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Health Science/ Life Science 2018!
It’s now our time to apply and be admitted! This thread is geared towards the science programs for Ontario. If you get accepted to the following programs, or any similar: Life science, Health Science, Biology, Bio-Med, Medical Sciences, etc. 

(Ontario Universities / 2018 APPLICANTS) 

Please TRY Including the following:  
Date of Application:  
Date of Offer:   
Grade 11 Average:  
Grade 12 First Semester Average / Second Semester Mid-term:

Yes I'm aware it's early! But the last year thread was made in October and some students end up getting early acceptance so this should be helpful! :)
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UofT Application Process?
So I'm a 105D applicant, and I just uploaded my transcript to the UofT portal. What I'm unsure about is whether my application is considered complete. Will UofT start considering me now that I've uploaded my transcript? Or will they begin after I've self-reported my grades in January? I just needed some clarification regarding the whole review process and acceptances. I've been hearing lots about people getting accepted already, and I'm just confused.
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How are these EC's for Business School
I am looking to apply to Schulich, Ivey, Queens, Rotman mainly...
1. ) Project Manager at Volunteer MBC
2.) President and Founder of School Investment Club
3.) Heart and Stroke Volunteer
4.) Library Program Assistant
5.) Project Manager at Youth Leadership Development Program (Volunteer MBC)

How are these EC's?
What are your study tips for a Grade 11 student
In grade 9 and grade 10, I had fairly bad study habits where I would just listen to the teacher in class but still managed to get easy 90's.
I had also switched schools now to a new school, but now its not working out the same for me, I am taking all 3 sciences and with the bad habits, in the beginning of the year I hadn't started off too well, although now I've managed to change my habits up a tad bit.
Now, I go ahead of the class as much as I can and rewrite notes from the textbook, whatever seems important, and focus a lot more rather than waste my time procrastinating.. oh god procrastination will be the end of me.

I want to know what are your personal study tips, and also what would you suggest I start to do?
Extra Curriculars to take in Grade 12?
I'm currently a grade 11 student and I want to apply to a Business school, I was told that they also take your Extra Curriculars into consideration. I am confident that I will get good marks next year but I don't know what EC's to join. Can someone please tell me which EC's I should join that are going to help me get accepted?
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Are spares in grade 12 worth it?
Hi, I'm currently a junior. I've been in a weird spot as of late, because I have been thinking about my classes next year (there's 8 I want to take) but I've had a few people tell me to stick with 6, and that 8 would be too difficult. So, I wanted to hear some of the experience you guys have, and why I should/why I shouldn't take 8 classes in my senior year. Here are the 8 classes; 

French (Full french school, obligatory credit) 
AP Functions 
AP Calc
*AP physics (not official, but the teacher does it during lunch and after school) 

Thank you in advance! 
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applying for university
Im in grade twelve. I take my pre calculus and chemistry online (i attend a local school on the linear system for the rest of my courses). I Finished pre calc 11 and chem 11 at the end of November. I have started both chem 12 and pre calc 12 and am about half way done both. Since Pre calculus 11 and Chemistry 11 aren't on my term one, but will be on term two am i able to apply for universities?
Admission Chances for Life Science plssss
My current top 6 average is hovering around an 87 (Termed, not semestered), and I'm applying for Life Sciences at Mac and Waterloo, General Science at Western, and Trent and York. I'm hoping to get into med school one day, but I'm fully open to other career options that might open up along the way. I had bronchitis for the first two months of school which really messed up my chem and bio marks because of the heavier material at the time, but I'm still confident I could get them up by maybe 4-5% by the time universities see it. 

Classical Civilizations: 97%
English: 90%
Advanced Functions: 87%
Chem: 78%
Bio: 80%
Calc: TBD (projected 85-90)

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when will my application be reviewed????
just wondering if any of y'all were accepted to uoft yet or any others who's application is being reviewed, how long did it take for them to review your application after you applied? they still haven't reviewed my application and it's been like 3 weeks. it just says "application received". thanks!!! ;)
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Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology or Philosophy the Big Questions? Grade 11 Courses almost due
I'm considering to take one of these social sciences. Can anybody who might have took either provide any input?
Should I be taking either of these? Or take something else that could potentially become a grade 12 average booster like Grade 11 Computer Engineering, or fast track a Grade 12 math or science? My overall Grade 9 English mark was a 92.

 For a better understanding of me: My course I plan to take are... 
Biology11 (in IBt student class) 
Chemistry AP 11 
Visual Arts11 
+ Course (Philosophy, Anthropology, or Fast-Track Mathematics/Science, Comp Engineering?

 - About to take Grade 11 computer science in grade 10 second semester.
 - Taking all three sciences simply to "keep options open", yet Ive heard almost everybody takes two or all sciences knowing now whether they want engineering or biomedical fields. 

Any advice about my overall course selection is absolutely welcome.

