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Schulich Class of 2022 - Acceptance & Applications Forum
Hello everyone! To those of you applying to Schulich's BBA/iBBA for the Class of 2022, let's build this forum by posting our: 
 Projected Average: 
 And if you got accepted!

 Good luck to you all! P.S if you have any questions feel free to ask as it will be answered.
what do I do ?!
I have a 79 average so I asked  my english teacher what can I do to raise my mark to an 85, and he just laughed in my face. 
I'm doomed

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I need some help with choosing my program.
Hey there guys, I am currently in grade12 and could really use some help in choosing a potential program I want to apply for. I am looking to be a tax lawyer/accountant/economist... Something along those lines. My grades might not be the highest, but I feel like I am a hard worker (my opinion). Here is what my grade situation is looking like:
Advanced Functions: 78
Data Management: 80
Non Traditional Arts: 84
Most of these grades are my predictions for this semester. I would really like a BBA or a BComm. I want to stay away from a BA unless the program will guarantee me co-op. Thanks for your help!
Schulich Transcript! Do we need to upload it to MyFile?
Do I need to upload my high school transcript to MyFile under the Supporting Documents tab?!?? Completed my supplementary a long time ago of course, but I just noticed that there is still a link that says to 'upload transcript' so if you also applied to York Schulich please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do offers come out in between rounds?
For Schulich and other business programs, I know that there are rounds. For example, Schulich has three rounds, one is March, one in April, and the last in May. I am wondering, do offers come in between the rounds like between March 15th and April 29th (I just made those dates up)?
Has York MyFile updated for Schulich students?
Hi all, 

If you applied to Schulich's BBA/iBBA program, has your York myFile Supporting Documentation updated yet? 
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Which Business School to choose?
Hi everyone,
I am currently in Grade 11, and I am uncertain on which University I should go for as my leading choice. Some background information, I want to go into Finance, and my career goal is to become an investment banker or something similar. I want to know which University would be the best for my profile. The Universities/Programs that I am interested in are Western (Ivey), Queen's Commerce, Schulich, Rotman, and Waterloo AFM, I want to stay in Ontario (preferably the GTA).

The courses I took for grade 12 are:
Advanced Functions
Data Management
Calculus and Vectors
Economic Issues
Financial Accounting
Business Leadership

I am projecting a 90% - 93% average for next year. Can someone please help me decided which University is best for me by comparing all of them and explaining in detail because this is going to be a fundamental decision in my life and I don't know what to choose.
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So my video interview went kind of okay, I would rate it about a 6/10. My writing component was about a 7/10. My leadership profile consisted of:

1) Part-time job as a cashier 
- Trained new employees

2) Feminism Event organizer
- organized an event to spread awareness about feminism in my school.

3) Progam assistant for the Summer Reading Club at a library.
- Volunteered with kids, organized and executed events throughout the summer.

4) Investment club executive member

5) Accounting Tutoring

Projected Average: 91%

Really nervous about my chances :/ Let me know what you guys think.
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Read this if you're going into a business program
hey guys, im a first year student at schulich, and i was probably in your place last year, stressing about ec's and averages, spending hours on this forum.

i know you guys are all smart, ambitious kids, wanting to get into queens, ivey, rotman, schulich, laurier, waterloo etc. I'm writing this post because I want to inform you guys on a few important insights that I gained only AFTER i started first year. 

