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Ivey AEO Acceptance
Ok so I am currently in grade 12 in ontario and my first semester marks are crap:
Law - 70%
Marketing: 65%
Advanced Functions: 95%

Second semester I will take 5 courses to make up for the only one god mark
So for second semester will look like:
Calculas: 95%
English: 96%
International Business: 90%
Food and Nutrition: 90%
Crafts: 92%

So with my top 6 including prerequisites my average will be around 93% give or take.

I have numerous references and experiences with EC activities so that will be a bonus. 

What are my chances of getting into IVEY AEO since they will see my first sem crap marks even though they will not be apart of my top 6?????????????
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UOttawa Early Acceptance
Does UOttawa look at grade 11 marks as well as the grade 12 midterm marks when making the decision to send out an early acceptance offer, or solely the grade 11 marks? Thanks!
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McMaster Life Sci
What are my chances of getting accepted to McMaster life sci with a 89-91 top 6 average?
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Western Health Science, UOttawa
Hey! Just wondering, what are my chances of getting into Western Health Science and UOttawa health sci with a current average of 94%?
gr11 average: 89
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Seneca Nursing
i want to apply to Seneca's BScN program, but i want to do clinical nursing in first year. Can anyone confirm if Seneca does clinical all 4 years? i tried emailing their website but it didn't give me a proper answer. Thankss
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What do you think is the best pre-med program in Ontario. Rank your top 3 and explain why. In terms of how difficult it is to get a good GPA, med-school acceptance, workload, time for a social life/extracurricular activities.
Undergrad Decision Making
So I'm looking to hopefully go into medicine in the future and I'm having some trouble deciding on an undergrad. I'm interested in the sciences (more bio and chem than physics). 
So far, i really enjoy these:

Western- Med Sci
McMaster-  Med Sci (I don't know if this exists, the process is really confusing to me on the website) 
Guelph- Bio-Med 
Uni of Ottawa- Biomed science (LAST RESORT)

Anyone give me some insight on some of these programs, or recommend me other similar ones for the same uni or different unis (preferably in Ontario) 
McMaster Health Science FIRST YEAR (AMA)!!! Premed, applying, scholarships...
I'm a first year in BHSc at McMaster. Yconic was my life last year in grade 12 and I found all the forums really helpful so I thought I'd make my own. Feel free to ask me anything about the application process, what the program is actually like, or my extracurriculars and stuff. If you're feeling super stressed about anything and need to vent...I get it. I was in your shoes. 

I applied also to:
Western Med Sci
Queen's Science and QUARMS
UBC Science
McGill Science

My average was 98%
Study Abroad?
Anyone do this for a semester or year or know anyone who has? Just wondering what the experience was like and if you would recommend doing it? I'm especially interested in Queen's 1st year BISC program.
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UBC Vancouver School of Economics: BIE Program (International Economics)
Hey this is a student from Ontario applying for UBC International Economcis. (Fall 2018)
I didn't see many discussion posts for this program so I decided to start my own. 

Feel free to post anything below!  

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Academic Experience
I know that employers don't care for the most part what school you get your degree from. I am wondering though if there is a difference in the experience you will have at the most selective schools (i.e those with high over all entrance averages like Waterloo, Queens, Western) and the least selective schools (e.g. Trent, Carleton, UOIT). Does the entry average of the undergraduate body have any impact on the type of experience you have both in and out of class? What about the overall graduation rate? Do you think these factors are important when choosing a school?
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New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a new Ryerson University graduate that majored in Professional Communication and I wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships over through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. Last summer I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co and that is where I'm currently employed.

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job
- LSAT studying/writing 
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Mcmaster life science/top 6 questions
Im looking into mcmaster life sci and here are my marks as of now:
English 77
Functions 97
bio 83
physics 81
chem 68
music 97
repertoire 93
calculus n/a 
So the admission requirement is ENG4U; One of: MHF4U, MCV4U; SBI4U; One of: MHF4U, MCV4U, SCH4U, SPH4U
 My questions are:
1. How are marks sent to universities? Do I choose/submit the courses I want universities to see so long as I satisfy the requirements?
2. Will marks beyond my top 6 affect my chances of acceptance? (chemistry for example would not fall under my top 6)
3. By the time mac life sci apps are due, my 2nd sem calculus course would not have started yet. If i want to use calc, which i anticipate getting 95 in, how can i include it in my top 6?
4. Does the program only look at the top 6 average or do they pay particular attention to individual courses?
5. could this combination possibly be my top 6: english, functions, calculus, bio, music, repertoire?
6. if my gr11 marks are garbage, will it affect my chances AFTER early acceptance?

sorry for the dumb questions i just need confirmation and assurance

thanks in advance,
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I have a person question about OUAC but if any others have any questions about it, just post em on this thread! 

