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5th Year Brock BBA/BAcc Co-op student, ask me anything! (IB and Big 4 Co-op)

I'm basically always on here so figured might as well make one of these and help out any prospective students.

- First 2 years spent as BBA Co-op student, secured first coop term through BBA
- Transferred into BAcc Co-op after 2 years
- Currently doing a spring semester

You kinda get the best of both worlds since I have been in all (both) the programs offered at the Goodman School of Business!

And since I know these are gonna be popular Qs:

- Avg (both major and overall) ~80%
- ECs: Leadership position in a club, some entrepreneurial stuff, sports stuff
- Work XP: General accounting internship at no-name organization doing very basic stuff, manual labour

Since attending Brock, I have received interview requests from:

Company / Quantity / (Co-op vs summer intern, Location) 

RBC x 3 (Various positions, co-op x2 and summer intern x1, Toronto)
Big 4 Audit x3 (1x Co-op and 1x Summer intern, Toronto...1 x Co-op in Calgary)
Big 4 Summer Leadership Conferences x2 (Toronto)
CPP Investment Board x2 (Summer Analyst, Toronto)
Scotiabank (Co-op, Toronto)
Grant Thornton Audit (Co-op, Toronto)
Canadian Tire (Co-op, GTA)
Ontario Securities Commission (CPA position, summer intern, Toronto)
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (Co-op, GTA)
TeamBuy .ca (Summer intern, Toronto)
Imperial Oil (Co-op, Calgary)
Suncor (Co-op, Calgary)
Regional CPA firm (Co-op, Hamilton area)
Small CPA firm (Co-op, Niagara region)
Publicly traded minerals company (Co-op, Toronto)
OMERS Pension Fund (Co-op, Toronto)
Big 5 Canadian Bank Capital Markets x2 (Co-op, Toronto)
Husky Energy (Summer intern, Calgary)
Accenture Consulting (Full time, Toronto)
McKinsey Consulting (Full time, Eastern Europe)

- Rejected from BAcc Co-op
- Accepted to BBA Co-op with 83.5% top 6

- Joined B4 Audit in January 2016
- Done 8 months of co-op, not at an accounting firm
- Major average ~85, overall ~80+
- ECs, unchanged from when applying to first co-op
- Completed a couple certificates in excel

- Get public accounting experience somewhere else. This is basically a must. I believe I was the only upper year hired from my school into B4 this past term without prior public experience. It's something I noticed during recruiting
- If you have the above, grades matter a bit less. Yes you still want to do as best as you can, but a high 70 is OK enough if you have prior XP. An 80+ is still ideal though
- Be prepared to explain why you left your previous employer (and don't speak poorly about them)

That's basically it. So feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to answer your Qs as best as I can!

*Even if nobody has posted in this topic for a while, feel free to do so, chances are I'm still lurking on here

high paying jobs in business
I had been looking at vet schools and medical early in grade 11, then when i got a fat L on my report card i realized maybe thats not the best approach. what kind of uni or college programs in business lead to a high paying job
Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees in Canada
According to RBC


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Carleton PAPM vs UOttawa Polisci
For students considering/have applied to either of the two programs & for those in either program - hows the experience in both? Which is better?

I'm trying to decide between the two programs - 
Carleton offers a specialized program with specialized opportunities and a chance to build a network with a smaller student community going into the same field as you.

UOttawa offers French Immersion along with their program which is a huge advantage if you're going into politics. I believe it's your basic PoliSci program, nothing specialized but what really gives it that extra edge is to add in french immersion and co-op.

If you're debating between the two, feel free to leave a comment below w/ your thoughts!
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Unrealistic expectations with regards to FUTURE INCOME on this forum
You need to make $80,000 a year to be in the top 10% of Canadians. Cutoff for top 5% is $102,800, and cutoff for top 1% is $191,100. 

Yet, I've been reading posts on Yconic with primarily high schoolers thinking that they're all going to be six figure income earners, and this notion that student debt and job prospects don't matter. I don't get it. Is it really an ideal position to put yourself in that much debt, only to come out of school to make 30-60k? I'm curious to know the rationale behind many students' mentalities on this forum.

