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Study Tips
I just started my first year of college. Does anyone have any good study tips? I'm trying to improve my study habits this year.
Waterloo Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) - 2016 Discussion Thread

If you have any questions on the University of Waterloo's Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) program this year and are interested in applying, dont hesitate to ask them here! I'll try to answer them as best as I can! 

For those of you who dont know what CAP is, it's basically a program designed for students who wish to pursue a field in pharmacy in the future. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE HERE: https://uwaterloo.ca/pharmacy/future-students/conditional-admission-pharmacy-cap ALSO be sure to check out the FAQ section too because they usually cover a lot of your questions there. 

NOTE: Applications will be available starting October 9, 2015
Nursing Hopefuls for 2016!
Hello future nursing students! I think we need one of these discussions to communicate with and help each other for this upcoming year.

Please, share with us:

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for for your final year?

I plan on applying to McMaster, uOttawa and Western and I am aiming for a 92% average.
Management Schools.
Hey everyone, next year I will be in grade 12 and am starting to look into universities. I am from Toronto, so local schools may be preferable. Anyways, I am more interested in the management side of business, rather than accounting or finance, etc. So which schools (York, Laurier, UofT, etc.) have the best programs for management? Thanks in advance.
Low English mark in Alberta high school
Do the teachers in Alberta give lower ELA mark than other province? The average of ELA is 65%, and  It's impossible to get 80%. Is it normal?
2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Finished first year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student in LFS; now I'm a second year student for 2015-2016. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

p.s. Yes, Ana Steele and Shia LaBeouf "went" here.
Laurier BBA/BSc 3rd Year Student, Ask Away!
Hello all,

I am just ending my fourth year at WLU in the BBA/BSc Computing Co-op program. If you have any questions (even regarding standard BBA or BBA/BA) please feel free to ask away and I will try to get a quick response to any of your questions! Please refrain from asking questions about bird courses or for information that is CLEARLY better answered by someone at the Registrar's Office.

**This is a continuation of my thread from last year so if you search through it a lot of your questions may already be answered.**

Quick about me:
-Worked as an Instructional Assistant for CP104/114
-Lived in Waterloo College Hall for first year residence
-In co-op, 3 terms under my belt (Government and 2 in S&T, looking do my final in S&T again)
-No prior computer science experience before this program
-Played intramural ice hockey and ball hockey

Why I chose Laurier:
-Much cheaper compared to schools that offer similar programs (ex. Queen's, Ivey)
-Co-op program
-Small community feel of the campus, always bump into someone you know
-Great business school, and new building on its way
-Good distance from home while not being too far away

Hope to see you soon future Goldenhawks!

Chance getting into Queens commerce?
Advanced functions: 100%
Calculus and Vectors: 92%
Data Management: 100% 
(took all 3 maths in gr11)
This semester I'm taking 3 bird courses: Mentorship, Mandarin, and Religion. 
expecting to get 90+ in mentorship and religion, 95+ in Mandarin.
Taking English next semester, expecting an 85%

Church youth leader 4 years
Eco-school team 2 years ( prob going to be captain this year) 
Black belt in Taekwondo ( Won international tornament once in grade 10) 6 years
Member of student council (started this year)
Member of charity club (started this year)
Drummer in a band outside of school for 2 years 
Peer pal (started this year) 
Summer internship at taikang life insurance company last year in china 
only 55 hours of volunteering

one of my biggest concern is the quality of my extracurricular activities, I spent most of my time on maths last year so I really dont have that many long-term ecs. 
Any suggestions on how can I increase the chance of getting into Queen's commerce? 
Current UBC student - ask me anything
I'm a second year Computer Engineering UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC.

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring. This is my second forum post, my old one was getting huge and a bit unwieldy. 
Calling all yconic members!
We know it’s hard to think about but it’s almost that time of year again. Tell us your top 3 “Must Haves” for back to school and you could be featured in yconic's newest article.

