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I need help... Queens Commerce vs Ivey HBA vs Rotman Commerce vs Mcgill Commerce
Honestly speaking, Queens and Western were the two most appealing campuses for me and obviously they have incredible programs, but my parents and everyone around me keep telling me I have higher chances of getting a job in Manhattan or Silicon Valley (My end goal) if I go to Rotman or Mcgill... AKA schools with a little bit better international reputation. At the end of the day I don't want to sacrifice my chances of attaining my goal just because the beds are nicer in Kingston or London, sure I may not like residence in Montreal or Toronto for four years but at least I'll be happy achieving my goal. If this is possible, can we start an unbiased discussion on how I should go about making my decision How the heck am I ever going to be able to decide... I swear I am losing hair stressing about this incredibly difficult decision. I should also mention I have no idea whether I want to go into marketing, finance or accounting.
Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management(BBRM)- Equine Management
Hey! I just finished Gr.11 and will be starting Gr.12 come September and I'm currently rearranging my courses. I'm thinking of applying to the university of Guelph for the BBRM and majoring in equine management. Would Calculus be a recommend course to take in Gr.12? Or Exercise Science? I checked, these are not mandatory to get into the program, but would they be beneficial if I took them now? Also for anyone who is in or taken the BBRM program what do you think of it? Is it a useful bachelor? What are you doing now? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
AFM Waterloo
Just curious as to how to get into the AFM program at Waterloo? What was your application process like? What were you grades/extra curriculars? How competitive would you say the process is? I heard they only accept 300 people into the program. Would you say this program is better than BBA at Laurier? Not sure which to choose. Does the degree offer you the same kind of job options? 
If you can state your education/work experience that would be great. Thank you !!
Business or Accounting Program?
Help! I am deciding on which career pathway to pursue. Some schools offer business programs, while some offer only accounting/finance programs. I don't know which to choose. What kind of jobs can you end up with if you study in a business program, can you still end up in accounting? If you study accounting are you restricted to just accounting as your field of specialty? Which degree will offer a better chance of employment after graduation? 
Please answer with your level of education/experience
Thank you!
AFM Waterloo
Just curious as to how to get into the AFM program at Waterloo? What was your application process like? What were you grades/extra curriculars? Also what year do you get into co-op? How competitive would you say the process is? I heard they only accept 300 people into the program. Would you say this program is better than BBA at Laurier? Not sure which to choose. Does the degree offer you the same kind of job options?
Also if you can state your education/work experience that would be great. Thank you !! 
anyone here work @ kumon, by any chance? NEED HELP FOR MY INTERVIEW
ok, so I have a interview at Kumon in a few weeks (long time i know). Anyways, the lady didnt email me any specifics about the interview other than date and time. So, should i bring my REPORT CARD? my grades arent stellar, i only got a 85 in math, 79 in french, 80 in history and 81 in gym. PLUS my french teacher decided to give me a few "s" in the behavior section, probably because i didnt participate enough in class.

 i WOULD HAVE BROUGHT MY HONOR ROLL CERTIFICATE, BUT I LOST IT. Anyways, I am pretty good at math and english and i really want this job! should i just NOT bring my report card? I like my math mark, i just feel its not enough.I ALSO HEARD YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TEST?? before your hired. IS THIS TRUE AND WHAT IS ON IT? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ANSWER
Masters in Canada
Hi There,
I am completely new to this forum and this question might be silly for many. I am planning to do a Masters in Information Systems(Called as MIS  in States) in Canada(Mix of Technology with Business). I prefer Canada to US . My profile is like
GRE - 296 (Q:152 ; V:144)
TOEFL : Yet to take (Took Ielts last year and got 6.5)
GPA: 73% (No backlogs)
Work EX: 4+ years in a well reputed MNC.

The main reason i prefer Canada is the Job opportunities and its unmatched Health Care facilities. As an add-on , my mother tongue is Tamil which is one of the official Languages in Canada. No where i could get the suggestion of universities for my profile.
If there is someone who is kind enough to evaluate this and suggest me some really good universities for me.

Thanks in Advance:)
I am a yconic user. ASK ME ANYTHING!!
Ask me anything. This is just a random post with the objective of seeing whether anyone will ask questions to someone who has no desirable knowledge to give out ( yconic user ). I am not a surgeon, nor a U of W engineering student, nor a highly successful business professional. I am what I am at face value, that being a yconic user. ASK AWAY!!!
Which laptop should I buy?!


