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Science/ Related Undergrad Decision Making
Hey guys, I'm a grade 11 student, still trying to decide on an undergrad. Science is the goal as it is something I enjoy doing, and I believe it will prepare me somewhat for the MCAT and med school; as the overall goal is medical school. I want something that offers a pretty good amount of electives, and is not so constricted as well as a program in which I can easily achieve a 3.8 or higher GPA. I preform decently well, and have good study and work habits.
Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Early Admission Question
Let's say an undergraduate program requires you to include ENG4U when submitting your grades. If I'm sending my admission early, and have this course second semester, do I still need to send my top 6 grades with ENG course, or no need?
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McGill Acceptances
McGill has just started their rounds of admissions! Please feel free to leave acceptances, accepted averages, and the program(s) you were accepted into! Good luck to you all!
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Tips on managing difficult course load?
Hi!!! So basically, I am technically the age of a grade 10 student, but I have taken extra courses (online and during the summer) so that although my first semester of grade 10 was full of grade 10 courses, the upcoming second semester is grade 11, and then I'm taking two grade 11 courses in the summer, and then next year I'll be taking one grade 11 course and 7 grade 12 courses. The thing is, I'm very interested in pursuing science/math in university, so my courseload is a little bit crazy, especially since I'll be graduating with 30/30 credits instead of the traditional 32/30. My next semester is:

11 - Chemistry
11 - Physics
11 - French
11 - Functions

And my grade 12 year will be some combination of:

11 - Biology
12 - Advanced Functions
12 - English
12 - Physics
12 - Chemistry
12 - Calculus and Vectors
12 - Biology
12 - World Issues (or Law)

I'm sure there are some people who wouldn't find taking these courses all that stressful. I'm positive that I can handle it with some level of confidence and grace as I am a high-achieving student with a passion for learning, and to be honest I've learned to handle stress and stay organized, but I just want to make sure that I go into the next semester and next year in the best possible state of mind and with realistic expectations for what it will be like.

I'd really really appreciate any tips, opinions, hearing about your experience, etc. Thanks!!
Health Science/Life Science required courses and benefits for med school
HI! I am currently in grade 12 and have applied to McMaster Life science, McMaster Health science, Mcgill life science, Western health science, and UTM life science. I have some questions about the programs.

For Health Science they require a non-technological, non-math, and non-science course for one category. I was wondering if computer science (ICS 4U) counts as a technological course or if it's in a separate category since tech courses usually start with a T like TIJ1O 

If I use Comp Sci as that course I can have an average of about 91.5% 
If I cannot use it as that course I would have an average of about 90.89%

Also, once you get into life science, I have heard that the amount of students who get into med school is low. I was wondering which universities and programs would help prepare me for medical school the most while allowing me to achieve a high GPA.

Thank you!
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SFU Self-Reported Grades.
I self reported my grades, SFU came to our school and told us to self report our grade 11 marks in for Grade 12 if we didn't have our grade 12 marks yet. I applied for Computing Science and admission average is usually around 86%.

89% Math
88% English
93% Geography
77 % Physics

That's an 86% average and I've still received no response, and it's been a couple of weeks. Is that too low? 
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Graduation Gown
I''m in grade 12 and I'm graduating this year but I don't know what size robe to get.
Normally, I'm 157.5cm and weight like 105lbs.  So since you all might've already graduated, I'm hoping you could help me out. These are my options that I'm choosing between:

Size 45: (Height 5'0" to 5'2" or 151-158 cm and under 165 lbs.) 
Size 48: (Height 5'3" to 5' 5" or 159-166 cm and under 190 lbs.)

I don't want my robe to be too long (I want it mid-calf like normal) so I was going to get size 45, but I'm going to be wearing like 4"-5" heels so I feel like I should go with size 48 ??? I don't know help me
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april marks?? any difference??
My avg is 79.88 and I know someone who got into Commerce Management w a 81 at York. If my marks don't meet the requirements for the program for this session and I get it up to around an 83-84 average by the April marks, will there be any difference? are my chances lowered because I didn't meet the low 80s requirements for the february marks?? or do they view it the same?? can someone let me know please? thanks :)
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Help!!! lots of questions about university admissions, courses, ECs
Greetings everyone,

I am currently in grade 10, and as the second semester is approaching I am required to lock in my courses for grade 11. I realize that by choosing certain courses I open and close different opportunities in life.

I am interested in pursuing finance (or anything business related), computer science or engineering. However, I don't know if my mind will change about this or not, and I feel as if I have to take certain courses to keep my options open. My deadline is in 5 days and I am extremely worried.

