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Grade 12 Essay Writing Contest - Credit Education Week
Hey guys, 

I was wondering if anyone applied for the grade 12 essay contest with credit education week. The topic this year was "what is the dumbest thing you have done with your money and what did you learn from it?"
I am curious to know if anyone knew when they would be announcing the winner and will they call or email?

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#Askyconic - What to Expect from University or College
Should you live at home or rez? Is attending Frosh worth it? Is it hard to make friends in uni? When am I expected to pay for tuition? how do manage my loan?

First year is a challenge, but you are up to the task! With a little help from our student hosts...

Follow us and join us on Facebook LIVE for a very special edition of #Askyconic on Wednesday August 2nd at 6 pm EST. as our student hosts answer all your questions about starting post-sec.

No question is too hard or stupid. Leave 'em all in the comments below! Don't forget to come back to this thread after the show, as we will be posting the resources we shared. 

PS. Be nice! Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.
Wanting to become an accountant, should I consider schools that don't have a co-op?
Programs such as Ivey AEO & HBA, Queen's Commerce, Schulich Business, etc. do not have a co-op, so for someone who is dead set on becoming an accountant while other things such as tuition, residence, etc. are not a concern, do you think these programs hold comparable value to programs such as Waterloo AFM, Brock Accounting, Laurier Business, etc. who do have a co-op? Waterloo and Brock have the added benefit of having a MAcc, additionally all Waterloo SAF students who have an average equal or higher than 75% are automatically admitted into it.
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Canadian Student at an Ivy League School - AMA (university life, admissions, majors, anything you'd like!)
I made one of these threads a couple of years ago that some people found useful so I decided to make another one to distract myself with over the summer. A little about me:

School: Yale
Major: Statistics (while completing pre-med requirements)
SAT Score: ~2300 (back when it was out of 2400)
High school average: ~95% over all four years (lower in grade 9/10, higher in grade 11/12)
Accepted to: Several Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey

Helpful University Majors?
Hey, I'm in Grade 12 and well it's time to start applying for universities and think about what degree I should get. So, I'm wondering what courses are you taking and for what job? I know personal interest is definitely a factor, but I also want to take something useful. So, for example, I have aspirations of becoming a doctor, but if I unable to get to that level I don't want to be stuck with a degree that I cannot use anywhere else. Any advice?
Does your school automatically drop you if you don't attend class?
I chose to do another semester so I can get my advance functions and english mark up. Im doing my adv functions in day school and english in nightschool. My school however gave me 2 extra courses that I dont need because they only allow you to have one spare. I tried my best trying to drop the courses  I dont need but they wont let me and to make things worse the courses are university level. Can I just stop attending those classes and they will automatically drop me? 

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Can I get into BTM Ryerson with these marks?
World History – 95
Data Management – 90  
English – 85  

Adv Functions – 60
Food and Nutrition – 70
Computer Engineering - 70


(Still haven't finished last 3 courses but that's my worse case scenario)
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Nursing Programs in Canada
Hi! I have a few questions about nursing programs in Canada.

What are the best nursing programs in Canada?

What makes these programs the best?

And what average would be recommended to get into these schools? Would a 93% be good enough for most of them?

+ any tips/advice from nursing students would be very appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance!
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Grade 12 philosophy
I go to a Catholic school, and I must take either O Christ and Culture, M Christ and Culture, or U Philosophy as my grade grade 12 religion credit. I am not sure whether or not I should take the extra U course; Philosphy. Any thoughts on this course? How interesting is the course for those who have taken it? How is the workload? Is it worth taking the extra U course?
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Will universities care if I fail courses?
I'm currently doing an extra semester in high school, I just need my advance functions credit and an English credit which is in night school however my school put 2 extra courses which I don't need at all and aren't allowing me to drop them saying that I can only have one spare. Will it be fine if I just don't attend those classes and get Zeros? The university i'm applying for is Ryerson
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Aerospace or Mechanical?
I live in Brampton Ontario and currently enrolled in aerospace eng at ryerson, but i've heard that aerospace in canada is too specialized at the undergrad level/job openings are low, and requires further schooling. While i'd like to go onto grad school in the us or enroll in utias, I would also like to work before attending grad school to pay off tuition.

Is it better for me to switch to mechanical, and specialize later, or can I still work in mechanical fields with an aerospace degree?
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Is IT Networking at Uoit good program?
I'm thinking of going into Information Technology - Networking and Information Technology Security at UOIT next year, however all of my friends are saying that Uoit is a very bad university and nobody will hire anyone who has a degree from there. Is this all true ? The only reason im still considering it is because its very close to my house.
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Should I go into business if i'm not good at communication?
Is Business a good option if you aren't good at communication? I was thinking about going into Engineering but I realized that I wont be able to handle the work and stress because I heard it's very hard. I now am thinking of going into BTM (Ryerson) or Commerce (York) but will this require communication skills?
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Can I get into these universities with this Average?
Top 6 12
Adv functions U
Data Management U
English U
Engineering M
Food and Nutrition  U
Families in Canada U

Overall average 77

Things i'm thinking to apply for 
- York Commerce (or Uoit)
- BTM ryerson 
- Uoit IT and Networking 

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What are some good programs I can get into?
My Top 6 (Grade 12)
English U 90%
Advance Functions 85% 
Accounting M 76%
Food and Nutrition U 80%
Families In Canada U 77%
Computer Engineering Technology M 83%

Overall Average - 81.8%

Please tell me some good programs I'll be able to get into with these marks I don't have any particular interests 
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What science courses should I drop in Gr 11?
I got my Gr 11 timetable just yesterday and I realized that they put all my easy courses in one semester and all the hard ones in the other. So basically, I have all 3 sciences including math, which probably will give me no time to breathe. My plan is to ask the guidance to rearrange my courses, but if I can't, I'm considering on dropping a science course. The thing is that, I don't have a solid idea of what I want to go into in the future, so what should I do? I'm only ok at math and memorization, so my plan is to drop either biology or physics if worst comes to worst. 

Or should I just accept my fate? and go with all 3? I might possibly die though haha. 

Join the Prime Minister’s Youth Council
The Government is currently seeking applications for the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. 

The Prime Minister’s Youth Council provides non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister on issues that affect all Canadians, such as poverty, climate change and employment. Being on the Council provides young people with a unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership in their communities and across the country.

Council members are between the ages of 16 and 24. We look forward to welcoming the new members in spring 2018. 

If you would like more information on the Prime Minister’s Youth Council and its work, you can find it at www.canada.ca/youth.
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Ontario Teacher Accessibility
Do Ontario teachers have access to check other student transcripts? By other students I mean if the student is in another school district, can a teacher from another district search them up and get all their past grades?
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Should I stay Home or Live on Res?
So Im from Scarborough and will be attending York University this fall. I consider myself as an outgoing person and fun to be with and I will be commuting from home in about 1 hour and 20 mins. Do you think I should commute or live on res?
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Is this a good grade 12 course timetable?
Is it too busy? Should I move some courses to balance out the difficulty/workload? Should I not take a non-prereq course? What do you think? How do you think you would handle it? 

* - means prereq

Semester 1   
Biology *
Adv. Functions *
Challenge + Change

Semester 2 
English  *
Chemistry *
Calculus + Vectors *

How do Canadian medical students who study overseas practice residency and medicine when they return to Canada?
I have a friend who is taking her undergrad at St. Andrews  medical school in Scotland. I thought about doing that, however is it harder for Canadians who study medicine in Europe  to come back to Canada and practice their residency? Would they still have to take the MCAT in order to practice medicine in all of Canada ?
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