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QuARMS extra curriculars and research?
I’m currently a grade10 student who’s dream is to study medicine. The process in North America is extremely difficult,lengthy, and expensive, which is why I have been considering to direct myself elsewhere. I’ve recently found out about the QuARMS scholarship. Of course I realize the extremely minimalistic chance of being accepted, but it never hurts to dream big.  

Now that QuARMS is in mind, I want to get my extra curriculars up for the next 2 years of high school. My current average is around 94%, which I’d easily be able to push to a 97%ish in my next 2 years.  
Currently, I volunteer weekly at 2 different hospitals, and a retirement home. I volunteer within my school as well at a breakfast program. I did best buddies in grade 9 and am planning to participate again in grade 11 and 12. I work for my town in a recreation centre as well. Next year, I will be joining student council and I’ve applied to the Canadian Cancer society volunteering.  
Ultimately, what extra curriculars do you think would be good from the standpoint of 
QuARMS? I really want to get more involved, but I’m not sure where. Also, I really want to do some research, but don’t know where to start?? I’m only in 10th grade so i don’t have much experience. Would anyone be able to link or share some research opportunities in the GTA area for eager high school students? Thanks :)
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Updated my chemistry mark
If I update my mark at an adult-credit program, night school will Queen's, Western, Gulf take the highest mark achieved.
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do grade 11 marks matter
ok so i just finished my first semester of grade 11 and mt marks were not good at all.

76% in health care 

68& in english 

70% in drama 

and 50% in chemistry 

I'm scared that these marks will affect my chances of getting into nursing, kinesiology or dental school just because of one semester of grade 11. i don't want to do early acceptance, so I'm not sure if these marks really matter. I've also heard that nursing at lakehead university  is very easy to get into  for nursing. can someone give me some advice.
Uni admission advice
Hello, I recently got my admissions to UOttawa for health sci, Western for health sci and York for biomed sci. Like pretty much everyone else, I’d like to work somewhere in the medical field one day. If anyone has attended/knows anything about these uni programs, which would you suggest would be best in terms of preparing me for the mcat/med school in the future? I’m from Toronto and a few months away from completing the IB program, and since the whole purpose of it is being “international” I don’t mind being away from home (even though I’ll still be living in Ontario lol). I also have family in Ottawa so living there isn’t a problem. But yeah, any advice and comments are appreciated! Thanks!
Mcmaster and Western business
I want to attend either Mcmaster or Western's business program. My average is 86% first semester. Will I get in?
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First Year Student- Ask me Anything about University Admissions in Canada
Places I applied: 

Got accepted to all of them. Shoot me your questions regarding the application process to the following universities and I'll do my best to answer them for you. If you're a troll, dont even bother wasting your time on here. I didn't have very much guidance when I was applying last year, so I hope that I can provide some guidance to the students applying this year. I know it is quite an overwhelming process, not knowing which universities you will be able to gain admission into, but I can provide you with some general idea of what grades/extracurriculars you would need for the following universities from my own experience. 
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Hello Everyone, I'm currently in Grade 11 and I plan on going into the field of engineering. My top 2 are Electrical and Chemical Engineering. My overall average currently is 91%, next year I predict of getting an average of 93-95%. What universities should I consider? I know Waterloo is the best in terms of engineering, but I'm not sure I can get in anymore due to my grade 11 average. Which universities should I consider? Thank you!!
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getting in to university URGENT!
So far these are my grade 12 marks I have so far for 1st-semester acceptance and I'm applying to life science.
Chemistry: 51%
Advanced Functions: 87%
Business: 87%
English: 85%
Food and Nutrition: 90%
Kinesiology: 90%
I did really bad in chemistry even though my average is around an 80% will I be able to get in my uni programs at Mcmaster, Queens, Western and UFT
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Hello Everyone, 
I'm currently in Grade 11 and I plan on going into the field of engineering. My top 2 are Electrical and Chemical Engineering. My overall average currently is 91%, next year I predict of getting an average of 93-95%. What universities should I consider? I know Waterloo is the best in terms of engineering, but I'm not sure I can get in anymore due to my grade 11 average. 
Which universities should I consider? 
Thank you!! 
Western Program Changes
I applied to BMOS at Western but now I really want to change that to political science. Is it too late to do so??
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Have you got accepted/ do you think i will get accepted?
Hey. Ive applied to Western, Brock and wilfrid laurier for kinesiology. Has anyone been accepted to these programs yet? If so what are your grades? These are my grades right now:

