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international students
how do you survive in Canada as a student when you have no student loan?
Queen's Residence Application Questions
Hi I'm currently sending in my residence application for Queen's and I just have a few questions!

1. It says to send in UP TO 5 choices. Can I just send it one or two then? Since I really don't want double and up, I only want a single room :)

2. Do you pay extra to be on a "Living/Learning Communities and Theme Floors"?

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

If anyone can kindly advise or provide details and input on a university that I should choose.

I have been accepted into Electrical engineering at Waterloo and Engineering COOP at McMaster and I am wondering which one to accept. 

I am looking to have a fun life for my university years and I am also hoping that I could end up finding a job at a big tech company. I value both my education and my time spent as a student. 

Is Waterloo really only studying/work? Would going there have any moments of being just as fun as MacMaster?


Which life science program should I choose?
Didn't get into western med sci or general sci (my first choice) or mac life sci. My average was mid 80s. I got into UTSG life science and a few other universities like waterloo life sci and queens sci, but the only three I'm actually considering are UT, Ottawa health sci, and guelph general science. 
It was my fault for slacking this year and messing up my chances at a great university. I'm really torn because I know I'm capable and just need to get my act together, but I'm unhappy with the university choices. UT accepts just about anyone for life science and they weed people out first year. I have people close to me who went to UT same program and advise against it, and many of these people have become doctors themselves. They say it ruins your GPA and is really tough and stressful, and no coop opportunities anyway.
I was going to go to UT but now I'm doubtful. I'm thinking of going to Guelph first year and I'd try to get really high grades so I can transfer to western's general sci or med sci program 2nd year because they seem like a more reputable university. But what's the switching process like? I heard it's really tough.
I'm not too sure what I want to do for a future career, all i know is I want to go to graduate school (so that's why I want to go to an easier undergrad program so I can maintain a higher GPA), and either dental school or pharmacy (whatever I like better), and nursing as a backup.  
Please help me out, I really don't know what to do and I only have a couple of days to decide. Is it worth coming back an extra semester? 
new Licensed pharmacist ask anything!
Hello everyone, I am a newly employed  (working for about 2 months) licensed pharmacist who is ready to answer any question about the world of pharmacy (pharmacy school, pharmacy work life,etc.)!
Has Anyone on this Forum Ever Received a MES?
Hey! I was just wondering if anyone on this forum received a MES (Major Entrance Scholarship) for UBC, or any other university.I just want to know how you got there and what were your grades and ECs, if you did win one. I know MES are rare, but hey, there's a ton of excellent students on this forum, and everything's possible!

Just finished first year @ DeGroote School of Business. Ask me anything!
I'm usually really busy due to school, but I will try and answer any DeGroote/Business/Application/Social/McMaster related questions based on my experience! I apologize in advance if I'm late or don't get to your question. Everything posted here are from my own personal experiences and it's my own opinion. I personally feel that not a lot of DeGroote students uses this forum, and oftentimes we are being misrepresented. Therefore, I created this thread to clear things up and to provide advices from the actual experiences that I've been through. I'm not an official McMaster representative & do not affiliate with the McMaster admissions in anyway.

EDIT: New 2013/2014 CUDO

Rejected from Biotechnology/CPA
LOL I was rejected from this program @ Waterloo. LOL and given an alternate to Science and Business? Oh well.

Who else got rejected 
Queen's Life Science vs. UofT Life Science
When I started applying to universities, my mind was set on Queen's for Life Science, I also applied to UofT Life Science since I live in Toronto, and I ended up receiving offers to both schools. However, now my entire family is pushing me to go to UofT since it's more well known, closer to home, and they think it's easier to get a better mark there (and from what I've heard not at all) but they're all very persistent and they're trying everything to try and persuade me. So now I'm stumped, do I go to Queen's or UofT? Any pros, cons, or advice? Thanks in advance.
(My main goal is to get into medical school (either at Queen's or UofT) and my back up is to go into pharmacy if that helps)
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Poor grade 11 marks! Will it hurt me? -Business Schools
Im getting a horrible grade 11 average around 75%+,  and I have had family issues this year.

Will this hurt my acceptances? I don't care about early acceptance

Programs: (Yes yes I understand I have to work hard next year and that 80's wont cut it)


In addition I fast tracked International business grade 12 and have a 94% currently and anticipating a 95% FINAL.
Hi everyone so i need help. I know i for sure want to do dental school after undergrad. I've also been accepted to Guelph Biomed, Queens Science, and Waterloo Science. Where would be the best place to go to achieve admission to dentistry. PLEASE HELP I HAVE LESS THAN A WEEK TO MAKE A DECISION! 

