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Ivey, Schulich, Rotman or Queens for undergraduate? 
I am going into grade 12 and interested in business.  
      The title already says it all. I have heard a lot of good and bad things about these schools as well as many different points of view. Could you please tell me your preference in regard to any aspect of school and why.  
      The ultimate goal of attending a university is to land a job. Therefore, please address about the job placements after graduation.
       Please be simple and unbiased as much as possible. Real personal experiences are highly preferred. If using any source on the internet, please be selective. No rage war and stay on the subject please. Thank you.
Why are high school students going into business so optimistic?

High school business students be like:

“I’m going into Queen’s/Ivey, therefore I’m better than you” *creates hierarchy of tiers of b-schools as a thread*

“I want to become a CPA accountant and work for Big 4 at Bay street and then I’m gonna become an investment banker and work for GS at Wall street to make millions.”

“I have a 98% average (private schooled) and was the president of every club at my school, therefore everyone be jealous”

“After I finish undergrad with a 4.0 GPA, I’m going into MBA program then law school, then get my CFA, then CPA, then PhD to make my business card credentials as long as possible because I’m going to become a CEO”

I honestly don’t see engineering, science, arts students say these type of ridiculous things on the forum.

Career Path Guide
Hey guys,

We're working on a way to help students decide their education and career path.

This is how we want to do it

Please let us know what you think.
Industrial Design
Is anyone in any industrial design programs or any design programs right now? I am planning to go into product/industrial design and could use any useful info right now. Is it hard to find a job in the industry? Currently i'm planning to go to Design Foundation at Humber College for one year and then apply to the program at OCAD after i put together a good portfolio and refine my skills. Thanks in advance!
Doing a psychology program in university?
I'm talking about a bachelor of arts, not science. 
Psychologists typically make a fair amount of money (about $75, 000) and the degree is very versatile. I can go to med school, law school, or the business industry. But it doesn't stop there, I can go into the education industry and become a counselor and even criminology (being a detective or a criminal psychologist). 

I would really appreciate it if people shared their knowledge on psychology programs and what it takes to become a psychologist.

Apparently, I'm required to have a PhD in psychology. 

1. How long does it take to get a PhD?
2. What courses have you taken in university?
3. What's your program like? In terms of difficulty and such?
4. Are there any other opportunities for aspiring psychologists? What other jobs can I get with a psychology degree?
Canadian Student at Yale - Ask Me Anything
I've noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about applying to schools in the US.  As someone who just went through the process and did a lot of research, I'd love to answer any questions and help clear things up :)

I was also admitted to other Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey, among others, so I can answer questions about those as well.
Alternate Engineering Offer uOttowa
I received  an alternate offer to uOttawa engineering, Computer engineering, but is there still a chance that I can get into the original program that I chose(biomedical engineering) ?
Resume Question: How do I write my Education section? (Complex case, I think)
(Long background story incoming)

I decided to update my resume since I'll be applying for part time jobs once I'm back home from vacation and I kind of ran into a "small" issue. 

I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student at Wayne State University and I finished 1 semester here. I have taken several courses here that are part of the engineering curriculum. I'm also planning on minoring in Comp Sci. 
I was also a Business Administration student at University of Windsor in the Fall 2014 term. I didn't finish the degree (obviously) but I took a few business courses.
This summer, I took 2 intersession courses (Comp Sci) at University of Windsor. 

(I know, it's a big mess. But there's a reason for it)

I'm trying to update my resume (esp the Education section) but I'm confused as to how to do it.  Currently, I have Wayne State at the top and have January 2015 - Present for the time attended. On the second entry for Education, I have UWindsor and have September 2014 - December 2014; May 2015 - June 2015; for the time attended. I also listed the courses that I have completed so far for each school. I got rid of high school and OSSD since it's irrelevant (IMHO) when I'm (technically) 2nd year university. (Here's a picture in case that was confusing: http://prntscr.com/7uhmzx , ignore the "..." under Uwindsor. I use this website called http://cvmkr.com to make my resume and I needed to fill that field with something so I could export it ) 

Now, is this good as is? Can it be cleaned up a little? Is it properly written? (also refer to question in the title ;P )

Pretty sure I can't be the only one with this issue :P (I mean, probably uncommon but there must be someone with similar issues, right?)
Advice to high schoolers: Think carefully before you pursue a BA or BSc Degree









Take the time to read through these if you want to be informed about how the job market is for new university graduates. Most BA and BSc holders cannot find work, they have to resort to doing jobs that pay just a little above minimum wage. In case you don't make it into professional school, which has less than 10% acceptance rates, consider what other career opportunities are available to you with your chosen degree path? Why are you going to university in the first place? Who is financing your education? What do you hope to make out of your degree?

Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick? 

Paramedic AMA, Ask Me Anything!
Ever seen someone having a medical emergency, and everybody's looking at each other with no idea what to do? Or even worse, you're having a medical emergency and nobody knows what to do. This is what inspired me to become a paramedic.

I drove past an SUV that was stopped at a pedestrian crossing. In front of that car, a young woman lay on the pavement. She wasn't moving. A small crowd had gathered. The faint sound of sirens echoed in the distance. Well, at least somebody called for help. If only someone knew what to do in these crucial first few minutes.

In another instance, an elderly woman carrying a small bag of groceries felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor at the sky train station. Someone had knelt down to talk to her, and asked me to call 9-1-1. It was my first time dialing 9-1-1. A pretty nifty experience, although I was terrified at the time.

Anything can happen at any given time. I felt that it was so dumb that nobody knew what to do. 'Well maybe I can make a difference. Maybe next time, I'll know what to do' I thought.

I started with a 3-week advanced first aid course. I didn't plan on becoming a professional, I just wanted to know what to do if something happened. I discovered that I loved the course, so I decided to go through paramedic school.

If you're curious about becoming a paramedic, I would suggest taking an advanced first-aid course to try it out and see how you like it. The best thing is, even if you decide not to take it further, there are plenty of jobs out there as first aid attendants. I worked an entire summer earning $17/hr (Canadian dollars!) doing first aid for warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. You can even volunteer at rock concerts, raves, marathons and sporting events, and see all kinds of fascinating emergency medicine scenarios behind-the-scenes.

Read about the most compelling and deeply moving experience that I've had as a paramedic on my blog: http://wayneskickasswebsite.com/

I hope you've found this interesting, but perhaps you have more questions? Go ahead! Ask me anything!
University of Guelph Humber Business program
Hey,I am interested in getting a accounting degree and the University of Guelph Humber has the degree and the school is really close to me. I was wondering if the program is good. I would really appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
Road to Dentist/Doctor
Hi, I'm an upcoming Gr. 12 High school student.
I've been searching the path to become a dentist/Doctor through internet. However, I ended up becoming more confused as there are many things to accomplish.
Could anyone bridge it a little bit?
What I know is, Let's say I'm going into McMaster University for Health science program, and UBC for Dentistry
4 years of university. (at the end of 2nd year in university, take DAT). After passing the test, would I be able to go into the medical school right away without finishing third and fourth year of university? Also, how long is the medical school? as well as the internship.
How many years does it take total? 
Lastly, if bio 11 is not a pre-requisite for Bio 12, do any med school/universities require bio 11? Can I just take bio 12 without bio 11?
anyone here work @ kumon, by any chance? NEED HELP FOR MY INTERVIEW
ok, so I have a interview at Kumon in a few weeks (long time i know). Anyways, the lady didnt email me any specifics about the interview other than date and time. So, should i bring my REPORT CARD? my grades arent stellar, i only got a 85 in math, 79 in french, 80 in history and 81 in gym. PLUS my french teacher decided to give me a few "s" in the behavior section, probably because i didnt participate enough in class.

 i WOULD HAVE BROUGHT MY HONOR ROLL CERTIFICATE, BUT I LOST IT. Anyways, I am pretty good at math and english and i really want this job! should i just NOT bring my report card? I like my math mark, i just feel its not enough.I ALSO HEARD YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TEST?? before your hired. IS THIS TRUE AND WHAT IS ON IT? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ANSWER
Doing business with a psychology degree?
I'm interested in the marketing side of business and I have a passion for psychology. 
Are there a lot of companies that hire psychology majors? 
Which ones are known to hire people with this type of degree?

To be more specific, I'm also into economics and advertising.

I'm also thinking of taking science electives to go into med school (the business route is my preferred choice though).
questions about a job interview???? (kumon)
ok, so I have a interview at Kumon in a few weeks (long time i know). Anyways, the lady didnt email me any specifics about the interview other than date and time. So, should i bring my REPORT CARD? my grades arent stellar, i only got a 86 in math, 79 in french, 80 in history and 81 in gym. PLUS my french teacher decided to give me a few "s" in the behavior section, probably because i didnt participate enough in class. 

