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Dumbest University in Canada
Guys, I've found it. What all university/high school students have wondered at least once in their lives (don't deny it); the dumbest/worst school in Canada.
(note: honourable mention goes to Lakehead)

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Should I accept a scholarship offer from UBC or UVic? I need your opinions!
Hey everybody,  

Based on my situation, I would really appreciate your opinions about which offer I should accept: a $26,000 entrance scholarship from UVic, or a $20,000 Centennial Scholars Entrance Award from UBC.  

I am going into a bachelor of science, and my long-term goal is to enter medical school leading to credentials as a physician. UBC might give me an edge due to its reputation, but I may be better off financially if I accept the $26,000 offer from UVic because $6000 is a significant amount of money. I come from deep financial need, and that is why I need to consider these things very seriously.  

Here are the facts:  

Pros for UBC:  
The Centennial award will appear on my UBC transcript after graduation (which would look very good to prospective medical schools). 
If I receive external scholarships that cover my first-year tuition, any unused money from the annual allotment of Centennial Scholarship funds ($5,000) could be deposited to my bank account (so I could use it in the future or for living expenses).  
UBC has the Science One program, which I have been interested in for some time now.

Cons of UBC:  
Offers less money than UVic Is not compatible with the UBC Student Housing Assistance Grant.  

Pros of UVic:  
Offers more money than UBC.
I am eligible to receive more entrance scholarships from UVic that can be combined with my current UVic offer.  

Cons of UVic:  
I am not certain, but I've heard that UVic does not give remaining entrance scholarship funds directly to students to use for living expenses or for subsequent years if their tuition is covered by other scholarships. (Does anyone know if this is true?)  

Some other questions I have:  

For UVic and/or UBC, if I receive more external scholarships than I need to use for tuition in first-year, can the financial aid office deposit the money into my bank, or save them for me in second-year? I'm asking because I know that a lot of scholarships cannot be deferred, but I don’t want to lose any scholarship funds; what would my options be?  

Does anyone know if the UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is compatible with other UBC Major Entrance Scholarships?  

Does anyone know if UVic transcripts show that the student received an entrance award?  
Anyhow, those are the things I need to think about. Thank you for your feedback!
Queen's Engineering 2018 Acceptances
Hello!  I was wondering if any of the high school class of 2018 has heard back from Queen's engineering and if you have, what was your top 5 average?? :)

I was also wondering if I have any chance of being admitted if my marks are....
AP Chemistry: 88% (final)
AP Physics: 92% (in progress)
AP Calculus: 94% (in progress)
English (not AP): 90% (in progress)
AP Statistics (data management): 95% (final)
Average: 91.8%

Edit: turns out I actually have a 92 in physics :))
Also, this doesn't go into the calculation of my average but if it helps I have a final mark of 93% in Advanced Functions

My ECs are decent, and I wrote all my AP's on my PSE so Queen's will know that I took them.  I would say that my PSE is average, maybe slightly above average, although I know that this is very subjective. This was only my first submission average so hopefully I will be able to get it to 92.8% at least by April.  Do you think I could possibly get in?

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Canadian High school Student Wanting to go to Uk Med School
Hi everyone, thanks for the help and advice in advance.

I am a  high school student in BC currently in Grade 11 and I am interested in studying medicine in the UK. I am a UK citizenship so I'm not worried about visas or anything like that. I understand that it can be difficult to move back to Canada for residency, so I am prepared to stay in the UK indefinitely. 

1)What averages do I need to get accepted? Will they look at my Grade 12 average or my Grade 11 average? 
2) I will be 17 when I graduate, will I be old enough to go to med school in the UK?
3)For how long should I study for the UKCAT? And should I take the BMAT aswell?
4)Do I need to take Bio 11, or will bio 12 be enough if I also take Chem 12 and Physics 12?

Thank you!
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SHAD 2019
Hello! I've recently found out about SHAD from my cousin and I am interested in applying. On the website it says that you can apply in grade 10 in mid September and the applications are due in November. So would I use my grade 9 marks? And also, tips for applications would be well appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Medical/Life Sciences Help Thread!!!
I'm currently a grade 11 student, and I am planning on pursuing a career in the medical sciences field (to potentially become a doctor/medical researcher one day)

 I know that I am capable of achieving high marks, but I'm worried that marks along won't be enough to be able to be accepted into a competitive program such as Mcmaster, Western, or U of T.  
I plan to get into medical school afterward, but am worried again that if I am not accepted, where a general science/medical science degree would get me.. but I plan on going to medical school!!

So current university students/medical student applicants/students what would your advice to me, a grade 11 student be? What kinds of activities/jobs/internships/opportunities/marks did you have or would recommend in order to be accepted?? 

What did you do in grade 11/12 to truly stand out from the crowd? 

Thanks!!! :^)
Dalhousie Scholarship 2018
For those who have applied to the Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship  and recieved one, when did you apply, when did you learn that you recieved a scholarship, how much was it worth, and what province are you from. 

If you feel comfortable posting your average, please post that as well.

