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When does it make sense to accept an offer way before the deadline?
While googling, I noticed not all OUAC programs I applied to will have a rejection or offer status (i.e. some will remain blank) and it's probably more reliable to go with email correspondences for rejections.  For offers, I believe it takes 1-2 days for the OUAC portal to get the updated information.

So now I have a few questions on the back of my head:

1. Besides universities that only offer acceptance to only one program, will all other programs be courteous enough to provide an offer or rejection email/mail correspondence?

2. Because we can apply to entrance bursaries and scholarships even before receiving an offer of acceptance, when does it make sense to accept an offer way ahead of time?  This isn't anything like for Med School or Ivey but more a Math/Business or Business programs.

I don't want to accept an offer only to rescind it towards the end because that can screw up someone else's spot.

Schulich BBA vs Laurier BBA and Financial Math DD
I just got accepted into both programs and understand that Schulich is more reputable than Laurier's BBA program, but is that true for the DD?

Please the list the pros and cons of each program and your experiences in the program. Thank you for your help!
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Fastest way to York university from Brampton??
I recently got accepted to the BBA program at Schulich school of business at York university, but I live in Brampton on bovaird. What is the fastest way I can get from the pertosa bovaird intersection to Schulich? And least expensive!! I cannot drive yet by the way so that is not currently an option and in addition I can't afford a car right now either. Apparently the zum 501 is a direct bus to York but that's from downtown Brampton and I'm not sure how long that takes and how expensive it is. Please let me know if anyone has an idea!!
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Laurier economics
So I applied to the Laurier economics degree specifically economics and accounting I might switch it to finacial management. So like if I get accepted I dunno if I should take it, I went to their open house and asked about the program and enjoyed the school (lazardis) saw the benefits, jobs and the employment rate which was pretty good. However I'm still on the fence because it's an econ degree which feels fishy and my parents disapprove. I mean I could just power through it and aim for a competitive average and switch to BBA But I dunno if i wanna go through all that I might just take my guelph acceptance but that school isn't really known for its commerce (farm school)...sigh any thoughts on the econ program?
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Laurier BBA
Anybody with a 90%+ still waiting on their BBA acceptances??
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3rd Year Queen's Commerce Student, AMA
ask me anything about queen's, business school, university life, your wildest concerns, etc. there are no stupid questions lmao, i remember going on yconic searching for some really silly stuff while applying for business schools. it's lit

some background
- third year, currently on winter exchange (lot of fun!)
- interning this summer at a telecom (think Telus/Bell/Shaw/Rogers)
- applied as a chancellor's scholar outside of ontario

ask away
Laurier BBA 80 average
somebody told me they got in with an 80 average and I straight up told them I didn't believe them. They said they got into Waterloo campus because I thought maybe they applied to BTM at brantford campus but no they said Waterloo. And when I asked what program she applied to they said "whatever the commerce is" and I was like.... it's a BBA not BComm lol. Am I crazy for not believing them because I'm pretty sure they didn't get in. I brought it up with them again too and they think I'M being the crazy one for not believing.
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First Year Accounting and Financial Management Student (Waterloo AFM)
Hi everyone, I am a first year AFM student at Waterloo and last year I was in your position. I was trying to figure out which university programs to apply to and I heavily relied on this website to make my final decisions from first years in the respected programs. If any prospective students in high school are looking to pursue the AFM program at Waterloo I would love to answer any questions, and talk about my experiences so far! I was admitted with a 91% average with excellent EC's. 

what are the people like in Laurier
planning to move to laurier this year. got accepted into bba, and was wondering what the people were like

a lot of people have said it's a close knit community which im looking forward to experiencing 
1- uni life
2- people
3- diversity

are the people totally party freaks or are they academically oriented too? laurBBA is very highly talked about so i was wondering whether the people were serious in that aspect of academics in this uni 

