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OUAC/ Dropped Course
So I finally got my OUAC Access Code Information. I went online and made my account, I saw that it says that I am currently enrolled in a class I dropped out of like last week. What should I do?
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Can multiple people from the same school get accepted?
What are the chances for two people in the same school to get into the same program? I’m talking about programs like AFM in Waterloo and Accounting in Brock? 

My friend and I want to go to the same program so we are planning to work together to get, however I would like to know the chances of both of us getting in..
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Grade 12 Essay Writing Contest - Credit Education Week
Hey guys, 

I was wondering if anyone applied for the grade 12 essay contest with credit education week. The topic this year was "what is the dumbest thing you have done with your money and what did you learn from it?"
I am curious to know if anyone knew when they would be announcing the winner and will they call or email?

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#Askyconic - What to Expect from University or College
Should you live at home or rez? Is attending Frosh worth it? Is it hard to make friends in uni? When am I expected to pay for tuition? how do manage my loan?

First year is a challenge, but you are up to the task! With a little help from our student hosts...

Follow us and join us on Facebook LIVE for a very special edition of #Askyconic on Wednesday August 2nd at 6 pm EST. as our student hosts answer all your questions about starting post-sec.

No question is too hard or stupid. Leave 'em all in the comments below! Don't forget to come back to this thread after the show, as we will be posting the resources we shared. 

PS. Be nice! Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.
Bad transition to uni, any advice? (pre-med)
Hi everyone!

So I'm currently in my first year of uni and I have taken 2 midterms so far. I'm not doing as well as I thought, considering my grades have dropped by at least 10%  (teachers are right when they say your average may drop by that much!). I averaged in the 90s as a high school student and now I'm in the low 80s. I am planning on changing my study habits, but I'm not sure on how to do so.

I'm wondering if there's anyone who had a successful first year in university, and would like to give tips and advice not just to me, but to others who are also poorly transitioning into post secondary. :)

Thank you in advance!

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Which university programs are you applying to?
Hi everyone!

If you're currently a Grade 12 student, chances are you've already heard your guidance counsellors talk about university. You might've had recruiters from different post-secondary institutions present at your school as well. At this time, you might even have a stack of viewbooks from attending university fairs and presentations.

Which university programs are you applying to?
Was there a university program you didn't know about that peaked your interest? If so, how did you find out about it?

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
University of Waterloo -- Conditional Admission to Pharmacy 2018 Discussion Group

Since the other CAP students on Yconic helped me out a lot, I thought I'd start a thread to help out the applicants of this year! I'm in my first year at the University of Waterloo, and I have CAP status. If anyone has any questions, let me know and I'll try my best to answer! 

A brief summary: CAP is an opportunity for high school students to apply to Waterloo's pharmacy school and gain something akin to pre-admission. The application process requires completing the AIF, writing a brief essay, submitting references, and completing an interview. More information can be found here: https://uwaterloo.ca/pharmacy/future-students/conditional-admission-pharmacy-cap

To everyone who is hesitant about applying: Just go for it! I didn't think I would be accepted, yet somehow I'm here! 
Bad senior year grades + dealing with mental illnesses
I'm a grade 12 student and I'm not doing so good for two of my most important courses for this semester - academic biology and academic chemistry. I currently have a 56 in bio and a 64 in chemistry, and my marks dropped this much due to a harsh unit test and assignment. It's the second month of school, and I'm already close to giving up on working as hard as I did in the beginning of this semester, and univeristy application submissions + midterm report cards are right around the corner. I'm one of those students that invest most of their day for studying, and try to do everything to the best of my ability.  I've been dealing with depression and anxiety issues for a few years now, which I feel like is taking a poll on how I'm currently feeling now about my future, and at this point I feel like I'm going to get rejected or end up passing these courses with a low mark (and what I need is at least a 90 :/) If someone can advise me on what next steps I can take in encouraging myself/get my grades up in time for early application submission I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thank you very much
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Q/A about Medical School
Hi there!

My brother, who is a physician that works in a hospital as well as a medical school, has been getting questions about how to become a doctor, getting into medical school, etc. He did not get accepted into medical school the first time he applied. The most common questions he had received were:

(The following responses are my brother's, not mine. I just felt sharing them with the yconic community.)

"Is it bad to dream of becoming a doctor where medical school chances are less than 10%?"

It's not bad to dream of becoming a doctor one day and that goes for anyone. Yes, it's true that most students won't be able to attend medical school. In order for the dream to become reality, a student must really be persistent, determined, intelligent, patient, and hard-working. A future doctor wouldn't let this statistic completely deter them away from it.

