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Do I have a chance
I went through alot throughout highschool which resulted in me barley going, my marks in gr 11 were 60’s & 70’s I got through that stuff and decided university is what I really wanted to persue, I have done 3/ my 6 top courses and my average is currently an 87 I’m currently enrolled in the next three. 
I just wanna know do universities look down at marks like that? I know if you have been through certain things you can write letters or fill out an application explaining the gap in your marks but, I dont really want to do that because I feel like there are people who have been through worse, I guess my question is should i consider filling one of those out or should I just let my marks do the talking 
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About universities acceptance
Hello everyone..
 I applied for UBC, SFU, university of waterloo, university of Toronto, McGill university, York university.(all i applied for faculty of arts - economics) 
My grade 12 grades (81%) My class English 12 grade is 81% but I got 43% on the English provincial exam. So the final grade is gonna be 66% 
Physic 83% 
Biology 93% 
Pre calculus 82% Those are my top 4 courses. I know my marks are really low. Nevertheless I studied really hard. I am really worried about my English mark for universities requirements. Most of universities require minimum 70% in English. But for York university, it doesn't say about English requirement grade. 
 1. Am I possible to get into York university? (Have you guys heard of someone who got accepted with this kind of marks?) 
2. Or can I get into any universities with this average? 3. I have to take ielts test or Toefl. ( But is there any way to get into York university without ielts or toefl? Thank you guys.
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Uni admission advice
Hello, I recently got my admissions to UOttawa for health sci, Western for health sci and York for biomed sci. Like pretty much everyone else, I’d like to work somewhere in the medical field one day. If anyone has attended/knows anything about these uni programs, which would you suggest would be best in terms of preparing me for the mcat/med school in the future? I’m from Toronto and a few months away from completing the IB program, and since the whole purpose of it is being “international” I don’t mind being away from home (even though I’ll still be living in Ontario lol). I also have family in Ottawa so living there isn’t a problem. But yeah, any advice and comments are appreciated! Thanks!
I applied to 7 university programs and I feel like none of them will land me a job once I have graduated.
I applied to 7 university programs and I feel like none of them will land me a job once I have graduated. What do I do, its past the deadline to apply to more programs.  Do you guys know if the following programs are good?
Global business and Digital Arts in Waterloo
UX experience design in UOIT
International business and management in UofT
Game design at WLU
Digital Media at York
Marketing at UOttawa
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will i get in???? Please help
I applied to Ryerson, York, UOIT, and Guelph engineering civil and mechanical 
 English 81 
advanced functions 90 
Chemistry 70
Calculus 90 Religion 85 
Physics second semester 
 tech design 83
Will I get into university
I apply to UofG, Ryerson and york for engineering civil and mechanical will I get into any?
English 81
Advanced function 90
calculus and vector  90
Religion 85
chemistry 70
physics --Second semester 
tech Design 83
Top 5 marks 85.8%  

Ouac 105 or 101?
I have graduated high school in June 2017, but I am currently upgrading my marks. I have already applied to the 105 Ouac but now I think I should have applied to the 101 application. Which one should I have applied to? 

Also for the 105 application I have already requested a transcript a few days ago but it is still not showing up in my Ouac. Why is that?
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Can I get into university........
Do I have a chance to get into york university, Ryerson, UOIT, or Guelph engineering with my marks 
Advanced functions 90
English 80 
chemistry 70 
calculus and vectors 85
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Hey so I just submitted my ouac application and it's processing. The site says it could take up to two weeks to process. The problem is the deadline for some of the programs I'm applying to is in less thank two weeks. Will the university still look at my application if ouac finishes processing it after the deadline?
Future York Students from Grade 12
Who applied to York here? Tell us if you guys got accepted, rejected, conditional offers, alternate offer, etc.

I applied to three programs at york and waiting to here back from them.
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York Acceptances 2018
So I created this account for people who got accepted to York.
If you got accepted tell us which program(s) you got accepted in and your averages in grade 11 and 12. 

FYI, I applied to three programs at York and waiting for their decision.
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York U Biochem vs Chem
I've been accepted into York University for Biochemistry and Chemistry(Biological and pharmaceutical stream). I wanted to what each program is about and how do they differ from each other? I know it doesn't matter which program I choose but which program will prepare me better for pharmacy school? Lastly, which is program is it easier to maintain a higher gpa?

