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Transition from Grade 10 to 11? Help!
I've been commonly told that high school from grade 9 and 10 is irrelevant and easy; however, grade 11 is supposedly the hardest from high school. In my school, it's called "The Year of Tears" in my school. Is there any tips, experiences that any of you guys are willing to share?
How did you decide what program you are doing in university
Heyy people, I am a going-to-gr12 public hs kid wondering what to do in life.

A brief info about myslf:
1. Live in GTA
2. Like interior designs, fascinated by tech, love to eat, outgoing, enjoy flying and driving
3. my favourite YouTube video is "A Day Made of Glass"
4. i studied because of others, not for myself (aka I got good grades but I didnt enjoy them)
5. my ultimate goal is to retire asap (at 45) [I know it may not be feasible, but still...)

Here's my gr11 grades
English 83
Functions 99
Accounting  94
Marketing  96
Chemistry 86
Physics 82
Biology 90
Broadcasting 87

And my only grade 12 grade is physics (completed in summer school) - 94

As above, how did you decide what you are going to do in the future??? Like how do you figure out what you want??
I like interior designs, tech, food, sports, but the thing is - i can't see myself in the future
I dont know what to do? Despite trying to get good grades and apply every single university in ontario....
I really need some advice. Please give me some advice :) :) :)

Thank you very much
Tips for Grade 12????
Im going into grade 12 and I'm unsure what  program I want to apply to yet... but do you guys have any general advice for grade 12? :)
I'm a Double Degree Student. Ask Me Anything.
Hey all.

Im a 2nd year BBA/BCS student at WLU and UW, based out of WLU. Feel free to ask me anything about DD, BBA at WLU, Math/CS at UW, student life in Waterloo, Co-op, etc. I am also quite familiar with Schulich, so I can try my best to answer questions about the BBA/iBBA program there.

Feel free to have any discussions about DD in here as well, it's always great to keep things together.


[size=8]Some Top Notch Posts[/size]

Getting between campuses

Workload and Majors and More on Majors

How Co-op Jobs at UW and WLU Differ

Comparison to WLU DDs, How Co-op Works, and How Universities Decide who to Accept

Nursing Hopefuls 2015!
Hey everyone!

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs.

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers:

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Finished first year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student in LFS; now I'm a second year student for 2015-2016. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

p.s. Yes, Ana Steele and Shia LaBeouf "went" here.
Calling all yconic members!
We know it’s hard to think about but it’s almost that time of year again. Tell us your top 3 “Must Haves” for back to school and you could be featured in yconic's newest article.

Example:              1. My trusty Herschel backpack
                               2. Red TOMS shoes
                               3. My lucky pen
                              ~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics

Reply to this thread now for your chance to be featured!
How to decide on a program
I am going into grade 12 and trying to figure out what school to go to. I have always been interested in doing something in health care and recently looking into physiotherapy 
In grade 11 I got:
Chemistry- 88
Biology- 88 
Accounting- 98 

I slacked off a bit in bio and chem this year and got 95 on both exams but are marks like this good enough for getting into physiotherapy? What are the best programs or undergrads to take if  i'm still not completely sure or should I go with something else?

Don't know exactly what im expecting out of this but any answers would be helpful 
Becoming a CFA
Hey guys I wanted to pursue a cfa designation after highshcool.

Is this possible through the BBA program at schulich, and if so what Is the process?
I know u have to write 3 exams and get 4 years of work experience.. But when would I be able to do this? (like can I write the exams during my years at schulich, and does the work experience have to be from a particular type of bank/firm type of thing?)
Is my schedule balanced?
Semester 1:
Advanced Functions
Data Management
English (Online)
Sports/Entertainment  Marketing

Semester 2:
English (Day)
International Business

Would this schedule allow me to have time to study for each subject, or would it be too burdensome? Also, for those who have taken English online (Peel), are the assignments manageable? I will most likely use my spare in order to work on the assignments, but use my time after school to work on math. Would this work? I am taking English online as a security blanket because it is one of the hardest marking departments at my school and I don't want to risk having a mediocre mark. I will obviously drop before midterms if my marks are lacking, or if I find the work to be to strenuous. 
Google Docs or Word?
Which one is more preferable to you? And why?

I am planning on trying out Google Docs for this upcoming school year.
Any Tips for getting into Queens Commerce!
I'm going into grade 12 starting in September and Queens Commerce is my ultimate goal. I'd say I have solid EC's and I have 2 grade 12 courses completed.

Intl. Business : 92%
English: 94%

Does anyone have any tips at all? 

Is queens fine with private/online courses/repeats?
Programs in finance
Hi all,

I am looking for any insights on the best program for my interests and if I have a chance at the following schools.

Current Grades:

AP Economics: 100
Data: 95
Computer Science: 90
English: 88
Calculus: 88
Accounting: 87
Advanced Functions: 84 (Completed)

Top 6 Average: 91.33%

Applied to: (not in order)

- Queens Commerce
- Laurier DD BBA and Financial Mathematics (Interested in this one a lot)
- Waterloo DD BBA (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo)
- University of Toronto Commerce
- Western Economics (Ivey AEO)
- Laurier BBA
- Huron Economics (Ivey AEO)
- Mcmaster Commerce

EC's Plus Brief Background:
- I have a strong interest in finance/investing and am looking for the best program that can support my interests.
- I have been trading digital currencies and futures and have a return of approximately 19900% (turned $60 into $12000).
- I am the leader of my schools investment club and have won (1st place) all four of the school's annual investment competitions from grade 9-12 with the following returns in each competition: 96%, 120%, 210%, 1356% (note that 10% of my school plays in the games, so there is moderate competition)
- I am part of the school's steering committee for one of our charities
- 2 years work experience as a camp counsellor
(blah blah blah i dont want to focus too much on other EC's)

If anyone could give their insights on:
1. do i have a chance at the schools ive applied to
2. what program is the best fit for me/getting into the finance industry

any insights are appreciated.
Grade 12
I am about to start grade 12 next week. I need tips on how to make the best of it. This semester, I am currently taking:
BOH4M1 Business Leadership
MHF4U1 Adv Functions 
BBB4M1 International Business 
And ENG4U English

I am not the brightest of students but I do want to make it to university for a program in business (most likely marketing) and I will do whatever I can to ensure success this semester. Can you guys please give me tips on how to get through the semester with an 85+ average. I only averaged 72 in grade 11. Any and all support will be appreciated. Thank you.

Current UBC student - ask me anything
I'm a second year Computer Engineering UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC.

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring. This is my second forum post, my old one was getting huge and a bit unwieldy. 
2nd Year Rotman Commerce Student. (Ask me anything)
Hi guys, so I still remember all the anxiety on this site back when I was in grade 11/12, scouring through every post and trying to grapple as much information possible about university. Well I am just about to head back into my second year at University of Toronto Rotman Commerce program and would be more than happy to answer ANY questions you have about UofT/Rotman.

Let me just say somethings, there are MANY misunderstandings about programs out here and don't let the advice of other high school kids be the decision factor for your 2013/2014 year. Let students who have GONE through the system once aid you to make a good choice.

A little bit about me:

Offers received:

-Rotman Commerce
-Queens Commerce
-Laurier BBA
-McMaster BComm
-Ryerson Bcomm

91% avg through a total of 6 basic grade 12 courses taken at Gordon Graydon MSS

Feel free to ask me about high school, application process, rankings. I will try to be unbiased and answer everyone! Thanks!
i'm moroccan and my dream to stady in USA or canada But i don't have money to stady there and that why i search for a scholarship to stady in some other country i need just some help 

i promis that i will do everything just to be on you're Good thought ...
BMath/BBA Double Degree student - Ask anything
Just like the topic says.

I am a BMath/BBA double degree student currently in my 4th year.

If you have any questions at all about admissions, co-op, courses, competition, work load, etc. just let me know either here or in a PM and I'll do my best to answer them.

I can also answer things about Laurier's BBA program or UW's Math programs.

Waterloo AFM First Year Courses? Difficulty Level?
First Semester
AFM 101 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

AFM 131 - Introduction to Business in North America

ECON 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics

INTST 101 - Introduction to International Studies

MATH 109 - Mathematics for Accounting
Second Semester

AFM 102 - Introducton to Managerial Accounting

AFM 121 - Introduction to Global Financial Markets

SPCOM 111 - Leadership Communication and Collaboration

ECON 102 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

STAT 211 - Introduction to Statistics and Sampling for Accounting

Can someone who is in AFM or has just recently finished first year tell me what the difficulty level in each course is like? What textbooks did you guys use? I am thinking of trying to prepare in the summer.

Particularly, how is AFM 101. I have not taken accounting in high school, but I have taken DATA and Economics. I want to be a CA when I am older. Anyways, how difficult is it going to be for me having not taken high school accounting. I am willing to work hard.

Is it possible to switch to different AFM 101 classes with diff profs? Which prof is the best/easiest for AFM 101?
2nd year ECE student @ Waterloo - AMA
Going into 2B Computer Engineering at Waterloo, feel free to ask me anything
UBC Pharmacy - Ask me!
HeelllooOoOOooOooo SA,

It's been a while since I've been on here! A lot of people from 2010-2011 might remember me, hehe. :)

Well, I just recently started my pharmacy degree at UBC and would be happy to answer any questions!

I also completed two years of undergraduate studies in UBC Science (Major in Biology), so if you have any questions about that - ask away too! :)

I'd prefer you not send me any personal messages as I get too many of those with the same questions. If you have a question, chances are, so will 29857295 other people.
URGENT! SFU Biomedical Physiology or UBC SCIENCES?
I need to make my decision by May 2, as I have received a $12000 Major Entrance scholarship at SFU and that is the date of which I must accept/deny my offer by.

SFU is closer to my home and I'm very interested in their Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Major. My future goal is to aim for med school, most likely at UBC. Although I am planning to work very hard to get to medical school, I am realistic and I know things may not pan out. I will definitely pursue graduate studies if medical school don't work out, and I feel as if my BPK major at SFU can open more doors for me than a theoretical sciencey degree like microbiology at UBC would? I would rather a career as a physiotherapist for example than one as a "Lab rat", but I need some advice.

At the same time, UBC Science is very highly regarded and I know the stats are there that most people who get accepted into UBC med are from UBC. UBC has a gorgeous campus and a better student life, but I will be commuting from home (approx 75 mins each way) so I am unsure of how heavily involved I can get on campus. I went on a UBC campus tour recently and my tour guide admitted to me that UBC Science Co-Op is very competitive. Co-Op is a huge factor I am taking into account and if it there's less competition at SFU than that is something I will definitely consider.

People tell me that where I do my undergrad doesn't matter, but I am concerned that the wrong decision can come back and hurt me one day. If anyone familiar with SFU BPK or UBC Sciences can give me their two cents or advice to facilitate my decision, I will be very appreciative :) :)
Summer School + AFM
Hi ! So I took summer school for English this year, and I heard that the University of Waterloo frowns upon that. I took it before I knew that. I want to get into their AFM program, so I'm just asking those who are in the program and have been through a similar situation, what was your justification on your AIF for doing summer school, and would you say summer school heavily impacted your application in a negative way? Also if you remember your extra-curricular activities that you did and what was your average that you applied with? I'm just asking because I want to know if they still accept people who did summer school. Thank you !
First year Waterloo AFM, here to answer any questions! :)
Hey guys,
I'm a first year AFM student, and I've just completed my first term! I went through what you guys are going through last year so I know a lot of you guys might be stressing out about applications or have many questions to ask.

Feel free to ask my anything, and I'll try my best to answer!

*All my answers here are based on my knowledge and opinions, I'm not here as an official rep of the University of Waterloo! Just a few year students trying to offer some help :)

EDIT: I'll try my best to answer you guys as soon as I can, but keep in mind that I have my readings/assignments/midterms to do too, and doing well in school should always be a top priority!
Thanks for your patience :)
Ask Anything About Waterloo AFM, SAF and CPA Here!
Hello prospective AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or anything about Waterloo that is SAF related! 

UPDATE: Hi everyone, I am back. I had to avoid you guys so I don't get bombarded with questions like, "Do you think I can get in". Congrats on all the acceptances! Let me know if you need help for anything!