This form works great:
Date Applied:
Quality and Quantity (Renewable Scholarship or One off): 
Recieval Date:
Province Originating From:
*Academic Average:

Thanks so much and congratulations to those who have recieved one!
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Med School Admission in Canada
Are certain schools (e.g. U of T, McGill etc.) more likely to make it difficult to get into Med school in Canada even if they're some of the best schools in the country? I've heard that doing life sciences at U of T makes it really hard to get into med school and I've also heard that McMaster health sciences makes it very easy to get into med school in Canada, but I'm not sure about the validity of this claim or the aforementioned--it seems as though they're just rumours. Does the school you choose to do your undergrad (as long as it is reputable) at really affect whether you get into med school? If so, why?
Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees in Canada
According to RBC


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Why Laurier isn’t well known?
Sup guys, well I’ve just checked on some Canada universities ranking websites and i realized that Laurier is quite not popular and has low rank compared  to some others university. Can u guys give me some reasons behind this?
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Science/ Related Undergrad Decision Making
Hey guys, I'm a grade 11 student, still trying to decide on an undergrad. Science is the goal as it is something I enjoy doing, and I believe it will prepare me somewhat for the MCAT and med school; as the overall goal is medical school. I want something that offers a pretty good amount of electives, and is not so constricted as well as a program in which I can easily achieve a 3.8 or higher GPA. I preform decently well, and have good study and work habits.
Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Choosing Grade 11 Courses
Hello, I'm in grade 10, and I am selecting my 8 courses for next year. I attend an Ontario public school, and have a few questions.

I have already taken grade 11 functions this semester. How much harder is the grade 12 advanced functions course? 
Similarly, how difficult is grade 12 chemistry compared to grade 11 chemistry?

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What are my chances-URGENT
Hey Guys, I'm really interested in the actuarial science program and was wondering if I have a good chance of getting in. My school of choices would be Waterloo, McMaster, UC Berkley, UofT, or University of Michigan. My school of preference would be Waterloo or Michigan. Any replies regarding my admission chances or tips to do better would be greatly appreciated!!!
I got 1510 out of 1600
I got a 33 out of 36
 GRADES (grade 11)
I haven't started grade 12 yet so idk but the classes im taking are 
 -expected around a 90-95 average
-Also should I drop law for a spare? I know that ill easily get 100 in the class but am not sure if it would be beneficial. 
 Extra Curricular's 
 -DECA, I have an executive position, and have made it to provincials.
 -Womens empowerment club 
 -Announcement crew 
 -2 years of debate club experience 
 -Helped organize a fundraiser event to raise money for a new hospital in my city 
 -Executive for school event that offered less fortunate children a fun weekend 
 -Tutoring for 2 years 
 -I've gotten over 80% on all the Waterloo competitions I have written so far 
 -Helped organize the blood drive at my school
 -A part of my schools eco friendly club 
 -100+ volunteer hours 
-did an internship at roush industries
 -organize school trips to amusement parks 
-badminton team
-volleyball league
NOTE My school has one of the best math programs in Canada, theres even a campus at Waterloo named after one of our math programs founding fathers (Mr. White)
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Tips on managing difficult course load?
Hi!!! So basically, I am technically the age of a grade 10 student, but I have taken extra courses (online and during the summer) so that although my first semester of grade 10 was full of grade 10 courses, the upcoming second semester is grade 11, and then I'm taking two grade 11 courses in the summer, and then next year I'll be taking one grade 11 course and 7 grade 12 courses. The thing is, I'm very interested in pursuing science/math in university, so my courseload is a little bit crazy, especially since I'll be graduating with 30/30 credits instead of the traditional 32/30. My next semester is:

11 - Chemistry
11 - Physics
11 - French
11 - Functions

And my grade 12 year will be some combination of:

11 - Biology
12 - Advanced Functions
12 - English
12 - Physics
12 - Chemistry
12 - Calculus and Vectors
12 - Biology
12 - World Issues (or Law)

I'm sure there are some people who wouldn't find taking these courses all that stressful. I'm positive that I can handle it with some level of confidence and grace as I am a high-achieving student with a passion for learning, and to be honest I've learned to handle stress and stay organized, but I just want to make sure that I go into the next semester and next year in the best possible state of mind and with realistic expectations for what it will be like.

I'd really really appreciate any tips, opinions, hearing about your experience, etc. Thanks!!
Hey guys, I created a groupchat for UBC's class of 2022 since no one has done it yet. Please feel free to go on it and chat and make new friends! We can talk about our hobbies, our favourite shows, what we're planning on studying, roomates, etc. ENJOYYYY

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Failing Grade 11 Accounting? Will Universities Care?
Hi, I'm in 10th grade and I fast-tracked history during the summer and ended up taking gr 11 accounting as an elective to get a credit because I am good at math and thought it would be easy. Man, I was SOOO wrong.I have a 45-50 in the class.

