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Ask a McGill Science Student!
Hey prospective students! 
I'm a first year student at McGill University studying BBL Science on renewable scholarship and currently staying in rez. If you have any questions that I can answer based on the information above I'll try my best to help you out :)
(Let me just say right away that I got my acceptance in May because of scholarship dilemmas, so if you're afraid about hearing back soon, just know I've been there!)

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My Scholarship Tips
Hey guys, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing research on the best way to find and apply to scholarships. Thought I’d share my findings :)   

Where to look:        
     1. Scholarship Websites:
               - https://scholartree.ca (I really like this one)
               - https://yconic.com/money-for-school (of course :) )               
               - http://scholarshipscanada.com (lots of scholarships, but kinda hard to use)       
     2. Guidance counsellors. Ask them about any local scholarships available.       

     3. Parent’s workplace. Your parent’s company might offer a scholarship, and if they do it’s likely that they don’t get many applications.  Also a good idea to ask your parents to ask their friends if their company provides a scholarship.    

     4. Financial Aid website for schools that you’re interested in. Should be able to find it easily with Google.   

Application tips:      
     - Even if you don’t think you 100% qualify, still apply. Apparently a lot of scholarships don’t get a lot of applications so you still might have a good chance at winning!
     - Make a calendar of application deadlines and plan which ones you'll apply to that way you don't miss any. I used Google calendar so I could set reminders.
I'm a video scholarship contest finalist and need votes to win!
All of the energy I've been putting into scholarship applications is paying off! I just found out that I am a finalist for a $5000 video scholarship contest for the SOS Safety Magazine!! From now until Jan. 31, there is a voting period open and whichever submission on the website has the most votes will win the scholarship. Every person can vote up to once per day for the next 3 weeks, and I am encouraging you to vote for me!  

My video is focused around bullying prevention; it is ten minutes long, and I'd love for you to watch it! You can find it near the bottom of the webpage (it's the 2nd last one). There is currently a processing glitch with the voting system, but hopefully by tomorrow people will be able to vote (once the developers fix the problem).  

Please put reminders in your phones and calendars to notify you every day to vote on the website! It only takes one click! Every day! This is a really big accomplishment for me, and I need all the support I can get!

Most important of all, THANK YOU!

Here is the link: https://sossafetymagazine.com/vote-2018/#
$26,000 scholarship from UVic or $20,000 scholarship from UBC?
Hey everybody, 

Based on my situation, I would really appreciate your opinions about which offer I should accept: a $26,000 entrance scholarship from UVic, or a $20,000 Centennial Scholars Entrance Award from UBC. 

I am going into a bachelor of science, and my long-term goal is to enter medical school leading to credentials as a physician. UBC might give me an edge due to its reputation, but I may be better off financially if I accept the $26,000 offer from UVic because $6000 is a significant amount of money. I come from deep financial need, and that is why I need to consider these things very seriously. 

Here are the facts:

Pros for UBC: 
The Centennial award will appear on my UBC transcript after graduation (which would look very good to prospective medical schools)
If I receive external scholarships that cover my first-year tuition, any unused money from the annual allotment of Centennial Scholarship funds ($5,000) could be deposited to my bank account (so I could use it in the future or for living expenses). 
UBC has the Science One program, which I have been interested in for some time now. 

Cons of UBC: 
Offers less money than UVic
Is not compatible with the UBC Student Housing Assistance Grant. 

Pros of UVic: 
Offers more money than UBC
I am eligible to receive more entrance scholarships from UVic that can be combined with my current UVic offer.

Cons of UVic: 
I am not certain, but I've heard that UVic does not give remaining entrance scholarship funds directly to students to use for living expenses or for subsequent years if their tuition is covered by other scholarships. (Does anyone know if this is true?) 

Another question I have: 

For UVic and/or UBC, if I receive more external scholarships than I need to use for tuition in first-year, can the financial aid office deposit the money into my bank, or save them for me in second-year? I'm asking because I know that a lot of scholarships cannot be deferred, but I don’t want to lose any scholarship funds; what would my options be? 

Does anyone know if the UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is compatible with other UBC Major Entrance Scholarships? 

Does anyone know if UVic transcripts show that the student received an entrance award?

Anyhow, those are the things I need to think about. Thank you for your feedback! 

Just Finished My First Year in Western MedSci - AMA!!
I just finished first year in Western MedSci and I'm going into my second year in the fall. I'm also a 2016 Western National Scholarship recipient (the President's Entrance), so if you have any questions about the program, admissions, or scholarships, let me know!

