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Careers in Math and/or Science
I want to pursue a career in math or, math and science as those are two of my best subjects and the ones i enjoy the most. What are some jobs that are in that field of interest and have a pretty decent salary, like 65,000+ starting, and which can go up to 100,000+ as you gain more experience? I know like jobs in math and science are basically all engineering programs but i have no idea what are some which directly focus on math and have decent pay. Thanks
Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick? 

Med Schools w/o MCAT?
I know that at some schools the MCAT is not an admission requirement and I was just wondering if that affects anything? Does it mean that entrance weighs more heavily on GPA? And does it take away from their reputations? I just learned this recently & I still can't quite believe it...
What the hell can the rest of us mortals who suck at math and science do?
What career opportunities are available to those who suck at math and science? This easily limits my career options as I can't be a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, financial analyst, engineer, computer scientist, etc.

Don't say teaching since I know that there are no jobs in that. I'm also looking for a starting salary range of around 50k and room for growth to surpass six figures.

I just finished Gr.11 and while my English and other grades are 90+, I barely passed Functions, Biology and Chemistry with 50s.
High Demand Jobs in Canada 2015- Computing Software, Nursing, Sales, Trades

A lot of people here keep asking about what fields are in demand and what they should go into. There also happens to be a lot of students here of late who bash those pursuing college programs in trades, manufacturing and hospitality fields, which this article cites as being in demand.

For those hell-bent on pursuing an MBA, read through this. MBA schools are seeing less than 50% employment rates in their new graduates, it's a dime a dozen, they doubled the enrollments at most schools to rake in the tuition fees and more than half the class is now made up of international students from Asia and India. I got accepted into Rotman's MBA program with no GMAT (had written the LSAT to replace it with) and no work experience. They kept sending me emails marketing the program and encouraging me to apply, so for fun I did and was shocked to see how fast they accepted me. I have decided not to accept and will focus strictly on the JD program instead. For all high schoolers here, beware of the MBA, it's the new undergraduate degree.


Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management(BBRM)- Equine Management
Hey! I just finished Gr.11 and will be starting Gr.12 come September and I'm currently rearranging my courses. I'm thinking of applying to the university of Guelph for the BBRM and majoring in equine management. Would Calculus be a recommend course to take in Gr.12? Or Exercise Science? I checked, these are not mandatory to get into the program, but would they be beneficial if I took them now? Also for anyone who is in or taken the BBRM program what do you think of it? Is it a useful bachelor? What are you doing now? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
Advice to high schoolers: Think carefully before you pursue a BA or BSc Degree









Take the time to read through these if you want to be informed about how the job market is for new university graduates. Most BA and BSc holders cannot find work, they have to resort to doing jobs that pay just a little above minimum wage. In case you don't make it into professional school, which has less than 10% acceptance rates, consider what other career opportunities are available to you with your chosen degree path? Why are you going to university in the first place? Who is financing your education? What do you hope to make out of your degree?

new Licensed pharmacist ask anything!
Hello everyone, I am a newly employed  (working for about 2 months) licensed pharmacist who is ready to answer any question about the world of pharmacy (pharmacy school, pharmacy work life,etc.)!
Which offer should I choose? York vs. UofT vs. Queens
I have been offered admission into the following three programs:

Queens-Bachelors of Science

York-Biomedical Sciences

University Of Toronto St. George-Life Sciences
 I am having a really difficult time deciding where I should go, and I have to choose in the next week! I want to pursue a career in medicine in the future, and my goal is to get accepted into a Canadian medical school after my third year of undergrad. What university should I choose?

I have heard that U of T is very difficult to maintain a high GPA in whereas the environment in York is really bad, I have not heard much about queens. I am hoping that some current Undergraduate students from these Universities or medical school students can advise me on where I should go as the deadline is right around the corner. Thanks!!
 It is also worth noting that York university and U of T are fairly close to where I live and I can commute, whereas Queens would require me to live on residence.

Decent/well-paying careers for those who excel in social sciences and humanities?
Is there any hope for people who suck at math and science? Please don't reply with a sarcastic answer, such as, "you can always work as a barista at Starbucks or drive a garbage truck". Seriously, it's rude and I'm already depressed as it is. If anyone can suggest an actual career that would be well suited to me please share. Thank you.
The Skills to Pay the Bills, what are they again?
job  = money
money = it's quite useful if you ask me

So, I was thinking of getting a part-time job in the vicious jungle we call an economy and wanted to know what personality trait makes an employer go out of his/her to give you a job or promotion.

For example, initiative, persistence, organization. 
If not one, which personality traits?

Thanks to all responses I receive. :D
Please HELP!!!
Should I pursue Math or CS if I want to be a quant? I am applying to unis in october so please help. Any other suggestions are also welcomed. Thanks for answering!!!!

University of Toronto's ECE: Program & Focus Areas?
Hi, I am admitted to the electrical engineering program at U of T. I see there're around 8 different focus areas, and according to their annual report, 


On page 30 (actually pg 16 shown on the pdf file), most of the students are studying towards the computers. However, I am the most interested in the Energy System field, which has only got 46 people. So is this the right area to choose in terms of employment rate? How hard is it to get a PEY? The related companies I can think of at this stage are only Hydro One, Toronto Hydro, and the Ontario Power Generation. Do they often select students from U of T? Also, comparing the PEY with Waterloo's coop, which one will provide a greater possibility in terms of getting an internship/co-op at those companies? 

In addition, if I am looking forward to studying aerospace, is it a good idea to study electrical engineering at undergraduate and then aerospace engineering at graduate school?

Thanks a lot!!!
Laurier vs. Durham College
Hey guys I just have a question. I  am finishing my ECE program next year and would like to transfer to child & youth program but I don't know which school to go to. I heard laurier and durham college is good, but I want to know if any other schools may be better and which one would be good for career wise. Thanks
Future programs
Hello everyone. I was wondering if you guys could suggest some programs and jobs that relate to the program if i  really like physics
Question about AP COURSES
Hi, guys! My school does not offer AP courses so I have a lot of stupid questions to ask :)
(did some research but I still want a clear answer from this forum)
1. Would the course count as a university credit?
2. Can I use the course's average in my top 6 for university application?
3. If I already took calculus and vectors, would AP Calculus AB count as a repeated course? 
4. I couldn't really find any online school in Canada that offers AP courses, but i found this website: http://www.thevhs.org/ , in the ap economics section, on the corner it says "Accredited: Certified by NCAA for initial-eligibility (VHS School Code: 221356), Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools, Northwest Accreditation Commission" , does that means it will not count in Ontario high schools? 

McMaster or Ryerson for Business?
Hey Guys,

So I've been really stuck on deciding on which University to attend; My average was an 88.3% and I applied to:  

York (Schulich) | BBA - No (alternate)  
Western (IVEY) | HBA - Yes (but not IVEY)  
Laurier | BBA - No (alternate)  
McMaster (Degroote)| BCom - Yes
Ryerson (TRSM)| BCom - Yes  
UOIT | BCom - Yes

I am really stuck in deciding on which University would be best for me to attend for the best chance at employment and future opportunities with my options - Please Help!

U Of T vs Carlton university : risky for find work
How important is a school's reputation for finding job in canada,
I'm an international student  , which is best study master in electrical eng (master) in toronto   (rank  20 in the world  ) or carlton (rank 400-500) 
1-find job after grad in canada 
2-scholarship TA, RA or other

# #toronto 
Getting a 90 In ENG...?
Currently I have an average of 83, any advice to get a 90 for next year? Does reading books over the summer helps? How to improve my essay drasticly?etc