80 Chemistry,  91 law, 91 drama, 94 Kinesiology, 73 eng, Grade 11 law 93(This is my top 6 with one of my grade 11 marks)
This is an 87 avrage

I'm currently enrolled in Biology which is a prerequisite for all of the programs. Do you think i will eventually get in?

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Nursing Hopefuls 2018 - 105D (RN & RPN)
Hey guys! 
I want to hear where all the 105D applicants are at:
- What was your high school average
- What is your Uni. GPA
- Where did you apply
- Have you received an offer yet?

I had a 82% avg in high school (10+ years ago), and a 3.82 in Uni. with a completed Hons. Undergrad (last 12 courses are at an 86% avg.). I applied to Western (4 yr. & Compressed), U of T Compressed, & Fanshawe RPN. I wrote 1 page Personal Statements of Interest for Western and Fanshawe, even though they weren't required (I really hope they won't frown on this) just explaining my motivations and past experiences.  I have not heard anything back yet. Good Luck! 
grade 11 marks
i was just wondering if it were possible to get into university such as lakehead with not so great grade 11 marks. i have been really struggling this year with marks, last year i had an average of 83 and the year before 86, however grade 11 has been rough, i have a 60 percent in chemistry and 76 in healthcare. i was just wondering do universities such as lake head and western look at grade 11 marks
How are some students so successful?
I am genuinely curious. Students who are able to carry out every single extracurricular activity, win everything, and still perform excellent in academics. How do you do it?
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 know that UofT gives a round of offers in February. Does anyone know if the average calculation includes the final first semester of Gr 12 or they would not have received it in time? Thank you. 
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Computer Engineering Waterloo
What average do I need to get into computer engineering at Waterloo?
Also, what can I put on my AIF to stand out?
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I am currently in grade 11 and am thinking about going into a university commerce program, I don’t have the greatest marks so I am wondering if I have a possibility of getting accepted to UVic or Ryerson with marks such as these or would I have to improve my marks. 

 **ps. if you guys know any good commerce programs, any suggestions on how to prepare or things that look good on applications please comment!
Bachelor of Science with Business Minor/Double Major at Western?
So I want to go into the sciences but I also want to minor or something in business to get experience that will help me in the real world if I do decide to go into the business side of things. In high school I took like 2 business courses so I don't have a lot of background knowledge. Though, since I want to go to western, this turns into a 5 year program.

So is it worth doing the minor in business or just still with the bachelor of science? Do you think having the business background will greatly impact me/will it be worth it in the future? 
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I wanna hear yours! comment down below what your grad quote is/was
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Attention all Western Med Sci Hopefuls - Fewer than 500/750 students continue into Year 3
In Gr.12, approximately 750 students are accepted into Western medical sciences. The program itself does not begin until the 3rd year, and your first two years are with the General Science students. 

By the time Year 3 rolls around, there are only 500 spots available. 


So, fewer than 500 of the 750 med sci students are able to continue into the 3rd year of the program. Another propaganda technique to entice naive high schoolers into the program. Do not fall for this and select Western if you're hell bent on the Western med sci program and nothing else. 

Medical Sciences 2 students who satisfy the conditions for assured admission are the first group of students to be admitted to the 500 spaces in Year 3 BMSc and to the various modules leading to graduation with BMSc degrees. Admission to a particular Honors Specialization module in Year 3 BMSc is not guaranteed, however, for any student in Medical Sciences 2 who satisfies the conditions for assured admission to Year 3 BMSc.
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