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#Askyconic - What to Expect from University or College
Should you live at home or rez? Is attending Frosh worth it? Is it hard to make friends in uni? When am I expected to pay for tuition? how do manage my loan?

First year is a challenge, but you are up to the task! With a little help from our student hosts...

Follow us and join us on Facebook LIVE for a very special edition of #Askyconic on Wednesday August 2nd at 6 pm EST. as our student hosts answer all your questions about starting post-sec.

No question is too hard or stupid. Leave 'em all in the comments below! Don't forget to come back to this thread after the show, as we will be posting the resources we shared. 

PS. Be nice! Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.
Which university programs are you applying to?
Hi everyone!

If you're currently a Grade 12 student, chances are you've already heard your guidance counsellors talk about university. You might've had recruiters from different post-secondary institutions present at your school as well. At this time, you might even have a stack of viewbooks from attending university fairs and presentations.

Which university programs are you applying to?
Was there a university program you didn't know about that peaked your interest? If so, how did you find out about it?

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
Bad senior year grades + dealing with mental illnesses
I'm a grade 12 student and I'm not doing so good for two of my most important courses for this semester - academic biology and academic chemistry. I currently have a 56 in bio and a 64 in chemistry, and my marks dropped this much due to a harsh unit test and assignment. It's the second month of school, and I'm already close to giving up on working as hard as I did in the beginning of this semester, and univeristy application submissions + midterm report cards are right around the corner. I'm one of those students that invest most of their day for studying, and try to do everything to the best of my ability.  I've been dealing with depression and anxiety issues for a few years now, which I feel like is taking a poll on how I'm currently feeling now about my future, and at this point I feel like I'm going to get rejected or end up passing these courses with a low mark (and what I need is at least a 90 :/) If someone can advise me on what next steps I can take in encouraging myself/get my grades up in time for early application submission I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thank you very much
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Q/A about Medical School
Hi there!

My brother, who is a physician that works in a hospital as well as a medical school, has been getting questions about how to become a doctor, getting into medical school, etc. He did not get accepted into medical school the first time he applied. The most common questions he had received were:

(The following responses are my brother's, not mine. I just felt sharing them with the yconic community.)

"Is it bad to dream of becoming a doctor where medical school chances are less than 10%?"

It's not bad to dream of becoming a doctor one day and that goes for anyone. Yes, it's true that most students won't be able to attend medical school. In order for the dream to become reality, a student must really be persistent, determined, intelligent, patient, and hard-working. A future doctor wouldn't let this statistic completely deter them away from it.

"What did you do when you received a rejection letter from medical schools?"

I won't put what I did, but I'll generalize it. Those students who are insistent of becoming a doctor do not see the first rejection letter as something that will ruin them, but rather an opportunity to improve. Students have to ask themselves: "What did I do wrong?" "What can I do to improve?" "Do I really want to spend effort to apply a second time?" "Should I go get a Master's while I wait to get accepted in future tries?" "Should I just try another profession, something that is related to medicine, such as nursing?" "Should I call the medical school and ask what I did wrong more specifically?"

The first rejection letter is usually something that sets apart those individuals who truly want to become a doctor and those who didn't really desire it in the first place. People who passionately want to become a doctor will not let one rejection letter deter them from the career pathway completely. Sometimes they might receive another rejection letter from the second time they try to apply, and have to re-evaluate themselves again with those same questions I posted above.

"Was the MCAT hard?"

It wasn't too hard when I first started studying the content. However, there was just so much of it that it can seem difficult. The MCAT encompasses multiple subject areas and not all students excel in each of these areas (for me personally, was the physics section), which can be quite stressful. Begin studying for the MCAT months prior to your scheduled date. I used the Kaplan MCAT prep set and it helped a lot. I also joined a MCAT club that I found at my university and that helped me as well. Keep in mind, the MCAT won't have questions that are too difficult because of how long and how much (the content) the exam is. 