Career options.. HELP
I graduated from high school this year but instead of going to post-secondary school like most of my classmates, I decided to stay to complete a victory lap (13th grade, if you will). Soon, I won't have a choice but to apply for University (I don't want to take a year off). The problem is, I have NO IDEA what I want to do. I mean, I've got an interest for every subject (Maths, sciences, languages, arts) AND I have averages of over 85% in most of these courses... I have a particular fondness for languages, though (French, English, Spanish). I feel as though there is so much pressure to make these choices, especially from my parents (who want me to go into medical sciences, which I don't think I want).

Any suggestions on what I should do, or who to consult?

Vic, Trin, or UC?
Which is the best college in terms of atmosphere, people, making friends, everyday life?
I enjoy being social the majority of the time, love meeting new people, love culture and literature (if that helps). I was thinking Vic, suggestions?
Why are high school students going into business so optimistic?

High school business students be like:

“I’m going into Queen’s/Ivey, therefore I’m better than you” *creates hierarchy of tiers of b-schools as a thread*

“I want to become a CPA accountant and work for Big 4 at Bay street and then I’m gonna become an investment banker and work for GS at Wall street to make millions.”

“I have a 98% average (private schooled) and was the president of every club at my school, therefore everyone be jealous”

“After I finish undergrad with a 4.0 GPA, I’m going into MBA program then law school, then get my CFA, then CPA, then PhD to make my business card credentials as long as possible because I’m going to become a CEO”

I honestly don’t see engineering, science, arts students say these type of ridiculous things on the forum.

Canadian Student at Yale - Ask Me Anything
I've noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about applying to schools in the US.  As someone who just went through the process and did a lot of research, I'd love to answer any questions and help clear things up :)

I was also admitted to other Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey, among others, so I can answer questions about those as well.
Business Co-op Salaries by Program (Laurier, UTSC, Brock, Waterloo, etc)
I took the time to throw this information together for all of you. Everyone loves arguing about programs, so why not make it more interesting by adding some real $$ numbers?

Methodology / Notes:

***If I screwed up somewhere, please let me know. I'm trying to make this as accurate and unbiased as possible***

1. Most numbers are pulled directly from the university websites. All links are at the bottom of this post.

2. Where information was not available by term (Brock BBA & Guelph BComm), the average % change from term to term was calculated from the programs where this information was available, and applied to estimate Term 1 and Term 3 earnings, with Term 2 being the actual average reported by the school.

3. Typically most co-op schools make you do 3 work terms. Any more is often optional. For simplicity, data for any terms past term 3 was not used. Clearly if you do more terms, you can expect to make a bit more money though.

4. Brock BAcc is the overall program, including GTA. Brock BAcc - GTA is Brock BAcc salary information only in the GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, North York, etc)

5. Obviously these numbers are not going to be 100% accurate, but they should offer a pretty general idea of what one can expect to earn in each program and each term. 


Click link for the chart: http://i.imgur.com/WOTGSBR.png

Every school seems to be in the same ball park. I guess you're not going to be homeless just because you go to Ryerson, and you aren't going to be making $10K/day just because you have a UofT degree either. 

The biggest surprise to me personally was that UTSC has some very average numbers. I expected it to do significantly better considering that it's in the GTA, which is where people typically earn more. Not to mention that one guy hyping the heck out of UTSC co-op on this site (CQ you know who you are lol)


Brock BBA: https://brocku.ca/webfm_send/36705
Brock BAcc: https://brocku.ca/webfm_send/31862
Guelph BComm: https://www.recruitguelph.ca/cecs/employers-institutions/co-op-salary-ranges
Laurier BBA&Econ: https://navigator.wlu.ca/co-op/resources/salary/business-economics.htm
Ryerson: http://www.ryerson.ca/co-op/students/salarywages.html
UTSC: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/mgmt/node/85
Waterloo: https://uwaterloo.ca/school-of-accounting-and-finance/future-undergraduates/funding-awards/possible-co-op-earnings

Wilfrid Laurier University : BA Economics with Financial Management.
I'm going into my first year of university with the intention with finishing this degree. Is the degree worth it in the job market? is it very employable? Would co-op be an issue? What would be the optimal situation that I can be in at this moment? Do you have any advice for me regarding this choice of degree? Should I transfer to BBA, or stick with this, or transfer to another university?

Background information.
Carleton Finance : Accepted
Brock BBA Finance : Accepted
Ryerson Business Management : Accepted
Laurier BA Economics with Financial Management : Accepted (Chosen)

Did I make the right choice?