Thank You
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Which courses do universities look at?
I applied to York University's Chemistry program and I know they will look at my top 6 including pre-reqs. I was wondering whether the university will look at those same courses or if they will look at my overall top 6 marks for the entrance scholarships. I am asking because my overall top 6 is over 95% which makes me eligible for the highest entrance scholarship but with pre-reqs included, my average is between 90-94% which puts me in the second highest bracket for entrance scholarships.
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York university undergraduate for pharamacy

My Future goal is to attend Waterloo's pharmacy school. I recently applied to York University, for my undergraduate,  for their Biochemistry program and their Chemistry (Pharmaceutical & Biological stream) program. My objective is to comlete the pharmacy school prerequisites within my first two years and I was wondering which program would be the better choice to prepare me for pharmacy school. Also, which one is the easier program to get higher grades in?  becuase I need to maintain a competitive GPA.

Thank you

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Occupational Therapy
How competitive is it to be admitted into a Occupational Therapy program in Ontario.

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consecutive education
i'm really confused on what consecutive education is. 
is consecutive education the same as doing teachers college?
when i type consecutive education into einfo, nothing shows up. 
is anyone can shed light on this, i would really appreciate it! thanks!!
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How to get to a 75-80 in math before the exam
So I got a mark update in math, specifically advanced functions, and I have a 57 and am honestly trying really hard, I have Chemistry, kinesiology, and bio at the same time, so it's really hard to get all the hmk from each class done and study for 3 or more test at a time. Is there any advice that get get me to the marks I want? I know it seems impossible but I belive nothing is impossible! So plz just give true advice.
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Can I get into York University B.comm Honours (accounting)?
I am mature student who has applied for the program. I was asked for a letter of extenuating circumstance and a resume as supporting document.

I have a 3 year BA Geography and Professional Certificate in Management. I originally started in Bachelor of Admin Studies and had performed poorly so switched to Geography. I had a C GPA but the requirement is a C+. Plus I have to repeat some ADMS courses. Thats why they asked for the letter.

Now I have been out of school for several years and been working full time. What are my chances of getting in the program?
Oral tests/presentations in university?
So im taking French in university cause i didnt have room to take it in high school and i really want to know the language. So obviously theres some point where you will have to speak the language out loud but does anyone know how oral tests work? (i go to york u if that helps) will i be speaking one to one to the teacher or in front of the class? Are language classes here usually big? I have terrible anxiety and im already freaking out about it and my class starts in september see how bad it is? Also if you have any tips it would be great.
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Living in Residence at York?
I am from BC, and will not get a chance to visit York before choosing which university to attend. Can anyone give advice about what campus life and living in residence at York is like?

I have been accepted to Honours Integrated Science at York and offered renewable admission scholarships. I have also been accepted into a co-op life science program at UTSC.

Trying to decide which to choose, and would appreciate hearing from anyone familiar with the two campuses. Thanks!
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Is York Glendon campus good for someone who hasn't taken French since grade 9?
I've been admitted to Glendon campus for Business Economics and I am not sure if I should go there since I pretty much forgot grade 9 French and Glendon is bilingual.
If anyone here goes to Glendon can tell me more about the university in general that would be great :)
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Honours Integrated Science program at York University?
Is anyone out there familiar with the Honours Integrated Science program at York? If so please let me know what your impressions and experiences are. Thank you!
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Ok this is going to be an utterly stupid question. How hard is it to get in to York's IBBA program?I have already applied to my top 3 programs Carleton International Business(already accepted), Brock BBA dual degree coop and Glendon dual degree Liberal arts and BBA.  So my extra curriculars arent fantastic;
- I did rotary youth exchange last year in France(so I am somewhat fluent in French).
-I have been in Interact(volunteer club) for 7 years and I was the treasurer for one year.
-I work part-time as a cashier
My marks are 
Calculus=72 (I am retaking it second semster to bump it)
Advanced functions=85
This semester I am taking;
Data management=98
Boh4m business management=91ish
Second semster I am taking
French=probably a 95%
Accounting 4M= probably 91-93%

I am not going to be heart broken if I dont get in but I have nagging feeling I should apply for the slight chance I might get in. I love all three programs I have applied to but this IBBA looks like it might be fun to take and I think I would be able to get a job after University. Also I love the idea of going to school in Toronto(its only 3 hour away from home). Anybody with any info about the program or any oppinion no matter how harsh,  please comment!!!