For context, I'm someone who just completed a specialized professional degree program and am entering the job market. Talk of salary expectations came up at my school, because some people don't have jobs yet and most people are in over six figure debt. So, I remembered this forum that I used to frequent often and currently my younger siblings frequent. Feel free to share with me your thoughts. Also, I have friends working in almost every sector so if anyone is curious about current salary ranges within that field, I'd be happy to share (though, I have a feeling that it won't be welcomed). 
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Picking a Major
Hi Everyone,

I looking for some honest advice on picking a science/engineering major. I’ve done a lot of research  but many sites seem to be “selling” the degree and contain unrealistic information.

I’m interested in using STEM to solve relevant world problems with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact. While money is not highly important to me, I have a special  interest in making knowledge accessible to the public. (via publishing, public speaking, etc)

One of my main questions was whether or not there is one profession (engineering or science) that would have more opportunities or if they generally work in teams to achieve things (ie. eco friendly materials, medical technology, pollution reduction technology ) I’m leaning more towards science because I have heard that many engineering jobs entail a lot of office work and is very competitive . However, I am reluctant to exclude engineering all together because it seems that they have a edge in terms of developing world changing solutions and products. 

In the science fields, I am trying to decide between biochemistry or conservation biology. I love working out in the field and have a passion for the environment but am concerned about the job prospects (for conservation biology) and the relevance of a conservation profession (in terms of science!!!) when much of the environmental work seems to happen in labs developing technologies. Biochemistry would give me more career options and it is more ‘hardcore’ science but I’m not sure if it’s worth giving up the field prospect. 

I appreciate any thoughts and insights on what really being a engineering major or science major is like.

*I’ve applied to University of Alberta
*If I did do engineering, I’m looking at chemical or mining 
Kinesiology or Business? Career Path

I've applied for both Business Management @ Ryerson & Kinesiology @ York, but I am a bit nervous about what to pick. I really love learning about physical health & anatomy, I also enjoy working out but the thing is I'm not quite sure about the career paths for kinesiology as it's quite a new degree. With business, I think I'll have a greater chance of receiving a career, but I am not as interested as I am with kine.

Straight to the point, what are some career paths I could take while pursuing a kinesiology degree? Do you know anyone who took kine and has a career? do you recommend this degree?

All help is appreciated :)
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Career Path
I have no idea what I want to study. I do, however, know what I don't want to study. I'm not very good at math or science, enough that I don't want to further study those subjects after high school. I'm naturally gifted in language, specifically English as it is my first, and I've always been interested in History, as well as Civics. Any suggestions?
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Choosing My Career Path
I don't know what I want to study. Maybe sciences? Which one? Should I study engineering? What about business? Yada yada yada..... So many questions....

I want to find programs I would want to study so that I can set a goal for my grades and start looking for most suitable Universities.

Problem is, I don't know where to start... I tried listing my interests/passions, looked up some careers, etc. How do people manage to find their field of interest? Thanks.
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Political Science Students: what's your experience like?
Just really wanted some insight into the actual polisci experience as a prospective polisci student. It would be awesome if you guys could answer the following questions based on your experience within your program & anything else you'd like to add/wish you'd known before entering the program.

1. Institute of Study & year
2. Was co-op available? Where have your placements been? What has your experience been like at those placements and how have you been able to grow networking wise from those placements?
3. Other networking opportunities available at your school of study + unique experiences that have been made available to you through your program of study/institution of study (guest speakers, courses abroad, conferences, bilingual program etc.)
4. How have you enhanced your degree (clubs, volunteering etc.) and how has it helped you build skills & experience in the field?
5. Best & worst parts about the program in your opinion 
6. Ways the program has challenged you (critical thinking, essays, assignments etc.)
7. Advice for prospective students 
8. Hardships in the program/institution (profs, courses, lack of student support, financing experience/studies etc.)

Thanks guys! All the best to you 
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Insight into Neuroscience at university
The neuroscience program is something I began considering during my gr.12 bio course while learning about the brain. Understanding how the brain works and affects our everyday behaviours, as well as abnormal behaviours, is something that really fascinates me. However, because this is a relatively new interest of mine, I haven't really had the time to look deeply into what the program would be like in university. 