Currently, I am thinking of taking the following:

Grade 11 English
Grade 11 Functions
Grade 11 Physics
Grade 11 Chemistry
Grade 11 French immersion
Grade 11 Computer studies

I have 2 remaining open course slots for which I can take the following

2 credits grade 11 co-op, for business or technology, I know it gives "office" experience in the workplace but from what I've heard you can basically learn everything you learn at the co-op on your own. is it really worth it? Do universities really care THAT much? will it increase my chances of admission? or is it better to take courses to learn more things If it takes this then I have to drop bio, and wave bye bye to the careers in science?

or 2 of the following:

grade 11 biology, to keep my options open in case I decide I want a career in the sciences, but is it worth it? will it drag my markdown? will it be an easier workload without biology?

grade 11 accounting, it necessary to go into a business program?

grade 11 law, will it bring my mark up? is it useful or a waste of time?

what would you experienced smart people say for someone interested in cs and business to take? what would make the workload easier but also keep options open for the future? Do you recommend taking AP courses or to take academic to get a higher grade?

I am also extremely stressed about extracurricular activities, because for most universities nowadays require that you are a "well-rounded person"

I only have the following
volunteer experience, assistant swim instructor, summer camp, computer tutor
Business club executive
athletics committee member
cross country team captain
Job as a sales associate

I was thinking of joining other clubs relating to the fields I wish to pursue, but what would be the best clubs or extracurricular things to do in terms of business and computers? co-op would definitely be a great thing to put down as an EC, but I'm still very unsure if it is worth taking or not.

I was thinking about starting to learn to programme and to get my certifications in languages such as C++, Java etc. but I really need advice on how to act right now and what clubs would be great to join for me I am very stressed and anxious and do not know how to proceed. again my course selection deadline is very soon and I would appreciate anyone with knowledge or experience to help me in this difficult situation.


AMA: McMaster Health Sciences, Level 1 Student
Title says all. I empathize heavily with the premature, second-week-of-Grade-12 anxiety about university admissions. Not to mention, I relied on these forums to ease whatever feelings I had last year, so it's only natural that I give back.

Seriously, AMA. (ex. What Grade 12 courses did I take? What are some tips for the supp-app? What is BHSc even like? Is it the right program for me and my learning style?) 

Even if I'm not  the best source of info regarding a topic, I'm surrounded by enough people everyday that someone's ought to have an answer for you.
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I HAVE TO CHOOSE MY GRADE 11 COURSES BY TONIGHT! IDK IF I SHOULD TAKE AP PHYSICS OR NOT! I got a 95 in science this year so in grade 10 but idk if i'm capable of doing ap physics next year. I need to know if universities look at grade 11 marks cuz if they do i don't want to take the risk. i want to become an engineer btw, preferably go to waterloo!! please reply!
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Mathematics of Data Management (Grade 12)
Should i fast track and take this course in grade 11? Is it easy? I have an  extra elective and i don't really want to take a spare so i'm thinking of taking this course in grade 10. If any of you have taken it, is it easy compared to functions and calculus?
Here’s the thing, I applied for optional attendance to another school. Then it says that they’ll contact my parents prior to Friday, February 16, 2018. Then that day comes and we got no acceptance nor non-acceptance letter. So here’s my question, did anybody of you uys applied for optional attendance that received acceptance or non acceptance letter? I don’t know if the letters are delayed(?) I’m not sure.
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QuARMS Question
I am in grade 11 and did okay in grades 9 and 10. I want to apply to QuARMS even though my chance of getting in is very low. My question is that once I receive the chancellorship nomination does Queens University look at all my grades or only grade 12/11 grades to decide if they want to send me the supplementary application.
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I'm a grade 10 currently and i'd love to do an internship or get a job related to computer engineering. If you know any places hiring or are willing to hire or give internships to grade 10s please tell me!! it doesn't have to be engineering related, that would just be preferable. I live in ontario btw.
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Do universities care about AP courses?
PLEASE HELP!! I have to choose courses for grade 11 in 2 days. I don't know if i should do AP everything. 

I know i'm gonna take Pre-AP Math and Pre-AP chemistry. BUT I don't know if i should take AP Physics!!! Anyone who has taken AP physics, please can you tell me if it's super hard or if it's manageable. 
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Queen's Life Scienes vs. McMaster Life Sciences???
Hi there!

So I'm just going to say, like many hopefuls out here, I do aspire to go into medicine and (hopefully) become a doctor. I have gotten an acceptance into McMaster Life Sciences and Queen's Life Sciences and I'm having trouble evaluating both programs in terms of what program would be best for me. 

