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Opinions: weak student at strong school VS strong student at weak school
Who would ultimately be more successful: 
A low-ranking student at a top-tier school (ex. Queens, Schulich, Ivey)


A strong student at a mid-tier school (ex. DeGroote, Telfer, Ted Rogers)

I'm applying soon and I'm just thinking - I'm someone who prioritizes social life and academics equally. If I go to a top-tier business school, I definitely will not be one of the leading students academically whereas I would stand out far more at a mid-tier school. I know business is about connections relative to area and I honestly feel I will stand out far more at a school that is not filled with overachievers. 
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Best Program in Toronto for Business
Can anyone give me a personal opinion on which Toronto university has the best business program? I am considering Schulich and Ted Rogers at this point. Are they hard to get into? Which one is a better program?
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Accounting needed for first year business?
Hey, I've been visiting a few universities for business programs (such as rotman, ted rogers, and schulich) and they said that first year will be more of a generalized business program, I haven't taken any accounting in grade 11 or 12 and I was wondering if that will put me in a disadvantage for first year? Thanks for your help!
Freshman looking for internship jobs on my own
I am an international student currently attending Mcmaster University for Commerce. As you know, there is no internship for international students as me in Mcmaster University. And I really want to get a good internship in order to transfer to target business schools. Can anyone tell me some tips to looking for internship on their own and which internship best match the target school teacher's favor? Thx.
Does Business school care if you failed other courses that are not in your top 6
I am currently a victory lap student. Last year, I didn't have a specific target wht I wanted to do, wasn't motivated and didn't put much effort into my courses and  ended up failing few courses. I decided that I needed to change, after putting all the hard work into my courses, avoiding distraction, I successfully completed my top 5 courses with about 90 average. My goal is to get into to top business schools  Lazaridis(Laurier), Schulich, Queens, etc.  On OUAC it shows up my failed courses with my top 6 courses. I am just concerned if Business school will see it as negative factor even though it's not in my top 6, when choosing candidates for the admission?
Stressed about acceptance to commerce
Hey, I'm currently a grade 12 student - just wanted some advice about undergrad business programs. Initially my goal was to attend Ivey/Queens/Schulich, but lately I've been slacking off a lot and right now my average is around an 85 (I have a 74% in advanced functions). Because of this, I've reconsidered my options and am now debating between McMaster commerce and Laurier BBA - I know Laurier's cutoff is around 89% so I'll have to increase my average significantly by the end of the semester and next. My questions are: 

1. Is McMaster commerce a bad program? Everything I see on this forum leads me to believe so. Will I stand a chance in terms of recruiting against Ivey/Schulich/Queens students? 
2. Is it possible to get into Laurier with an average below the 89.5% cutoff? I've read about a few people on here being accepted with lower through their ABS form, which is a good thing for me because I have pretty strong extracurriculars. 

I regret slacking off at the beginning of the semester a lot and at this rate, I'm even considering doing an extra semester next year in order to get my average above 90%. Would it be worth it? 

Thanks all.
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AMA First Year Student at Schulich
I've been in many of your shoes last year and came to yconic for a lot of help. Thought I would give back. Go ahead and ask away, I'll do my best to answer.
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Engineering Vs Commerce
I'm an ambitious grade 12 student, with a dilemma regarding undergrad studies. I am a successful student (so far) and am interested in courses in both commerce, math, and science. I have always had a passion for commerce, and the idea of working with money, however I am also very good at technical problem solving. 

Would it be more valuable to get a commerce degree at a top school (Queens, Schulich) or a (mechanical?) engineer at a school like Gueens, Mcmaster or Guelph? 

*I have considered the Western Ivey/eng, but the option seems overly-expensive.   
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Small Leadership Roles Yet Aiming for Top Business Schools
Hello everyone! I'm a grade 12 student hoping to get advice/feedback as I have to start sending university applications soon and submitting PSEs, Supplementary Informations etc.. I am interested in business and leaning more towards finance (as I am unsure of whether or not I like accounting).

My EC's are okay; I am the VP of Music Council, been part of the school band since grade 9, and have been part of a few clubs ever since I started high school. However, that's pretty much the extent of my leadership skills (unfortunately).

I was wondering since I do not have strong ECs, yet most business schools are looking for well-rounded students, how would I be able to sell my experiences and my limited amount of leadership roles? What should I focus on in order to get into the programs I want (especially the highly competitive ones)? Thanks! :)

Choices for Uni:
Western (Ivey), Queens (Smiths), UofT (Rotmans), Waterloo, Laurier, York (Schulich)

Advanced Functions: 95%
Calculus: 88%
Current grade 12 average (midterms): 96%
Expected Overall Average: 92 - 94%

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Science Path Switching to Business, Concerned with Extracurriculars
So for the majority of my life I envisioned myself working in a lab however after I started to waver once I entered Grade 12. I did my research and my average should be around high 80s to mid 90s however my extracurriculars aren't so great since I never really thought about them. At most my extracurriculars were Cross Country, Dance Club, Athletic Council, and volunteering at my dojo for those mandatory hours. They aren't great but I don't see how I can differentiate myself from others with them.
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Supplementary Applications

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to prepare for my supplementary applications (specifically for Schulich and Rotman and Waterloo). Should i be practing any specific questions or anything like that.

