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$1000 Pass It On Winner

Bronwyn B. of Fredericton, Canada

School: University of New Brunswick

"Apply! If your name isn’t in the running, you’ll never get a scholarship.  Take the time to fill out the forms and write the short essays."

HSNY Milestone Prize Pack Winner

Cassie P. of Alberta, Ontario

School: Mount Royal University

"Whether it is paying for a semester, school supplies, or just books, every little bit helps."


Brittany S. of Orangeville, Ontario

See her winner video!

School: Carelton U

yconic is great for opportunities. Many of you think that you do not have a chance, but there is no harm trying! I think my first experience of using yconic has had an amazing outcome! I encourage you all to use Yconic to your benefit!

$500 Dictionary for Dollars Winner

Elise P. of Alberta, Canada

School: High School

"As a university student living away from home, $500 will go a long way. Thanks again for educating youth about banking terms and for offering this contest to help students like myself!"

#HSNY Milestone Prize Winner

Tania B of St. Catherina, ON

School: Sault College

"This award will help me pay for two of my favourite things, books and coffee. With this money I can stress a little less on my financial status and focus more energy on my studies."

$1,000 Stress Free Summer Winner 

Simran S of Surrey, BC

School: High School 

"yconic (formerly StudentAwards) is an amazing place to get started with Scholarships. It's easy to use and really helped me out!"

$20 EasyMoney Gift Card Winner

Shayna O. of Ontario, Canada

School: High school

$250 Stress Free Summer Winner

Tayler J. of Alberta, Canada

School: High School

yconic (formerly StudentAwards) is super handy and easy to use!

#HSNY Milestone Prize Pack Winner  

Yosra A. of Ottawa, ON

School: Carleton University

"Winning the Happy Student New Year award will help me pay my tuition, ... so I can eventually apply to graduate studies and live my dreams of becoming a researcher."

HSNY Twitter Winner

Leo R. of Kitchener, Ontario

School: Conestoga College

$2,500 Scholarship Winner

Alexandra P of Canada

School: Applied to Wilfrid Laurier University

"It is an amazing thing to know that I live in a world in which adults recognize youth for their contributions to their local and global communities. I feel extremely humbled, grateful and honoured to be selected for this award."

$250 Scholarship Winner!

Ariana M. of Ontario, Canada

School: Highschool

yconic (formerly StudentAwards) is simple, enjoyable and fast! I have never found it so easy to apply for awards then when I use Student Awards.

$250 Stress Free Summer Winner 

Shannon P. of Ontario, Canada

School:  Nipissing University

"For those students who don’t think they qualify for any awards: yconic will prove you wrong.

HSNY $50 Twitter Winner

Vicky  C. of Toronto, Ontario

School: University of Toronto

$10,000 Loblaw Scholarship Winner

Hanna L. of Toronto, Canada

School: Ryerson University

"Being awarded a Loblaws Scholarship is both an honour and a tribute to the hard work I have put forth in my academics and in my job position representing this company"

$1,500 be yconic Scholarship Winner

Bethany S. of Ontario, Canada

School: OLDS College

"yconic (formerly StudentAwards) is an awesome website to find scholarships, all you have to do is fill out a profile and it generates all available scholarships. This is very beneficial for students who are always busy in the classroom and cannot look through various websites to see if they qualify."

HSNY Social Media Winner

Sara M. of Kitchener, ON

School: Conestoga College

$1,000+ Canadian IQ Winner

Alejandra R. of Quebec, Canada

School: McGill University

I feel absolutely delighted to have won the Canadian IQ Contest, and I am really thankful to StudentAwards and Scotiabank for having provided this opportunity for international students, not only to earn some money to help pay for school, but also to learn some more about the country where we’ll be spending at least a few years.