Example:              1. My trusty Herschel backpack
                               2. Red TOMS shoes
                               3. My lucky pen
                              ~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics

Reply to this thread now for your chance to be featured!
Laurier School of Business and Economics
Hi all,

I am currently a first year Laurier BBA student. Ask me anything you wish regarding the program, the profs, student life, how difficult it is, etc.

Looking forward to your questions.
Waterloo Applicants (Post Here)
I want to get an idea of what every applicant to Waterloo is getting and what program they're applying to. It helps me and you get an overall idea of the approximate cut-offs. Please post if you've applied to Waterloo. Don't ruin the topic with random questions. For me,

Overall Average: 90.67%
Programs Applied: Computer Engineering with Systems Design Engineering and Electrical Engineering as alternates, Computer Science

The overall average for the thirty-seven participants is 91.00% (This average has no significance, it just gives you an idea of the competition this year). The more people participate the more accurate we will be. I'll keep calculating as we go.
Calling all Waterloo and UofT Engineering Applicants 2015 (general idea of cutoff averages)
Hey everyone, if you have, or are in the process of, applying to the engineering programs at UofT or Waterloo I would like it if you could post your admission averages here!

I think this would be a good way to get the general idea of the cutoff averages that can be expected.

Don't forget to post the discipline that you applied to as well.


Admission Average >>> 86 - 87
UofT >>> General First Year
Waterloo >>> Software Engineering

I know I am a really weak applicant compared to the rest of you <s> psychos </s> but I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking "what if" y'know. I know my shot is like non-existent but yeah
University of Toronto Computer Engineering VS. University of Waterloo CFM Co-op
I was accepted to both programs in mid-March, but I just couldn't decide which one to take.

Waterloo has one of the world's best Co-op programs, and I heard that CFM only take 40 students across the globe. However, Waterloo isn't really that famous in the real world and not many famous companies recognize this name. But I also gotta have 6 Co-op terms to complete which means I can work in 6 different companies in a period of 5 years. And some of my Waterloo friends say 70% of Waterloo graduates are accepted into IVY LEAGUE to further their studies.

UT is the best university in Canada and offers one of the best engineering programs in the world, but I heard PEY can't even compare with Co-op and not many people actually get jobs that fit to their tastes. And there is the tuition cost and residence cost. But the thing that UT excels and Waterloo lacks is really her international fame. Although really careers are the most important matters here, does UT really have what it takes to outshine Waterloo in term of employment after graduation?

Any help is appreciated. THANKS!!!:cheers:
Anybody here watch DOSEofFOUSEY for motivation or to disconnect from the real world? We can have a interesting discussion if anyone's interested...
3rd year Canadian medical student happy to answer questions!
UPDATE July 11, 2012:

My name is Josh, some of you might know me as the guy who started MedHopeful. For those of you who don't know me, I am currently a 3rd year Medical Student at UofT and I have run a blog called MedHopeful for almost 4 years now which provides stories and advice relating to undergrad, scholarships and medical school.

I originally wanted to remain anonymous in this thread because I was working on a few new projects (like a new group blog I had started) with some medical school classmates who wanted to remain anonymous. However, after long discussions and thinking, I decided to go back to primarily posting on MedHopeful. I also figured that I was OK not being anonymous (my friends still want to be, which is fine and I understand why).

In any case, I am happy to answer any questions, and for those of you who didn't know, I started a similar thread like this last year on the old Student Awards forums, which you might also find useful:


* * * * *

Hey everyone,

I am a 3rd year medical student at a Canadian medical school. My first 2 years were spent mostly in the classroom learning anatomy, physiology, disease, treatments, etc.

I started 3rd year in September 2011, and since then, I have been in "clerkship" - which means I have been working and learning full time in the hospital - seeing real patients everyday, and learning to diagnose/treat their illnesses. I have to say, it's very different from what I imagined. No matter how much you try to learn what it's like to practice medicine (e.g. shadowing), you really don't know what it's like until you do it.