TL:DR - Grade 11 Philosophy or Intro to Anthropology? 
Looking for Advice for my Grade 11 Year
Hi Guys,
I am going into grade 11 in Ontario. Firstly, I am wondering everyone's opinion on the current courses I will have to take next year:
SPH3UR (Physics-Which I passionately hate but I should have for university)
MCR3UR (Math-Another subject I am not fond of)
HSP3UR (Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology- I'm quite excited for this course)
SBI3UR (Biology)
SCH3UR (Chemistry)
ENG3UR (I'm considering taking in the summer-please let me know if there's a better course on this list to take during the summer)
I will also have to take world religion if I decide to stay at a catholic school (I'm considering switching schools). 
I was also wondering what courses should I add into my schedule to make it more balanced? I was originally thinking co-op, but that would mean one semester is super super busy and I don't want to burn myself out.  I'm also doing grade 11 law in grade 10, so I was considering taking grade 12 law in grade 11, but then I'm still concerned I'll stress myself out a lot that way. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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University of Alberta Admission
Hey guys! I'm a grade 11 student wanting to use my grade 11 marks to apply early at the U of A next year. What marks/average would be acceptable if I were to apply to a science program like biology?

Thanks :)
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hey y’all i was aiming for unreasonably high grades in 5/6 of my grade 12 courses cuz i messed up 1/6 of them but now i’m averaging high 80s & low 90s in my courses with an overall of 86 cuz the beautiful 75 brings them down and tag yourself i’m me making a post on yconic about how stressed i am bye uoft dreams bye bye
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Grade 12 - Biology People
How is it like?

Is there lots of Chemistry involved?

Do you print notes or write them?

How is it compared to gr 11 bio?

Does the textbook help?

2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Contact: elizabethsflower@gmail.com 

In second year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student from LFS. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

See you at UBC in September!
**HELP** What are my chances?
I think i kinda screwed myself over by not trying hard enough.. anyway, below are my marks and the schools I applied. ANY advice/info would be HIGHLY appreciated.   

English 12; 94
Pre Calc 12; 89
Chem 12; 92
Physics; 86
Social Justice; 96 
...I'm debating whether or not to take another science course and/or calculus.... 
I applied to:
UBC (Van)
... and a few safeties... 

Please just give it to me STRAIGHT UP. Merci Beaucoup
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What do you think is the best pre-med program in Ontario. Rank your top 3 and explain why. In terms of how difficult it is to get a good GPA, med-school acceptance, workload, time for a social life/extracurricular activities.
I got a straight 0 on my chem test today, my chem mark right now is 75, how bad is that zero gonna affect my grade, what should I do, do I still stand a chance to go to university?
I want to study computer science at York U, my math is 95, and eng is 82. I'm just suck at chem, and this straight zero will drop my mark to 60 something, should I just give up on that or I still have a chance to get accept by York
Engineering or Architecture?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure whether I want to go into Engineering or Architecture... I'm creative and have a passion for art, but I also really like courses like math and science. If I put these attributes together, the perfect program seems to be architecture. The thing that I'm concerned about is that architecture programs are mainly studio and design based, and not including the technical courses I was expecting, like math, science, and tech. I prefer to have a balance so I'm able to gain as much well rounded knowledge as I can. Studying sciences, maths, and programming seems to have a wider variety of use and seems to lead to more stable jobs. With that being said,  I also think engineering would have better job prospects, considering that jobs with new technology and software are on the rise. I was looking into Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering, since it seemed to have a 'design' aspect to it as well as science and technology. So my question is, do you think I should stick to architecture or explore more design based engineering programs? If so, do you guys know of any like SYDE? 

*Also, my average right now is 94 so do I have a good chance to get into SYDE, Arch, or other similar programs?
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Undergrad Decision Making
So I'm looking to hopefully go into medicine in the future and I'm having some trouble deciding on an undergrad. I'm interested in the sciences (more bio and chem than physics). 
So far, i really enjoy these:

Western- Med Sci
McMaster-  Med Sci (I don't know if this exists, the process is really confusing to me on the website) 
Guelph- Bio-Med 
Uni of Ottawa- Biomed science (LAST RESORT)

Anyone give me some insight on some of these programs, or recommend me other similar ones for the same uni or different unis (preferably in Ontario) 
Early Acceptance?
Both my friend and I applied to the same program, she got accepted when I haven't yet. The thing is,  I applied a few weeks before she did with a higher grade 11 average than she had, as well there was an optional summative that I did and she didn't do. 

I know I don't really have anything to worry about rn, but I'm just curious as to why this happened? 
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McMaster Health Science FIRST YEAR (AMA)!!! Premed, applying, scholarships...
I'm a first year in BHSc at McMaster. Yconic was my life last year in grade 12 and I found all the forums really helpful so I thought I'd make my own. Feel free to ask me anything about the application process, what the program is actually like, or my extracurriculars and stuff. If you're feeling super stressed about anything and need to vent...I get it. I was in your shoes. 

I applied also to:
Western Med Sci
Queen's Science and QUARMS
UBC Science
McGill Science

My average was 98%