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Should I accept a scholarship offer from UBC or UVic? I need your opinions!
Hey everybody,  

Based on my situation, I would really appreciate your opinions about which offer I should accept: a $26,000 entrance scholarship from UVic, or a $20,000 Centennial Scholars Entrance Award from UBC.  

I am going into a bachelor of science, and my long-term goal is to enter medical school leading to credentials as a physician. UBC might give me an edge due to its reputation, but I may be better off financially if I accept the $26,000 offer from UVic because $6000 is a significant amount of money. I come from deep financial need, and that is why I need to consider these things very seriously.  

Here are the facts:  

Pros for UBC:  
The Centennial award will appear on my UBC transcript after graduation (which would look very good to prospective medical schools). 
If I receive external scholarships that cover my first-year tuition, any unused money from the annual allotment of Centennial Scholarship funds ($5,000) could be deposited to my bank account (so I could use it in the future or for living expenses).  
UBC has the Science One program, which I have been interested in for some time now.

Cons of UBC:  
Offers less money than UVic Is not compatible with the UBC Student Housing Assistance Grant.  

Pros of UVic:  
Offers more money than UBC.
I am eligible to receive more entrance scholarships from UVic that can be combined with my current UVic offer.  

Cons of UVic:  
I am not certain, but I've heard that UVic does not give remaining entrance scholarship funds directly to students to use for living expenses or for subsequent years if their tuition is covered by other scholarships. (Does anyone know if this is true?)  

Some other questions I have:  

For UVic and/or UBC, if I receive more external scholarships than I need to use for tuition in first-year, can the financial aid office deposit the money into my bank, or save them for me in second-year? I'm asking because I know that a lot of scholarships cannot be deferred, but I don’t want to lose any scholarship funds; what would my options be?  

Does anyone know if the UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is compatible with other UBC Major Entrance Scholarships?  

Does anyone know if UVic transcripts show that the student received an entrance award?  
Anyhow, those are the things I need to think about. Thank you for your feedback!
New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
Let's connect! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilanaenoukov

I'm a new Ryerson University graduate (October 2017) that majored in Professional Communication and I wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. In 2016, I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school, in the summer of 2017, I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co. At the end of 2017 I got the opportunity to move into a Digital Communications role for the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA).

In 16 months, from my first position in 2016 at TBS to my current role at OPA at the end of 2017, I've been able to grow my salary by 140%. I only graduated in October 2017. 

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job + other job related advice
- LSAT studying/writing 
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Dalhousie Scholarship 2018
For those who have applied to the Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship  and recieved one, when did you apply, when did you learn that you recieved a scholarship, how much was it worth, and what province are you from. 

If you feel comfortable posting your average, please post that as well.

This form works great:
Date Applied:
Quality and Quantity (Renewable Scholarship or One off): 
Recieval Date:
Province Originating From:
*Academic Average:

Thanks so much and congratulations to those who have recieved one!
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Will I get into Harvard with my 62 average?
So recently, Ive been having dreams on going to Harvard. I think Harvard is a very cool school because its filled with great minded people. I also heard there are some chicks there too. So I was wondering if I can get into Harvard with my 62 average. 
Advanced Functions - 56%
English - 55%
Food and Nutrition - 150%
Calculus - 20%
Biology - 39%
Chemistry - 54%
I know I'm not the greatest mind, but Steve Jobs went to Harvard and dropped out to make Facebook. Look at him now. He's a billionaire. He wasn't the most brilliant minded but he still went to Harvard but dropped out to make Facebook. So guys, do think I can make it to Harvard with my Grade 12 marks? I feel like I can because Steve Jobs did it. Please don't post mean comments because it will hurt me and make me cry.
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Want to become a certified commercial appraiser
This is my main career path that i really want and i checked the university of Guelph and saw that they offer the b.comm course. what other schools offer it and what average would i need to get accepted into those schools and guelph(prefferably near the GTA but it can be further)
Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees in Canada
According to RBC


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Grade 12 Courses
I'm going into grade 12 and need to finish my course selection next week. In every year of highschool so far I have maintained a 94-100  overall in all of my classes. I  will be taking 
Precalc 12
English 12
FRAL 12 - french immersion 
Chem 12
Bio 12
I still plan to take 2 more classes and hopefully a spare block. However, I have no idea what those clases should be. What are your opinions on Physics 12 and Calculus 12? Are they more trouble and stress  than they're worth? I don't particularly enjoy either subject but do well. What other grade 12 courses would you recommend ? Thanks :)
By the way, I am going to pursue a bachelor of science as my undergrad and then continue on to law school. 

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Investment careers
Hi guys I’m headed into my first year of Uni this fall and wondering how much math is required in a career such as a financial planner or investment manager/executive? Obviously numbers are gonna be there lol I’m asking more for calculus etc. thanks

also what should I specialize in within the business degree would I do finance or something else?
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UBC Science
I am a grade 11 student and I have been considering applying to UBC sciences. While on their website today, I noticed that you only need Advanced Functions and one science class , as long as you have taken grade 11 chemistry and physics. I wanted to know if they prioritized students that have taken more than one science while making selections. I also wanted to make sure that I had read and understood everything properly so here is the link for reference: 
Thank you.
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Getting a 3.7+ GPA for any and all computer science undergrads?
Just like how the title suggests, I'm wondering if there's anyone on this forum that managed a 3.7+ GPA for all 4 years of their comp sci undergrad. I'm not sure about numbers, but if there's anyone who was previously in the program or is currently in one, how realistic is this goal? If you don't mind sharing, what was/is your GPA? What school would you recommend for comp sci? Also probably going to get laughed at for this, but do you think medical schools will consider me if I do proceed with an undergrad in comp sci WITHOUT research? I understand you can be in any undergrad program for most med schools in Canada at least, but I'm wondering if that medical experience could pull me down. Anyone else think this whole thing is risky? I've done a little googling here and there and found myself that people have done it but that it's much more difficult than going into a science program.
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Retake gr.11 math
Hey guys... I want to apply for an architecture program at either Waterloo,McGill or Ryerson. So far, my gr.11 functions mark is really low (75%) and my school is semestered so I won’t have 12U calculus when I apply. Should I retake my gr.11 functions course just in case?
Western Ivey 2017-2018
Hi all!