I can also give some advice on first-year courses if need be - even though I didn't get the most perfect GPA haha (3.8). Also, I can give some insight into a few clubs and the variety/nature of student life!!
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TD Bank Scholarship 2018
If you have any info or update about this scholarship, please feel free to comment down below. I applied back in November and I still haven't received any updates besides the initial "Thank you for applying".
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Revoking Queen's Commerce
I got accepted to Queen's Commerce in January. It is my top pick, however I am facing immense challenges in Calculus. The condition I must meet is an 80% in the course, however after two tests I am currently sitting around 70%. This is coming from someone who has gotten 90s all throughout math in high school and who studies and goes in for extra help. I even got a tutor. Will Queen's revoke my offer right away, or is there any other way for them to remedy the situation? please let me know, even if I don't get an 80 will I still have a chance.
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Chancellor Scholarship and Prestige Awards
Has anybody received info about the Chancellor Club's scholarship or prestige awards at University of Calgary? They said they'll let people know in March/April so post here if you have!
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Dalhousie Scholarship 2018
For those who have applied to the Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship  and recieved one, when did you apply, when did you learn that you recieved a scholarship, how much was it worth, and what province are you from. 

If you feel comfortable posting your average, please post that as well.

This form works great:
Date Applied:
Quality and Quantity (Renewable Scholarship or One off): 
Recieval Date:
Province Originating From:
*Academic Average:

Thanks so much and congratulations to those who have recieved one!
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Scotiabank Scholarship
When are we supposed to hear back from the Scotiabank-Yconic scholarship?
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Anyone Else Get the University of Toronto Scholars Award?
Anyone else qualify for this? I want a general idea of the marks people had who were eligible for it. I applied for Life Sci @ U of T Scarborough and I have decent grades overall (somwhere in the mid-low 90s) I just didn't expect this crazy scholarship. I don't feel like I've earned this $7500 at all, but I'll take it lol.

oh yeah also this is combined with the U of T Scarborough Entrance Scholarships right? the thing based strictly on your grades? considering im applying specifically to scarborough of course.
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U of T Entrance Scholarships
So I'm slowly starting to lose hope in going to U of T. I got accepted 2 days ago and was excited until I realized that I didn't get any scholarships and not even eligible to get any because of my grades (their website mentions that they notify you of a scholarship upon receiving your admission email/letter). They definitely used my grade 11 marks in which I only had a 90-91% average, so it's not exactly high. My first semester of grade 12 just finished around 2 weeks ago and my grades are higher and I have an overall average of 95%. The transcript including those grades should be on their way to U of T and I'm freaking out (when I ordered the transcript there was an option to have one automatically sent after semester 1 marks are in). Is there anything I can do, or tough luck? And does the university ever take into consideration those grade 12 sem 1 marks and re-evaluate? I emailed them, but want to know if anybody has experienced the same situation before.
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What scholarships are available for students with high marks or good extracurriculars in high school?
I have looked around and other than major admission scholarships for specific schools and the Loran Award I couldn't really find much.  I am looking for scholarships that are big or small, I just want to know what is out there.  Thank you!!

My marks are:
Functions 100%
Calculus 100%
Chemistry 100%
Accounting 100% (Final because I did in grade 11)
Computer Science 99%
Biology 99%
Physics 99%
English 96%
French 94%

My Extracurriculars include captaining varsity soccer, playing varsity hockey, playing soccer outside of school on a top ranked team in Canada, Co-president of DECA club (and provincial champion),  Co-president of a hospitals youth council, volunteer at the same hospital, research with a physician, and some other clubs that I founded and run at my school...
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TD scholarship Regional

Has anyone recieved the email for the regional interview?

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TD Scholarship ? Anyone knows when finalist will be announced?

For those who received an email saying their application will be read again, do you know when we can expect a follow-up ? 

Thanks ! 
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Admission Scholarships
For the UTM admission scholarships, it says they are based on your admission average. Am I correct in assuming this means your average at the time they send the acceptance letter? Also, their first round of acceptance starts this month and as of right now my grade 11 and grade 12 semester 1 marks appear on my OUAC forms. Which of those marks are they going to use to calculate my average? Will it be all of them, or just the top six, or some other combination? One last question. If something counts for 2 credits, do you count it twice when calculating your average?
QuARMS extra curriculars and research?
I’m currently a grade10 student who’s dream is to study medicine. The process in North America is extremely difficult,lengthy, and expensive, which is why I have been considering to direct myself elsewhere. I’ve recently found out about the QuARMS scholarship. Of course I realize the extremely minimalistic chance of being accepted, but it never hurts to dream big.  

