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Queen's Chancellor's Scholarship 2017/18!!
Hey so I was looking around for one of these updated threads but couldn't seem to find one so I thought I'd make one! Just thought of making this as an update thread on applications/acceptances. 

PS. I applied super late (Nov14 when it said latest was Nov15), and I'm just curious when I should get the email for the SOLUS account? Thanks in advance
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My Scholarship Tips
Hey guys, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing research on the best way to find and apply to scholarships. Thought I’d share my findings :)   

Where to look:        
     1. Scholarship Websites:
               - https://scholartree.ca (I really like this one)
               - https://yconic.com/money-for-school (of course :) )               
               - http://scholarshipscanada.com (lots of scholarships, but kinda hard to use)       
     2. Guidance counsellors. Ask them about any local scholarships available.       

     3. Parent’s workplace. Your parent’s company might offer a scholarship, and if they do it’s likely that they don’t get many applications.  Also a good idea to ask your parents to ask their friends if their company provides a scholarship.    

     4. Financial Aid website for schools that you’re interested in. Should be able to find it easily with Google.   

Application tips:      
     - Even if you don’t think you 100% qualify, still apply. Apparently a lot of scholarships don’t get a lot of applications so you still might have a good chance at winning!
     - Make a calendar of application deadlines and plan which ones you'll apply to that way you don't miss any. I used Google calendar so I could set reminders.
Just Finished My First Year in Western MedSci - AMA!!
I just finished first year in Western MedSci and I'm going into my second year in the fall. I'm also a 2016 Western National Scholarship recipient (the President's Entrance), so if you have any questions about the program, admissions, or scholarships, let me know!

I can also give some advice on first-year courses if need be - even though I didn't get the most perfect GPA haha (3.8). Also, I can give some insight into a few clubs and the variety/nature of student life!!
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Loran Direct Pool
Has anyone received any invitations yet?
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Loran Scholarship Direct Pool
Hey there. I have a friend who applied to Loran's direct pool and got selected for interview yesterday! I hear they only notify successful applicants, so I'm wondering. Has any of you guys been notified of your status? (Direct Pool only)
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U of T TrackOne Student w/ National Scholarship AMA
Hi Yconic!
I successfully applied for engineering at U of T (TrackOne), Waterloo (Computer Engineering), McGill and Ryerson. Was also a finalist for QuARMS, and received the National Scholarship at the University of Toronto. 

I can talk about residence life, engineering workload, scholarships, my experience applying for any of the above programs, anything really. ask me anything :)
What are you doing during the winter break?
Hey yconic, 

What are you planning on doing for the winter break? For some of us in university, we don't really have readings/exams to study for but it would be a great time to apply for scholarships  or apply for summer jobs/internships/co-ops 

For all of you in high school, have you considered started applying for scholarships yet? Even though the major third party ones (Loran, TD) are over, there are a lot of other smaller scholarships you should look into. 

Tell me what your doing during the break below ;)
CAA Travel - new contest is out!
Hey guys! We wanted to let you know that we've recently teamed up with CAA Travel and we've created a brand new contest you can enter for a chance at $3,000! It's called Your Next Adventure Contest and all you have to do is answer 4 quick travel destination questions.

Scholarship opportunity
Hi, Anyone interested in applying to scholarship, there is an amazing opportunity to apply to a $20,000 CIBC scholarship. If you would like to apply for this leave a comment below and I give you the link. :)
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where can i find more scholarships on yconic? im always matched with 3, and they have been the same 3 for quite some time. any input would help! thanks!
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Yconic scholarships not showing up
Ive been on yconic for a few months now, Ive updated my matching profile over and over and I still only have 3 matches.

It's crazy, I go to scholarshipscanada or any other scholarship website and I have 100 but on the website that claims to be the best I only have 3. 

Am I doing something wrong or is it just some bizarre problem with my matching profile?

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rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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Can I Get In!?
Here's some information and I'd love some opinions on whether I could get into the following schools for BA (either PoliSci or International Studies depending on the school).

Schools I'm applying to:
UofAlberta, UBC, McGill, UofT, Queen's, Waterloo, UVic, Dalhousie

Grade 11 Average - 92.6%
Grade 12 courses taken:
Law - 96%
Earth & Space - 90%

My current very preliminary sem. 1 looks like:
English - 92%
Chem - 85%
Business Leadership - 95 %
(91%ish average so far)

I'm in my second year as Student Senator of the school and second year as one of two student trustees in my school board, I volunteer with heart & stroke and cancer society, I've done six years of work with Me to We, I lead the Gender/Sexuality Alliance within my school... etc.

What do you think my chances of getting to those schools are? Scholarship possibilities? Thanks! 

PS no "trolls" please
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Hello! I don't know too much about how scholarships actually work, so thought I'd ask for some info here. 

What type of (academic) scholarships can you get, and from who? What sort of grades do you need to have to be considered? 

Thank you 
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Queen's Chancellor's Scholarship and QuARMS
Hi there!
I just submitted my Major Admission Awards application for the Chancellor's Scholarship at Queens. I know that I don't need to do the PSE. Does that mean I have technically applied to Queens admissions? Like is there anything else I need to do to apply for my program? I can't see anything relevant on my To Do List.
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UBC additional comments section
Does filling this out increase your chances of getting a major entrance scholarship?
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How's your hunt for Canadian Scholarships (Tips)
Hey yconic, 

For many of you who are thinking of applying for scholarships, it's important to remember that not all of them are the major ones (e.g. Loran, TD, etc) and that many of them are small scholarships which require much less work. Most of last year,  I applied to many scholarships and accumulated some tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you. 

