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The Official Canadian Occupation Social Pyramid (COSP)

The Official Canadian Occupation Social Pyramid (COSP)

Royal Class/Elites/Master Race

-Investment Bankers, Consultant, Venture Capitalists, Politician

Noble Class

 - Doctors, Lawyer, Dentist, Pharmacists, Optometrists

Upper Class

-Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Marketing Managers, Actuaries


Middle Class

-The rest

2nd Class citizens/Alien Race

-Engineers, Computer Scientist, Architects, Nurse

3rd Class citizens /Peasants

- Chemist, Biologist, Technician, Electrician, Plumber,


- Artist, Economists, Writers, Historian, Women’s Activist, Photographer and every other arts major who couldn’t get into law school

-Customer Service, Bank Teller, Bookkeeper, Cashier, and any other Labor job

Animal Kingdom/Pests

- The unemployed

High school and University majors choose your fate wisely!

How do online courses work?
Can someone give me a run down of how they operate? Ex. how you write tests etc.
Anyone else miss the old studentawards?
Anyone else miss the old website we had before? I honestly think it had less immature people who do nothing but look down on certain majors, make a hierarchy of career choices that's simply based on propaganda, etc.Oh and lets not forget that the old website didn't let you post as 'Anonymous' so we could actually deal with these people.
U of Guelph: BBRM
Is the University of Guelph's Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management, Equine Management major are respected program within the school aswell as in the equine industry?
What do the "other" kids do after high school?
Just a general question out of curiosity, but what do the kids who dont even make it on honour roll do after high school?

If Canadian Business schools = USA Business Schools

If Canadian Business schools = USA Business Schools, then the rankings would be:

1. Ivey = Stanford

2. Queen’s = Upenn (Wharton)

3. McGill = Harvard

4. Sauder = MIT (Sloan)

5. Schulich =Chicago(Booth)

6. Rotman = Berkley (Haas)

7. Laurier = NWU (Kellog)

8. Degroote = Columbia

9. Ryerson = NYU (Stern)

10. Algoma = Yale

Note: Not trying to offend anyone, this is for fun, and I didn’t include the animal kingdom schools

Academically Challenging Highschool?
This is probably going to be the stupidest question ever but, if my high school is ranked 136/749 out of all the high schools in Ontario... Is my high school considered academically challenging??? Is that ranking considered a good one?
Canadian Student at Yale - Ask Me Anything
I've noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about applying to schools in the US.  As someone who just went through the process and did a lot of research, I'd love to answer any questions and help clear things up :)

I was also admitted to other Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey, among others, so I can answer questions about those as well.
What university has the best girls?
What university has the best girls?
Rating can be dependant on hotness, attitude and how wild the girls are at each university. 
P.S. Please don't post any feminist crap on this thread. 

Resume Question: How do I write my Education section? (Complex case, I think)
(Long background story incoming)

I decided to update my resume since I'll be applying for part time jobs once I'm back home from vacation and I kind of ran into a "small" issue. 

I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student at Wayne State University and I finished 1 semester here. I have taken several courses here that are part of the engineering curriculum. I'm also planning on minoring in Comp Sci. 
I was also a Business Administration student at University of Windsor in the Fall 2014 term. I didn't finish the degree (obviously) but I took a few business courses.
This summer, I took 2 intersession courses (Comp Sci) at University of Windsor. 

(I know, it's a big mess. But there's a reason for it)

I'm trying to update my resume (esp the Education section) but I'm confused as to how to do it.  Currently, I have Wayne State at the top and have January 2015 - Present for the time attended. On the second entry for Education, I have UWindsor and have September 2014 - December 2014; May 2015 - June 2015; for the time attended. I also listed the courses that I have completed so far for each school. I got rid of high school and OSSD since it's irrelevant (IMHO) when I'm (technically) 2nd year university. (Here's a picture in case that was confusing: http://prntscr.com/7uhmzx , ignore the "..." under Uwindsor. I use this website called http://cvmkr.com to make my resume and I needed to fill that field with something so I could export it ) 

Now, is this good as is? Can it be cleaned up a little? Is it properly written? (also refer to question in the title ;P )

Pretty sure I can't be the only one with this issue :P (I mean, probably uncommon but there must be someone with similar issues, right?)
Orientation Week?
What is the University of Guelph's orientation week like? What should I be prepared to do? I've heard about the O-Kits, what's in them? And was it worth it to go/participate in orientation week? What was your experience like?
I've been looking faarrr and wide for an answer, on like android forums & whatnot, but can't seem to find one... so gonna try my luck in a student forum! lol. you guys have technological knowledge, so why not give it a try?

so many humble thanks in advance if you read this and you've got an answer. I'm desperate. and my mom's gonna whoop my ass if I try to get a new one (currently saving all the meager $$ I got for uni tuition, ain't gonna spend it on a phone).

I have a TTC metro pass (it's a card for public transit in Toronto) and like credit cards or library cards or whatever, it has a magnetic strip on the back.

Now i've been keeping it in the back of my phone case for convenience. The magnetic strip side is facing the back of the phone. 

I've been keeping it like this for the whole month now, and just recently a strip of surface area on the phone screen doesn't seem to be working. Can't press anything in that expanse of phone screen, particularly the middle.  I downloaded a screen touch test app, and the whole screen is responsive except for that strip down the phone screen. 

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I updated this 2 year old nexus 4 to android 5 (lollipop) some time ago and it was just glitching, but when I took the metro pass out, I realised that the strip of irritatingly unresponsive phone surface was also suspiciously the same area where the magnetic strip on the card is placed. 

So naturally, I attempted googling this foolishness up, but to no avail.

could anyone let me know if it's possible for a magnetic strip to affect a phone's touch screen? just so I can explain to my mother as she writes me out of the family will for wasting money? thanks guys, just been tearing my hair out for the past couple of hours.
Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick? 

Which school is better?
Hey guys I am in dire need of some help! 

 So recently I have narrowed down my applications to two schools which are Uvic business as well as SFU business. I live fairly close to SFU however, for most of my high school career I have wanted to move away and attend a university where I could live on residence. I am very torn between which school to attend. I understand that the SFU business school is much better than Uvic's. At SFU there are 8 streams of business and at Uvic there are only 3. However, I really want to go away for university. Many of my friends are leaving the country and I am quite unsure of where to go! I want to have a good degree after I end university but I also want to enjoy where I am studying. Where do you think I should go? Should I go away to UVIC or stay at home and go to SFU?
Paramedic AMA, Ask Me Anything!
Ever seen someone having a medical emergency, and everybody's looking at each other with no idea what to do? Or even worse, you're having a medical emergency and nobody knows what to do. This is what inspired me to become a paramedic.

I drove past an SUV that was stopped at a pedestrian crossing. In front of that car, a young woman lay on the pavement. She wasn't moving. A small crowd had gathered. The faint sound of sirens echoed in the distance. Well, at least somebody called for help. If only someone knew what to do in these crucial first few minutes.

In another instance, an elderly woman carrying a small bag of groceries felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor at the sky train station. Someone had knelt down to talk to her, and asked me to call 9-1-1. It was my first time dialing 9-1-1. A pretty nifty experience, although I was terrified at the time.

Anything can happen at any given time. I felt that it was so dumb that nobody knew what to do. 'Well maybe I can make a difference. Maybe next time, I'll know what to do' I thought.

I started with a 3-week advanced first aid course. I didn't plan on becoming a professional, I just wanted to know what to do if something happened. I discovered that I loved the course, so I decided to go through paramedic school.

If you're curious about becoming a paramedic, I would suggest taking an advanced first-aid course to try it out and see how you like it. The best thing is, even if you decide not to take it further, there are plenty of jobs out there as first aid attendants. I worked an entire summer earning $17/hr (Canadian dollars!) doing first aid for warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. You can even volunteer at rock concerts, raves, marathons and sporting events, and see all kinds of fascinating emergency medicine scenarios behind-the-scenes.