I've heard that both programs are similar at both unis but at Queens, it's apparently much harder to get a better GPA. However, I've been to both campuses and Queen's has a much more "home" feeling to it personally than compared to Mac. I do consider myself a hardworking individual, but I'm very nervous in terms of what program I should choose. 

I've been reading other threads but all of them are unfortunately really old and would love some insight into both the programs, any info is appreciated!
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Courses in High School
Could you list the courses you took in high school. From grade 9 to 12. It will be very interesting to see different courses taken!
Failing Grade 11 Accounting? Will Universities Care?
Hi, I'm in 10th grade and I fast-tracked history during the summer and ended up taking gr 11 accounting as an elective to get a credit because I am good at math and thought it would be easy. Man, I was SOOO wrong.I have a 45-50 in the class.

  Anyway, I find it really hard and I don't understand it at all.
 In order to combat this, I missed the class a lot in order to "study" the subject, even worse decision, I fell farther behind  
. At this point, I was stuck in the cycle of missing class in order to catch up on what I didn't understand/what I missed. I know that if I just sucked it up and went to class, I probably would've gotten at least a 60, or 65, but I'm so afraid of looking stupid in class I just avoided it and skipped a whole bunch. 

In all my other classes, I am getting 90s, so I generally never have trouble in school. My ultimate goal is to go down the science route and get a ph.d so I can do research and become a professor. UFT and waterloo are universities of interest.
Business doesn't even cross my mind, to be honest. I just am so afraid universities will care if I get a 50 or 60 in this course. Plus, my parents constantly make me feel so bad about my accounting mark, they always call me mean names and tell me I won't make it to university because I am so disorganized and incapable. Anyway, exams are in two weeks, if I work my butt off and clutch and get 50 or 60 in this course, will universities penalize me?

Tips to stop procrastinating!!!
I'm a grade 10 student with an overall average of 93.6% so basically a 94%. I really want to get high 90s in grade 11&12 like 95+ because i want to go to Waterloo for software engineering and i know it's super competitive! I really feel like i'd be able to get like 2-3% more if i would just study every day instead of waiting until the last minute but i just can't get myself to do it. I'm really worried that this habit will make me fail in life. So if anyone has any tips on how to stop doing it, i would appreciate it. 

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What courses to choose for grade 11!
Hi, I'm a grade 10 student and I have to choose courses for grade 11 by February 21. I want to go into software engineering at either University of Toronto (St.George), Waterloo, or Ottawa. My grade 10 semester one marks are:

Science: 95
Civics: 94
English: 92
Com Sci: 94

As of right now these are the courses I'm planning on taking:

English (U)
Math (AP) 
Chemistry (AP)
Physics (AP)
Com Sci (U)

I need one more course! I don't know if i should take biology as i want to keep my options open so i have one more year to decide. But i know that studying for bio can be time consuming so i don't want to waste my time focusing on that if that's not the field i want to go into. And should I take the computer engineering (robotic focus) course? I don't want to take it because there was literally ZERO girls taking it in grade 10 so it's probably going to be the same case next year! (I'm a girl btw) I also really don't like robotics that much but i don't know if it will affect me if i don't take it.

I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY ADVICE!! If you're in computer/ software engineering, please tell me if you had to take computer engineering course in high school! I really want to be sure before i submit my courses. 
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How to improve grades? (Gr.10)
I've managed to get a 90 and over in all my subjects this semester however they're all low 90s and it's really stressing me out. If i can't even get a 95% average then how will i get a high average in grade 11&12?! 

These are my grades so far in semester 1:

Science: 95  
Careers: 96
Civics: 90
Computer studies: 95
English: 92 

My average is only a 93.6 so a 94%. Does anyone have any tips on how to get high 90s in all subjects?! I would appreciate any helpful tips at this point. 

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Pre-Calculus 12 Help (BC)
I'm taking Pre-Cal 12 in my 2nd semester, and I did very poor on the 1st test. 65%, which was a shocker for me. I'm way better than that.  Is there any online sites that allow you to take Pre-Cal 12 online while you're taking it in class, therefore I could go with the highest mark for post secondary. This is in BC by the way.

If not Pre Cal, how about these for online BC,:
Principles of Mathematics 12
Applications of Mathematics 12
Computer Science 11

However my pre Cal is really important. 
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When to apply for OSAP
Hi, I'm currently in high school (grade 12) and I'm  wondering when is the appropriate date to start applying for OSAP. I have not received any offers from any post secondaries yet, so is it still possible for me to apply now?
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