When finally writing the exam, I was beyond nervous and that made it seem like it was the hardest exam on the planet's history in my opinion. However, if I just stayed calm throughout the exam, it wouldn't be as hard as I thought it was. 
AMA: McMaster Health Sciences, Level 1 Student
Title says all. I empathize heavily with the premature, second-week-of-Grade-12 anxiety about university admissions. Not to mention, I relied on these forums to ease whatever feelings I had last year, so it's only natural that I give back.

Seriously, AMA. (ex. What Grade 12 courses did I take? What are some tips for the supp-app? What is BHSc even like? Is it the right program for me and my learning style?) 

Even if I'm not  the best source of info regarding a topic, I'm surrounded by enough people everyday that someone's ought to have an answer for you.
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Which extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
Whether you may be in high school or university, there are many clubs, sports, and student groups that you can participate in. Being involved helps you gain leadership skills, network, and build your resume.

Which extra-curricular activities are/were you involved in?
Has your involvement impacted and helped you decide on a career path in some way?

yconic Student Ambassador
New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a fresh Ryerson University graduate that majored in Professional Communication and I wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships over through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. Last summer I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co and that is where I'm currently employed.

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job
- LSAT studying/writing 
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Ouac applications
Mid term report comes out November 15 (ontario students). My guidance counsellor told me the universities are actually going see my mark on November the 8, thats when the ouac data transmission occurs. I am freaking  out because thats 2 weeks away and i only have 2 tests to boost my mark up. when do you actually start applying?????
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Loran Scholarship Advice
Hey, has anyone here applied for the Loran Scholarship before? I'm in Grade 12 this year, and I am applying for it, but I wanted to know some more about it. What was the process was like for you? Did you get an interview? Any helpful tips for the application form? Were you able to get an interview? 

Approach to schoolwork in high school vs university
So this topic I think is pretty relevant to many people on yconic. For many of you in high school, you always hear that university is this massive jump from high school because there is a ton of work and it's easy to fall behind. It been almost two months of university for me now and I notice that I've changed A LOT in terms of how I approached schoolwork. So I wanna share some reflections I have of my work ethic now (in first year) vs my work ethic back in high school. 

-Work in university in much faster than in high school. Most of your work is done outside of lecture so doing readings prior to class is super important. Unlike in high school, consistency is key. If you are consistent in keeping up to speed with readings, you will have an easier time understand what is being discussed in class. 

-Making notes is key. In high school, I never made a single page of notes. I would just binge the chapters in the textbook that were being tested on the night before the test. However, in university, I find that there is so much being tested on at once that reading the textbook the night before is just ineffective. Rather, making precise and accurate notes is more effective as a test preparation strategy than binge reading. 

-Coming to class is less important. In high school, class was from 8-4 every day and it was hard to legitimately explain why you missed a class. However, in university, no one cares if you show up. I've skipped class to finish work in other classes. Not only that, you spend on average 4-5hrs a week on a class so skipping one class isn't a big deal. In university, you find that even if you skip a lecture, you can easily catch up by reviewing the lecture slides/presentation posted in class and reading the textbook. 

If you're in high school, do you often hear that university is a big jump? Have you developed a good work ethic already or are you still kind of slacking? If you're in university, have you had the same experience as me? Do you agree/disagree with me?
Low math marks in grade 12
I have a really stressful problem. I would say I am fairly good at math. In the past years I always maintain between 75-86% on my tests. However, since grade 12 has started, I'm doing miserably!!! I'm taking Advanced Functions and even though the textbook questions relatively easy, the tests aren't. Or I should say, the tests my teacher gives requires a lot of thinking and to be honest, my thinking skills are lacking so much. I keep getting 50-60% and midterms are released November 15th and it's honestly making me so stressed because I know I can do it but I'm not able to think as I am required to. There was an instance where once I finished writing the test, I knew the answers to the questions but I hadn't known the solution method while writing the test.

What can I do to improve my marks? Once again, I'm not lazy, I'm very concerned about my marks so I always am organized and consistent with my work. I'm just unsure how to acquire better thinking skills.