Apparently it doesnt matter where you go it's just about a solid GPA?

Networking Tips
Next year is my first year at university. I have heard about the importance of networking for both my academic and real life career, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. 

In an honest self-assessment, I am not too bad socially. I party, though not excessively. I generally get along with older kids and adults well. My Kryptonite is larger social settings, like events or group discussions, and meeting important people for the first time. I kind of blend into the background as the group gets larger and I don't know how to pace the conversation when it comes to someone who I'd really like to get to know.

Anyways, I am interested to know about general tips and maybe some advice for my specific situation, too! Thanks!
I've been looking faarrr and wide for an answer, on like android forums & whatnot, but can't seem to find one... so gonna try my luck in a student forum! lol. you guys have technological knowledge, so why not give it a try?

so many humble thanks in advance if you read this and you've got an answer. I'm desperate. and my mom's gonna whoop my ass if I try to get a new one (currently saving all the meager $$ I got for uni tuition, ain't gonna spend it on a phone).

I have a TTC metro pass (it's a card for public transit in Toronto) and like credit cards or library cards or whatever, it has a magnetic strip on the back.

Now i've been keeping it in the back of my phone case for convenience. The magnetic strip side is facing the back of the phone. 

I've been keeping it like this for the whole month now, and just recently a strip of surface area on the phone screen doesn't seem to be working. Can't press anything in that expanse of phone screen, particularly the middle.  I downloaded a screen touch test app, and the whole screen is responsive except for that strip down the phone screen. 

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I updated this 2 year old nexus 4 to android 5 (lollipop) some time ago and it was just glitching, but when I took the metro pass out, I realised that the strip of irritatingly unresponsive phone surface was also suspiciously the same area where the magnetic strip on the card is placed. 

So naturally, I attempted googling this foolishness up, but to no avail.

could anyone let me know if it's possible for a magnetic strip to affect a phone's touch screen? just so I can explain to my mother as she writes me out of the family will for wasting money? thanks guys, just been tearing my hair out for the past couple of hours.
**Graduating early dilemma **
I will have 28 credits by the end of grade 11. Will universities allow me to apply even though I need to take 2 courses during the summer to get 30 credits? Also can I take ILC courses during the school year without pulling out of my regular public school? This means I will have 6 courses a semester which I think I can do because I can go  quickly through ILC. 
Best Study Tips from Top Students
Hi guys,

I am interested in what your study strategies and tips are for succeeding in university. Even if you are in high school, I am curious to know about things that have been effective for you that can also be applied later on in life. Any lessons you learned? Stories with morals to them?

Thanks in advance.
What is IELTS and When to Take It?
Well the title explains it. What grade are you supposed to take it in and why? Do you take it in school or something?
Ottawa schools - Should I Improve my French?
I'm thinking about whether or not I should accept my offers to Carleton or UOttawa. With those schools being in Ottawa, I'm worried that my French won't be good enough (I'm pretty bad at French) if I choose one of those schools.. if anyone lives in Ottawa or attends one of those universities, could you please tell me whether bilingualism is important where you are?
Question about offers
if your program supposedly takes 50 people first year, then how many offers are sent out in total? 
Doing Private school courses over the summer, Will it help??
Hi, I am doing 2 private school courses over the summer. I am currently a grade 11 student.

I will have 3 of my top 6 M/U courses completed before grade 12 starts and at first sem. final I will have 6 M/U completed.

Will this help me for early acceptance?

Thoughts on Private School? I know a lot of people who have done it and are excelling in top business programs such as Queens, Ivey, Mcgill. In addition I emailed all the uni's I am interested within and they said its absolutely fine.
Is Linguistics fun?
Hi I'm going to go into my first year of university with an undergraduate program in Linguistics at Mcmaster. If anyone has studied this field before can you tell me about it and whether you enjoyed it or not as well as how hard it was, and whether you found the courses enjoyable?
Western - Media, Information and Technoculture
Hi there! I'm thinking of attending Western's MIT program and I was wondering if anyone had more information on it? 

What are the class sizes? What are the teachers like? What average would you recommend to ensure admittance? How hard is it to get it? Do we have to provide a supp. app? 

Thank you so much!