  Anyway, I find it really hard and I don't understand it at all.
 In order to combat this, I missed the class a lot in order to "study" the subject, even worse decision, I fell farther behind  
. At this point, I was stuck in the cycle of missing class in order to catch up on what I didn't understand/what I missed. I know that if I just sucked it up and went to class, I probably would've gotten at least a 60, or 65, but I'm so afraid of looking stupid in class I just avoided it and skipped a whole bunch. 

In all my other classes, I am getting 90s, so I generally never have trouble in school. My ultimate goal is to go down the science route and get a ph.d so I can do research and become a professor. UFT and waterloo are universities of interest.
Business doesn't even cross my mind, to be honest. I just am so afraid universities will care if I get a 50 or 60 in this course. Plus, my parents constantly make me feel so bad about my accounting mark, they always call me mean names and tell me I won't make it to university because I am so disorganized and incapable. Anyway, exams are in two weeks, if I work my butt off and clutch and get 50 or 60 in this course, will universities penalize me?

Pre-Calculus 12 Help (BC)
I'm taking Pre-Cal 12 in my 2nd semester, and I did very poor on the 1st test. 65%, which was a shocker for me. I'm way better than that.  Is there any online sites that allow you to take Pre-Cal 12 online while you're taking it in class, therefore I could go with the highest mark for post secondary. This is in BC by the way.

If not Pre Cal, how about these for online BC,:
Principles of Mathematics 12
Applications of Mathematics 12
Computer Science 11

However my pre Cal is really important. 
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Grade 12 Philosophy at VHS or ILC?
I go to a Catholic school so religion is mandatory but I don't have space for it in my schedule next year. Can anyone who has done the course at either VHS or ILC tell me about their experience and how easy it was?
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Improving Grades (Gr. 10)
Hi everyone, 

Grade 10 student here

Currently I'm dissatisfied with my current grades and would like to seek some help on improving them and really pushing myself past the "90" mark which is so difficult for me to achieve since I intend to go into Life/Health Sciences for post secondary. All feedback is welcome but make sure it is constructive. Also do not ask why I have so many arts/electives that aren't more challenging since it is because I did take French originally but the teacher who took over the entire ACL at my school for French was a horrible person and gave me lots of anxiety whenever I was around her.

P.S. -- I have been doing all my homework and trying to put 100% into all of my subjects, especially math but it seems to be not enough. I am trying. I have heard that other students who do not complete homework in math are able to pull off these grades, so I am looking for what to do to really get my grade up there.

Math - 87%
English - 90% (subject to change due to poor performance on recent assignments)
History - 88%
Science - 86%
Band - 95% 
Art - 77%
Civics/Careers - 94% (civics), haven't started careers
Tech - 85%
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Calculus and Vectors - No Calculators.
I just found out on Friday (2/ 9/18) that our school is not allowing calculator for (MCV4U0 course). Which is totally unfair. (Vectors componet & Calculus) - (TDSB District) 

This is the year we're applying to university, and they decide to pull this off. 

They didn't do this last year and are implementing it for the first time. I know for a fact that universities courses (math) allow no calculators. 
But i would prefer to start doing this in university then do it in high school where our marks mean everything.

 Should i take this up to our Principal to talk to them about this. No other school in my area is doing this just us.
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Early Admission Questions
I have a few questions concerning early university admissions. Please answer them if you can!  

1.Let's say a specific program in university require you to take ENG4U as a prerequisite. If, in grade 12, you have this course in the second semester, can you still apply early? If so, then do you have to send your grade 11 English grade, or do you not have to?  

2.Is it allowed to enter 2 of the same subject but different grade in an admission? For example, if I took grade 11 french course already and I have grade 12 french during first semester or grade twelve, could I enter both of them in my admission?  

3.Since the OUAC will send the required information to the universities I would apply to, will I even be able to choose which courses I want to send or will the OUAC choose the top 6 with prerequisites?  

Thanks again, and sorry if the questions were not very clear.
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High School Gym
I am worried about gym. I am not fit (barely can do a push up) and second semester is starting in which I have gym. Plus, my friends told me that my gym teacher is very strict and mean. Also, most people at my school are very fit. I wanted to ask if you think that someone can fail gym due to them being unfit? Please respond.
Getting a 3.7+ GPA for any and all computer science undergrads?
Just like how the title suggests, I'm wondering if there's anyone on this forum that managed a 3.7+ GPA for all 4 years of their comp sci undergrad. I'm not sure about numbers, but if there's anyone who was previously in the program or is currently in one, how realistic is this goal? If you don't mind sharing, what was/is your GPA? What school would you recommend for comp sci? Also probably going to get laughed at for this, but do you think medical schools will consider me if I do proceed with an undergrad in comp sci WITHOUT research? I understand you can be in any undergrad program for most med schools in Canada at least, but I'm wondering if that medical experience could pull me down. Anyone else think this whole thing is risky? I've done a little googling here and there and found myself that people have done it but that it's much more difficult than going into a science program.
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How do i get high 90's in grade 12 pre-Cal
My name is Manuela and I'm Average in pre-Cal. How do I get high 90's because I really want a scholarship so that my family in Africa can be proud. Pre-Cal is hard and it is shooting me everywhere I go.