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How are these EC's for Business School
I am looking to apply to Schulich, Ivey, Queens, Rotman mainly...
1. ) Project Manager at Volunteer MBC
2.) President and Founder of School Investment Club
3.) Heart and Stroke Volunteer
4.) Library Program Assistant
5.) Project Manager at Youth Leadership Development Program (Volunteer MBC)

How are these EC's?
Where do I stand???
Greeting and salutations my friends. My average is currently hovering around a 66-69%. However my projected gym mark is around a 79% next semester. I'm currently weighing my options. My first choice is Mcmaster health sciences, my second is UofT Rotman Commerce, and my safe choice is Computer Science at Waterloo however I want to keep my pride. I have strong and Diverse EC's including Professional Igloo builder, orgame club captain, Exchange student in Mongolia (Got a picture with the President), I resell supreme hoodies on the lowww, Laser tag enthusiast (Number 1 player in Mongolia) ,Night school science award out of my class of 4, and finally recently completed driving school. 

Thank you all for time, hope to see you around Mcmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of luck on your journey through life.
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Chances of getting in Schulich
Program: BBA 
Projected Average: 91
- Competitive Soccer and High School Soccer all four years
- Deca (Grade 11 & 12)
- Social Justice Club 
- Stem Olympics (Helped organize event in school) 
- Science Olympics Club 
- Co-founded a filmmaking company (Record videos for individuals) 
Please Help: I'm very concerned about my extra-curriculars cause I have no actual leadership title. I have for sure shown leadership in many of these clubs and teams but I was never an executive or captain for any. Could someone please let me know the chances of getting in to the BBA program based on my average and EC's, thank you. Also, any comments on what I can do before applying to help increase my chances is appreciated!
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Extra Curriculars to take in Grade 12?
I'm currently a grade 11 student and I want to apply to a Business school, I was told that they also take your Extra Curriculars into consideration. I am confident that I will get good marks next year but I don't know what EC's to join. Can someone please tell me which EC's I should join that are going to help me get accepted?
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I am a first year BBA student attending Wilfrid Laurier University, I'm here to answer any questions and clarify any doubts! AMA!!
Hey everyone, 

I figured y'all grade 12 students should have the chance to ask any questions about universities. I'm a registered boother for the University and I can definitely answer any questions about residence life and living alone in general, also feel free to ask about course work/load and basically any question that pops up in your mind! I was in your position last year and I definitely understand the stress that comes with grade 12, just know that it will all work out :)   

I also applied to: • Ivey 
                              • QComm 
                              • Rotman 
                              • Schulich 
                              • Mac Commerce
Brock BBA International Dual Degree
Hey just got accepted (94% avg)  Who else is thinking of going next year.  Any current students out there that want to give some advice on living in Europe for 2 years please feel free.
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What Business programs should I apply to?
Right now Im currently interest in Lauriers BBA, Brock's BBA, and Ryersons Bcomm (either accounting or management). I just wanna know if these school are good. Right now im only limiting myself to 3. I am retaking a functions course next semester cause my current mark in it isn't amazing, so I cant take calc pretty much, that why I ruled out Queens, rotman, and ivey etc. Also I've heard that laurier offers BA economics and accounting in you dont get into BBA but I'll probably be going to brock or ryerson if I dont get Lauier bba. If anyone is in these current programs, could you help me with knowing which is the best. 

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Laurier BBA Acceptances 2018
It's super early in the year but this thread is for Laurier BBA acceptances. Comment when you get accepted and what your average was. :))
brock's BBA or Ryerson Bcomm or York's Commerce
hi, im currently a grade 12 student getting mid 80's and 90's so far except for math which is below 50 :(. I know there are better business schools and programs then these but im not ready to go to a business school that is hard and where i will be emotionally drained and stressed out. I want go to a business school where i can manage my grades. I am going through enough stress in grade 12 already and i dont want to go through it again. I know ryerson has no co-op but what about york's commerce ..does it have it if your not going to schullich  and how is brock. I am just confused about if i should i go to a university that has no co-op or not
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Schulich Class of 2022 - Acceptance & Applications Forum
Hello everyone! To those of you applying to Schulich's BBA/iBBA for the Class of 2022, let's build this forum by posting our: 
 Projected Average: 
 And if you got accepted!