Thanks in advance
first year schulich student... AMA!!!
had a avg of 94.5 when i got accepted
dont remember my EC's but they don't really matter just be able to make it sound like you were a leader. 

ask about student life, admissions etc
ask about other schools too
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What university should I apply to?
Grade 12 student here.
I can pick four universities in total. I want to be a project manager in the future and was looking for suggestions as to what school offers the best program for my pathway. I am a top scoring student at my school (none of my grades have ever been below a 90). I am leaning towards Queen's, Schulich, UofT and Waterloo/Laurier.
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what are my chances of getting in?
I'm currently in grade 12 and I've already fast tracked 4 grade 12 courses: Which I've got 92, 90, 87, but unfortunately I got 82 in advanced functions. (I had a crazy work schedule... over 20 hours a week which included full day weekends so it affected my studying) However, I'm retaking advanced functions and I started off pretty strong (97) but I haven't studied whatsoever so my mark after three tests is probably going to be a 90 now.

(I am not planning to use my 87 in my top 6 though)
Rn I'm taking English, which I expect to end over 85 with.
I have another bird course (BBB4M) which I will probably end over 91 with
Next semester I have calculus, data, food and nutrition, and most likely going to take another bird course such as fashion.

What are my chances? I've got some pretty decent EC's too, exec of two clubs, Swim instructor and Lifeguard, Camp counsellor, 300+ volunteer hours, Tutor...

I want to apply to bios+ivey, schulich, uoftrotman, laurierbba, and queens commerce. I'm just afraid I fucked up because I haven't been studying for Advanced Functions, I was wondering If I should just drop and pray that my Calculus mark will outweigh the low Functions mark or if I should private school calculus or something. Any thoughts?
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First Year Accounting and Financial Management Student (Waterloo AFM)
Hi everyone, I am a first year AFM student at Waterloo and last year I was in your position. I was trying to figure out which university programs to apply to and I heavily relied on this website to make my final decisions from first years in the respected programs. If any prospective students in high school are looking to pursue the AFM program at Waterloo I would love to answer any questions, and talk about my experiences so far! I was admitted with a 91% average with excellent EC's. 

I am applying to Uni this December. I am deciding between Laurier BBA and Schulich BBA. So Far I heard..  


Pros- Reputation, Community, Small class size, networking  
Cons – No co-op, curriculum is hard, commute,  


Pros – Easier to get high Gpa, Co-op, #1 in student satisfaction ranking  
Cons- Community (not many south Asians), risk of not getting co-op, bigger class sizes.  
Both of these school offers great opportunities. It will be difficult to choose between these two. If anyone from these school could give me some guidance or share their experience that would be great
Business programs I can get in with a 80-85 percent average since I can't pull off a 90?
Idk what I'm doing wrong with my studying but I can't get high marks in math,  maybe i should study 2-3 days ahead instead of the day before. I'm not sure.
Over the next two weeks I have 10 tests to do, and I can't pull off a 94 average for top business schools such as Schulich, Queens, Ivey and Rotman. Maybe if i studied ahead i might but its hard to change study habits.
I know York BAS, Ryerson Bcomm or BBA ( forgot) is easier to get in. Can you guys recommend me other programs that are in Toronto?

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Conditional Acceptance Course Requirements for Schulich?
I am currently taking 

Data management, Calculus and vectors and Advanced functions with an overall average projected mark of 94%.

I plan to take English, International Business and World Issues in semester 2.

When I apply to Schulich in Jan will my semester 1 marks be enough for first round conditional acceptance? If they only consider the 3 courses that are completed, and what mark will I need to retain to keep my offer? I've read some say 85% some say no more than 5% below your admission average. Would appreciate any advice?
Place for Improving my Presentation and communication skills?
I am a high school student looking to improve my presentation and communication skills.      I believe Presentation and communication skills are very important in order to succeed at Business schools. I recently checked Toastmaster International. Does anyone know any other place where I can improve my presentation and communication skills?  Any advice?
Can I get into York University B.comm Honours (accounting)?
I am mature student who has applied for the program. I was asked for a letter of extenuating circumstance and a resume as supporting document.

I have a 3 year BA Geography and Professional Certificate in Management. I originally started in Bachelor of Admin Studies and had performed poorly so switched to Geography. I had a C GPA but the requirement is a C+. Plus I have to repeat some ADMS courses. Thats why they asked for the letter.

Now I have been out of school for several years and been working full time. What are my chances of getting in the program?
I need some help with choosing my program.
Hey there guys, I am currently in grade12 and could really use some help in choosing a potential program I want to apply for. I am looking to be a tax lawyer/accountant/economist... Something along those lines. My grades might not be the highest, but I feel like I am a hard worker (my opinion). Here is what my grade situation is looking like:
Advanced Functions: 78
Data Management: 80
Non Traditional Arts: 84
Most of these grades are my predictions for this semester. I would really like a BBA or a BComm. I want to stay away from a BA unless the program will guarantee me co-op. Thanks for your help!
reviving a club! ideas?
its a vegan club! LOL! I just need a president or executive position or else I won't get in any business programs with my weak ECs which are 
-  350 volunteer hours, 
- member of Deca for two years  ( grade 10 and 12),
- sometimes teach bible to kids at church on sundays.
- ( i might join a sports team)
Like other than cooking food what activities should I prepare? 
what do you guys think?
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I don't know what Im doing wrong
I study really hard for a test and i get a bad mark, especially math.  Maybe because its the lack of focus.
Should I just study harder? not the day before but 3 days before? longer hours? more practice tests?
that log test brought my average down to a 70%, luckily I have another log test this friday. Hopefully that will bring it back to a 80 or higher

edit: I go to Mary Ward by the way
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