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Failing Grade 11 Accounting? Will Universities Care?
Hi, I'm in 10th grade and I fast-tracked history during the summer and ended up taking gr 11 accounting as an elective to get a credit because I am good at math and thought it would be easy. Man, I was SOOO wrong.I have a 45-50 in the class.

  Anyway, I find it really hard and I don't understand it at all.
 In order to combat this, I missed the class a lot in order to "study" the subject, even worse decision, I fell farther behind  
. At this point, I was stuck in the cycle of missing class in order to catch up on what I didn't understand/what I missed. I know that if I just sucked it up and went to class, I probably would've gotten at least a 60, or 65, but I'm so afraid of looking stupid in class I just avoided it and skipped a whole bunch. 

In all my other classes, I am getting 90s, so I generally never have trouble in school. My ultimate goal is to go down the science route and get a ph.d so I can do research and become a professor. UFT and waterloo are universities of interest.
Business doesn't even cross my mind, to be honest. I just am so afraid universities will care if I get a 50 or 60 in this course. Plus, my parents constantly make me feel so bad about my accounting mark, they always call me mean names and tell me I won't make it to university because I am so disorganized and incapable. Anyway, exams are in two weeks, if I work my butt off and clutch and get 50 or 60 in this course, will universities penalize me?

Pre-Calculus 12 Help (BC)
I'm taking Pre-Cal 12 in my 2nd semester, and I did very poor on the 1st test. 65%, which was a shocker for me. I'm way better than that.  Is there any online sites that allow you to take Pre-Cal 12 online while you're taking it in class, therefore I could go with the highest mark for post secondary. This is in BC by the way.

If not Pre Cal, how about these for online BC,:
Principles of Mathematics 12
Applications of Mathematics 12
Computer Science 11

However my pre Cal is really important. 
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Grade 12 Philosophy at VHS or ILC?
I go to a Catholic school so religion is mandatory but I don't have space for it in my schedule next year. Can anyone who has done the course at either VHS or ILC tell me about their experience and how easy it was?
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Improving Grades (Gr. 10)
Hi everyone, 

Grade 10 student here

Currently I'm dissatisfied with my current grades and would like to seek some help on improving them and really pushing myself past the "90" mark which is so difficult for me to achieve since I intend to go into Life/Health Sciences for post secondary. All feedback is welcome but make sure it is constructive. Also do not ask why I have so many arts/electives that aren't more challenging since it is because I did take French originally but the teacher who took over the entire ACL at my school for French was a horrible person and gave me lots of anxiety whenever I was around her.

P.S. -- I have been doing all my homework and trying to put 100% into all of my subjects, especially math but it seems to be not enough. I am trying. I have heard that other students who do not complete homework in math are able to pull off these grades, so I am looking for what to do to really get my grade up there.

Math - 87%
English - 90% (subject to change due to poor performance on recent assignments)
History - 88%
Science - 86%
Band - 95% 
Art - 77%
Civics/Careers - 94% (civics), haven't started careers
Tech - 85%
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Calculus and Vectors - No Calculators.
I just found out on Friday (2/ 9/18) that our school is not allowing calculator for (MCV4U0 course). Which is totally unfair. (Vectors componet & Calculus) - (TDSB District) 

This is the year we're applying to university, and they decide to pull this off. 

They didn't do this last year and are implementing it for the first time. I know for a fact that universities courses (math) allow no calculators. 
But i would prefer to start doing this in university then do it in high school where our marks mean everything.

 Should i take this up to our Principal to talk to them about this. No other school in my area is doing this just us.
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Early Admission Questions
I have a few questions concerning early university admissions. Please answer them if you can!  

1.Let's say a specific program in university require you to take ENG4U as a prerequisite. If, in grade 12, you have this course in the second semester, can you still apply early? If so, then do you have to send your grade 11 English grade, or do you not have to?  

2.Is it allowed to enter 2 of the same subject but different grade in an admission? For example, if I took grade 11 french course already and I have grade 12 french during first semester or grade twelve, could I enter both of them in my admission?  

3.Since the OUAC will send the required information to the universities I would apply to, will I even be able to choose which courses I want to send or will the OUAC choose the top 6 with prerequisites?  