 Good luck to you all! P.S if you have any questions feel free to ask as it will be answered.
Do unis care if you are failing a course not in top 6 BEFORE getting an offer?
Hey guys,

I go to a non-semestered school. If I am failing one course but it's not in the top 6 or a prerequisite, will unis like Schulich, Rotman, Ivy, etc.. care at all even though my average is like a 94% in top 6? This is before even getting an offer
Queens PSE help
Identify any extracurricular activities and the total number of hours you devoted (or expect to devote) to each. Please include the positions held and whether each is a High School (HS), Community (C), or Other (O) activity (maximum 90 characters with spaces). Activities are valued equally and may include, but are not limited to, the arts, athletics, hobbies, volunteerism, and religious, social, farm and/or household responsibilities

Does this mean 90 characters per activity or 90 characters in total?
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Transfer BBA in wlu
Im currently student in economics, and i want transfer to BBA in the second year, what gpa need i get, is it hard. Thanks!
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Hello people of Yconic,

I got accepted to the Econ program at Laurier on December 7th, but I'm still waiting for an offer for BBA. Is the econ program any good? Should I be proud?
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My aspirations
to whom it may concern,
Hi i really want to become an investment banker on wall street. my top two choices are Western Ivey and Queens Commerce right now my marks are
english 72 (projected to be 70)
Advanced Functions 62 (projected to be 68)
Accounting 98 (projected to be 95)
Philosophy 96 (projected to be 95)
i have great E.Cs 
I founded my schools dragon boat team and also am a board member on the ping pong team.
What are my chances of getting in??????????
Can't leave Toronto
Hey, I'm a senior in high school and I don't know what to do. Originally I had planned on going to either Ivey, Queens, or Laurier, but due to certain issues, I have to stay in Toronto. I am expecting a 91/92 average and I'm worried that if I don't get into Schulich, I will have to a school where I will be presented with fewer opportunities especially considering I want to major/specialize in Finance. Anyone in a similar situation where although they have the marks to get into a certain school, they are unable to go because "it's too far".
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Courses to take in Grade 12!!!
Hi, currently I am in grade 11 and I want to get into Schulich or Queen's University for business administration/commerce. 

These are the courses I'm planning on taking in grade 12:
Advanced Functions
Data Management
Calculus & Vectors
Economic Issues
Financial Accounting
Business Leadership 

I'm planning on taking English in summer school. Can someone please tell me if this is a good plan and if not how should I change it? 
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I need some help with choosing my program.
Hey there guys, I am currently in grade12 and could really use some help in choosing a potential program I want to apply for. I am looking to be a tax lawyer/accountant/economist... Something along those lines. My grades might not be the highest, but I feel like I am a hard worker (my opinion). Here is what my grade situation is looking like:
Advanced Functions: 78
Data Management: 80
Non Traditional Arts: 84
Most of these grades are my predictions for this semester. I would really like a BBA or a BComm. I want to stay away from a BA unless the program will guarantee me co-op. Thanks for your help!
Hey, does anyone know when Laurier will be accepting early admissions?

Also, curious as to what programs you guys admitted to, please leave a comment if you like :)

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Business programs I can get in with a 80-85 percent average since I can't pull off a 90?
Idk what I'm doing wrong with my studying but I can't get high marks in math,  maybe i should study 2-3 days ahead instead of the day before. I'm not sure.
Over the next two weeks I have 10 tests to do, and I can't pull off a 94 average for top business schools such as Schulich, Queens, Ivey and Rotman. Maybe if i studied ahead i might but its hard to change study habits.
I know York BAS, Ryerson Bcomm or BBA ( forgot) is easier to get in. Can you guys recommend me other programs that are in Toronto?

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