1. Copy and Paste (Kinda) 
Most of the scholarships ask the same questions (or some variation of the same prompt). So what I did what copy and paste the important parts and fill in the word count. 

2. Make the first couple sentences impactful
I used the first couple sentences to make an impact for the judges. I never made my introductions monotone or boring. Since the judge is going to base your entire application on their first impression, It's always worth to take a risk. 

3. Don't be afraid to play with emotions 
Judges are human too. One of the best strategies is to paint yourself as someone who has overcome incredible struggle and appeared successful in the end. I have found that this has been one of the most powerful strategies I've used. 

All in all, don't be afraid to use all the cards at your disposable. At the end of the day, getting scholarships is a difficult task. 

*If I have any more tips , Ill remember to add them. 

Comment below if you have more tips!
IB Marks for Entrance Scholarships UBC
I'm in IB 11 approaching end of term 1 marks, I'm currently getting around a 93% avg. From what I've heard, to get a full ride via UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award I would need a 97% avg. Does anyone know if I push my mark up to 94 or 95% avg it could be weighted as a 97% because it is IB? Our school doesn't scale very much except in math and sometimes bio so I'm kinda screwed and I have no money and I'm pretty stressed.
Scholarships with upcoming deadlines! (Ep.2)
Hey yconic, 

This week, I have several more scholarships lined up for you. I also heard some of you got invited to the semi-final and final round of the scholarship. Congratulations! 

If you're interested in the last scholarship post I made, the link is below so remember to check it out. 


1. Upnature's Scholarship for Nursing and Medicine Students (Deadline: November 30th 2017) 
-All you have to do is complete a short application and a 500-word essay about your career aspirations and how you plan to contribute to your chosen field in the future.  


2. The Expert Institue's 2017 Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences (Deadline: December 31st 2017) 
Complete 1,000-2,000 words on how you feel your specialized knowledge and training could be applied to improving the practice of law, submitted electronically as a document attached to the form below.


3. yconic's #13FTW contest (Deadline January 18th 2018) 
Complete several quizzes for your chance to win (3) $1313 cash prizes. 


Best of luck applying for these scholarships and contest!

-Benson Law 
Chancellor's Scholarship 2018
Hi, I have been nominated for Chancellor's scholarship but my cumulative average is not 90. Should I still apply to my program through Chancellor's? Or should I just apply through the standard admission? 

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Loran Semi-final interviews (AMA)
So its about that time of year again when semi-finalists should be getting their invites. I was a semi-finalist last year so i wanted to make a thread where you guys can ask me anything (tips, general questions, etc)!

If you are a semi-finalist yourself, share below what city you're from!
How do you plan on paying for post-secondary?
How are you (Grade 12's) planning to pay for post-secondary education?

Some of you might have: 

Comment below on how you are paying up for university or college!
What are some scholarships for Canadian students?
Post-secondary education can get really expensive. Even though you may have decided getting a bank loan or applying to OSAP is the way to go when it comes to funding your education, scholarships could still help lessen or even cover all of your tuition and expenses. Here are four scholarships for Canadian students:

1. Loran Award (Deadline: October 25)

The Loran Scholars Foundation's Loran Award is one of the most prestigious awards in Canada. According to their website, they "offer four-year undergraduate awards valued at $100 000 to young Canadians on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership." The deadline is on Wednesday, so get your applications in ASAP.

More info: http://www.loranscholar.ca/becoming-a-scholar

2. Scotiabank National Scholarship (Deadline: November 2)

Brought to you by yconic and Scotiabank, the Scotiabank National Scholarship is back! There are $80 000 in awards available for yconic members. All you have to do is answer this scholarship question in 150 words or less: What word, quote, or phrase best represents your life as a student and why?

More info: https://yconic.com/program/scotiabank-national-scholarship/?utm_source=website_yconic&utm_medium=text_link_award_details&utm_campaign=sbnknationalscholarship

3. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership (Deadline: November 17)

The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is open to Canadian students in their final year of high school or CEGEP. Students who are making a positive change in their communities could get a scholarship valued up to $70 000. 

More info: https://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/banking/student-life/scholarship-for-community-leadership/index.jsp?cid=DFA:20256589:2951408:204277200:92459812

4. RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship (Applications will open in November)

The RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship is open to graduating high school, CEGEP, and post-secondary students. There are $150 000 in scholarships available for "Canadian students showing a passion to lead and inspire positive change in their community."

Applications are not open yet, but you can find more info about it here: https://scholarships.rbc.com/StudentsLeadingChange.aspx

Best of luck in your applications! 

yconic Student Ambassador
How good or bad is my average for scholarships?
I have an 88% average right now and there are some big scholarship applications due soon. A lot of people going into scholarships typically have an above 90% average so I just wanted to ask you guys if I'm under qualified or my average isn't good enough to be considered? 

I've considered leadership scholarships as well but I've been discouraged from many because I don't believe that I've done enough community work like I did a lot in Grade 10, some in Grade 11, and one event so far this year but I always get insecure and think it's not enough to be considered amongst the thousands of applicants who have done mission trips, ran charities, was a president, all these great things that I feel underqualified for because I don't think I have enough activities. If anyone has any advice or input, drop a comment!
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