Thanks again, and sorry if the questions were not very clear.
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High School Gym
I am worried about gym. I am not fit (barely can do a push up) and second semester is starting in which I have gym. Plus, my friends told me that my gym teacher is very strict and mean. Also, most people at my school are very fit. I wanted to ask if you think that someone can fail gym due to them being unfit? Please respond.
Getting a 3.7+ GPA for any and all computer science undergrads?
Just like how the title suggests, I'm wondering if there's anyone on this forum that managed a 3.7+ GPA for all 4 years of their comp sci undergrad. I'm not sure about numbers, but if there's anyone who was previously in the program or is currently in one, how realistic is this goal? If you don't mind sharing, what was/is your GPA? What school would you recommend for comp sci? Also probably going to get laughed at for this, but do you think medical schools will consider me if I do proceed with an undergrad in comp sci WITHOUT research? I understand you can be in any undergrad program for most med schools in Canada at least, but I'm wondering if that medical experience could pull me down. Anyone else think this whole thing is risky? I've done a little googling here and there and found myself that people have done it but that it's much more difficult than going into a science program.
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How do i get high 90's in grade 12 pre-Cal
My name is Manuela and I'm Average in pre-Cal. How do I get high 90's because I really want a scholarship so that my family in Africa can be proud. Pre-Cal is hard and it is shooting me everywhere I go.
Failed first year of uni. Looking to re-apply. Help
Hi so my first year of university what went terribly. No partying involved whatsoever, in fact I just stayed in bed nearly all day everyday and was later on diagnosed with depression. I didn’t, however, tell the university this, and by now, I’ve probably been kicked out due to failing grades in all of my classes. I have since taken one gap year and now I want to go to kwantlyn instead. My question is how do I apply? Do I have to submit my poor uni grades? How do I even get a hold of those grades? Am I supposed to apply with my highschool grades? I’m just so confused and I feel as though I’ll never be able to further my education! Please tell me what to do. Would be very much appreciated
Advice on long distance relationship in university!
Is it possible to keep up a relationship when you and your significant other go to different universities and will be hours apart?   My boyfriend and I are in grade 12 and have been together for a while in highschool, however, we want to go to completely different unis (5 Hours apart) Is the relationship worth keeping? Or should we just end it before uni to allow us to have that fresh new experience and meet new people? Anyone have any advice/experience with dating someone who ended up going to a different university? Share you stories! I'd love to hear them.
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Government of Canada History Awards
Hey, did anyone from yconic apply for the Government of Canada History Awards this year? If so, what did you write about? (I wrote about Expo 67). What are the chances of winning an award from the program?
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Choosing My Career Path
I don't know what I want to study. Maybe sciences? Which one? Should I study engineering? What about business? Yada yada yada..... So many questions....

I want to find programs I would want to study so that I can set a goal for my grades and start looking for most suitable Universities.

Problem is, I don't know where to start... I tried listing my interests/passions, looked up some careers, etc. How do people manage to find their field of interest? Thanks.
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University Canada West
i will like to read some reviews about this school since i will be joining during the summer.
Planning on Grade 11 English Summer Course
Hi everyone,

Grade 10 student here

Currently I am not doing so well in english. My school is nonsemestered so I'm halfway through the course and on two projects, one being a paragraph writing assignment I got a 74% on and the other an essay which I put effort into 75% I believe it is in my best interest to take English 11 during the summer to maximize my grade. On the first term report card my grade in english was at 90% but my teacher showed me it was actually 94% since he had to for whatever reason lower the average of the entire class (likely due to easy marking), but that teacher has been since replaced and with the new one I am not doing so well.

I would like to know your thoughts on taking a grade 11 english summer course, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing an online or school setting class course seeing as I've never done summer school before and have so far heard positive things. Furthermore I'd like to also emphasize I intend to go to Universities which demand a 90%+ overall average for post-secondary in the future, which I'm set on pulling off (since I have an interest in the Life Sciences), and to further expand on that I will be taking Chemistry, Bio and Physics for Grade 11 next year too. 

Overall this thread should serve as a discussion point for the pros and cons of doing Grade 11 English in the summer.
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Thoughts of HHS4U - Families in Canada?
Hi everyone,

So I'm going to be taking Families in Canada next semester and I was just wondering what you all thought of the course - is it useful, is it a good bird course, etc.

I'd like to use it to boost my average, maybe get a mid 90 or even higher

When I applied to university I submitted all of my course grades (6, but I only need 5) including math which is NOT A PREREQUISITE for my program choice. And as it turns out my math grade is looking lower then what I expected, so I was wondering if anyone knew if the mark would be factored into my grade average/conditional acceptance requirements in this situation or if it would just be the 5 highest courses submitted?
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What are my chances of being accepted for MIT at western undergrad
So my top 6 average including my prerequisites will be around a 90%, however, I have two extra courses I took as timetable fillers which marks are a 60%. What do you think my chances are to being accepted????
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Will I get accepted into university?
I'm in grade 11 and my math mark (Functions) is  68%. All my other marks are above 90%. I've never been good at math but I excel in English.
I'm worried I won't be accepted into my top universities because of my low mark in math. I plan on taking only arts and humanities courses in university. 
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Grade Inflation/Deflation
During admission, do Canadian universities consider grade inflation/deflation at all? Probably not, but I want some opinions.
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Anyone who has a experience of transferring from UBCO to UBCV?
Hello, is there anyone who has an experience of transferring from UBCO to UBCV? From which program to which did you transfer with about what admission averages, and was it hard to transfer?
courses without final exams
I would just like to ask anyone if they know any course(s) that does not have a final exam. I heard HSB4U does not have a final exam (not sure about it) but are there any other?
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Western Medical Science
Has anyone gotten into Western Med Sci yet? If so, if you don't mind me asking, what is your average and when did you get in? I know it is still early but I want to know if I have a chance! Thanks!
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What can I do after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree?
Hey this question might be a little old but it concerns me very much. I intend to do the Life Science program and hopefully get a BSc degree. Potentially, what could I do after that? I'm thinking besides med school. Primarily I intend to apply for the optometry program at Waterloo but I'm trying to think of backup plans in case I don't get into that. Any ideas?
And If not additional schooling, any jobs I could potentially do with the undergrad degree? Any ideas

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Obsessed with university?
I know this is really weird but I really want to vent my feelings.  I'm in grade 12 now and ever since grade 11, I've been researching programs, universities, campuses, reading forums, yconic threads, reddit threads, and watching uni advice videos.  Thinking about university stresses me out but I still continue to read it.  I read about acceptance averages as a way to procrastinate on doing my homework to actually reach those averages.  I don't know why I do this, I feel like it's an obsession.  Even my siblings question why I always read about it on my spare time.  Why am I acting this way? Is this normal for students?
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