1) Your program does not make or break your career
- this is so important for some of you to understand. yes queens is good, yes ivey presents opportunities in finance, but at the end of the day, your success is up to your GRIT, your determination, ability to consistently motivate yourself, pick yourself up after failure, and learn from mistakes. Your success in business depends on your ability to be extraverted, outgoing, enthusiastic. It depends on your ability to hold a pleasant conversation with people you just meet (NETWORKING). sure, a top program will provide you fantastic resources, but please please don't obsess over your program if its already between the top schools. also don't be condescending to people who choose to go to a program that YOU deem a lower tier than yours. those people may have traits that you don't have that will make them better students than you are.
this being said, i still want to give advice on HOW to choose your program, given that a lot of you will be receiving multiple offers. 
2) choose your program based on multiple factors, and choose wisely.
if you're SET on accounting, go to AFM (or even brock). big 4 love waterloo students.
if you're going into finance, in my opinion, your program doesn't matter a lot, u just have to have a crazy high gpa and be a very specific type of person (super driven, smart, sociable). but a lot of people interested in finance choose ivey, so u'll definately find a bigger finance community at ivey and queens than at schulich or afm. i don't know much about finance at laurier and rotman.
if you are undecided, which is probably the majority of you, i'd recommend to choose based on the experience you want out of university. Do you want to party and get out of town and away from your parents? choose ivey, queens or laurier. do you want a coop program so that you can alternate between work and school? choose afm or laurier (i highly recommend coop programs) do you want to stay at home and save money? choose schulich. do you want to drop out and hate life first year? choose rotman... haha i'm just kidding. for real though, rotman kids seem to have it SUPER tough and i already know a lot of people regretting rotman because their gpa's are really low, theres no coop, and the environment i heard is kind of hostile. but if you do choose rotman and end up graduating from there it is really impressive. everyone knows how hard rotman is. people who choose rotman tend to be the people whoare super ambitious and/or really idolize living in downtown. 
3) be conscious of your mental health
so on a very serious note, i know of a few business students right now that have depression that developed in first semester. i want to you to know that university is a whole different ball game. it really challenges your ability to push through some really tough times. you could be going through a break up and have 4 midterms in a week. please know your limitations. if you know you are not good at handling stress, and you break down very easily, i would recommend staying close to home. i know so many people who moved away and once frosh and all the partying ended, they started to get really homesick, and the homesickness did not go away. of course this isn't the case for everyone. however, as a business student, you're gonna go through a lot of stress. business isn't just about school grades, it's about building this personal brand also. it consumes so much of your life. if you have a life established back at home, e.g. you're a competitive dancer, you go to church, i'd say not to give that up and choose a program close to home so you can continue pursuing that passion. trust me, it's not smart to have your whole identity and purpose in school and your success in it. it's not healthy, and if things start going south, you'll lose hope in life very quickly.
4) more about schulich
since i go to schulich, i wana talk a bit more about it. social life in terms of partying and meeting a ton of people is gonna lack compared to those who move away, but again, if you have a life outside of school in toronto, it won't really matter. plus, if you're super outgoing and friendly, you'll make friends. don't choose this school if you want a traditional university experience. i do want to put it out there that you shouldn't put too much value on social life because you don't want to be someone who moves away from home for the social aspect and your grades fall into the 60s because you don't have self-control. at the end of the day, you're going to school for education and opportunities in business. 
the academic aspect is ok. don't slack on readings, do practice questions, and study in advance for things and you will do fine. schulich courses are curved, so be higher than average and you're blessed. there are some bullsh courses in first semester, but just push through them. 

there's so many topics to talk about and so much advice i want to give... but i can't collect all my thoughts rn. if you guys have more questions please post them and ill get back to you!

here's another piece of advice i just thought of: when you're choosing your program, look at the actual program courses. compare them across programs and see which courses seem more appealing to you. you obviously won't know that much about the course just by its name but if you have friends in the program ASK about those courses. make sure u choose the program that have courses that seem interesting to you and suit what you want to learn.
this is especially helpful if you dont know whether to go into  (for example) a business program or an art program. which seems better to you? intro to accounting or design studio?
be as informed as possible before making your decision.
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MyFile Not Updated? Schulich
Hey Guys,

I applied to Schulich and when I check Myfile, it still says "not updated" - is that the same for anyone else?
Missed Deadline
Hello everyone so i missed my one deadline for York not for the application but for the  supplemental information. I dont know what i am suppose to do. I had exams so i was focused on that and then i just realised that i missed the due date! I emailed them but I am not sure what will happen.
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schulich marks vs grades
ik the website says 50/50 but a lot of people say Schulich cares about marks more than grades? Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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Writing Parents down On Reference
Hey guys, I’ve been working in the back of my parents’ office and wanted to put them down for the Schulich reference but I’m worried that it will reduce my chances severely of getting in or even getting in at all for putting them. I can’t find anyone else to put down since I’ve been working in the back and don’t really talk to anyone. Any advice?
is a 91-92 average good enough for Schulich 2017-2018 admissions
A friend of mine is trying to get a 92 average minimum by second semester and has great EQ's, i was just wondering how high are his chances of getting in.

Also, any tips for the supplementary application and video interview ?
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Kinda messed up on interview
So I did my interview for Schulich yesterday and it was pretty mediocre. I didn't  freeze, I managed to answer and elaborate on all the questions and I don't think I looked nervous (Recorded myself). However, I did notice that I was speaking really fast for my "Why do you want to go to Schulich" question. Like REALLY fast. On top of that when I get nervous I have a tendency to fumble upon my grammar, which I did on a few occasions. However, the worst part is that for the timed writing exercise, I only managed to put together a good four sentences if I'm not mistaken, but I am almost positive that there were no errors. My average is pretty high, mid 90's and my EQ's are decent. What are my chances of getting in or did I completely ruin my chances?
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How many kids apply to Schulich every year?
I heard that it was around 6000 kids every year... Is that true bc if so rip since they only accept 300 BBA and 150 ibba . 
Also, how are the averages for most kids applying? Don't the ones with high averages end up declining the offer and going to like, Queens?
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Where do I pay for the Schulich application?
Submitted my leadership profile and video interview but I don't see a payment option.
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Schulich chances with decent interview but bad timed written response?
I feel like I rly messed up the written response (only wrote 100 words and it wasn't good). My EC's are solid and my average is ~97. Is it true that high averages almost always get an offer or should I be more worried considering how my interview/writing went?
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