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3rd Year Brock BBA/BAcc Co-op student, ask me anything!

I'm basically always on here so figured might as well make one of these and help out any prospective students.

- First 2 years spent as BBA Co-op student, secured first coop term through BBA
- Transferred into BAcc Co-op after 2 years
- Currently doing a spring semester

You kinda get the best of both worlds since I have been in all (both) the programs offered at the Goodman School of Business!

And since I know these are gonna be popular Qs:

- Avg (both major and overall) ~80%
- ECs: Leadership position in a club, some entrepreneurial stuff, sports stuff
- Work XP: General accounting internship at no-name organization doing very basic stuff, manual labour

Since attending Brock, I have received interview requests from (in no particular order):
RBC x2, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Imperial Oil (Alberta), Ontario Securities Commission (CPA Approved), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Big 4 Audit (Toronto), Suncor (Alberta), TeamBuy .ca, Big 4 Audit (Calgary) and CPP Investment Board.

Note: These were not all co-op positions, some were just summer internship interviews.

- Rejected from BAcc Co-op
- Accepted to BBA Co-op with 83.5% top 6

So feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to answer your Qs as best as I can!

*Even if nobody has posted in this topic for a while, feel free to do so, chances are I'm still lurking on here

Nursing Hopefuls 2015!
Hey everyone!

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs.

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers:

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
Official Q&A with Ivey Admissions and Recruiting
Welcome to this thread where you can ask me anything about the HBA Program and the student experience for all years at Western and Ivey.

To provide you with some background, I recently graduated from the Honors Business Adminstration Program (HBA) this past year and currently working with the school as the HBA Recruiting Associate. I work closely with most areas of the school, including the admissions committee, career management and faculty.

Throughout my years at Western and Ivey I have been involved in a wide variety of activities, most of my time was consumed with residence life and student government; although I have dabbled in a number of club executive positions, intramural activities and a number of different student jobs on campus.

This would be a great forum to dispel some rumours about the program and clear up some of the myths about Ivey. I look forward to our discussions.


Associate, HBA Recruiting
HBA & MSc Program Services

Richard Ivey School of Business
The University of Western Ontario
Laurier for finance
How's Laurier for finance? I'm deciding between finance and accounting.I heard laurier is alot better for accounting though. How are the job prospects for those at laurier bba for finance? Would i have an opportunity to get jobs at bay street/big companies?
Best schools for finance
Which univerisity in Ontario would be most suitable if I want to enter into the finance field. I got accepted to Waterloo's AFM-FM but I do not want to be an accountant. Is it still a good choice for a university?

*note I have a high 80's avg
Careers: Accounting vs Finance
Hello everyone.

So I just had a very general question that I hope I can get some good feedback on.

Are careers in Finance better then that of Accounting? Based on the following criteria...


Can I Get Into Ivey (AEO) ?/ Grade 12 Questions
I'm sorry  this is so lengthy!

I know Grade 11 marks don't matter, however I'm stating them to offer an overall idea of how I am as a student.

I just finished Grade 11 and these are my marks right now 
Average: 85%
Music(Vocal): 93%
World History: 84%
Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology: 85%
Female Weight Training: 90%
English (University): 84%
Religion: 90
Functions: 62%
Law 91% (I'm first in my class)

For Functions, I did badly on the thinking tasks for several of the units and screwed up for the exam.

#1 Should I take an upgrade for Functions during the summer or is it unnecessary? Should I just review Grade 11 and prepare for Grade 12 (I downloaded the PDF''s and past test questions)
#2 Any tips for succeeding in Grade 12  Functions and Calculus and Vectors  or in general?
#3 Is there a chance for early admission for AEO?
#4 Any recommended courses to take in Grade 12 to get a good average would also be helpful.
#4 Is Ivey worth it? Or should I consider a different program (My focus is on Western as my family is relocating to London next month exactly 10 minutes from the campus)

Student Senate in my District
Students of Service
Best Buddies
Mock Trial Team ; OJEN/OBA (2014/2015)
Historical Society

Thank You!
Would volunteering abroad look good on a uni app on a prestigious business school essay?
I've always wanted to volunteer in Africa for an orphanage or something. I am planning on going in December and I was just wondering if this would count as a good EC to write about for business programs in universities like Queen's, Western, Schulich, Laurier etc. Thank you!
Online school course suggestion? (business related)
Hi guys!  I am a grade 11 student, planning to take a business-related course online because my school does not offer any business courses! :(  Any suggestions? 
Economics, international business, business leadership, sports marketing, accounting? 
If you can only pick one which would you pick? 

1st Year Waterloo Biomedical Engineering Student, Ask me anything!
Hey guys!

As you probably know if you're applying to Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, the program just started last year meaning that my class is the first ever class of Biomeds here! It also means that there's very little information available for prospective students for both the application process and what the program is actually like. If you have any questions regarding the program, the admission process, or Waterloo Engineering in general please feel free to ask me!

Good luck with admission everyone!

Summer :)
Hey everyone. It is almost time for us all to head towards University/College and start connecting alot with people. I would like to actively invite people to connect with me on Linkedin! LinkedIn is a very good place for like minded people in similar fields to connect and interact. Please connect with my Linkedin!

Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
McGill vs McMaster
Grade 12 student here who is going to apply this fall to various programs. Just to compare, which is better for science in terms of competitiveness, difficulty, quality at these universities: McMaster and McGill?
One Year HBSW Lakehead University
Hi there,

I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I am currently enrolled in the one year HBSW at Lakehead University. You need to have a degree already before you can apply and be accepted but it's a quick way to get your BSW. It's not a flawless program but it's faster than the two years that most schools of Social Work require. If anyone is considering it ever in the future and have any questions I'd be happy to help.

It's easier to get in than other universities. I didn't have a high GPA but I had volunteering and work experience which got me accepted. Their criteria is 40% GPA, 30% Volunteer and Work Experience, 20% references, and 10% personal exam.

If you attend the Orillia campus (hour and a half north of Toronto) you can go to your home town for your practicum (January until June). It's a condensed program going from July to June of the next year with a three week break in August and most of December off. The Thunder Bay campus requires you to be in TB for the whole 12 months.

So far people have been having issues with the practicum component since we are supposed to start in the next couple weeks but some students have not heard anything about a possible placement yet, that is the biggest complaint.

If anyone wants any more information I'm happy to help.


Official McMaster Health Sciences Thread 2015
Let's start this early!

Who's applying to Mac Health Sci this year?

Supp App looks interesting.

Good luck to everyone.

Feel free to post questions or comments on this year's Supp App or what average you're expecting.

Laurier BBA/BSc 3rd Year Student, Ask Away!
Hello all,

I am just ending my fourth year at WLU in the BBA/BSc Computing Co-op program. If you have any questions (even regarding standard BBA or BBA/BA) please feel free to ask away and I will try to get a quick response to any of your questions! Please refrain from asking questions about bird courses or for information that is CLEARLY better answered by someone at the Registrar's Office.

**This is a continuation of my thread from last year so if you search through it a lot of your questions may already be answered.**

Quick about me:
-Worked as an Instructional Assistant for CP104/114
-Lived in Waterloo College Hall for first year residence
-In co-op, 3 terms under my belt (Government and 2 in S&T, looking do my final in S&T again)
-No prior computer science experience before this program
-Played intramural ice hockey and ball hockey

Why I chose Laurier:
-Much cheaper compared to schools that offer similar programs (ex. Queen's, Ivey)
-Co-op program
-Small community feel of the campus, always bump into someone you know
-Great business school, and new building on its way
-Good distance from home while not being too far away

Hope to see you soon future Goldenhawks!

University of Ottawa or University of Alberta?
Hello everyone!
So here's my story, I got accepted into University of Ottawa's Honors bachelor of Computer science with Co-op program and University of Alberta's Computer science program. Now i'm aware that U of Alberta is higher ranked than Ottawa u but is it a wiser choice to choose Ottawa u since its an honors degree and includes a Co-op or should I choose Alberta where there is no honors or co-op. Which would be a better choice job wise? Your answers will be very important to me and good luck to all of you!
University of Manitoba Computer Science programAccepted
University of Ottawa Honors bsc in Computer science and Engineering with Co-op programAccepted
University of Alberta Computer Science programAccepted
University of Calgary Computer Science programpending
Memorial University of Newfoundland Computer Science programAccepted
University of Regina Computer Science programAccepted
I've been looking faarrr and wide for an answer, on like android forums & whatnot, but can't seem to find one... so gonna try my luck in a student forum! lol. you guys have technological knowledge, so why not give it a try?

so many humble thanks in advance if you read this and you've got an answer. I'm desperate. and my mom's gonna whoop my ass if I try to get a new one (currently saving all the meager $$ I got for uni tuition, ain't gonna spend it on a phone).

I have a TTC metro pass (it's a card for public transit in Toronto) and like credit cards or library cards or whatever, it has a magnetic strip on the back.

Now i've been keeping it in the back of my phone case for convenience. The magnetic strip side is facing the back of the phone. 

I've been keeping it like this for the whole month now, and just recently a strip of surface area on the phone screen doesn't seem to be working. Can't press anything in that expanse of phone screen, particularly the middle.  I downloaded a screen touch test app, and the whole screen is responsive except for that strip down the phone screen. 

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I updated this 2 year old nexus 4 to android 5 (lollipop) some time ago and it was just glitching, but when I took the metro pass out, I realised that the strip of irritatingly unresponsive phone surface was also suspiciously the same area where the magnetic strip on the card is placed. 

So naturally, I attempted googling this foolishness up, but to no avail.

could anyone let me know if it's possible for a magnetic strip to affect a phone's touch screen? just so I can explain to my mother as she writes me out of the family will for wasting money? thanks guys, just been tearing my hair out for the past couple of hours.
MAC HealthSci 2012 Uni Supp App
as the title says, when will the supplementary application for 2012 university applicants be available? i am going to mcgill this year but thinking of transferring to mac health sci next year. if anyone has the app already, plz give me the questions..i want to to do the questions this august since i am so bored.
Med School in the UK from high school Q&A
A small number of high school students from Canada goes abroad every year to medical school in the UK around 80 or so each year. Around 300 (mostly people who have finished undergrad) go to Ireland each year. Many of them want to return to Canada, go to the US or stay in the UK. Depending on your route, you might want to know more about the difficulties you might face including residency, completing, studying in a different country.

I'm currently a 2nd year studying medicine in the UK, I've done a lot of research into residencies, the difficulties an IMG will face etc etc. So if you have questions, PM me or post on this topic.

Future Guelph Students!
So I'm wondering, who here has already accepted or are strongly considering Guelph for next year? I know I am!
Which programs did you choose and why did you choose Guelph?

I can't wait, haha.

Mcmaster Uni or Guelph?
Okay so i got into mac physical science, and still waiting on my life sci acceptance but thats not an issue
I also got into guelph

my parents really want me to go to guelph uni
they are rated really good by the student population, and scored higher than mac in mcleans top university magazine

the only thing is that i feel like mac would give me better opputunities in life and a better education

im hoping to go into the chemistry/biology field....possibly be either pharmacist, doctor, or chemist....

im not really sure where to go:S helllppp!!!!!

(btw is the food good at mac cause i heard its amazing at guelph)