I want to make this thread for all the people who applied for Ivey's AEO starting fall 2018. If you can, please list your grades and E/C's so everyone can get a general sense of the competitiveness here.. Also when acceptances roll in, feel free to post any of that here!

For me,

Grades:  93 percent grade 12 competitive average
E/C's:  President of a school club, community services w/ 250+ volunteer hours, & oversea volunteer experiences.

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How to choose what to study?
Adults always asks kids "what do you want to be when you grow up?".

I'm in grade 10, yet I have no clue what I want to study in university/college. I struggle finding a specific field, especially when there are so many... I tried brainstorming my hobbies and talents, but no luck. I still have some time, so I want to choose carefully and correctly. In the end, I would like to know how you guys were able to determine what you wanted to do in your life. Did you also struggle to find a career path like me? I would love to hear about it!

P.S. Also, is there a way to find a list of "Add interests"? I want to post discussions in the right sections...
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Should I drop gr.12 bio?
I'm currently getting a mid 80 in the course and my final cumulative average goal is a 95+. While my other marks are on par with the goal - bio clearly isn't. The course is extremely content heavy and there's a crazy amount of projects and assignments being handed out simultaneously which leaves little time for me to work hard on my other subjects. While I expect the bio mark to rise, putting all my effort into the course is effecting my grades in the other courses which will probably leave me short of reaching my goal. If I do stick with it I probably won't include it in my top 6. I stayed in the course for this long because I knew that if I could handle the course load now and refine my time management skills I'd have an easier time in university where the workload will inevitably a lot more. However, I need a 95+ average to help with tuition fees as I'm looking to go away for uni. 

 I want to enter polisci so I don't need the course. I took it purely because I enjoy the content.
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Should I Redo Grade 10 Science (SNC2D)?
Hey, guys so this year I stopped caring about school and mainly science is bringing me down. I am just ending the second semester and I am thinking of redoing science since the grades is pretty low. I know it might be pointless and a waste of time for Canadian universities but I know US colleges look at GPA from grades 9-12 and I do not want to bring my overall GPA down from this. Here are my first-semester grades approaching exams:

Grade 10 First Semester:

Science: 76%
English: 92% 
Religion: 85%
French: 87%

Now I have space in my second semester since I took summer school for Civics and Careers so I can either do Grade 10 Science again instead of the Grade 11 Biology I was thinking of doing, or I can do an online course through ILC.org possibly? (I would have to talk to my guidance counselor about that and I would have to pay 40 bucks for it. Off topic, but have you guys ever done an ILC course? How was it? Anyways, what do you guys think of my plan? Appreciate any help!
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Health Science at Wilfrid Laurier
I'm interested in going to Laurier for Health Sciences, however I don't hear much about it. Is it easier to get a GPA than lets say McMaster Life Sciences if you put in the effort? How is co op? Do you like the atmosphere at Laurier?
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Political Science Students: what's your experience like?
Just really wanted some insight into the actual polisci experience as a prospective polisci student. It would be awesome if you guys could answer the following questions based on your experience within your program & anything else you'd like to add/wish you'd known before entering the program.

1. Institute of Study & year
2. Was co-op available? Where have your placements been? What has your experience been like at those placements and how have you been able to grow networking wise from those placements?
3. Other networking opportunities available at your school of study + unique experiences that have been made available to you through your program of study/institution of study (guest speakers, courses abroad, conferences, bilingual program etc.)
4. How have you enhanced your degree (clubs, volunteering etc.) and how has it helped you build skills & experience in the field?
5. Best & worst parts about the program in your opinion 
6. Ways the program has challenged you (critical thinking, essays, assignments etc.)
7. Advice for prospective students 
8. Hardships in the program/institution (profs, courses, lack of student support, financing experience/studies etc.)

Thanks guys! All the best to you 
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applying for university
Im in grade twelve. I take my pre calculus and chemistry online (i attend a local school on the linear system for the rest of my courses). I Finished pre calc 11 and chem 11 at the end of November. I have started both chem 12 and pre calc 12 and am about half way done both. Since Pre calculus 11 and Chemistry 11 aren't on my term one, but will be on term two am i able to apply for universities?
is Software Engineering for me?
How is it that people know what they want to do? I'm interested in software engineering but I am not exactly sure if it's is a good fit for me. What would be a good criteria? I enjoy and am good at my computer science and math classes. Would that mean software engineering is a good fit?
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What are you doing during the winter break?
Hey yconic, 

What are you planning on doing for the winter break? For some of us in university, we don't really have readings/exams to study for but it would be a great time to apply for scholarships  or apply for summer jobs/internships/co-ops 

For all of you in high school, have you considered started applying for scholarships yet? Even though the major third party ones (Loran, TD) are over, there are a lot of other smaller scholarships you should look into. 

Tell me what your doing during the break below ;)
rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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