When I think about my relatives and my friends, I actually feel stupid. They always get high 90's and I usually do too in business or social science. I've always had an interest in math so what are ways to study effectively
Also, I'm not just moping around. 
Memory lane
For those who are scrolling their home feed and trying to get as much info about uni life and grade 12. Yes you, stop for a min just a min. Look back at the past experiences that got you to grade 12. Share your experiences here on the person you have become. How was middle
school or even elementary? What are your dreams? What do you wana do after post secondary. SHARE THEM. Although lets be honest nobody did shit in middle school lmao
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post secondary
when universities are looking at your application...do they know the class average of all your classes or is it just your markwhat if you have a higher mark then your class will they take that into consideration
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Scholarship Aid
I'm in grade 12 right now and it's prime scholarship season. So I'm wondering if you have any tips for writing a scholarship resume? And what kinds of scholarship did you apply for? There are so many scholarships out there for nearly every type of person, whether they are artists or athletes or something completely different. How do I know a scholarship is right for me and pick something that I'd have more of a chance in getting?
after grade 12
how life is like after grade 12....like what do u even do...your on ur own..im guessing study hard in uni..get engaged lol?
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Which ECs Will Increase My Chances of Winning Scholarships?
Extra-curricular activities and wondering which are the best to take in terms of university applications and winning scholarships have always been in the back of my mind. For years now I've been in a wide range of activities including music, athletics, drama, volunteering, environmental and community outreach club and art. Extra-curriculars are always good to have on scholarship applications, but the ones you pick and specialize in can impact it.  

So how do you make ECs worth it?  And which ones are most beneficial?

Impressive Extracurriculars
Activities cultivate a wide range of talents and strong character traits. Of course, like all things in life, the key thing is balance. Know your capabilities and aim to reach beyond that point, choosing activities from different categories. If you are unsure about an activity, take a trial course or ask to join for a day to get a feel for it. Try and see if you like it. Whats the harm? Listed below are several extracurriculars, including important traits athat are learned by joining. 

Leadership Skills
- Student Government (participation in school matters; responsible; role model)
- Athletics (physical endurance; teamwork; commitment)

Critical Thinking
- Academic teams (competitive, passionate about learning & challenges)
- Debate (thoughtful; educated in modern affairs; rational & analytic mindset)

- Arts (outside of the box thinking)
- Drama (expressive; personable; commitment to a group)

Community Involvement/ Life Experience
- Volunteer work/Community service (A must have!)
- Part-time jobs (work experience & real-world experience)
- Internships (dedicated; mature; capable of handling heavy courses)

Making ECs Pay Off

1. Follow your passions
Just because there aren't scholarships handed out in your field of interest, for example, paintball. Just because you won't get money from playing paintball doesn't mean you should stop it. If you are the lead guitarist for a classic rock band playing from your garage, miles away from getting a scholarship out of it, you can still use it to your advantage. Committees still look at you as a person, wondering what interests you and makes you unique. Knowing that you have the drive to follow your passions is a valuable asset. Colleges are aware that individuals turn it up a notch in terms of extracurriculars during senior year. So, it's better to choose what you love and benefit from the experience as a person not just for extra lines on your applications. 

2.  Focus your skills
In your activity, find a way to make yourself stand out from the rest. If you're not the fastest on your team, the strongest or the fittest, become the most educated person about the activity. Focus on something unique that you do really well. Make sure your coaches, instructors, teachers see your improvement. 

McMaster Financial Aid
How much money can one student (on average) expect to get from McMaster Aid from bursaries?
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What is your go-to restaurant?
Hi everyone! I'm Alyssa, one of your yconic Student Ambassadors. 

As a university student in the heart of downtown Toronto, I am surrounded by SO MANY restaurants that offer a wide-variety of food options and different cuisines. Though I bring lunches (It's a great way to save money aha!), I would eat out once in a while.

And so...

When you eat out during your lunches or breaks, where do you go? 
Is there a specific place that students from your school go to? 
If you could recommend one item from the menu to someone going to your favourite restaurant for the first time, what would it be?