"What did you do when you received a rejection letter from medical schools?"

I won't put what I did, but I'll generalize it. Those students who are insistent of becoming a doctor do not see the first rejection letter as something that will ruin them, but rather an opportunity to improve. Students have to ask themselves: "What did I do wrong?" "What can I do to improve?" "Do I really want to spend effort to apply a second time?" "Should I go get a Master's while I wait to get accepted in future tries?" "Should I just try another profession, something that is related to medicine, such as nursing?" "Should I call the medical school and ask what I did wrong more specifically?"

The first rejection letter is usually something that sets apart those individuals who truly want to become a doctor and those who didn't really desire it in the first place. People who passionately want to become a doctor will not let one rejection letter deter them from the career pathway completely. Sometimes they might receive another rejection letter from the second time they try to apply, and have to re-evaluate themselves again with those same questions I posted above.

"Was the MCAT hard?"

It wasn't too hard when I first started studying the content. However, there was just so much of it that it can seem difficult. The MCAT encompasses multiple subject areas and not all students excel in each of these areas (for me personally, was the physics section), which can be quite stressful. Begin studying for the MCAT months prior to your scheduled date. I used the Kaplan MCAT prep set and it helped a lot. I also joined a MCAT club that I found at my university and that helped me as well. Keep in mind, the MCAT won't have questions that are too difficult because of how long and how much (the content) the exam is. 

When finally writing the exam, I was beyond nervous and that made it seem like it was the hardest exam on the planet's history in my opinion. However, if I just stayed calm throughout the exam, it wouldn't be as hard as I thought it was. 
Easy Uni for Comp Science
What are universities that are easy to get accepted into Comp Science? If you know some Uni can you please list their average of acceptance and their last year cut off for a for sure acceptance? 

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Queen's Engineering Program
Why did you (or why are you planning to) pick Queen's for this program, and do you think the common first year (within the Eng. & Applied Sc. Faculty) benefitted you (or will benefit you)?

Thanks for any helpful opinions/information!
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AMA: McMaster Health Sciences, Level 1 Student
Title says all. I empathize heavily with the premature, second-week-of-Grade-12 anxiety about university admissions. Not to mention, I relied on these forums to ease whatever feelings I had last year, so it's only natural that I give back.

Seriously, AMA. (ex. What Grade 12 courses did I take? What are some tips for the supp-app? What is BHSc even like? Is it the right program for me and my learning style?) 

Even if I'm not  the best source of info regarding a topic, I'm surrounded by enough people everyday that someone's ought to have an answer for you.
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Should I retake Advanced Functions?
I took Adv. Functions in summer school and I got a 90. My parents want me to retake it in the regular school year so I can get a high 90 in the course to maximize my top 6 average. I'm gonna be applying to McMaster Health Science, Western Medical Science. What do you guys think?
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New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a fresh Ryerson University graduate that majored in Professional Communication and I wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships over through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. Last summer I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co and that is where I'm currently employed.

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job
- LSAT studying/writing 
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Wanting to become an accountant, should I consider schools that don't have a co-op?
Programs such as Ivey AEO & HBA, Queen's Commerce, Schulich Business, etc. do not have a co-op, so for someone who is dead set on becoming an accountant while other things such as tuition, residence, etc. are not a concern, do you think these programs hold comparable value to programs such as Waterloo AFM, Brock Accounting, Laurier Business, etc. who do have a co-op? Waterloo and Brock have the added benefit of having a MAcc, additionally all Waterloo SAF students who have an average equal or higher than 75% are automatically admitted into it.
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Course Balance
Hey, so far this semester I have the most critical subjects that are necessary for the university I'm planning to go to (applying to UofT, Waterloo, Carleton, and uOttawa) as I'm a grade 12 student currently. I just need a few tips for the current year I'm in as my target for the marks I want is 95% + in each course, as well as, I'm looking forward to increasing my extracurricular involvement around the school/community and get a part-time job.

