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Entrance scholarships
I know that some schools
 have entrance scholarships based on your average but for those scholarships do they use your top 6 average to determine how much u can get or do they use your overall average ? 
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Laurier BBA 1st Year Student (Ask away!)
Ask away!

Hey guys! I remember stalking yconic 24/7 and looking at threads with answers to my questions last year and I'd love to help you all out! I'm a first year student (just finishing up my finals) in the Business Administration (BBA) program at Wilfrid Laurier University, ask me any questions you might have and I'll try my best to answer it! Good luck for university acceptances (:
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Admission Requirements for Ontario's top business programs
I am pretty confident I can achieve a 93% average in Grade 12 and I have pretty solid EC's but do I have to take calculus? Or can I get away with taking advanced functions and data management?? Some programs that really interest me are Ivey, Queens Commerce, Laurier BBA, McMaster commerce. Thanks let me know!
Residence Application
When do applications for residence at Laurier come out? I know on the website it says April, but does anyone know the exact date? Will they send us an email letting us know when applications are available? Also, opinions on which building to choose @ Laurier Brantford? Thank you in advance!
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Does anyone know if Laurier started sending out acceptances yet?
Has anyone gotten an acceptance from Laurier yet? And if so, what program? It's been a while since i applied and i'm still waiting for a response.
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Need advice choosing a program
I've been accepted to Waterloo GBDA and Guelph Bcomm and waiting on Laurier. I am interested in business (Strong in math) however also really enjoy digital media.
Pros- Free tuition, Good social life
Cons- Weaker program compared to Laurier 

Pros- Very strong and interested in digital media
Cons- Expensive, Not a strong business component, 

Pros- Very well recognized program
Cons- Harder program, Haven't been accepted  
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U of T or Laurier
What are your opinions of Laurier and U of T for their social science criminology programs? Do you think it is easier to get a higher GPA at one over the other? I was accepted to both and am in the process of deciding.
Social Work
Best school for social work? Which of these schools has the best social Work program: McMaster, Laurier,Western, Waterloo, Windsor or Carleton
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Which residence building is the best for a non-party goer at Wilfrid Laurier?
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I applied to 7 university programs and I feel like none of them will land me a job once I have graduated.
I applied to 7 university programs and I feel like none of them will land me a job once I have graduated. What do I do, its past the deadline to apply to more programs.  Do you guys know if the following programs are good?
Global business and Digital Arts in Waterloo
UX experience design in UOIT
International business and management in UofT
Game design at WLU
Digital Media at York
Marketing at UOttawa
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Best school for undergraduate law
which school is the best for studying undergraduate law? Carleton, Laurier (at Brantford campus)  Laurentian or Waterloo?   
any advice for university in general? 

best law schools in Ontario?

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Feedback on Media programs
I would appreciate any feedback on the following programs for Sept 2018. I enjoy the creative arts including drawing, writing, media design. Like most I'm not sure what career I will eventually pursue so I want to be exposed to a program exposing me to a variety of practical courses, with a good university experience. 

Laurier digital media and journalism Brantford (currently looking as my preferred choice)
Laurier user experience design Brantford 
Western media, information, technoculture
Queens film and media
UTM/ Sheridan communication, culture, info, technology
McMaster multimedia

Thanks for any comments. 
Business and Computer Science Combined ADVICE
So I really want to pursue a BComm or BBA, but since I've been doing comp sci for the past few years, I've been looking into a lot of unis that offer a combination of both areas (like WLU/UW program, UBC, UofC, etc). Without sugar coating the difficulty of doing two degrees at once, is there anyone than can give me advice on this combination? (job prospects, friends who have done it, experience, etc). ALSO, if you are straight up doing ANY combination, you are more than welcome to answer as well.

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Which School Should I Accept?
So I applied to 4 colleges and 4 universities:

Social Service Worker - Immigrants And Refugees @ Seneca - Seneca@York 
Mental Health And Addiction Worker @ Fleming - Peterborough 
Social Service Worker @ Georgian - Orillia
Social Service Worker @ Mohawk - Fennell (Hamilton)

Social Work: Trent University 
Social Work: University of Windsor
Community Health (with a specialization in Mental Health and Addictions) : Wilfrid Laurier University 
Social Work: Lakehead University Orillia 
Living on Campus
I'm currently in grade 12 and planning on going to Laurier next year, I'm also planning to live on campus. What are the most useful things you brought with you that made living on campus easier? Was there anything you wish you didn't bring? Any other useful tips for living on campus are welcome. Thank you in advance.
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Human Rights & Diversity at Wilfrid Laurier
Hey, Everyone!
I'm a grade 12 student interested in this program but I was wondering if it is difficult to get into this program?  at Laurier.
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Need criminology advice!
I am a grade 12 student interested in criminology and originally planned on going to Wilfred Laurier Brantford campus for criminology. Since I made the decision of wanting to go to university in grade 11, I needed to switch my english's to uni but guidance would not let. I finished with an 85% college English. 

People are telling me I should go to Humber and take community justice or police foundations as a base course and after 2 years branch off into uni, but I don't know if that is possible or a good idea? I don't want to be a lawyer, but maybe something like a Parole Officer, does anyone have advice? 
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Transfer AFTER second year
I am entering my second year this fall in Biology. I currently go to a smaller university far from home and this summer has been very tough on my family financially. It would be better for me if I went to uni in Toronto/Durham region to save money. I was wondering if anyone has their own experiences or heard from friends about how it is like to transfer after second year. Also, I know most schools accept transfers only for the fall term, but I want to transfer as soon as possible so are there any schools which offer admission for the winter or spring/summer semesters? I will need further school after my bio  BSc, so for my undergrad years I want to save money. Also, am I making the wrong choice to transfer after second year? or should I just stay and finish up the degree there? Anyone with opinions on how its like transferring from a smaller uni to a larger one?
*I will be transferring into third year
*my grade are pretty decent so far-I only know the first year grades
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HEY, just looking into some life sci/health sci programs for next year (I will be doing grad school too) and was wondering how the University of Waterloo is in their sci programs? I know some people who go for their arts/bus but not for sci. Is it a nice school for a science undergrad if I want to pursue grad school? I heard a lot about their coop and engineering but based on my grade 11 marks, I don't know if I will qualify for co-op. Just want any thoughts on the waterloo science programs/faculty and reasons why I should keep waterloo as my first choice *other than Co-op*
*edit-I will be living in rez

Does UWaterloo offer good connections in sciences?
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Laurier User Experience Design Program ??
I'm considering applying to Laurier's User Experience Design program, but with it being brand new for 2017, there really isn't much information I can find about it. The program courses aren't even uploaded yet. I was just wondering if anyone else is interested in this program too? And if anyone that went to the Laurier Brantford open house could share their experience with that? I just wish I wasn't going in so blind.
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