Maybe through this discussion, we can all visit a new restaurant and try something new. My fellow foodies, I look forward to hearing from you! :)
Canadian Student at an Ivy League School - AMA (university life, admissions, majors, anything you'd like!)
I made one of these threads a couple of years ago that some people found useful so I decided to make another one to distract myself with over the summer. A little about me:

School: Yale
Major: Statistics (while completing pre-med requirements)
SAT Score: ~2300 (back when it was out of 2400)
High school average: ~95% over all four years (lower in grade 9/10, higher in grade 11/12)
Accepted to: Several Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey

#Askyconic - How to Handle School Anxiety
#Askyconic is back and your hosts Aaron and Alyssa are ready for your questions!

What if I don't make any friends in university? What happens if I don;'t know what I want to do after I graduate? Is university really hard? Why do I feel so anxious and depressed? I just don't feel inspired...

Follow us and join us on Facebook LIVE for  #Askyconic on Thursday October 5 at 6 pm EST. Our student hosts will answer all your questions regarding student mental health. Let us know what stresses you about school in the comments below!!

Don't forget to come back to this thread after the show, as we will be posting the resources we shared. 

 PS. Be nice! Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.
Would it be weird to try striking up convo now
So a month into school I haven't made as many friends as I would have hoped to in university (primarily because I've been trying to avoid contact with them). I think I now have the courage to talk to them, would it be weird if I started striking out convos just small convos when I see them in the halls? 

Or is it too late in the year? Same thing with people in my classes 
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
University Applications: Things to Keep in Mind
Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am one of your 2017-2018 Student Ambassadors. 

Applying to university can be really exciting yet stressful. This is the time when you actually have to figure out what you want to do or at least have a very good idea of it. That said, here are 5 things I think you should consider when applying to university:

1. Program

Start looking for programs you might be interested in pursuing. Figure out if the program has co-op or internship opportunities, as well as how long it would take to complete the program. Attend university fairs and check out websites like eINFO (http://www.electronicinfo.ca) to learn more about them.

2. Program Prerequisites

Before you apply, make sure you are taking or have planned to take all of the courses needed for you to get admitted into your programs of interest. This is very important! Your Top 6 is determined based on your course prerequisites followed by your highest 4U or M courses.

3. Location

Do you plan on commuting to school or moving away and staying in residence? It's good to start thinking about this now to figure out the potential expenses and lifestyle changes you might incur in the future.

4. Fees

If you are planning to apply to Ontario universities, you will have to pay $50 to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre or OUAC for each program.

Last year, the minimum number of programs we had to apply for was 3. However, many of us ended up applying to 4-5 programs. I narrowed down my decision of which programs to apply to by asking myself questions like "Do I see myself being a student in this program/school?" It really helped me put things into perspective.

5. Supplementary Applications

Some university programs might ask you to submit a supplementary application, which you might have to pay another fee for. There may be an essay-writing and/or video interview component. I would advise you to get right on this ASAP and submit it way ahead of time.

If you have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments down below or my AMA post (https://yconic.com/discussion/ama-first-year-business-management-student-creator-shsm-graduate/9j95en1NmNturEivGihLRdkzaDOCovgN).

I look forward to hearing from you! 
AMA: Student Council President, Rowing Coxswain, High School Senior, UVic Applicant
Hi! I'm Chanel, one of the Yconic Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018. As a student in high school, I can easily relate to any questions you may have and am readily available to help you. So feel free to ask me anything and I answer back speedily! 

About me:
- Student Athlete: joined many sports from basketball to volleyball but transited onto the water for rowing 
- On Student Council for two years as Fine Arts Rep and School President 
- AP English Student with courses aimed towards the Sciences (Bio, Physics, Chem) 
- Arts Student in Visual Arts (published illustrator), Choir and Drama 
- Guide International Students from numerous countries like Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain, etc. 
- Volunteer at Women In Need, aiding women in transition homes
- Attended Private school and Catholic school
-  Applying at the University of Victoria in British Columbia in the Faculty of Science