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Why Can't I Get a Girlfriend?
Salutations my dearest of comrades. It is on this fine evening in which I must express misfortune with my chances of acquiring females to be my lovely girlfriend. I have a set of criteria for my preferred partner:
- 95% average or higher
- Blonde hair, blue eyes, caucasian
-Protruding female attributes 
-Anywhere between 4'11 and 5'5
-Wealthy (parents must make a minimum of $250,000, after tax, every year)

I strongly believe that this list of criteria is incredibly lenient and easy to find. Nonetheless, I cannot find a girlfriend! Why is this so complex? If it helps, I have 99% in health care. Please help me!

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I got a 68 on Advanced Functions.
I got a 68 on Advanced FUnctions, but i got accepted to biomedical sciences at York. Will they revoke their offer?
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Advice on long distance relationship in university!
Is it possible to keep up a relationship when you and your significant other go to different universities and will be hours apart?   My boyfriend and I are in grade 12 and have been together for a while in highschool, however, we want to go to completely different unis (5 Hours apart) Is the relationship worth keeping? Or should we just end it before uni to allow us to have that fresh new experience and meet new people? Anyone have any advice/experience with dating someone who ended up going to a different university? Share you stories! I'd love to hear them.
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Western Ivey 2017-2018
Hi all!

I want to make this thread for all the people who applied for Ivey's AEO starting fall 2018. If you can, please list your grades and E/C's so everyone can get a general sense of the competitiveness here.. Also when acceptances roll in, feel free to post any of that here!

For me,

Grades:  93 percent grade 12 competitive average
E/C's:  President of a school club, community services w/ 250+ volunteer hours, & oversea volunteer experiences.

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Study tips
So how do you guys study for adv fund, biology, religion, calcu, chemistry, and English exams ? How long do you guys study for? When did you start studying? What resources did you use? Has anyone got perfect on their exam? These are all grade 12 courses and with first semester finals being important as fuck.. just wondering how much more I can do. Good luck on exams guys, hope you do as well as you want. Hopefully first year students can share their lucky tips. :D
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I am applying to Uni this December. I am deciding between Laurier BBA and Schulich BBA. So Far I heard..  


Pros- Reputation, Community, Small class size, networking  
Cons – No co-op, curriculum is hard, commute,  


Pros – Easier to get high Gpa, Co-op, #1 in student satisfaction ranking  
Cons- Community (not many south Asians), risk of not getting co-op, bigger class sizes.  
Both of these school offers great opportunities. It will be difficult to choose between these two. If anyone from these school could give me some guidance or share their experience that would be great
Ask Me ANything
Just a bit about me:

Hi! My name is Sarah Osifo and I live in Surrey British Columbia, however I was originally born in Warri Nigeria. I'm currently entering my First year of University at Simon Fraser University to study Health Sciences.. My passions include Film making, reading, and listening to music. I recently discovered I enjoy painting, and creative writing as well. I was an active member of my schools student council and girl’s leadership clubs. So if you have any questions on how to get involved in school, i have some great ideas :) This summer I worked as an intern at my church where I got to plan and lead kids’ day camps, work with the less fortunate at the Whalley strip, and use my creativity to improve the decor of our church. i'm really into Diy's so feel free to ask me about room or dorm decor for great prices! I'm also into hairstyling and I've been making my own hair since I was 14. My final year of high-school I was given the honour to be my schools valedictorian. It was a challenging task because I was involved in numerous programs at my school and was working hard to maintain my grade point average. i have some great tips on time management and how to combat stress during your final year!   Through that experience i learned the power of persistence and positivity. Because to really make an impact you must fully believe in what you are doing, and refuse to give up until you see results.

I will respond to questions as quickly as possible! and I'm a very open minded person so don"t be shy :)
AMA: Student Council President, Rowing Coxswain, High School Senior, UVic Applicant
Hi! I'm Chanel, one of the Yconic Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018. As a student in high school, I can easily relate to any questions you may have and am readily available to help you. So feel free to ask me anything and I answer back speedily! 

About me:
- Student Athlete: joined many sports from basketball to volleyball but transited onto the water for rowing 
- On Student Council for two years as Fine Arts Rep and School President 
- AP English Student with courses aimed towards the Sciences (Bio, Physics, Chem) 
- Arts Student in Visual Arts (published illustrator), Choir and Drama 
- Guide International Students from numerous countries like Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain, etc. 
- Volunteer at Women In Need, aiding women in transition homes
- Attended Private school and Catholic school
-  Applying at the University of Victoria in British Columbia in the Faculty of Science
dating in u of t St. George
i'm a girl, i was wondering if it is easy to find a guy in first-year university. Are they friendly in U of T St.George?
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Urgenttt help asap!
a gas mixture is composed of 40.0% xenon gas that has a partial pressure of 110 kPa. What is the total pressure of the gas mixture. Please answer it is very important! Thank you.
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are there a lot of black guys or asian at university of toronto?
I want to know if there are black guys or Asian guys in UofT, i'm not trying to be rude. But i'm just curious.
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Is dating while in university a distraction? 
The balance of spending quality time with your soulmate and being on top of your studies sounds challenging, but why not blend the two? Although at times my boyfriend can be distracting, he also can be a helpful sidekick. 

Being in a long-term relationship in university, I have experienced both the positive and negative effects of being in a relationship on my studies. I am not going to lie, there have been times that I have rushed through assignments or skipped class in order to spend more time with my boyfriend. However, as long as you don’t forget about your classes completely and make sure your priorities are in check, dating doesn’t have to be a distraction. Relationships are only as distracting as you let them be and can have benefits. My boyfriend and I work off each other strengths and help each other during our struggles. He is someone I can bounce ideas off of, knowing I will get an honest answer. How I see it, having a significant other is just like having a best friend who is always there for you through the stresses of university. Sometimes distractions are worth the payoff. 

What are your thoughts about dating in university? Join the discussion!

-Michelle, yconic brand ambassador
Friends, dating, ex's, and the social norms of university
It is worth mentioning that I've been at a private school since grade 6 all the way to graduation. That school had about 100 students and none of us really talked to each other too much since every grade had few people. (each grade had like an average of 10-20 kids). The times that I've ever dated were online and mostly kept it online since the school was that small and I didn't really bother learning how to socialise. I am looking to start university in September, and dating is a concern to me because of basic human biology. Is it advisable to date in university if you are easily distracted and emotionally clingy? 

The university that I plan to go to also has an ex-girlfriend of mine... So I'm not sure if it is a good idea to go there. I just don't want to go there to see her and be reminded. Or worse, see her with someone. I spoke to a friend about this and he told mt that I was overrating and I probably won't see her anyway. Is this worth considering though? If I saw her making out with a guy or something a day before my final exam, I would 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% fail it because of the emotional distraction. 

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not very social. If someone comes up to me and talks to me, I'll happily befriend them, but how often does that really happen? My guess is if I want friends, I'll have to join a club, find people with mutual hobbies and go from there, but maybe I'm wrong. 

Calling all yconic members!
We know it’s hard to think about but it’s almost that time of year again. Tell us your top 3 “Must Haves” for back to school and you could be featured in yconic's newest article.

Example:              1. My trusty Herschel backpack
                               2. Red TOMS shoes
                               3. My lucky pen
                              ~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics

Reply to this thread now for your chance to be featured!
Is it hard to make friends in University? (+ tips)
Hey guys, so I know that going to university is a big step in our lives and I thought that many people including myself would benefit from some tips on being social and making good friends in uni. Also, some experiences would be cool to hear! It sounds like a difficult thing to do because you're starting fresh, but is it really??
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LGBT @ Ryerson
Hey there,
I was wondering if there is an LGBTQ+ group or club at Ryerson. I've just been accepted and I was just curious.

Thank you
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Acceptance HELP!
Hey there,
I was wondering if I could still be accepted in University if I take grade 11 college math. I'm not planning to take ANY math in grade 12 I was just wondering if they would still accept me. Also, will they still accept me if I apply for early acceptance?


Ps. I'm planning to go to Ryerson for Social work :)
I'm a grade 10 student also hope that helps xox
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LGBTQ University Life
Which universities in Ontario have the most diverse LGBTQ communities?
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Planning Valentine’s Day on a Student Budget?
Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be full of grand gestures to celebrate with your significant other or loved ones. Here are 5 tips to prevent breaking the bank on the cliché fancy dinners or gifts:

  1. Make heart-shaped treats with friends: One valentine’s day, none of my friends had plans so we all got together and made heart shaped pizzas and had a movie night. You don’t need to have a valentine in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can be an excuse to hang out with some friends and have some fun (Having fun is also a good way to reduce your stress during midterms- Unless you have an exam the next day). If you’re not into cooking, you can also hit up Boston Pizza as they make heart shaped Pizzas on Valentine’s Day.

2. Cook a nice meal with your significant other: On Valentine’s day, restaurants tend to offer fixed price menus instead of the regular menu which can be quite pricey! Instead, try cooking up a fancy dinner with your significant other. You can also set the table nice for a change or put out some candles if you want to make it more romantic! 

3. Hit up cheap movie night: Since Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year, going to the movies is a more affordable choice! 

4. Be active: Take your date skating, sledding, or bowling for a fun yet affordable night out. Staying active is also great for your health/ stress levels while burning off the Valentine’s chocolate you may treat yourself to.

  5. Have a study date: This may not be the most appealing option but it is a great way to spend time with your significant other during the madness of midterms and doesn’t cost a penny!

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day as a student? 

-Michelle Young, yconic student ambassador
Where are the good-looking girls/guys at?
*First of all, I'd like to put a disclaimer, if you're easily offended, please don't bother reading this thread, although I am not insulting anyone.*

Hi everyone, I think it's high time to revive this thread for the 2016-2017 season: https://yconic.com/discussion/which-uni-has-better-looking-girls/S8C1FZyUjro0tknGfNsgETxBIYKImy2O/25/25

Like the title states, i bid the question that has been debated for decades: "Which university has the most aesthetically pleasing guys/girls?" -Also include guy:girl or girl:guy ratios if you can lmao.

I've included both guys and girls in this thread, because if you take a look at the old thread someone posted, a lot of self proclaimed SJWs were roasting the guys for "objectifying women".

Also, if you think its only guys asking this kind of stuff, take a yonder at this: https://yconic.com/discussion/hot-guys-at-waterloo/t30384

I'd prefer if the discussion was based on the following universities: Waterloo, U of T, Western, McMaster, Queens, Laurier, Guelph, and Carleton, but any uni is welcome.

Anyway, let the discussion begin...
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Why Making Goals for the New Year Might be a Good Idea
Life gets hectic, especially for students. Sometimes it feels like we can get stuck in a hectic cycle of never-ending work, sleep, and classes. It’s important to establish a few goals to fully understand what you want to accomplish on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The new year is right around the corner, so it’s about time to pull out that new calendar and mark a few things into your schedule. 

1. Daily Goals: Setting a goal for your daily life is a big undertaking. It takes determination and perseverance to stick to a daily goal. I would recommend that if you do make a daily goal for the new year, don’t make it too big. For example, maybe you want to start keeping a daily journal. Even just spending 10 minutes doing this each day is an accomplishment.

2. Weekly Goals: Dedicate a bit of time each week, whether it be on the weekend or mid-week, on relaxing or doing something you enjoy. Even if you’re stressed and have lots to do, your mental health is important! Block off a special hour or two every week to curl up with a book, take a nap, listen to music, or another relaxing activity. (I would recommend staying away from your phone and have more of an inward focus during this time.)

3. Monthly Goals: These goals can be a bit larger. What’s something you want to accomplish by the end of one month? Maybe you want to write a song. Maybe you want to complete a new piece of art. Maybe you want to learn origami, or write some letters for relatives or friends. It could be anything. You can work on your monthly goal whenever you have some spare time. 

4. A Goal For the Year: This could be a large-scale goal. It could even be related to your monthly goals. (For example, if you write a song every month, you could have an album by the end of the year.) Maybe your annual goal is to learn a new language. It could also be a more simple goal, like meeting 10 new people, or doing 10 random acts of kindness for strangers.

Personally, I’ve found that making goals and following through with them has been a very enriching experience, as it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and it gives your days more meaning. In fact, having things to work towards has pushed me to get my schoolwork done more efficiently too.

Let us know what goals you’re setting for the New Year in the comments below!

 -Rachel H, yconic student ambassador
How did you decide what program you are doing in university
Heyy people, I am a going-to-gr12 public hs kid wondering what to do in life.

A brief info about myslf:
1. Live in GTA
2. Like interior designs, fascinated by tech, love to eat, outgoing, enjoy flying and driving
3. my favourite YouTube video is "A Day Made of Glass"
4. i studied because of others, not for myself (aka I got good grades but I didnt enjoy them)
5. my ultimate goal is to retire asap (at 45) [I know it may not be feasible, but still...)

Here's my gr11 grades
English 83
Functions 99
Accounting  94
Marketing  96
Chemistry 86
Physics 82
Biology 90
Broadcasting 87

And my only grade 12 grade is physics (completed in summer school) - 94

As above, how did you decide what you are going to do in the future??? Like how do you figure out what you want??
I like interior designs, tech, food, sports, but the thing is - i can't see myself in the future
I dont know what to do? Despite trying to get good grades and apply every single university in ontario....
I really need some advice. Please give me some advice :) :) :)

Thank you very much
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A new laptop for university
Hello everyone as the title stated, I would like to have a new laptop for y post secondary education. I have been browsing different models and puzzled by all the options. Right now, I am using ASUS S56C... and it only lasts for 4 hours (without internal browsing) .... 

So here's some specs I would like to have in my future laptop, and hopefully tech gurus can help me  :)

1. Long lasting battery (at least 6 hours, the more the better , if possible)
2. Graphic Card
3. Intel i7
5. DVD drive
6. Window Operation (I still don't know how to use Apple laptops)
7. At least 8 GB memory
8. 3+ USB Ports and 1+ USB-C port(s)
9. 256 GB+ Hard drive
10. 17" screen
11. Bluetooth

May have: 
1. Touchscreen
2. Good sound system
3. Glowing keyboard (cuz I think this is cool but it's not necessary at all)

Major usage:
1. Normal tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel)
2. Video editing (Premiere Pro - it freezes when I use my current laptop)
3. Photoshop
4. Tons of internet browsing at the same time (can up to 100 pages at the same time)
5. Graphic Design (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Price: As long as it is under $3000

Thank you very much :)
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