I found these forums very helpful while studying in undergrad and applying to medical school. I'd like to give back by answering questions about medical school if anyone has any.

I'll try to be as honest as possible. I just won't be revealing any personal details as I'd prefer to remain anonymous.

Ask away! :)

P.S. I now blog everyday about med school life, getting in to med school, undergrad tips, etc. (see signature)
Where to get books?

I am wondering where undergrad students are supposed to get books for classes. Indigo? Amazon? The school itself? Please let me know.

York University/Seneca/Georgian Nursing ASK ME?
I am pretty sure there are not that many students here thinking/discussing about York-Seneca-Georgian's nursing program. But for the few lost souls out there who have a question, feel free to ask me :)

I have been answering most questions via Facebook as admin of the collaborative nursing group.
But if you would like to personally ask me anything about it, feel free to either post or message me here or find me on Facebook (Rhey De Castro). Please mention that you saw this post on StudentAwards.

Otherwise enjoy your Summer! Trust me nursing is one long road! :cyclops:
How to survive first year nursing?
This is my last year of high school, and I'm planning to apply to Ryerson + their collab programs with York as my backup. 

I'm worried since Ryerson and their collab programs require you to take 6 classes + 1 elective. I hope if I get accepted I don't get any 8am classes because it takes an 1 hr and hr to commute from my location.

Should I buy notebooks or binders? Or both? Do you need to use a laptop or is taking good old fashioned notes more efficient? Is it better to type the notes first and write them down to increase memory retention? Do nursing instructors allow you to video tape them during class or does it depend on the professor?

What other school supplies would be helpful to me as a nursing student? I was thinking of getting flashcards, binders, notebooks, writing utensils, a laptop ...

I am planning on studying over the summer so what textbooks would you recommend for nursing? I hear nursing tests/exams are completely different so how do I study for those?

I know I am asking a lot of questions but I really want to become a nurse and I don't want to jeopardize my chances by being under prepared. Even if it is a little early.

What are YOUR top 5 undergrad programs in Canada?
Was just wondering how everyone ranked the top 5 undergrad programs for business in Canada
1st Year Waterloo Biomedical Engineering Student, Ask me anything!
Hey guys!

As you probably know if you're applying to Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, the program just started last year meaning that my class is the first ever class of Biomeds here! It also means that there's very little information available for prospective students for both the application process and what the program is actually like. If you have any questions regarding the program, the admission process, or Waterloo Engineering in general please feel free to ask me!

Good luck with admission everyone!

Summer :)
So yeah, ask any questions about Queens ConEd Program. Im applying in two years. I was wondering if you can do a study abroad program at queens while in the ConEd program.
Should I Start an FBLA or DECA club at my Highschool
Hello, I am a student in grade 12, and plan on pursing a business degree.
My top choices are schulich, Laurier, Queens and a few others.

I know that Schulich looks for students with leadership qualities, so I was thinking that if I started a DECA or FBLA in my school, then it would be showing these qualities. 
However, my biggest concern is that it's going to take up too much time, causing my marks to drop.

Here are my question:
Will DECA or FBLA help when applying to uni?
For those participating in this club, do you find it very time consuming and subsequently receive lower marks?
How much time does DECA or FBLA usually take up?
Which one should I start, DECA or FBLA?
Laurier first year at your service, + answers/tips on other big business school applications :)
So after finishing my first semester at Laurier, I feel qualified to begin answering questions about the program (from a first year point of view).

Don't expect sunshine and rainbows. :P

I also applied to Schulich iBBA, Western AEO, Queens, Waterloo AFM + Fellowship interviewee, McGill, and Guelph.

I will also read applications and give honest opinions on them -however I won't edit, because I take editing seriously, and that would mean way more time than simultaneously studying for exams can allow.