Now that QuARMS is in mind, I want to get my extra curriculars up for the next 2 years of high school. My current average is around 94%, which I’d easily be able to push to a 97%ish in my next 2 years.  
Currently, I volunteer weekly at 2 different hospitals, and a retirement home. I volunteer within my school as well at a breakfast program. I did best buddies in grade 9 and am planning to participate again in grade 11 and 12. I work for my town in a recreation centre as well. Next year, I will be joining student council and I’ve applied to the Canadian Cancer society volunteering.  
Ultimately, what extra curriculars do you think would be good from the standpoint of 
QuARMS? I really want to get more involved, but I’m not sure where. Also, I really want to do some research, but don’t know where to start?? I’m only in 10th grade so i don’t have much experience. Would anyone be able to link or share some research opportunities in the GTA area for eager high school students? Thanks :)
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Queen's Commerce- or bust?
Someone convince me why I should attend Queen's Commerce in the fall in regard to it's worth and reputation. WIll I really have better employment prospects? Is the tuition worth it?

I was also accepted to Laurier, Uottawa. and Carleton.
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SFU's Visual Arts program
Does anyone know if SFU has a good visual arts program? I cant seem to find it much on their website. What have you heard about it?
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Lester-B-Pearson scholarship U of T
Hi, I have been fortunate enough to be nominated by my school for the Pearson scholarship, which is a full scholarship for international students.
Among 2000+ nominees, only 37 will eventually be selected. I was wondering if anyone has been a nominee in the past or is one of this year, would you be willing to share your experience: how out-standing do you have to be to be a recipient

U of T is my first choice of university, however, the cost of tuition is pretty high for an international student, so if I could not get the scholarship I might choose otherwise. This scholarship means a lot to me since my family is only a working middle-class in China, they have truly sacrificed a lot of comfort in life to support my studying abroad in Canada, I wish to ease their burden in the future through this scholarship.

They were thrilled by my nomination, which is only one per school, but we refrain from getting too hopeful because the percentage of recipients among nominees is really low.

Any sharing of information would be appreciated, thank you all in advance!
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TD Scholarship
Did anyone apply for the TD and did anyone recieve the email that you've passed on to/been rejected from the second reading?

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Schulich Application Advice
Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips or strategies for the Schulich application, particularly on the 600 word essay.

I feel under qualified as it seems that most Schulich leaders have founded their own organization, invented something, etc. I have some good leadership experiences and have done things that I believe are meaningful but have not initiated something so grand scale. Currently, I am working on a big project but it’s in the beginning stages. 

Despite this, I still want to give it my best shot and will take this as a good learning opportunity. I appreciate any thoughts or ideas you guys have!

*I’m applying to schools in Alberta
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Western National Scholarship 2018
Hey guys, 

I am applying for the Western National Scholarship this year and I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has applied/received the award before.

Estimated Average: 95%

Clubs & Sports Teams: 
* President of Debate Club
* Founding Member of Diversity Club/Black History Month Committee
* Executive on Enhanced Council
* Member of Athletic Council
* Captain on Mentor Club (lead a team to guide gr. 9s)
* Played on badminton and table tennis teams for past three years
* Played on basketball team for two years
* Played on lacrosse team for past three years and will be one of the captains this year

Volunteer Experience:
* Teen Advisory Group at public library
* Assist treasurer at church and volunteer chorister 
* Done some volunteering with black award shows but only one day events
* Volunteered at a Braids for Aids event (one day event)
* Volunteered at Bollywood Ignite event, led other volunteers to run a child sport area (two days)

Work Experience:
*  Newspaper carrier, 2014 (for 6 months)
* Kitchen assistant, part of YMCA summer work exchange, 2017 (6 weeks, full time)
* Sales associate at the Gap (september 2017 - present)

Do you think I have a chance even though I haven't done a lot of things in my community outside of school? Should I include volunteer experiences that I only did for one day (ie. the award shows, aids event and bollywood event)? And should my essay be formal/rigid or more personal; should I talk about how i feel personally connected to my topic or just treat it like a research paper?

I would love to gain your insight and advice. Thanks
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Queen's Chancellor's Scholarship 2017/18!!
Hey so I was looking around for one of these updated threads but couldn't seem to find one so I thought I'd make one! Just thought of making this as an update thread on applications/acceptances. 

EDIT: Got a request to change this to a Queen's Commerce Thread lol there do seem to be a lot of people here for commerce
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Offering help with "pre-med" university program + scholarship apps
Hey all!
I used yconic a whole lot when I was in high school so I thought I'd give back now that I am in university and I can relate to the phase of confusion and stress you seniors are going through. I am at the University of Guelph Biomedical Toxicology program (hoping for med school in a few years). I am also the recipient of the Lincoln Alexander Chancellor's scholarship (a full scholarship to UoG). Note: I got into Mac iSci and western med sci. I can offer advice related to picking premed programs, app writing tips, or anything in between. Again, it's all going to be personal advice that may not apply to everyone. Ask away!