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rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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Study Abroad?
Anyone do this for a semester or year or know anyone who has? Just wondering what the experience was like and if you would recommend doing it? I'm especially interested in Queen's 1st year BISC program.
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Is there any point in applying to Ivey with under a 90% average?
I have a high 80 but the website says that a competitive application should have a 90% average, and most people who I know that are applying have at least that.
Applying to Universities from a Non-Semestered School
University applications are more compatible for semestered schools, especially because the students finish half their grade 12 courses within the first semester, which gives universities a better understanding of the students' academic abilities. 
However, non-semester students are barely halfway through their courses by the time they apply to universities. At the moment, my average is 95 with my top 6 grade 12 courses.

I took 3 grade 12 courses in grade 11, and received an 87 and 90 in 2 of them, but my grade 12 bio mark was a garbage 65 - I realized I didn't want to pursue the sciences and tried to drop bio but guidance pretty much said I couldn't have a spare in grade 11(???), so I just stopped going to class lol.

So my question is: 
How do universities look at your marks if you're from a non-semestered school? Do they rely more on your grade 11 marks and any completed grade 12 marks that have been taken previously? Or will they just disregard the completed courses and just focus on my top 6 marks including prerequisite courses???

Just wondering if I screwed myself by having a completed grade 12 mark of 65%. I don't want the admissions teams to assume my final grade 12 marks will drop to the 60s range. 

Any insight will be appreciated! Kinda freaking out over my chances of getting into competitive uni programs.
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Mcmaster life science/top 6 questions
Im looking into mcmaster life sci and here are my marks as of now:
English 77
Functions 97
bio 83
physics 81
chem 68
music 97
repertoire 93
calculus n/a 
So the admission requirement is ENG4U; One of: MHF4U, MCV4U; SBI4U; One of: MHF4U, MCV4U, SCH4U, SPH4U
 My questions are:
1. How are marks sent to universities? Do I choose/submit the courses I want universities to see so long as I satisfy the requirements?
2. Will marks beyond my top 6 affect my chances of acceptance? (chemistry for example would not fall under my top 6)
3. By the time mac life sci apps are due, my 2nd sem calculus course would not have started yet. If i want to use calc, which i anticipate getting 95 in, how can i include it in my top 6?
4. Does the program only look at the top 6 average or do they pay particular attention to individual courses?
5. could this combination possibly be my top 6: english, functions, calculus, bio, music, repertoire?
6. if my gr11 marks are garbage, will it affect my chances AFTER early acceptance?

sorry for the dumb questions i just need confirmation and assurance

thanks in advance,
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Tough Uni Admissions
I'm writing an English essay on how university admissions have become quite demanding. With top programs demanding high 90 averages and also a long never-ending list of EC's I was wondering if anyone could comment on their experiences or simply share their opinions on this issue. And if any previous uni students could talk about what it used to take to get into their program that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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Realistic Undergrads for Medical School
Again and again, I've been hearing that your undergraduate degree doesn't really matter to med school and that all you need is an excellent GPA. So, my question is, which undergrad programs are good for that? 

I've always wanted to get into health sci at McMaster...but we all know there is a very low chance of that happening. So I was thinking UTSC Life sci (Co-op). Are there any other undergrad programs worth considering, or ones that you all are in/considering that you'd care to share? 

Currently, I'm in grade 12 with a 94% average so I'm not too worried about not getting in anywhere (accept Health Sci, I am terrified) so please share some different undergrad programs I can look at! 

Thank you all and good luck. 
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SHAD 2018
Did anyone apply for SHAD 2018? There was like 100 kids from my school who applied.
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Shad 2018
Hi! I am applied to Shad 2018 and would love to meet people who did the same! I am interested in going to McMaster or Western.
How does university application work? will i be accepted?
My mark average is really bad right now I have two 90s but the rest are failing grades because i'm not attending the two classes I have since I don't really need them and my school isn't letting me drop them. I heard that universities check your mark twice once in semester 1 midterms and then your final after semester 2 and im certain i can end up with a top 6 of 90% at the end but i'm scared that the university will not accept me after seeing my failing grades in semester 1 midterms or put me bottom of the wait list. Can someone explain to me how university applications works because im still unsure.
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Hello! I'm doing an online survey on google survey for my HSB4U1 class (challenge & change in society). I'd very much appreciate it if some of you can take out 2 minutes of your day and answer a few multiple choice questions :)


I really appreciate it!!
Should i take a transfer?
I am currently business at SFU and was planning to take a transfer to Wilfrid Laurier University. 
I know SFU is a good university and they are know for their business program but I am not satisfied overall and it is kinda depressing. 

