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Best Tips
What are you best tips through getting through the RPN program?
any kinds of tips
study tips?
financial tips?
sleeping tips?
social tips?

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Potential Exam Essay Topic - English 3U (Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, etc.)
The title of the post sort of gives it away. What essay topic do you think I may get based on Macbeth, and Lord of the Flies?
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Good books for grade 12 isu?
I wanted some advice as to what is a good isu book for grade 12 U English. Our teacher wants us to do a classic book that you could do as a class reading book, but instead do it as our isu. It basically needs to be a book that has some university level critiques or analysis somewhere on the internet. I was heavily leaning towards lord of the flies by William Golding. I wanted to know if this is a good book to do for my isu and if you guys have any other advice. Thanks!
A new laptop for university
Hello everyone as the title stated, I would like to have a new laptop for y post secondary education. I have been browsing different models and puzzled by all the options. Right now, I am using ASUS S56C... and it only lasts for 4 hours (without internal browsing) .... 

So here's some specs I would like to have in my future laptop, and hopefully tech gurus can help me  :)

1. Long lasting battery (at least 6 hours, the more the better , if possible)
2. Graphic Card
3. Intel i7
5. DVD drive
6. Window Operation (I still don't know how to use Apple laptops)
7. At least 8 GB memory
8. 3+ USB Ports and 1+ USB-C port(s)
9. 256 GB+ Hard drive
10. 17" screen
11. Bluetooth

May have: 
1. Touchscreen
2. Good sound system
3. Glowing keyboard (cuz I think this is cool but it's not necessary at all)

Major usage:
1. Normal tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel)
2. Video editing (Premiere Pro - it freezes when I use my current laptop)
3. Photoshop
4. Tons of internet browsing at the same time (can up to 100 pages at the same time)
5. Graphic Design (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Price: As long as it is under $3000

Thank you very much :)
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What are my chances of getting into the U of T Mineral Engineering Program
My grade 11 average is 93, 92 in math 92 in chem 91 in english 95 in physics 95 in social As for grade 12 I have 81 in pre calc 81 in english Physics, Calculus and Chem are yet to be determined because I dropped the courses in highschool considering that the admissions office only looks at first grade attempts for any course Now I am going to do these courses officially for the first time elsewhere in the fall, which is when I would expect to apply to the U of T through Ouac. Do I still have a shot at this program? I also would like to ask, is Laurentian University's Bachelor's of Mining Engineering a good program as well? I am asking this mainly because it would be my second choice to the U of T, but it could arguably contend to be my first depending on some of the answers I receive.

is anybody here, like me, not going anywhere for the summer and interested in starting a little online book or film club? like once or twice a month we all read a novel / watch a movie that we collectively decide upon, i make a thread for it, and we can discuss it together.

anybody cool with that?
Tips on what to do?
Hello all,
I am a grade 11 student. As courses for our next year are due, I am very confused on what to take. I have no clue what I want to pursue in post secondary, and usually there are certain classes you must take to apply to certain post secondary programs. I like science, especially physics, and I LOVE math. I don't like English. I like being in an atmosphere with people, and I've always enjoyed the company of animals. I'm quite bossy, but I am usually one of the leaders in class activities. What are some careers that are growing, and will have lots of demand in 4-7 years? PLEASE HELP I NEED HELP PLEASE
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Ethics Society and Law - U of T
Is anyone taking Ethics Society and Law at U of T? How is it? What is the level of difficulty and is it more lecture-based or textbook-heavy...? Thanks
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Any book suggestions?
I love a good fantasy or science fiction book. My personal favourites are Ender's Game series and The Darkest Minds trilogy. Any suggestions? What are your favourites at the moment?
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Creative Industries (Ryerson) OR Book and Media Studies (U of T)
I REALLY need your help! I'm having the hardest time choosing between the above courses, Creative Industries at Ryerson and Book and Media Studies at U of T. I'm looking to go into editing and publishing in the future, and I would definitely like some more modern, hands on experience in whichever university I choose. I'm hoping that someone, somewhere can pretty please list some pros and cons for both programs, as well as the schools themselves. Or if you know ANYTHING at all about either, please share. It would be greatly appreciated, especially since I have to accept an offer in less than a week.

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I plan on going into literature/journalism and anthropology for post-secondary so I was wondering what are some must have reads going into university?
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Early admittance and acceptable grades?
I'm in grade 11 and although it would seem I still have a year and a half to worry about all of this, I'm afraid anxiety has already claimed me. My parents are on me to try early admittance to some universities/colleges and because i'm going into journalism, as well as wanting to take courses in cultural, religious and sociology studies, i'm not fretting about getting into harvard with my grades.

