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Entrance scholarships
I know that some schools
 have entrance scholarships based on your average but for those scholarships do they use your top 6 average to determine how much u can get or do they use your overall average ? 
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York U scholarships
Any updates on the York U awards of distinctions/major scholarship offers?
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Effects of having courses in private school and night school on admission
Hello, I am a grade 12 student and I've applied to the following universities: U of t, Waterloo, York, and Ryerson. The programs that I have applied to are engineering, finance, and Mathematical and Physical sciences and my marks for the first OUAC transmission were: Advanced functions 95 
Physics 100 
Data management 97
 health and nutrition 94 
French 94 
I am taking English in private school and Chemistry in night school, and I haven't received a mark for English and Chemistry, but I will probably get a 90+. I was wondering if taking English and Chemistry outside of my day school is going to affect my admission?
Nursing acceptance
Hi everyone, I’m here to ask some things about getting into nursing but I will give a little bit of background information on myself. Student services at my school don’t help the grads much and my parents are immigrants and don’t know very much in terms with helping me. I want to go for nursing but I have my two worst courses this semester (data & Chem) I have approx 60% in these courses but I am a good student I am an honour roll student. I have a feeling when the acceptances come out I will have hopefully a 85% average. Before I get the rant on how I will have issues in uni just spare me the negativity because I am stressing I am a very good hands on learner which will compensate for the theory aspect although I am mediocre in bio (80%) I just need to know what I can do to be accepted I am looking into applying to brock, Ottawa, York, Trent (maybe some collabs) not sure 100% yet is there any advice to stand out and hopefully get accepted or will I just become a rejected failure /: thanks in advance to the people who pull through with some advice
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Can I get into York University B.comm Honours (accounting)?
I am mature student who has applied for the program. I was asked for a letter of extenuating circumstance and a resume as supporting document.

I have a 3 year BA Geography and Professional Certificate in Management. I originally started in Bachelor of Admin Studies and had performed poorly so switched to Geography. I had a C GPA but the requirement is a C+. Plus I have to repeat some ADMS courses. Thats why they asked for the letter.

Now I have been out of school for several years and been working full time. What are my chances of getting in the program?
Early Admissions Application
I'm currently a Ontario student in grade 12 and I'm really confused about early admissions. My grade 11 average was a 86% for 8 courses but my top six is 90%. However my top six don't include two of my pre recs for engineering. My guidance counsellor even told me those marks were too low for early admission but I've seen people already get accepted this early with about the same averages. Are my marks too low? Especially cause i want to get into engineering or architecture. And when applying for early admissions do they take your six courses and do they have to be your pre recs or can they just be your top six?
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Best program to get a high gpa?
So I've been admitted to York's Bcomm  and Utm's Management and i was wondering which program s the best if grad school is in mind? I don't know which program would be easier to get  a higher gpa in? Anyone in the program let me know.
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Waterloo AFM chances??
My top 6 average is gonna be 90.5-91. My final in advanced functions is 85 and I think my AIF and AFMAA were pretty average. What do you guys think my chances of getting accepted are? Thanks in advance!!
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How hard is it to transfer to Scholic from other courses??
Hello I applied for Mcmaster, Waterloo and Laurier and have 91% average.

Sadly I did not apply for Schulich because I thought My marks are not hight enough for it and just found out that Actuall I could get accepted ?

Now I'm thinking about transferring to Schulich in second year if I can,, can anybody tell me how  hard it is to transfer??? Thx!

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hi guys im an interational student attending ..well univ in GTA, currently in second year.. so basically due to some issue with my finance and etc im considering getting into 2 years college , so in this case do i have to drop out of my univ to enroll or can i take an absence and enroll in college? also can i transfer my credits and start from 2nd grade? or do i need to start from 1st year ..plase help me..
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Honours Integrated Science program at York University?
Is anyone out there familiar with the Honours Integrated Science program at York? If so please let me know what your impressions and experiences are. Thank you!
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Waterloo AFM- How do my chances look?
I will have a 92.5  average with an 84 in English and 85 in Advanced Functions but a mark in the 90s for Calculus. I am the Finance Coordinator of Green Initiative Canada, Treasurer of Environmental Council, Delegate to Model United Nations, Peer Tutor, President of the Me to We Club, and have been a member of the Kumon Program for 11 years. Awards include A national award (ranked 1 out of 332 students throughout Canada for an Advanced Achievement in Kumon Mathematics), Outstanding Contribution to the Enviro Council, and French Honour Roll and Regular Honour Roll, and Completed the Kumon Math and Reading Award (first person at my centre to do so!)  How do my chances look? Please be honest, Waterloo is my first choice, btw I have not done the AFMAA yet I did not apply for early acceptance!! And no subjects were done outside of day school! And please reply without being rude lol don't think it's that hard! EDIT: I WROTE THAT I RECEIVED A 64 IN ENGLISH PREVIOUSLY, WHEN I REALLY GOT AN 84 MY BAD!!!
York Financial business economics
 can someone who is enrolled in the financial business economics program at york university, give me some insight on the program. Im interested in investment banking and if this program is any good, and how much the program differ from BBA OR Commerce. I know that it is more economic based but other then that. How likely can i get internships and also what are the chances of getting a good placement after this degree. Overall would you recommend it, views/ points, insight details related to the program.
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UTM or York?
I was accepted to the management program at utm and am still waiting for the business program at York university but I'm not sure which school is better to go to in terms of both school life and degree: BBA at UTM or BCOM at York, does anyone have any experience or suggestions?? Also, I know York changed their program degree from a BAS to BCOM so I was wondering, where or which campus would this program be within the university?
york supplementary references?
hi guys!! i noticed for york bba you need references for each activity (ec) but is that absolutely mandatory? is the purpose of references mainly to validate that you actually did the ec or will they ask what u did in it and etc? because for some of my clubs, im not close with the club teacher supervisors (like theyre there to supervise but they dont actually talk to members) and some i havent talked to at all so its weird to ask them to be a reference? i also want to talk about my business startup but that was something i did on my own so i dont actually have anyone to use as a reference!! does anyone have a similar problem? any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thxx
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failed courses
I failed Advanced Functions in summer school and I am repeating it in day school now. I want to apply to York Commerce, When I talked to admissions office they said that they take the higher mark of the two. But I wanted to know would It negatively impact my admission. Although I have a higher average with my second attempt,would having a repeated course make me less eligible? Anyone with personal experience on his? 
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upgrading courses
I wanna apply to york for commerce 
I have an overall average of 83, while the cut off is 80
however, I want a higher overall average just to be more competitive
I am thinking about upgrading my current math mark 
so in this situation should I upgrade or just leave it?
would the university prefer to give admission to students with lower average and no repeats or a higher average with a repeat?


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Repeated courses
Would York University accept me for Commerce if I repeat Advanced Functions?
How would that impact my admission?
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What is York University like?
I plan on going to York for their Criminology program and eventually Osgoode for the law program. But other than that I know next to nothing about the University apart from what the booklet tells you.