If you're in university, studying neuroscience, I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what the program is like? What have been your favourite aspects of the program? What kinds of courses do you take? What has been the most challenging part of the program for you? What got you interested in neuroscience/what inspired you to enrol in the program?

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is Software Engineering for me?
How is it that people know what they want to do? I'm interested in software engineering but I am not exactly sure if it's is a good fit for me. What would be a good criteria? I enjoy and am good at my computer science and math classes. Would that mean software engineering is a good fit?
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Some say Mechatronics is great because you learn about mainly both electrical and mechanical so it provides flexibility and the best of both worlds. 

Others say that it's a terrible choice because it's specialized immediately and that an employer rather hire someone who knows more about one specific area. 

Which of these are more true? 
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Canadian Student at an Ivy League School - AMA (university life, admissions, majors, anything you'd like!)
I made one of these threads a couple of years ago that some people found useful so I decided to make another one to distract myself with over the summer. A little about me:

School: Yale
Major: Statistics (while completing pre-med requirements)
SAT Score: ~2300 (back when it was out of 2400)
High school average: ~95% over all four years (lower in grade 9/10, higher in grade 11/12)
Accepted to: Several Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey

Which extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
Whether you may be in high school or university, there are many clubs, sports, and student groups that you can participate in. Being involved helps you gain leadership skills, network, and build your resume.

Which extra-curricular activities are/were you involved in?
Has your involvement impacted and helped you decide on a career path in some way?

yconic Student Ambassador
Parent effect on career decisions
I personally want to pursue computer science however my parents are against it and want me to do engineering. So I figured I do software engineering because it isn't that different from CS however the only university near by that I can get into is UOIT. Waterloo is too competitive and uOttawa/Carleton is too far. 

UOIT's Software Engineering isn't terrible but I haven't heard great things either. If I do engineering I don't mind doing mechatronics or computer. What should I do? 
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Mark Inflation
I've heard that some schools are easier to get higher marks than others. Why is that the case? How would they let that happen? Would my school fall in that category? For the grade 12s in my school, roughly 40 out of 400 students got a 90+ average in grade 11. It'll probably stay close to those numbers for grade 12 as well. I was wondering if that is where it should be compared to other schools?
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Engineering programs to consider in my range?
I have a rough semester with math, english, chem and physics with some demanding teachers which have led my marks to be lower than I have aimed for. I predict a 88% average for my top 6. I plan on doing a general year, computer, mechanical or mechatronics engineering. 

What universities should I aim for? As of now I'm thinking UOIT and Ryerson. I think I'm a little short for Queens and McMaster. My EC are nothing special, close to the average person. Any suggestions as to what else I should apply for?
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Life Sci as a career questionn
Hi, I live in Ontario and am looking to pursue life sci in university. I'm curious about what the jobs in the field are that don't have to do with being a doctor, researcher, or in academia and how the pay are in those occupations because I've heard that if you major in bio but dont go to med school or do a master/phd, your degree is useless? how true is that?
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Mechatronics UOIT
I'm interested in doing mechatronics however the only university near by that offers it is Uoit. I know Waterloo has a great program however it's a bit too far and the marks required are a bit high. Does anyone have a general idea if it's a good program and how the job prospects are out of it? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information about it. Am I better off just doing a more general branch of engineering?
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Best engineering discipline for me?
I'm confused as to what discipline is best for me. I've seen the engineering courses/calendar to help get a better idea but they all seem to have some really interesting courses and some that seem like a dread. I really enjoy the kinematics, dynamics, and energy parts in physics but not really into circuits. I also like doing everything in math but hate chemistry haha. It's not a whole lot of information but based on this what would be the best choice for me? Any advice is really appreciated.
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Helpful University Majors?
Hey, I'm in Grade 12 and well it's time to start applying for universities and think about what degree I should get. So, I'm wondering what courses are you taking and for what job? I know personal interest is definitely a factor, but I also want to take something useful. So, for example, I have aspirations of becoming a doctor, but if I unable to get to that level I don't want to be stuck with a degree that I cannot use anywhere else. Any advice?