The courses I have this semester are: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (taking a spare too)

Next semester are: Biology, Calculus and Vectors, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science

Any tips or thoughts?

never done homework, paid attention in class or studied in my life, now its biting me in the ass and i dont know what to do
All my life ive been pretty successful in terms of school and grades. I didnt really need to put any effort or try in school because it was easy through grades 1-10. The plan is to go down the science route but the foundation isnt there as a result of never doing anything in school. In grade 11, i did nothing and my marks suffered although i ended with a 75% average. Now in grade 12 i feel as though my level of knowledge is still in grade 10. I just dont know what to do.. im now close to 2 months into grade 12 and i havent done anyrhing about it yet cos theres so much to know and learn for the 3 sciences and maths i dont know how to catch up. The textbooks are confusing and paying attention in class is useless to me at this point because as i said, the foundation isnt there. For example, how am i supposed to understand projectile motion and watever if my knowledge on grade 11 kinematics isnt there. Its easy to say go to teachers for help and use online resources but the problem is i dont know where to start. you can even tell that my writing skills are very poor and its the result of never reading books or doing anything in english classes.
  Despite all this im going to shoot high and try for one of the better programs such as mac life sci or integrated sci. I just need to know What i can do to catch up right now and learn everything i missed out on all my life.  
Thanks in advance
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Loran Scholarship Advice
Hey, has anyone here applied for the Loran Scholarship before? I'm in Grade 12 this year, and I am applying for it, but I wanted to know some more about it. What was the process was like for you? Did you get an interview? Any helpful tips for the application form? Were you able to get an interview? 

Should I drop functions in school and take a private school course?
I've had 2 tests so far in advanced functions so far and I've bombed both, one 80%, the other 40%(lol). I want to go far Mac health sci, life sci and integrated sci. I was wondering if I should stay and work my butt off or dip and go for private school for the mark. Also do the mac programs i mentioned care whether the course is taken through private school or not?

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Highest Paying Trade?
What are the highest paying trade in the industry? How much do Mechanic makes?

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Civil Engineering at Carleton
Can someone give me a realistic average for Civil Engineering and Software Engineering at Carleton? Their website says 75% - 85% above, and this averages may varies on the competitions and how many students apply. What was last year cut off average for Civil and Software, that is a for sure acceptance?
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Which ECs Will Increase My Chances of Winning Scholarships?
Extra-curricular activities and wondering which are the best to take in terms of university applications and winning scholarships have always been in the back of my mind. For years now I've been in a wide range of activities including music, athletics, drama, volunteering, environmental and community outreach club and art. Extra-curriculars are always good to have on scholarship applications, but the ones you pick and specialize in can impact it.  

So how do you make ECs worth it?  And which ones are most beneficial?

Impressive Extracurriculars
Activities cultivate a wide range of talents and strong character traits. Of course, like all things in life, the key thing is balance. Know your capabilities and aim to reach beyond that point, choosing activities from different categories. If you are unsure about an activity, take a trial course or ask to join for a day to get a feel for it. Try and see if you like it. Whats the harm? Listed below are several extracurriculars, including important traits athat are learned by joining. 

Leadership Skills
- Student Government (participation in school matters; responsible; role model)
- Athletics (physical endurance; teamwork; commitment)

Critical Thinking
- Academic teams (competitive, passionate about learning & challenges)
- Debate (thoughtful; educated in modern affairs; rational & analytic mindset)

- Arts (outside of the box thinking)
- Drama (expressive; personable; commitment to a group)

Community Involvement/ Life Experience
- Volunteer work/Community service (A must have!)
- Part-time jobs (work experience & real-world experience)
- Internships (dedicated; mature; capable of handling heavy courses)

Making ECs Pay Off

1. Follow your passions
Just because there aren't scholarships handed out in your field of interest, for example, paintball. Just because you won't get money from playing paintball doesn't mean you should stop it. If you are the lead guitarist for a classic rock band playing from your garage, miles away from getting a scholarship out of it, you can still use it to your advantage. Committees still look at you as a person, wondering what interests you and makes you unique. Knowing that you have the drive to follow your passions is a valuable asset. Colleges are aware that individuals turn it up a notch in terms of extracurriculars during senior year. So, it's better to choose what you love and benefit from the experience as a person not just for extra lines on your applications. 

2.  Focus your skills
In your activity, find a way to make yourself stand out from the rest. If you're not the fastest on your team, the strongest or the fittest, become the most educated person about the activity. Focus on something unique that you do really well. Make sure your coaches, instructors, teachers see your improvement. 

Do you think co-op or going on an international exchange is beneficial?
Practical and experiential learning is very important to me as a student. 

Despite being a first-year, I started looking into co-op and international exchange opportunities.

If you're a post-secondary student or have graduated, I'd like to hear what you think.

Have you done co-op or gone on an international exchange? If so, what was it like? Was it beneficial?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador