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Advice to pre-med and pre-law students
My main point, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is to be sure to have an alternate career path ready. Only a small percentage of pre-med or pre-law students actually graduate into medical or law school. The acceptance rate is only around 10%, while the attrition rate is very high (75-80%). And unless you make it through med or law school, that biochemistry or polisci degree isn't going to do you much good.
I'm going into grade 12 next year and I'm all in to get Ivey AEO and to do BMOS within the first 2 years. 

My question is what average have you been accepted with and what are your ec's like?

Expected Average: 92% top 6 ( 2 grade 12 courses already completed)


2 Sports Teams (REP & School level)
Free The Children Charity Work (80 Volunteer Hours)
Model UN Delegate (S.O.M.A Conference Successful applicant)
Work experience at a finance firm (competitive entry)
Organized a charity gala for free the children 
Scholastic Decathlon team at my school
Tutor to small children
Debate Club 
CPA Global Ambassador 
Volunteering locally by helping elderly with technology
Entrepreneur (if that counts lol)

Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick? 

What do the "other" kids do after high school?
Just a general question out of curiosity, but what do the kids who dont even make it on honour roll do after high school?

Urgent question about getting into business for uni with 78 in grade 11 functions
I took functions in grade 10 this year but ended up doing bad and I ended with  a 78. I want  to get into Ivey,Schulich,Rotman, etc but will universities see this mark? If yes should I redo it in summer school? Please respond asap  as summer school starts tomorrow.
I've been looking faarrr and wide for an answer, on like android forums & whatnot, but can't seem to find one... so gonna try my luck in a student forum! lol. you guys have technological knowledge, so why not give it a try?

so many humble thanks in advance if you read this and you've got an answer. I'm desperate. and my mom's gonna whoop my ass if I try to get a new one (currently saving all the meager $$ I got for uni tuition, ain't gonna spend it on a phone).

I have a TTC metro pass (it's a card for public transit in Toronto) and like credit cards or library cards or whatever, it has a magnetic strip on the back.

Now i've been keeping it in the back of my phone case for convenience. The magnetic strip side is facing the back of the phone. 

I've been keeping it like this for the whole month now, and just recently a strip of surface area on the phone screen doesn't seem to be working. Can't press anything in that expanse of phone screen, particularly the middle.  I downloaded a screen touch test app, and the whole screen is responsive except for that strip down the phone screen. 

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I updated this 2 year old nexus 4 to android 5 (lollipop) some time ago and it was just glitching, but when I took the metro pass out, I realised that the strip of irritatingly unresponsive phone surface was also suspiciously the same area where the magnetic strip on the card is placed. 

So naturally, I attempted googling this foolishness up, but to no avail.

could anyone let me know if it's possible for a magnetic strip to affect a phone's touch screen? just so I can explain to my mother as she writes me out of the family will for wasting money? thanks guys, just been tearing my hair out for the past couple of hours.
Computer Science (Info Tech) or a Grade 11 Course
I seriously need help peoples!! I can't decide whether or not I want to take Computer Science (I know it more by Info Tech, but whatev) next year, or if I should instead take a grade 11 course. Next year, I'll be going into grade 10, and in Info Tech grade 10, you learn Python (a programming language), which I am planning to learn by myself anyway, this summer (or will try to). I like Info Tech a lot, but I won't be going into the technology field after high school. I'm planning on going into the sciences.

In grade 10, I am taking Physics 11, but if I choose to not take Info Tech, then I was thinking of taking another Science course, most likely Chemistry 11 or Biology 11. I should probably also mention that I'll be applying for the IB Diploma Program for grade 11. I want my marks and courses to look impressive on my application. (The school that I will apply to for the IB Diploma, does not have the process where a Pre-IB student is able to go into IB. There, anyone can apply, and they do not have a Pre-IB Program.)

So, what should I do? Please help, because if I decide to change my course, then I have to talk to the counsellor a.s.a.p. I appreciate the help in advance!
When should I get a laptop?
Entering grade 12 this fall and will be taking online courses and ILC courses throughout this summer and the school year. 

Should I save up and buy a laptop this summer (as im doing courses during both months and will be out most of the time, summer school, library, vacation), buy it semester 1 grade 12 (could use during class, lunch), or just wait till next summer (for post secondary) ? 

Also, do you guys have any recommendations? Budget is around $2000, and will be studying either business or nursing. Thanks !
So my marks are usually falling in the 88-96 region, but then there's English. Grade 9 - 77%, Grade 10 - 70%, Grade 11 - 73%. So my average drops about 4-5%, which is a lot.

Grade 12 English is coming up next year and I'm having it first semester, so I know I have a chance at getting early acceptance to Waterloo by doing good in English.

So are there any tips which would help out in gr. 12 English to give me a better idea of what to expect and how I could work towards getting a 80+ or even a 90+ (I know I'm capable of it).

How Hard is Physics 11?
Well, I'll be going to grade 10 next year, and I'll be taking Physics 11. Like the title stated, how hard is Physics 11? So far, I find the resistance, current, and voltage calculation stuff easy. What do you learn in Physics 11?

(Oh, and this is the BC Curriculum)
Congrats 2015 SecondarySchool Graduates!!!
Hey everyone! I just wanna say congrats to all fellow highschool grade 12s for graduating and making it through 4 years of h3ll haha. Wishing everyone the best of luck in September
This Is Real Life
Listen, people. 

Stop making excuses. Stop being hateful. Stop being rude. Stop using words for the sake of hurting others. Stop being distasteful. Stop looking down on others. Stop generalizing a group based off of the traits displayed by the specific. Stop spreading negativity. Stop giving up. Stop letting obstacles hold you back. Stop acting on that bad attitude. Stop disobeying your parents. Stop being spiteful. Stop self-hating. Stop being discontent. Stop being irritated. Stop being mean.


Start showering. Start holding hands. Start giggling. Start goal-setting. Start self-improvement. Start knowing your self-worth. Start knowing your limits. Start being polite. Start trusting. Start loving. Start caring. Start loving yourself. Start loving what you see in the mirror. Start being healthy. Start your work. Start good habits. Start smiling. 

Start appreciating your life and what you have because everything is temporary and everything is worth giving your all. Whatever comes at you, good or bad, is worth learning from. Keep your head up and your eyes sparkling, because there is so much more than the frame of emotions and attitudes you are feeling RIGHT NOW.

You have the potential to make your mark on this world. And most of us fail to make the most of it. Please do everyone a favor, including yourself, and start working hard and start living life. 

Thank you.

Important part: 

Your grades do not reflect your intelligence. Your looks do not reflect your beauty. Your high school life does not reflect your future. 

When you encounter failure, first, dissociate yourself from all the negative emotions. Part of this is realizing that there are other factors at play. For instance, if you failed a test, realize it isn't because you're dumb, but other factors like time management or study habits. Every time we experience something negative, we attribute it immediately to our weaknesses. "Oh I'm dumb" or "Oh I'm ugly" when in reality, it's usually not that. Stop beating yourself up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and look for the real reasons. Learn to grow as a person, not avoid who you are.

So, look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your unique beauty. Look at other people and admire their beauty also, because they are a treasure trove of things yet to be discovered. Appreciate the good and the bad, because a second later, things will never be as it once was. Learn to love things and appreciate their natural beauty. A few years down the road, you'll look back and realize everything grew old. 
Lost and will be found
Durham College students, where are you? You seem to be lost or swallowed up.
University of Guelph
Honest opinions or reviews about the University of Guelph, it's campus and programs?
BrockU residence omg help
kay i really messed up and let my mom do my residence application for me while i was away. she put me in the village double residence which i heard has really bad sleeping arrangements and an alcohol free zone -_- anything at all i can do to fix this or am i fk'd
Can anyone tell me about the MKV residence?
Hi, I'm a first year student at University of Waterloo, and I'm just wondering if mkv is a good residence. I know that it's hard to get in mkv, but I still just wanted to know the pros and cons of it. Is it accesible to other buildings and places? pros? cons? social life? Is it any better than the other suite style residences? Is there any restaurants or cafeteria next to it? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you :)
Explore 2014
I am applying for the 2014 summer Explore program and I was wondering if anyone who has already done Explore would like to share their experiences.

For my top three places, I am stuck between:
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Trois-Pistoles French Immersion School (WU)
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Université de Sherbrooke

Has anyone 'explored' in these places? What did you like/dislike?

I want to stay with a host family so I would really appreciate if anyone could share their host family experiences as well :)
Thank you!
what are some extracurriculars that weigh a lot on your resume?
i mean like what are the best extracurricular activities out there?

ones that will "wow" anyone who sees the resume
11U Math vs 11M Math
I have a 90 in 11M math, and am taking 11U next semester. I have a 90 in 11M with very small effort but I don't think 11U is anything like it. The reason I took mixed in the first place was cus in gr 10 academic i worked day and night..equations were stuck in my head trying to solve them in bed and only got 60!

How much harder is it really?