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Ontario Business Schools
I am a grade 12 student currently studying abroad the world with Blyth Global High School in grade 12. I am interested in the prestigious Ontario business programs such as Queen's Commerce, York Schulich, and Laurier Lazaridis but I have no idea if my grades and ecs are good enough. I have a 83 in English, 86 in data management, 90 in advanced functions, 96 in calculus *midterm, and 94 in The Elite Athlete (IDC4U) *midterm. I am doing four more courses in semester two including World Issues, Challenge and change, Kinesiology, and a redo of English. I hope to get a better mark in my redo of English and not have my data included in my top 6. My ecs are captaincy throughout high school rugby, playing provincial rugby, club rugby, wrestling for a top Toronto club, student representative for number one ranked private school in Canada (Blyth Academy), did community service in a Cambodian village with handicapped and sick orphans (planted crops, built fencing and helped construct a well), help paint a school in Laos for under privileged children, multiple wrestling achievements and other music awards. I have never been very good at school as my transcript is full of 0s-60s so early acceptance is not an option but this year I really am trying to turn my life around. I want to know if my ecs are good enough and what averages I should go for with the schools named above as well as any suggestions for other schools. I do not have a guidance counselor travelling with me on my studies and I feel like i'm in this by myself. I also do not understand how applications even work, if anyone can help me out it would be amazing.
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AMA: Brock BAcc Graduate, Carleton MAcc Graduate, Big 4 Employee
My name is Neal, and I graduated from Brock's Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program in 2016 and Carleton's Master of Accounting program in 2017. I was a yconic Student Ambassador for 2016-17. Although I work full-time at PwC now, I'm still around answering questions about accounting as a career and universities. 

My co-op work experience includes:
-Corporate Accounting, Henkel (Germany)
-Assurance and Tax, Collins Barrow
-Risk Assurance, Ernst and Young

I currently work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Assurance. . 

A snapshot of my time at Brock:  
-Served as an executive for several clubs  
-Participated in numerous internal/external case competitions and conferences  
-Served as a Tutorial Leader for Brock's first-year Macroeconomics course  
-Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (the top 10% of Goodman get invited)  
-Did co-ops and internships with 3 different companies in corporate accounting, assurance, tax and risk assurance located in Germany and Canada  
-Participated in a short-term exchange to France  
-Volunteered for the business school's Career Services office, where I critiqued students' resumes  
-Lived in residence (first-year) and off campus

A snapshot of my time at Carleton:  
-President of the Sprott MAcc Society  

Feel free to ask me questions below! Or you can add me on LinkedIn if you'd like to send a private message (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nsengupta).
TDSB transcripts
I was in a TDSB school last year and I got into uoit (engineering - Automotive) accepted their offer and I went there and I really hated it so it withdrawed from my program so I can get my money back. So now I'm in a TDSB night school so I could improve one of my mark and get in to York or Ryerson electrical engineering, So Im filling the ouac105 application form and and I don't know if i should choose my last year's TDSB day school to send my transcript to York and Ryerson since the night school guidance said that they will not send my mark to ouac and that I have to do it my self and I don't know to do that so someone please help me on how my current night school willl get to the university above. Please and thank you.
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Are Canadian high school students generally interested in going to the US for college?
I know there is a strong interest among private school students, with about 20% of graduates heading over to the US each year. What's the case with students at public high schools? I'm guessing it's much lower but I was wondering what the general interest levels are with admission to not just the Ivy League, but other US universities as well.

I've been forwarded info on an upcoming seminar on US college applications with speakers coming from Columbia, Wharton and Carnegie Mellon, so I was wondering if it made sense to link here.

LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/set-yourself-apart-the-ultimate-us-college-application-workshop-toronto-tickets-38650129578
How do you write a personal profile/personal statement?
For some post-secondary programs, admissions might ask applicants to complete a personal profile or a personal statement. It’s likely that what you’re applying for is VERY competitive. Completing a personal profile or a personal statement is beneficial, as it allows admissions to learn more about you instead of just solely basing their decisions on your academic record. 

So… What exactly is a personal profile or a personal statement? 

Essentially, it’s a short essay about YOU. Specifically, this is where you get the chance to explain why you’ve decided to apply to their program, talk about your future goals, and relate how your extra-curricular involvement has shaped you, your goals, and aspirations.

How do you write one that stands out? 

When you’re completing your personal profile or personal statement, remember that it has to be personal. Don’t just write what you think admissions would want to read. Be passionate about it. Instead of just listing all of your achievements, talk about the impact you’ve made in those activities and its impact on you. 

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself when writing: 

- What made me decide to apply to this program? How does this relate to my future career goal?
- What inspired me to pursue my future career goal? 
- What makes me, my life or my experiences different from everyone else?
- In what ways did my extra-curricular activities or community involvement shape my goals and aspirations? How did they shape me into who I am now? 

Best of luck! :)

yconic Student Ambassador
Early Acceptances!
Hi everyone! I was just wondering how early Ontario universities give out acceptances for any life/health sci programs, as well as nursing programs? I was wondering if they gave out acceptances because first semester marks are final? Just because I have siblings who applied 5-6 years back and they were able to get acceptances a month after applying. Do they still do that? oR do they not do that anymore because it's too competitive? 

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TD scholarship
Does anybody know if the transcript for the TD leadership scholarship has to include midterm (November) marks of grade 12? Or I guess that would be a credit cancelling summary
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Which university programs are you applying to?
Hi everyone!

If you're currently a Grade 12 student, chances are you've already heard your guidance counsellors talk about university. You might've had recruiters from different post-secondary institutions present at your school as well. At this time, you might even have a stack of viewbooks from attending university fairs and presentations.

Which university programs are you applying to?
Was there a university program you didn't know about that peaked your interest? If so, how did you find out about it?

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
IB Student -- How does it work for uni?
So I'm an IB student in Ontario.

How would it work to apply to Ontario universities? Would they look at my IB diploma or my Ontario transcript?

What about if I applied outside of Ontario? Quebec/BC?

Just wondering if it'd be possible for them to look at my Ontario transcript rather than my IB diploma.

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Does Queen's care if you take nightschool?
Does anyone know if Queen's cares if you repeat a course or take night school or do they just take the highest/most recent mark?
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