Do you think that I should transfer or stay at SFU? 
If i plan to transfer, will it be difficult? 
Thank you 
What are you doing in preparation for finals?

It feels like midterms just passed but finals are just around the corner for us (in 2-3 weeks). I'll be having my chemistry final first and was wondering how everyone was planning to study. Do you make a schedule? Do you cram? Comment below!

Scholarships with upcoming deadlines! (Ep.2)
Hey yconic, 

This week, I have several more scholarships lined up for you. I also heard some of you got invited to the semi-final and final round of the scholarship. Congratulations! 

If you're interested in the last scholarship post I made, the link is below so remember to check it out. 


1. Upnature's Scholarship for Nursing and Medicine Students (Deadline: November 30th 2017) 
-All you have to do is complete a short application and a 500-word essay about your career aspirations and how you plan to contribute to your chosen field in the future.  


2. The Expert Institue's 2017 Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences (Deadline: December 31st 2017) 
Complete 1,000-2,000 words on how you feel your specialized knowledge and training could be applied to improving the practice of law, submitted electronically as a document attached to the form below.


3. yconic's #13FTW contest (Deadline January 18th 2018) 
Complete several quizzes for your chance to win (3) $1313 cash prizes. 


Best of luck applying for these scholarships and contest!

-Benson Law 
How do you plan on paying for post-secondary?
How are you (Grade 12's) planning to pay for post-secondary education?

Some of you might have: 

Comment below on how you are paying up for university or college!
First year bio and chem courses AMA
So I've just finished my midterms for bio and chem. In high school, there was a lot of speculation in terms of how hard it was or how big the jump was from high school to university. Feel free to AMA about...

-Class Averages 
-Study habits, 

*I got to Western. 
Engineering applicants: When are you applying?
I'm thinking to apply for engineering but I think I'm going to apply in December to see if I still have the same feelings about it later and if my grades are still gucci enough.  Is it unwise for me to apply closer to the deadline?  When are you applying?
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Is Maclean's a reliable source?
Let's face it: all of us here have at least ONCE in our life done a Google search of "Best universities for *insert desired program*" But does Maclean's really give the best input on university programs? Or is it based purely on individual experience?
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Canadian Student at an Ivy League School - AMA (university life, admissions, majors, anything you'd like!)
I made one of these threads a couple of years ago that some people found useful so I decided to make another one to distract myself with over the summer. A little about me:

School: Yale
Major: Statistics (while completing pre-med requirements)
SAT Score: ~2300 (back when it was out of 2400)
High school average: ~95% over all four years (lower in grade 9/10, higher in grade 11/12)
Accepted to: Several Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey

Advice on long distance relationship in university!
Is it possible to keep up a relationship when you and your significant other go to different universities and will be hours apart?   My boyfriend and I are in grade 12 and have been together for a while in highschool, however, we want to go to completely different unis (5 Hours apart) Is the relationship worth keeping? Or should we just end it before uni to allow us to have that fresh new experience and meet new people? Anyone have any advice/experience with dating someone who ended up going to a different university? Share you stories! I'd love to hear them.
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What Made You Pick Your University?
I'm in grade 12 right now and looking at different universities. I've got local choices and 1-2 out of the province that I think would be a good fit for me. So I'm wondering what made you guys pick the university you're attending? Did you study at a school close to home or did you make a big move? Why that specific university?
Sauder 2017/18 Transfer
Hi everyone. I am currently a second-year science student at UBC, applying to transfer to Sauder year 2. I would like to know more about how difficult it is to transfer to Sauder from sciences from your experience. My current GPA is around 3.0 and hopefully I'll be able to achieve 3.5 by the end of the winter session. My expected core GPA is 3.2 (I fucked my differential calc last year and I can't retake that course). I am very confident about my personal profile and I believe it is very strong. I was hoping to get your opinion here, also if you're applying to Sauder this year, please comment below. Cheers.
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Post-Mideterm Season Reflection
MIdterms are finally wrapping up for most first-year students. For some of us, things went well and for others, not so well. 

Not only that, the exhaustion is really starting to settle in and I realized how tired I am. Luckily, I have a month between now and the final exam season to rest up. I might even be going home next week one last time before exams. 

How are the rest of you coping? Are you going to be using the next week for some rest and relaxation or are you going to go hard and prepare for exams?

Let me know in the comments below!