curious, how do I switch programs/majors. Will they check if I got the certain requirements for the program. The requirements for human kinetics/kinesiology is a 78% average 70% in English and 70% in biology in high school applying to the program but what about when you are already in university. Do I have to get a 70% in English and biology to be able to switch? Because I did get a high mark in English but a poor mark in biology. Please help! What should I do?
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Chances for Engineering
I applied to Ryerson, Windsor, Guelph, McMaster, Toronto, Waterloo and York.
Mainly for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Grade 12 Marks So Far  
Advanced Functions: 94%  
Accounting: 95%  
English: 80%  
Computer Science: 88%  
Calculus: 87%

I've only gotten Windsor so far......

What are my chances?
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Arts degrees, are they worthless?
Hi! I have heard so many different sides to this topic that I decided to make a forum on it. When posting on this forum please consider that arts degrees can refer to a Bachelors of Arts in English while also can refer to something along the lines of a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science, there is much variation within the BA degree. Thanks and debate away!
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How is the forensic science program at University of Windsor?
So I've taken a serious interest in forensic science during my senior year of high school and applied to the forensic science program - focussing on forensic biology at Windsor. Is the program well established in terms of how it teaches + what can I expect going into my first year in terms of difficulty.
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2018 Computer Science Thread
Hey guys! I haven't come across a major computer science thread yet so I thought I would make one myself. 

 Please post about the following: 

Grade 11 average: 
Projected grade 12 average: 
Where/When did you apply: 
Where/When did you get accepted: 

Feel free to post "Will I get accepted??"'s 

Hope this helps and I wish everyone good luck!
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Which University Has The Best Business Porgram
The universities I have applied for are McMaster, Carleton, Universoty of Ottawa, Brock (bba), university of Windsor, and Guelph, all for their business programs. If I get into Degroote I will definelty go there but I'm worried I might be off by a percent or two. I'm pretty confident I'll get into the other programs so I was wondering which one is best. My aunt was telling me that if I can't get into McMaster Carleton might be the best option especially if I want to pursue finance which I'm planning on doing.
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Taking lighter course Load in university?
Hey guys I am currently a university student and was thinking about having a lighter course load next semester by spreading out my course between the winter and spring terms. I was planning on taking 4 courses in winter term and then 1 course in the spring. The reason I am doing this is because my current health condition is not so well and I don't think I will be able to handle a full course load. Will this impact my osap funding or chances of getting accepted to post graduate university? 

PS I am currently a Life science student in first year 

Thank you in advance
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Which School Should I Accept?
So I applied to 4 colleges and 4 universities:

Social Service Worker - Immigrants And Refugees @ Seneca - Seneca@York 
Mental Health And Addiction Worker @ Fleming - Peterborough 
Social Service Worker @ Georgian - Orillia
Social Service Worker @ Mohawk - Fennell (Hamilton)

Social Work: Trent University 
Social Work: University of Windsor
Community Health (with a specialization in Mental Health and Addictions) : Wilfrid Laurier University 
Social Work: Lakehead University Orillia