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Laurier BBA vs Ryerson Commerce
Sup guys, I still can't decide which one is better :( I have search many ranking websites and a lot of threads and here's what I got:
* Ryerson Commerce:
- It has a higher rank in most of ranking websites (Macleans, QS,...)
- It has some great reputation ("Ryerson placed 2nd on the National Reputation Ranking in 2015"-Wikipedia)
- From some threads, some people said that this prog is not as good as Laurier's
- Although it's a commuter school, its location is in the downtown of Toronto
* Laurier BBA
- It has lower rank contradicting to Ryerson's
- The school is not well-known outside Ontario
- Most people from lots of discussions said that it's better than Ryerson Commerce
So I hope you guys can give me some advice about which one should I choose. My avg score is 94% ( please don't ask me why I didn't apply to others school- it's all about money....)
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Laurier's BBA and Financial Math Double Degree
I recently got accepted into the double degree program and was wondering the following:
How challenging is the program? 
Is the double degree worth it in comparison to just the single BBA degree?
How are the Co-ops? 
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Brock BBA 2018 Acceptances
When did everyone get accepted into Brock BBA. What was your Sem-1 midterm average (Grade 12) and your Sem-1 final average

I will start:

Acceptance date: Feb 23, 2018
Midterm Average: 81.3%
Final Average: 82%
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brock's BBA or Ryerson Bcomm or York's Commerce
hi, im currently a grade 12 student getting mid 80's and 90's so far except for math which is below 50 :(. I know there are better business schools and programs then these but im not ready to go to a business school that is hard and where i will be emotionally drained and stressed out. I want go to a business school where i can manage my grades. I am going through enough stress in grade 12 already and i dont want to go through it again. I know ryerson has no co-op but what about york's commerce ..does it have it if your not going to schullich  and how is brock. I am just confused about if i should i go to a university that has no co-op or not
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Western BMOS with AEO or Laurier BBA/CompSci DD (Laurier CS)
Hi guys, I'm torn between going to either BMOS with AEO or Laurier BBA/Compsci. I've heard lots of good things about both programs but I'm not sure how good the DD is with CS through Laurier. The advantages of Western AEO include creating an amazing network while Laurier CS/BBA has co-op.
Laurier BBA do I have a chance?
So I kinda took a hit in Adv. Func 1st semester with a 78. 
Do I have a chance of getting in with these grades
Marketing 91
Economics 84
English 83
Adv. Func 78
French (current 96) predicted 90
Data (current 87) predicted 85-87
Accounting (current 92) predicted 90
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HELP! Ryerson Accounting and Finance vs Laurier BBA
Hi. I got accepted at Laurier, Ryerson, UTM, Brock and Mcmaster for their accounting programs. My goal is to become a CPA in the future. I am very confused atm. My top two choices are Laurier or Ryerson. 
Which university to choose?
I have been accepted to U of Windsor for Busines, and other universities for social sciences/arts such as Laurier, Brock, Mac, etc. I am still waiting for Ryerson's acceptance. 
Ryerson vs. Windsor? or should I try to switch into BBA second year at Laurier or another uni? (Reason why I didn't apply in first place for business was grades) 
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BBE co-op or BBA without co-op at Brock
I am a first-year student at Brock University studying BBE with Co-op. I thought of transferring to BBA to Goodman School of Business where I guess I will not get the Co-op from the Transfer. Should I stay with BBE co-op or transfer to BBA?
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Why Laurier isn’t well known?
Sup guys, well I’ve just checked on some Canada universities ranking websites and i realized that Laurier is quite not popular and has low rank compared  to some others university. Can u guys give me some reasons behind this?
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Ivey - only worth it for finance?
I'm a grade 12 student who is expecting acceptances to both of my top programs - Laurier BBA and Western Ivey AEO. Based on my strengths in both verbal and linguistic communication, I've always wanted to enter the corporate world through marketing. My family is not rich by any means, but we are also not struggling. Is the incredibly high tuition for Ivey worth it even if I'm likely not going to enter consulting/investment banking, or am I better off at a school like Laurier where I can get good opportunities for literally half the price?  If I went to Laurier, I'd likely graduate debt-free and with co-op, gain the experience to get a job right away. However, I'm also aware of Ivey's prestigious status and I know there are a lot of benefits that come from simply being an Ivey student. Any advice is appreciated, thanks :)
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Brock BBA Acceptances 2018
Comment when you guys get your acceptances for Brock BBA, and what is your current average.
Brock BBA International Dual Degree
Hey just got accepted (94% avg)  Who else is thinking of going next year.  Any current students out there that want to give some advice on living in Europe for 2 years please feel free.
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