However, i'm not a suberb student with 98 percent averages. In fact, i've been enrolled in the french immersion program offered in my home town since i was in kindergarten. Because of this french program, which has had several negative effects on 70% of the kids i grew up with considering all our other courses are in english, my average this semester is a 79.5. The rest of my classes, English 20-1, Math 20-1 and Chemistry 20-1 are all above 80, but between 82 and 84%. In french i'm sitting on a 71%, which is pretty good since most of my class is failing with 40's.

My question is if i apply for early admittance, will they consider my french mark even if i plan on not taking french past this semester? And also, i'm continuously struggling with this suffocating fear that I'm not good enough. Should i bother? My parents keep saying to just do it, but I'm nervous. My studying time throughout all of highschool had to be divided between 5 team sports, tournament traveling and spending my spare time grocery shopping and running my sister around to her activities as well. I live a very busy and well rounded life, and i now am very good at adapting to any situations life can throw at me.

Also what schools would be good to apply to? I can't seem to choose any other than uofvic, and i'd like to go to school out of my home province (alberta) so any suggestions would be great. I really am grateful for anyone who has been able to struggle through this and is able to excuse any gramatical errors.

Thank you.
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Guys i need help getting these books! they are expensive and im trying to borrow them or rent them. Can you help?

Health Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice
Social Psychology
Personality, 8th Edition
Behavior Modification in Applied Settings
Biological Psychology
Is it too late too prepare for SAT?
Hi guys! I was just wondering is it too late to start prepare for SAT? I am willing to study hard during Christmas break and few hours every day after my break. When is the latest day to do SAT?
Is there any good websites for SAT preparation? 

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Paramedic AMA, Ask Me Anything!
Ever seen someone having a medical emergency, and everybody's looking at each other with no idea what to do? Or even worse, you're having a medical emergency and nobody knows what to do. This is what inspired me to become a paramedic.

I drove past an SUV that was stopped at a pedestrian crossing. In front of that car, a young woman lay on the pavement. She wasn't moving. A small crowd had gathered. The faint sound of sirens echoed in the distance. Well, at least somebody called for help. If only someone knew what to do in these crucial first few minutes.

In another instance, an elderly woman carrying a small bag of groceries felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor at the sky train station. Someone had knelt down to talk to her, and asked me to call 9-1-1. It was my first time dialing 9-1-1. A pretty nifty experience, although I was terrified at the time.

Anything can happen at any given time. I felt that it was so dumb that nobody knew what to do. 'Well maybe I can make a difference. Maybe next time, I'll know what to do' I thought.

I started with a 3-week advanced first aid course. I didn't plan on becoming a professional, I just wanted to know what to do if something happened. I discovered that I loved the course, so I decided to go through paramedic school.

If you're curious about becoming a paramedic, I would suggest taking an advanced first-aid course to try it out and see how you like it. The best thing is, even if you decide not to take it further, there are plenty of jobs out there as first aid attendants. I worked an entire summer earning $17/hr (Canadian dollars!) doing first aid for warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. You can even volunteer at rock concerts, raves, marathons and sporting events, and see all kinds of fascinating emergency medicine scenarios behind-the-scenes.

Read about the most compelling and deeply moving experience that I've had as a paramedic on my blog: http://wayneskickasswebsite.com/

I hope you've found this interesting, but perhaps you have more questions? Go ahead! Ask me anything!
Do any of you guys do creative writing?
Are you guys prospective writers in the future? Are you guys planning to publish a book (any type)? 

If so we should help each other out here!
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Anyone here write novels?
Does anyone here write novels on this forum? We should help each other out on plot ideas, sentences, story structure, titles, publishing, agents, editors etc!
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Where to get books?

I am wondering where undergrad students are supposed to get books for classes. Indigo? Amazon? The school itself? Please let me know.

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All Gr12's!!!!
SELLING 2015 MACLEAN'S GUIDE TO CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES! Great resource with lots of information about every single university in Canada and its rankings and programs. It is definitely a must read before making your decision for one of the most important investments in your lifetime! Selling for 1/2 the price at Chapter's! Inbox if you're interested!
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A few questions about first year U of T Computer Science
1.) How does one go about transferring from UTSC CS to UTSG CS for second year? What is the procedure to go through with this?

2.) Are textbooks that are listed as being "recommended" by the professor for purchase useful in the long run? Is it possible to survive without them, or do they really end up helping out a lot? 

Thank you for replying.
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Will a regular sized bagpack do for uni?
Title says it all. Do you carry a lot of stuff like in high school such as many binders and textbooks? Or will it be more like just a laptop and a binder/book? Thanks in advance.
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