Read about the most compelling and deeply moving experience that I've had as a paramedic on my blog: http://wayneskickasswebsite.com/

I hope you've found this interesting, but perhaps you have more questions? Go ahead! Ask me anything!
University of Guelph's Reputation?
What kind of reputation does U of G have? Good? Bad? Just certain programs? etc. Any input  and personal experiences are welcome. Thanks in advance!
BrockU residence omg help
kay i really messed up and let my mom do my residence application for me while i was away. she put me in the village double residence which i heard has really bad sleeping arrangements and an alcohol free zone -_- anything at all i can do to fix this or am i fk'd
Degroote School Of Business! Any opinions appreciated!
How does Degroote stack up against other B-Schools? I would personally consider Degroote tier 1.5 just below Ivey, Queens.

How is Degroote's reputation with employers? Big 4? I know it has connections with KPMG

What Average should I aim for in grade 12 for Mac? What average have you been accepted with?

Any opinions appreciated!

Should summer vacation be longer or shorter?
I love a good vacation from the difficulties of education. 
In fact, I had a great time at an over-night camp I visited. 
Soon after camp (about 2 weeks), I found summer to be very dull and "lacking in activity". 

Does anyone think summer vacation is too long or maybe I didn't use my time well and summer vacation should be even longer?

Every opinion counts. :D
University of Guelph's Acceptance Rates?
Does anyone know U of G's acceptance rate?, either overall or for each bachelor? If not where could I find this info? I've already checked the university's website and no luck.
Has anybody taken Earth and Space science on e-learning? :o
Hey guys!

Sooo I'm considering taking Earth and Space Science over the summer online, but I'm hesitating because apparently it's a very difficult course; I asked my guidance counselor to approve my request and she asked me to get my parents to call her first as she thinks I might not like the teaching style...

If anybody has survived through this course (lol), would you mind telling me how you found it? I.e. how was the workload, how many hours did you spend on the course per day, how difficult is it to understand the content, do you have to do a lot of independent research, how frequent are the assignments due, etc. etc.

Any input is appreciated.

How to get a 90's average? Tips & tricks? Business Schools
Im currently a grade 11 student and I'd like to know how all of you pull of 90+ averages in grade 12, I've tried really hard and all I can get myself is into the 85-88% range which is not good enough for b-schools (Ivey,Schulich,Queens)

However my EC's are solid!

Going into grade 12 in sep, any help on how to achieve this? study habits etc.?
So I am in a hard situation because my parents aren't letting me go away for university. I live in the GTA so I could commute to UofT, Ryerson, York, ect. With UofT st.g being my first choice I know driving everyday could be lengthy because of traffic and such. I want to get a Bsc in Human Bio and Psychology with the end goal of med school (I aleady know i could get a much higher GPA at york or ryerson but I do not want to hear that please help me with this issue of residence).  I am going to write this long essay and do thing huge presentation to my parents to try and convince them that living on residence could give me more opportunity and better grades. While I am at UofT I want to volunteer at a hospital, get a work study job, do research, maybe join a club on top of all my very hard classes. Commuting 2-4  even 5 hours depending on traffic every day could be very detrimental to my education not to mention how annoying driving home would be after a late night in the library. Could you guys please help me with some suggestions on why residence is an experience they should invest in! And if you live on residence could you tell me the positives you've had with your education. If you have a long commute to a school could you tell me some of the negatives that come with it? Thank you very much in advance.
Biotechnology at uOttawa??!
I've accepted an offer at uOttawa for biotech without really understanding the implications of the program (I know it's ridiculous but w/e) and now I'm second guessing my choice. It seems like a great program to be in but I feel like the course load will be insane. 

So I was just wondering if anyone else is going into biotech? If so what was your average going in? Also, what do you guys think about the program? Oh and last thing should I make a request to switch into pure chemical engineering?!

Thx :')