SO I FEEL BRINGING MY REPORT WILL HURT ME IN THE INTERVIEW RATHER THAN GIVE ME AN ADVANTAGE. i WOULD HAVE BROUGHT MY HONOR ROLL CERTIFICATE, BUT I LOST IT. Anyways, I am pretty good at math and english and i really want this job! should i just NOT bring my report card? I like my math mark, i just feel its not enough.I ALSO HEARD YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TEST?? before your hired. IS THIS TRUE AND WHAT IS ON IT?
So I am in a hard situation because my parents aren't letting me go away for university. I live in the GTA so I could commute to UofT, Ryerson, York, ect. With UofT st.g being my first choice I know driving everyday could be lengthy because of traffic and such. I want to get a Bsc in Human Bio and Psychology with the end goal of med school (I aleady know i could get a much higher GPA at york or ryerson but I do not want to hear that please help me with this issue of residence).  I am going to write this long essay and do thing huge presentation to my parents to try and convince them that living on residence could give me more opportunity and better grades. While I am at UofT I want to volunteer at a hospital, get a work study job, do research, maybe join a club on top of all my very hard classes. Commuting 2-4  even 5 hours depending on traffic every day could be very detrimental to my education not to mention how annoying driving home would be after a late night in the library. Could you guys please help me with some suggestions on why residence is an experience they should invest in! And if you live on residence could you tell me the positives you've had with your education. If you have a long commute to a school could you tell me some of the negatives that come with it? Thank you very much in advance.
High Demand Jobs in Canada 2015- Computing Software, Nursing, Sales, Trades

A lot of people here keep asking about what fields are in demand and what they should go into. There also happens to be a lot of students here of late who bash those pursuing college programs in trades, manufacturing and hospitality fields, which this article cites as being in demand.

For those hell-bent on pursuing an MBA, read through this. MBA schools are seeing less than 50% employment rates in their new graduates, it's a dime a dozen, they doubled the enrollments at most schools to rake in the tuition fees and more than half the class is now made up of international students from Asia and India. I got accepted into Rotman's MBA program with no GMAT (had written the LSAT to replace it with) and no work experience. They kept sending me emails marketing the program and encouraging me to apply, so for fun I did and was shocked to see how fast they accepted me. I have decided not to accept and will focus strictly on the JD program instead. For all high schoolers here, beware of the MBA, it's the new undergraduate degree.


new Licensed pharmacist ask anything!
Hello everyone, I am a newly employed  (working for about 2 months) licensed pharmacist who is ready to answer any question about the world of pharmacy (pharmacy school, pharmacy work life,etc.)!
Finance or economics degree?
I am interested in business but also law.  Initially, I planned on just pursuing finance and working as some kind of analyst, and eventually get my MBA.  However, I've begun to consider the possibility of an economics degree.  If I get an economics degree, I can get my masters in economics, get an MBA (I read US schools prefer economics undergrads to business undergrads), or I can go to law school (statistically, economics majors are top scorers on the LSAT).  Whereas if I only got my BBA, I feel as though I am limited to just getting a MBA.  

What do you think?  Even if I didn't end up getting into an MBA program or law school, would an economics degree provide me with the same opportunities as someone with a BBA?
Med Schools w/o MCAT?
I know that at some schools the MCAT is not an admission requirement and I was just wondering if that affects anything? Does it mean that entrance weighs more heavily on GPA? And does it take away from their reputations? I just learned this recently & I still can't quite believe it...
Careers in Math and/or Science
I want to pursue a career in math or, math and science as those are two of my best subjects and the ones i enjoy the most. What are some jobs that are in that field of interest and have a pretty decent salary, like 65,000+ starting, and which can go up to 100,000+ as you gain more experience? I know like jobs in math and science are basically all engineering programs but i have no idea what are some which directly focus on math and have decent pay. Thanks
WHAT IS WITH THE - Oops! You've hit your posting limit. Wait a few minutes, and then try again.
Seriously tired of getting this message and having to wait 5 minutes between posts.

"Oops! You've hit your posting limit. Wait a few minutes, and then try again."

Just another reason as to why this site sucks compared to the old studentawards.

Yeesh, super frustrating!