Thank you for your time.
McMaster or Ryerson for Business?
Hey Guys,

So I've been really stuck on deciding on which University to attend; My average was an 88.3% and I applied to:  

York (Schulich) | BBA - No (alternate)  
Western (IVEY) | HBA - Yes (but not IVEY)  
Laurier | BBA - No (alternate)  
McMaster (Degroote)| BCom - Yes
Ryerson (TRSM)| BCom - Yes  
UOIT | BCom - Yes

I am really stuck in deciding on which University would be best for me to attend for the best chance at employment and future opportunities with my options - Please Help!

Ivey, Schulich, Rotman or Queens for undergraduate? 
I am going into grade 12 and interested in business.  
      The title already says it all. I have heard a lot of good and bad things about these schools as well as many different points of view. Could you please tell me your preference in regard to any aspect of school and why.  
      The ultimate goal of attending a university is to land a job. Therefore, please address about the job placements after graduation.
       Please be simple and unbiased as much as possible. Real personal experiences are highly preferred. If using any source on the internet, please be selective. No rage war and stay on the subject please. Thank you.
Career Path Guide
Hey guys,

We're working on a way to help students decide their education and career path.

This is how we want to do it

Please let us know what you think.
Industrial Design
Is anyone in any industrial design programs or any design programs right now? I am planning to go into product/industrial design and could use any useful info right now. Is it hard to find a job in the industry? Currently i'm planning to go to Design Foundation at Humber College for one year and then apply to the program at OCAD after i put together a good portfolio and refine my skills. Thanks in advance!
Doing a psychology program in university?
I'm talking about a bachelor of arts, not science. 
Psychologists typically make a fair amount of money (about $75, 000) and the degree is very versatile. I can go to med school, law school, or the business industry. But it doesn't stop there, I can go into the education industry and become a counselor and even criminology (being a detective or a criminal psychologist). 

I would really appreciate it if people shared their knowledge on psychology programs and what it takes to become a psychologist.

Apparently, I'm required to have a PhD in psychology. 

1. How long does it take to get a PhD?
2. What courses have you taken in university?
3. What's your program like? In terms of difficulty and such?
4. Are there any other opportunities for aspiring psychologists? What other jobs can I get with a psychology degree?
Alternate Engineering Offer uOttowa
I received  an alternate offer to uOttawa engineering, Computer engineering, but is there still a chance that I can get into the original program that I chose(biomedical engineering) ?
Resume Question: How do I write my Education section? (Complex case, I think)
(Long background story incoming)

I decided to update my resume since I'll be applying for part time jobs once I'm back home from vacation and I kind of ran into a "small" issue. 

I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student at Wayne State University and I finished 1 semester here. I have taken several courses here that are part of the engineering curriculum. I'm also planning on minoring in Comp Sci. 
I was also a Business Administration student at University of Windsor in the Fall 2014 term. I didn't finish the degree (obviously) but I took a few business courses.
This summer, I took 2 intersession courses (Comp Sci) at University of Windsor. 

(I know, it's a big mess. But there's a reason for it)

I'm trying to update my resume (esp the Education section) but I'm confused as to how to do it.  Currently, I have Wayne State at the top and have January 2015 - Present for the time attended. On the second entry for Education, I have UWindsor and have September 2014 - December 2014; May 2015 - June 2015; for the time attended. I also listed the courses that I have completed so far for each school. I got rid of high school and OSSD since it's irrelevant (IMHO) when I'm (technically) 2nd year university. (Here's a picture in case that was confusing: http://prntscr.com/7uhmzx , ignore the "..." under Uwindsor. I use this website called http://cvmkr.com to make my resume and I needed to fill that field with something so I could export it ) 

Now, is this good as is? Can it be cleaned up a little? Is it properly written? (also refer to question in the title ;P )

Pretty sure I can't be the only one with this issue :P (I mean, probably uncommon but there must be someone with similar issues, right?)
Advice to high schoolers: Think carefully before you pursue a BA or BSc Degree









Take the time to read through these if you want to be informed about how the job market is for new university graduates. Most BA and BSc holders cannot find work, they have to resort to doing jobs that pay just a little above minimum wage. In case you don't make it into professional school, which has less than 10% acceptance rates, consider what other career opportunities are available to you with your chosen degree path? Why are you going to university in the first place? Who is financing your education? What do you hope to make out of your degree?

Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick?