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#Askyconic - What to Expect from University or College
Should you live at home or rez? Is attending Frosh worth it? Is it hard to make friends in uni? When am I expected to pay for tuition? how do manage my loan?

First year is a challenge, but you are up to the task! With a little help from our student hosts...

Follow us and join us on Facebook LIVE for a very special edition of #Askyconic on Wednesday August 2nd at 6 pm EST. as our student hosts answer all your questions about starting post-sec.

No question is too hard or stupid. Leave 'em all in the comments below! Don't forget to come back to this thread after the show, as we will be posting the resources we shared. 

PS. Be nice! Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.
Which university programs are you applying to?
Hi everyone!

If you're currently a Grade 12 student, chances are you've already heard your guidance counsellors talk about university. You might've had recruiters from different post-secondary institutions present at your school as well. At this time, you might even have a stack of viewbooks from attending university fairs and presentations.

Which university programs are you applying to?
Was there a university program you didn't know about that peaked your interest? If so, how did you find out about it?

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a fresh Ryerson University graduate that majored in Professional Communication and I wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships over through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. Last summer I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co and that is where I'm currently employed.

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job
- LSAT studying/writing 
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Wanting to become an accountant, should I consider schools that don't have a co-op?
Programs such as Ivey AEO & HBA, Queen's Commerce, Schulich Business, etc. do not have a co-op, so for someone who is dead set on becoming an accountant while other things such as tuition, residence, etc. are not a concern, do you think these programs hold comparable value to programs such as Waterloo AFM, Brock Accounting, Laurier Business, etc. who do have a co-op? Waterloo and Brock have the added benefit of having a MAcc, additionally all Waterloo SAF students who have an average equal or higher than 75% are automatically admitted into it.
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Highest Paying Trade?
What are the highest paying trade in the industry? How much do Mechanic makes?

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Best university for getting into med school/a high GPA?
Hi, I'm a grade 12 student and I'm trying to decide on a good university program and school for getting into med school. I heard that universities like U of T and McGill make it difficult to get a high GPA as it is really competitive. I am interested in McGill, McMaster, U Of Waterloo & U of Ottawa. Where do you think is the best university for keeping up a high GPA and getting into med school? And are there any programs similar to McMaster's health science?
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Do you think co-op or going on an international exchange is beneficial?
Practical and experiential learning is very important to me as a student. 

Despite being a first-year, I started looking into co-op and international exchange opportunities.

If you're a post-secondary student or have graduated, I'd like to hear what you think.

Have you done co-op or gone on an international exchange? If so, what was it like? Was it beneficial?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
What is your go-to restaurant?
Hi everyone! I'm Alyssa, one of your yconic Student Ambassadors. 

As a university student in the heart of downtown Toronto, I am surrounded by SO MANY restaurants that offer a wide-variety of food options and different cuisines. Though I bring lunches (It's a great way to save money aha!), I would eat out once in a while.

And so...

When you eat out during your lunches or breaks, where do you go? 
Is there a specific place that students from your school go to? 
If you could recommend one item from the menu to someone going to your favourite restaurant for the first time, what would it be?

Maybe through this discussion, we can all visit a new restaurant and try something new. My fellow foodies, I look forward to hearing from you! :)
Canadian Student at an Ivy League School - AMA (university life, admissions, majors, anything you'd like!)
I made one of these threads a couple of years ago that some people found useful so I decided to make another one to distract myself with over the summer. A little about me:

School: Yale
Major: Statistics (while completing pre-med requirements)
SAT Score: ~2300 (back when it was out of 2400)
High school average: ~95% over all four years (lower in grade 9/10, higher in grade 11/12)
Accepted to: Several Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey

AMA: 1st Year UBC Sauder student! Ask me about applications, academics, universities & more
A bit about me:
• I applied to UBC Sauder, Western Ivey AEO, Queen's Smith, & McGill Desautels & was accepted into all.
• I received major entrance scholarships from every university, including a large one from UBC, & I won a BC Excellence Scholarship. 
• My grade 11 average was 99% and my grade 12 was 98% (BC high school)

I know it's only September, but I thought I'd get this thread started early since I know that last year I was already stressing out about admissions!  Feel free to ask me about
• University application process (still fresh in my mind)
• Personal profile/supplementary essays/video interviews (e.g. for UBC), etc. 
• Scholarships (MES & BC scholarships)
• Deciding on what universities to apply to/which one to go to
• UBC (I've only been here for 2 weeks but I still know a lot about the school + I live in residence, so feel free to ask me about res life, classes, opportunities, living in Vancouver, etc.)
• Academics & studying
• Personal questions about my grades and extracurricular activities 

Residence meal plan or kitchen?
I'm currently planning for university and am wondering your thoughts. Should I get a traditional room and a meal plan, or a suite style room (with a kitchen) and buy/make my own food? 
Thoughts, opinions, and what you did in first year for residence is appreciated.
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University Applications: Things to Keep in Mind
Hi! I'm Chanel, one of your yconic student ambassadors for 2017-2018. 

University applications appear as a hefty pressure, but it's a gateway to the excitement of post-secondary. Here are four tips to help make this responsibility more manageable. 

1. Picking a school - create a list

Picking a university takes time and planning. Take some time and assess who you are as a person and think of your strengths. Also, consider your learning strategies (smaller classes, lecture styles, etc.) to identify how different colleges will be the proper fit to cultivate your strengths. However, ensure that you are being realistic about your choices and discuss options with your guidance counselor while reading the school's requirements. A tip is that you should be able to come up easily with five reasons why that university is the right fit for you.

2. Put some personality in it 

Don't be afraid to stand out a little. It's easy to write a 500-word essay on "Why is this University Made for You?," but filling them with keywords taken directly from the school's site becomes monotonous for the university. They already know if they have small class sizes or a beautiful campus, but they don't know why YOU specifically want to be a part of their school. 

3. Show Sincere Interest

It's easy to just fill out forms, but aimlessly applying sounds robotic. To be taken seriously, you've got to show some interest. Visit the university, go on tours and meet with admissions officers and ask questions. If you can't visit in person, take advantage of college fairs and the internet for modes of contact. Staying in touch helps you stand out. 

4. Take the Lead

Throughout the process of applying, remember that it is your future and it is both a responsibility and redeeming. Take charge of making a to-do list, arranging visits and interviews and reaching out to admissions offices yourself. 
What science courses should I drop in Gr 11?
I got my Gr 11 timetable just yesterday and I realized that they put all my easy courses in one semester and all the hard ones in the other. So basically, I have all 3 sciences including math, which probably will give me no time to breathe. My plan is to ask the guidance to rearrange my courses, but if I can't, I'm considering on dropping a science course. The thing is that, I don't have a solid idea of what I want to go into in the future, so what should I do? I'm only ok at math and memorization, so my plan is to drop either biology or physics if worst comes to worst. 

Or should I just accept my fate? and go with all 3? I might possibly die though haha. 

Upcoming grade 12s, what program are you applying to?
What are you guys trying to get into (could write top 3 university and program) and what are you aiming for career wise? Any reason why? Would love to hear!
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What Should I Do With My Free Period in My Timetable During Grade 10?
So I am currently a Grade 10 Student at a Catholic High School in Ontario. I took Civics and Career this summer, so now I have an empty spot in my timetable and I am wondering what to do with it. Here are my courses:

Sem 1:
SNC2D1 (Science)
HRE2O1 (Religion)
ENG2D1 (Grade 10 English)
FSF2D1 (French)

Sem 2:
CHC2D1 (History)
TDJ/TGJ2O1 (3D Design Tech)
MPM2D1 (Math)
ENG3U1 (Grade 11 English)

Currently, I have Grade 11 English slotted in as I will be taking Grade 10 English in my first semester, however, I am unsure if this is the right choice. With this free spot, I could put anything I want but I am thinking of putting in a Grade 11 Course. Has anyone else done this before or can give me advice on how grade 11 English compares? (I got a 90% in English in Grade 9) I am also thinking of maybe switching it for Bio as I might go into Engineering in the future and they require Chemistry and Physics only, but having Bio done might be a benefit in case I decide to switch majors, etc.

On the other hand, I could simply take another grade 10 elective like Business or Comm. Tech. (I already got an art credit last year and have filled all my groups 1, 2 and 3 already) I don't know what to do exactly and any help would be appreciative. Thanks!
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$250 - Back-to-School Must-Haves Community Contest
****Thank you for participating! Contest is now closed.****
With the new school year approaching we want to know what's on your must-have list for back to school. 

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with "My 3 must-haves are:" followed by the top three (3) items that you're coveting. We want to hear from you!

1. My trusty Herschel backpack                                
2. Red TOMS shoes                                
3. My lucky pen                               

~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics  

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $250 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.  

Deadline to apply is August 31, 2017 @ 9:00 AM EDT.    

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.   What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* http://bit.ly/BacktoSchoolContestRules

Help! @ UoT students
In grade 11 I slacked off slightly and didn't get the best grades. I have one more chance to get into the University of Toronto (to study law) but I'm stressing over the grades I got in grade 11. See, i lost my aunt and it threw me off for the rest of the year. Do I still have a chance if I do well this year and meet the university's admission standards?
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5 Reason's why you should pick those 8am classes
Course selection is just around the corner and if you are a first year, this is definitely going to be a new experience. We all hear about these dreaded 8am classes, but are they really all that bad. Here are 5 reasons why you should say YES to those 8am classes:  

Early On, Early Off: Starting your day early most likely means that you can get off early. Why not spend the rest of your evening with some free time instead of being in a classroom.

Higher grades: Studies have shown that those that wake up early have stronger productivity habits leading to higher grades.  

You’re awake to eat a real breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if your classes don’t start until noon, odds are you would have missed your entire morning.

Smaller class sizes: In first and second year, you can often find yourself drowning in a sea of 300 students in a lecture hall. Early morning classes tends to fill up last, resulting in smaller classes.  

Transition to the “Real World” is easier: The “8-5” workday is the norm for most people after graduation. Get yourself prepped up for when this new chapter begins. 

yconic Student Ambassador
Comments/Advice from fellow yconic-ers.
Honestly some of the advice here is really good, I'm in highschool and I really don't want to go into a degree mindlessly. I wish there was more realistic advice for high schoolers about the real world and how getting into certain degrees isn't gonna guarantee a job, but teachers and my guidance counsellors really sugar coat things. 

This comment from anonymous really got me thinking, ((this was a comment under a post saying uni reputation was really important ))

" If it's not business or U of T/ Waterloo software engineering and computer science, then nobody gives a rat's ass what school you went to. Hey, I went to Western for Criminology! I must be better than that guy who went to Lakehead for Engineering, right?! Hey, I went to Queen's for Life Science! It's such a prestigious program but I graduated, couldn't get into medical school and was only offered minimum wage jobs washing test tubes. I must be better than that guy who studied Trades in college and has his own house and BMW, right?! Or a TTC driver with a degree and 80k salary, right?! Or that guy from Ryerson public health and safety program making 90k as a Health officer with Health Canada, right?! It's the program and your skills that get you jobs. Not some useless degree at your reputable school. School reputation can only help If you do a useful and well-known degree there. " -anonymous person (thanks for this comment btw) 

Any other advice from older yconic people is greatly appreciated lol
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Best degree to graduate with?
I'm curious as to what the yconic community considers the best degree to graduate with in present day and towards the future.
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